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Breaking News / Former Sin City Champion to be at Master of the Mat
« on: December 16, 2014, 05:29:59 PM »

Our sources have confirmed that a former Sin City Champion will make an appearance at SHOOT Project's huge Master of the Mat event. It is not yet clear how the former champion will appear, but he will be in attendance. As far as WHO it is? Well, you'll just have to tune in to Master of the Mat to find out! One thing is for sure, everyone will find out exactly which former champion will be in attendance... all in good time.

Breaking News / And the Winner is...
« on: November 18, 2014, 07:03:57 AM »
As reported yesterday, "The Artist" Zex and Omar Owens held an online competition via social media to find a "Team Name" for their Tag Team, urging SHOOT Project fans to use the hashtag of #ZexOmarTag. "The Artist" tweeted out less than five minutes ago that a winner has been selected and the name of his new team.

@TheArtistZex: "After much deliberation, @O2Owens & I have selected a winner of our #ZexOmarTag competition."

@TheArtistZex: "We'd like to thank the 1000s of fans who sent us their imaginative & sometimes offensive ideas. Even the guy sent in the name "F.A.G" Freaky And Gorgeous."

@TheArtistZex: But...The Winner goes to Miss-K @AnimeTitties (Did I just read that right) with her suggestion of "Wing Zero" along with a picture of me riding on the back of a Gundam.

@TheArtistZex: "So there it is. Omar Owens & Zex: Wing Zero #WingZerO."

Breaking News / SHOOT Project Tag Team Announce Team Name...Sort of.
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:08:23 AM »
Today, SHOOT Project Solider "The Artist" Zex  sent out a handful of tweets urging fans to help create a team name for his Tag Team with Omar Owens; the tweets read as follows:

@TheArtistZex: "Competition time folks. The most creative team name 4 myself & @O2Owens will receive ringside tickets 2 Master of the Mat #MOTM. Tweet your best names with the #ZexOmarTag."

@TheArtistZex: "Rules R simple. O2 & I will go through the Hashtags & select & follow the winner in the next 24Hrs. #SHOOT's team will then contact abt tickets. #ZexOmarTag #MOTM."

The tweets have been retweeted by Omar Owens, Freak Nasty 1 and SHOOT Project.

Breaking News / REVOLUTION 131 - Odd Change to Card
« on: November 01, 2014, 11:20:57 AM »
Although it could be a misprint and should be taken with a grain of salt at this juncture, SHOOT Project is advertising Kale Tanev VS. "Jack" at Revolution 131.  This wouldn't normally be much of a story, but the original match involved Dan Stein, a man with whom Tanev will fight at Master of the Mat with the Rules of Surrender Championship on the line.

Next to nothing is known about "Jack", other than He/She, appears to be a collection of various, masked individuals, but if this happened to turn into a One VS Many sort of affair, Tanev may not be heading into his title defense at 100% health.  That would obviously benefit the challenger, Stein, who certainly would not be above pulling a stunt of this nature.

Adding to the confusion is that Kale Tanev is not scheduled to be at the show.

How the match was changed, or if it really was remains a mystery (and not just an unfortunate typo) but for now, it is being advertised regardless.

We'll follow up Monday morning, the day the show is supposed to air.

Breaking News / Where's the Wayward Son?
« on: October 26, 2014, 07:28:06 PM »
Trey Willet’s status at Revolution 131 continues to be uncertain as we continue down the road towards Master of the Mat. We’ve received backstage reports indicating that Trey was INFURIATED after being defeated in the Master of the Mat tournament. He was sighted leaving Revolution 130 by a road agent who provided us with the following quote…

“Trey wasn’t losing it or freaking out. He wasn’t like…pissed off and punching the walls or anything. It was just this silent, ominous…HATRED that seemed to bake right off of him as he walked by. Definitely some internal emotions brewing just under the surface. It kinda shocked me seeing him like that…and I was quick to get out of his way…”

Trey is scheduled to compete for the Iron Fist Championship against Billy Winter at Revolution 131, but with this recent development…will we even SEE SHOOT’s Wayward Son at the show?

All efforts to contact Willett have gone unanswered.

More on this story as it develops!

« on: October 15, 2014, 02:23:43 PM »
Earlier today, the SHOOT Project Booking Committee announced on twitter that the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, Lunatikk Crippler and Cory Lazarus would be defending their titles against Vermont's Finest at Master of the Mat.

"Vermont's Finest has been our most consistent and exciting team over the last few months and we believe they absolutely deserve an opportunity to be champions."

When asked by one fan about Anarchy's rematch clause, they replied, "The idea of a guaranteed rematch bout from past champions is one we're currently discussing.  There are some who feel it cheapens the competitive nature of our title bouts.  Fans of our sport begin expecting certain ourcomes from out booking choices and we don't necessarily agree that that's exciting or fresh.  SHOOT has always been ahead of the industry curve and we are striving to maintain that reality."

The committee, did NOT, however, necessarily rule out the idea of "multiple competitors".

"If healthy, Vermont's Finest deserves an opportunity.  That doesn't mean there aren't OTHER deserving teams as well."

With tag scene up in the air for several months, this is the first "official" word we've had on a defense.  Things can always change, but at least it's certain that "IF" Vermont's Finest has sufficiently healed, they will have an opportunity to become Tag Team Champions at Master of the Mat.

We will be following this story very closely and update our subscribers as it unfolds.

-SP Backstage Pass

The Epicenter / Love lies bleeding.
« on: October 14, 2014, 07:03:29 PM »
“I want you to cut yourself.”

His  deep voice was nothing short of suggestive, it’s tonality filled with arousal and maybe even playfulness, despite his abhorrent intentions.

And she, the women in which he was speaking to couldn’t help but get off on his voice; to her it was the kind of voice a Japanese Anime would snap up for the main villain role, you know? In some sort of post-apocalyptic Sword and Sorcery series, the kind of thing she was WAY into.

Worst thing is, he liked that about his voice; as dark and brooding as it is, it was also soothing, giving off a calming effect that margined on the supernatural. It wasn’t just his voice that transfixed his prey, it was everything about him.

His large frame, his almost onyx hair, his presence, body language…Everything. When he walked in a room heads turned and eyes widened; when he spoke, these very same heads would nod in agreement and with the right amount of suggestion and emotional “switch-hitting”, he could have them eating dogshit out of the palm of his hand.

Why dogshit? Because, nourishment is the furthest thing he wants for them. He’d rather watch them suffer and thank him for it, than ever display compassion. Though, he wasn’t too far removed from showing mercy, he got a kick out of that. Ever since he caught a rabbit in a snare as a child, broken legged and injured. The thrill he got as it sprang off into the darkness, blindly putting pressure on it’s mangled leg, almost made him delirious; even more so when he let his hound chase the cunting thing down and rip it to shreds.

It was similar to the feeling he got from the woman laying before him, spread out on a white tarpaulin with a small curved blade in her hand, although this feeling was just as sexual as it was taboo.

“Cut myself?” she asked, with a tremor in her voice and Goosebumps spreading across her naked pale skin.

“Yes. I want you to take that knife and trace it along your flesh. Not too deep, but not too shallow either.”

She held the knife up before her with both hands, catching her own fearful reflexion for a moment before gazing back at the man she met earlier tonight, a man who had charmed her into wanting his cock and doing just about anything to get it. But now that she’s had a chance to think about it, he  didn’t really do any “charming” at all? He was dark, weird and scary as fuck; “he didn’t charm me?” she thought while realising that their relationship was that of moth and flame.

“Re. re. re. re. really?” She stuttered.   

“Unless you want me to cut you?” his question should have sent a chill down her spine as he stepped forward knelling on the bed right in front of her, should have told her to take that knife and stab this fucker in the chest, right here, right now. But she didn’t; for his voice was too calm, too enchanting for her to get past…It had talked her into sucking his cock instead of giving him the pre-paid lap dance, talked her into coming back to this hotel room and talked her into laying on a plastic wrapped bed, that only Dexter fucking Morgan would prepare.

“It’s simple” he said, taking the knife from out of her hand and gently running it across his already scarred chest, the tip of the blade leaving a thin line of crimson, much in the same way a pen would on paper.

“Taste it.” He pointed the knife towards her, it’s edge mere centimetres away from her lips.  Her whole body and mind screamed at her “Don’t fucking do it Debbie, you stupid bitch!” But she wasn’t listening; the sight of the blade running across his skin had aroused her, she was blushing, her lips were almost purple, both on her face and between her legs and as much as this seemed like a bad idea she WANTED to taste it.

And so, Debbie parted her thick full lips, extended her pierced tongue and slowly licked his blood, taking it into her mouth and swallowing it. She sat up straight, biting her lip in a manner of complete and utter fucking bliss. Like nothing she had ever felt before.

“Now. I want to taste you.” He said and she nodded tilting her head to the side and wafting her long black hair over her shoulder to expose her neck. Debbie, a name she still hadn’t shared with her “lover,” for she had used her stripper name of “Dallas,” didn’t pick up on the fact she offered her neck to him like some bimbo from True Blood, she also didn’t pick up on her subconscious want and need to be devoured by him.

He moved closer, draping her legs either side of his waist; as he did this she could feel herself wanting his hard cock inside her; she was wet, trembling from his touch and WANTING him to slice her open and fuck her in a pool of her own blood. It was here that he rested the point of the blade onto her neck, it’s cold touch causing her to shudder as she gently clawed his waist with her cosmetically altered nails.

She didn’t feel any pain. The real pain was to come much later, though she had no idea how brutal a fuck this guy really was at this point in time. Instead she felt release as he cut a small, half inch line in her neck and then pushed his lips up against her skin and sucked her neck, all the while slipping himself inside her.

The mixture of her blood entering his mouth and his cock deep inside her hit her like an instant orgasm. He yanked her head back by her hair and she gazed up into his cold, almost dead eyes...

“I want this moment to last an eternity.” she uttered with delight.

“Nothing lasts forever.” Words that would ring true for her in the morning, words that would never leave her…Not after everything he would eventually do to her tonight, not after he…Abused her every sense.

The Epicenter / I ❤ SHOOT Project
« on: October 09, 2014, 06:42:48 PM »
It sat there before him, a deep red surrounded by white porcelain; thick, cold and dripping wet. Either side of the plate sat a knife and a fork, but as he curiously eyed his meal; he couldn’t help but wonder if it would be more appealing to use his hands?

He considered this notion for a while, deliberating if he should actually eat it at all? But, given his carnal impulses, he knew deep down inside that he’d made that decision a long time ago. And so he reached out lifting the cold hard slab of meat with one hand and then gazed upon it; in a manner that would suggest he were about to utter the lines “Alas, poor Yorick I knew him.”

The irony of that fateful scene in the churchyard and it’s comparison to his current situation were not lost on him, even going as far as to crack a side smile and a glimmer in his bleak eyes.

He could feel the cold blood trickling through his fingers and down his wrist now. Tiny little droplets falling like thick flakes of crimson snow, splattering on the dinner plate with a tingle reminiscent of a faulty tap or cracked pipe work.

His smile widens, tooth-filled and hearty as blood begins to stain the cuff of his white shirt, soaking into the fabric and spreading inward as if it were the night chasing away the day. Many would wonder what is going through his mind; is he having an ethical debate? Will he back out of it? Surely he knows this is a stupid idea? But in truth, the only thing cascading over his thoughts is “I wonder how it tastes?”

A question he didn’t ponder for long, as he soon found the “Meaty-Fennel” wedged into his mouth, taking a large chunk out of it and ripping it away; the sound, of which echoed throughout the empty and oversized dining hall, was a violent mix between the peel of a Banana or Orange and a scalpel slashing through skin.

While the taste; was as cold and metallic as he had expected, though there was a strange satisfaction that came along with it, a sense of accomplishment or at the very least, finality. Which should come to no surprise as he swallows a somewhat gristly lump.

The second bite was far superior to the first, his anticipation level had dropped and he knew what to expect; the pleasant bloody taste of raw meat and all the spoils that went along with it, although by the time he had scoffed half of it, he needed to pause and pick a few veiny pieces from out between his gore stained teeth. Not wanting to waste even the tiniest portion he made sure to suck the ends of his toothpick for good measure, before continuing to gobble what was left in his hand.

After he swallowed his final and somewhat delayed bite, he licked his fingers clean like a dog with a bone and then lifted his plate to his lips, tilting it slightly and gulping back on the cherry red residue almost as if to lap it up or savour it’s taste.

Once he had finished, a melancholy tenderness hit heavy in his soul…And he wondered if this would be the first and last time he’d eat a human heart?

Breaking News / One Night in Vegas
« on: October 02, 2014, 01:09:48 PM »
This video clip was received from a Mailinator account mere minutes ago. It appears to be compiled footage of multiple sources.

Some viewers may find the content of it somewhat disturbing. However, we have received approval to upload with a short disclaimer.

Viewer discretion advised: Disturbing, graphic content.



The stylized emblem of a gladiator’s helmet, instantly associated with the infamous SHOOT Project flickers against a black backdrop for a few seconds before disappearing.

Less than half a minute into the video clip, the black silence is broken with a muffled voice.

“Alright, lets get this thing rolling...”

Light replaces the void in a sudden movement, however it takes another few seconds for the image to settle. The medium for recording would likely be a bargain-basement digital camera or a phone – judging from the image quality of the footage and duration it takes to focus on the shot.

As the video quality gradually becomes clearer, the blurry outline of a man occupies the lens view – just out of focus. However, before his features or appearance can be ascertained, the view is immediately blocked with a palm; shaking the camera and obstructing the lens.

“Fucking put that thing away, it’s not showtime yet,” says an intimidating male voice before the recording abruptly cuts to black.


Within seconds, the clip progresses on to gray-scale footage of a convenience store - taken from what appears to be a fixed-position closed-circuit security camera. There is no audio, any action and movement in the recording takes place in complete silence to the viewer.

The cashier behind the counter appears to be serving a couple paying for their purchases. Their body language and movements appear to be atypical of couples in their better moments; relaxed, affectionate. The gentleman seems to be taking his sweet time in completing the transaction, peeling off bills slowly from his wallet while simultaneously chatting with the lady beside him.

Waiting behind them is a man wearing a hooded jumper; he appears to be constantly looking side-to-side while fidgeting with his pockets restlessly. He lingers in front of the counter, awkwardly rummaging through a display shelf as the couple previously in front slowly makes their way out of the store – arm-in-arm, chatting away with each other. 

Upon their departure, the man suddenly leaps behind the counter and strikes down the cashier. He removes an object from his pocket that resembles a handgun and points it at the cashier, who immediately cowers in fear. The man forcibly picks the cashier up with a hand by the scruff and forces him to open the cash register at gunpoint. As the cashier fumbles in his movements, presumably in a panic attack, the would-be robber strikes him in the head with a fist and forces the handgun against the side of his head. Finally, the cashier manages to get the cash register open and is promptly rewarded for his troubles with a forceful strike to the back of his head with the butt of the handgun.

The robber immediately goes through the motions of emptying the cash register, quickly stuffing his pockets with its contents. After delivering a few swift kicks to the downed cashier, likely out of spite or good measure, he leaps back over the counter and runs out of the convenience store.

For a few seconds, all that is visible on the footage is the downed cashier on the floor, an open cash register and an empty store. In a sudden development, a man comes crashing into the store through a plate-glass window. It appears to be the same individual who had violently robbed the store earlier, now seemingly the target of unexpected violence himself.

As the hooded convenience store robber rises to his feet, retrieving the handgun from his pocket, another man running into the store greets him with a swift kick to the head. This rapid action causes the robber to drop his firearm, reeling with pain from the sudden impact.

The man is tall, of solid built with dark hair sporting a black trench coat.  Kicking the handgun aside, he picks up the robber by his hair and assaults him with repeated punches to the face; before grabbing one of his shoulders with both hands to deliver a crippling knee strike to his sternum. Based on his movements in the footage, the assailant/would-be vigilante knew what he was doing, far from a run-off-the mill brawler or an average joe on the streets.

He follows the downed robber straggling backwards out of view as another man enters the shop, holding up what appears to be a phone – likely recording sudden turn of events as they transpired.

The recording immediately cuts to black – the silence interrupted with a solitary, audible beep.


The sound of heavy breathing is audible through a shot of broken glass stained by a trail of blood. As the camera pans upwards, the back of a man in a trench coat is immediately visible; the sound glass shrapnel being crushed under his boots is audible with each step he stakes.

He takes his time, the other man on the ground looks to be in no condition to put up any kind of resistance.

The man in the black trench coat grabs his victim by the hair again, lifting him up slowly as he groans weakly in pain. The victim sticks a hand into the pocket of his hooded jumper, retrieving a crumpled wad of cash.

“Here... take it...” said the injured man before receiving a devastatingly firm backhanded slap to the face that sends him back to the ground.

“Fuck your chump change,” says the assailant in the trench coat as reaches down to pick him up by the hair again, “I’m here for what you owe.”

The downed man, moments ago playing the aggressor; robbing the convenience store while assaulting the living daylights out of a helpless cashier at gunpoint. Now he finds himself in the exact same convenience store moments later, a victim of violent action and purposeful, clearly malevolent intent.

It would almost be poetic if it weren’t so tragicomic.

“What... the fuck?” he asks, taking a breath in between words to cough up and spit out a gobful of blood. The camera zooms in to focus on him. His face is heavily bruised from taking repeated punches, his eyes barely visible from between swollen eyelids. Broken nose, bleeding mouth – somebody who knew exactly what they were doing had worked him over real good.

“You fucking deadbeat,” replies the imposing man in the trench coat. The camera zooms out and pans upwards to focus on him, his facial features barely visible in a silhouette against the light source. The assailant continues, “You’ve leeched off that many, you’ve forgotten who you owe money to, don’t you?”

The downed robber raises a hand to beg him off, attempting to plea something in his defense but before he’s given an opportunity to speak; his assailant grabs firm hold of the hand and wrenches it back, causing the failed robber to groan weakly in pain.

As he tightens his grip on the hand, he grabs hold of the little finger with another hand and slowly bends it where it’s not meant to be bent...

“This little piggy went to the market...” he says before suddenly snapping the bone. The weak groaned instantly turned to a scream. The camera zooms in to the finger, a bit of bone is sticking out in a sickening sight.

“Holy shit, I think I’m going to throw up,” says a meek voice off-camera, presumably from the individual recording the entire incident. As the camera begins to move away, an arm SHOOTs out towards it, grabbing hold of the cameraman and steadying him.

“YOU...” said the trench-coat assailant in a stern voice that threatened further malice, “...are NOT going anywhere,” before jerking the hand holding up the camera towards him. His face is now in clear view, front and center. The face is Asian, likely Chinese, with dark eyes, hair and fair complexion. There is hardness to his look, as if bespeaking a lifetime of experience in inflicting pain and violence. One corner of his lip turns upwards in a cynical smirk, the malevolence clear in his expression.

“My name is Maximilian Wu, and you’re not going to like me very much,” he introduces himself.

There is no anger or aggression in his voice, only calm, almost methodical yet unsettling intent. He allows the camera to stay on his face for a few seconds before pushing the cameraman backwards. The view shakes for a moment before stabilizing as the cameraman regains his balance after stumbling backwards.

Maximilian turns his attention back to the now sniveling failed robber-turned-debtor on the ground. “Please....” he pleaded but only receives a grin in response, which isn’t a good sign.

As he grabs hold of another finger, Maximilian appears to ponder his actions for a moment before releasing it. He takes a step backward, still firmly gripping on to the hand with the broken pinky finger.

“You know what, fuck the little piggies,” he said before stomping the man on the ground and twisting the entire arm straight.

“No... NO... PLEASE GOD NO! he pleads out of desperation but it clearly falls on deaf ears.

Maximilian cocks his arm back slightly, it’s clear what he is about to do.

“Holy shit...” says the camera-man, out of view.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screams the downed man as the fist lunges forward towards the straightened elbow.

The recording abruptly cuts off to black.

All that’s left is the sound of something breaking.

Followed by the screaming crescendo.



Breaking News / 003
« on: August 27, 2014, 04:08:31 PM »

Breaking News / Deleted
« on: August 24, 2014, 05:22:58 PM »

Breaking News / SHOOT Project 2014-2015 SCHEDULE LEAK?
« on: August 21, 2014, 03:05:33 PM »
-This was from a leaked memo.  Interestingly, it looks like the organization may cut back to THREE major events, with (presumably) more stacked edition of Revolution in between.  (We can only assume that's what the "SHUT UP AND FIGHT" episodes mean)

While all of this information (obviously the dates appear to be off, names of shows) should be taken with a grain of salt, it is certainly interesting and might shed some insight into future plans and events.



Revolution 129 (Round 2) (8.25)
Revolution 130 (Semi Finals) ( 9.8 )
Revolution 131 (Hype) (9.22)



Revolution 132 (10.27)
Revolution 133 (11.10)
Revolution 134 (11.24)
Revolution 135 (12.8 )
Revolution: SHUT UP AND FIGHT (12.22)
Revolution 136 (1.19) (Bookings - 1.5)
Revolution 137 (2.2)



Revolution 138 (3.9)
Revolution 139 (3.23)
Revolution 140 (4.6)
Revolution 141 (4.20)
Revolution: SHUT UP AND FIGHT (5.4)
Revolution 142 (5.18)
Revolution 143 (6.1)
Revolution 144 (6.15)


Breaking News / 001
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:42:08 PM »

Breaking News / NEWS and NOTES: Revolution 128 and More
« on: August 14, 2014, 08:20:31 AM »
A lot of behind the scenes action in SHOOT...

Set to air on the night of Friday, August 15th, Revolution 128 bookings were leaked out into the internet earlier today.  While the cards are always subject to change, this is what is being advertised:

***REVOLUTION 128***
Adrian Corazon/Isaac Entragian VS Zex/Omar Owens

Elgin Blair VS Donovan King
Shut Up and FIGHT

Cross Recoba IN ACTION!
Recoba's Debut

Jason Riley, Tom Quinn, and Jordan Wailer VS Vermont's Finest
No Rules.  Pin/Submit Only. 
If Vermont's Finest Lose, they leave Professional Wrestling

Dan Stein (C) VS Chaos

- A few sites reported that MAYA NAKASHIMA was injured pretty badly in his bizarre 10 on 1 bout at Revolution 126, but those rumors appear to be false.   Many backstage are expecting big things from the World Champion in his first major defense since SHOOT reopened its doors, against Loco Martinez

- Speaking of last year's Master of the Mat, fans have already begun speculating "the turn" from Mr. Martinez.  While SHOOT Project certainly acknowledges the tropes of professional wrestling exist, it rarely subscribes publicly.  It is doubtful anything will slip through creative at this juncture, if ever.

- Osbourne Kilminster's website has several Las Vegas appearences lined up over the next 4 months.  Kilminster, who has been out of professional wrestling for well over a year, was backstage at Revolution 127 as a "Friend of the show."

- Vermont's Finest current contract is set to expire August 22nd.  No word on whether this has anything to do with their Revolution 128 bout's stipulation, and could just very well have been made public simply for an extra layer of "hype".

- Jonny Johnson is expected to make an announcement regarding Project Hero, as well as introduce a new "Co-Director".   While Jonny has alluded to a "Beautiful People" reunion with pal Chris Davis, it's also entirely possible he's "working/trolling" the internet.  THAT SAID, Davis has been in several meetings with the organization since June, which would coincides with the development of Project Hero's "SHOOT Project Chapter."

There is no word on how Jonny's nonprofit will work in or with the company, but a few people close to the sourse say that "Jonny's never been happier or more at peace.  He's doing something he loves."

- On a related note, The NOW Wrestling officially announced its purchased by 11 Hour, the record label and production management once owned by Jonny, now owned by his ex-wife Li Aomori.  It had indeed been relabeled "THE NOW' and will release monthly "eZines" featuring content from all over the entertainment world.  They'll continue covering professional wrestling on a smaller scale

- There seem to be big plans for both "The Artist" Zex and Isaac Entragian.  Zex is a rumored favorite to win this year's Master of the Mat, while a "major program" is said to be in the wings for Entragian.  Both men are set to be major focal points moving forward.

- SHOOT Project officials are very excited with what they've seen from both Elgin Blair and Billy Winter and feel that their current program with Donovan King is a win, win, win.   And speaking of King, it is very possible he will be back in the World Title hunt as early as REDEMPTION.

Revolution 127 could be the breeding grounds of some major moving and shaking as an email, apparently sent out from SHOOT HQ, was leaked to the public very briefly before vanishing (most likely forced to be removed.) We were unable to get our hands on the full email but reader ray_doobs30 has been blowing up online wrestling forums with this interesting snippet:

email from SHOOT that was pulled from all sites earlier today was an apparent feeler to Christopher Davis, Vincent Mallows, and Osbourne Kilminster. All three names were being discussed for the upcoming Revolution which is finding a new home on Friday Nights.

Talk about a star-studded way to kick off your weekend. While there doesn't seem to be any rumor that any of these 3 men will be stepping into in ring competition anytime soon, with the announcement of Jonny Johnson's vague non-profit organization and the mention of a co-director, its is very possible that one of these SHOOT Project veterans, all of whom have close ties to the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, will be working alongside Jonny. It is our educated guess that two of the names are just to throw off the rest of the roster and staff as SHOOT Project has been known to keep many of their surprises as close to the chest as possible.

This leaked email seems to be no mistake, but its quick vanishing suggests the hype machine is most definitely at work.

On Saturday afternoon, former SHOOT Project World Champion, Jonny Johnson registered the Nonprofit "Project: HERO".  This information was spotted at the ANN (Alliance for Nevada Non Profit) website, with a short description as well.

"Project: HERO (TM) is an organization dedicated to the prevention of social, criminal and physical injustice.  Its community programs will focus on the many ways Nevada citizens can detect key problems before they happen, as well as how to handle the unfortunate evils that come into our lives."

Johnson is currently listed as the organization's soul director, though a quick Google search lead to a blurb from the Las Vegas Review that implies otherwise (

"SHOOT Project star Jonny Johnson has filed paperwork for a new Nonprofit Organization called Project: Hero.  Johnson and his currently unnamed partner will announce further details on the organization "within the next week or so" as quoted by Johnson's agent and manager Peter Lolwen during a very brief press conference.  Johnson has been unavailable for comment."

It also looks like Jonny may have purchased the online wrestling news site, "The NOW Wrestling", after the company recently posted on Twitter... (@NOWWrestling)

"So excited to be a part of the @11HR family!  Cool changes ahead!  #TheNOW"

11 Hour is Johnson's record label, though the company is currently being run by his Ex-Wife, Li Aomori.  Early whispers around the net seem to indicate the site will be rebranded "The NOW" and provide coverage on a wide range of entertainment news stories, not JUST professional wrestling.

There has been no comment from Johnson on this particular transaction either.

If anything develops, we'll do our best to keep people updated!

In some rather alarming news, it appears as though JONNY JOHNSON, hall-of-fame, former world champion, is being forced to forfeit his Master of the Mat play-in contest against Lunatikk Crippler.  SHOOT Project officials have neither confirmed nor denied the report, but the following was posted on Jonny's official website around 8:30AM CST.


Friends, Fans, and Enemies.

I'll start by saying, I'm sorry.  For what I'm going to have to say, and for how long it might take me to say it.

I was hoping for better news after the weekend, but I am going to have to drop out from my Master of the Mat contest next Tuesday.  To keep it short, my doctor, a respected physician and a man I trust with my life, Doctor Heller Kellman, has not cleared me to compete.  I've gone back and forth with him ad nauseam; I've gotten second and third opinions from other specialists, but they all come back with the same thing.

"The wrist isn't ready.  Don't do it.  Be patient and let it fully heal."

So that's where I'm at.  It sucks, and I feel terrible.  Not only do I feel I'm letting our great SHOOT Project profressional wrestling fans down; I'm letting MYSELF down.

I came back to this company a year ago to compete in the Master of the Mat tournament.  I gave up, LITERALLY, everything to be here.  I divorced from my wife of 13 years...  I fought through a rocky relationship with my daughter Samantha.  I lost a former student to a terrible car accident, and felt the hate of former Friends.  I went through all of that because I wanted to be a professional wrestler again.

I lost to Valentine Lionheart in round two of the tournament.  I lost to Donovan King with the SHOOT Project World Championship on the line.

I.  Lost.

What I thought was a minor wrist injury at the time set my return back a couple months.  Then three months.  Four, five.  It's almost a YEAR later and here we are.

There's nothing I could possibly want to do more than fight for my ticket into a tournament that truly means the world...  not just to me but to the sport of pro wrestling.  I love the idea of a play-in.  EVERYONE should have to do it.  Fight for your right just to ENTER.  That's how much this tournament means.  Hall of Famers are sitting outside just trying to get in the door.  It's a great concept, but I know the numbers forced a random draw which then forced management into "giving automatic tournament spots out."

I'm sure guys like Donovan King and Adrian Corazon feel a little cheated, and it just makes things worse.  I'm in a spot those guys want to be in.  That extra match...  the extra drama, the extra chapter in a hero's struggle to the top of the mountain.

And I can't fight it.

I'm truly sorry, SHOOT Project.

Now for all of you who might be thinking or saying "Oh, well, great...  Now we have to put an asterisk by whoever wins Master of the Mat this year" or any of that "We'd never know...  is it really fair...?" garbage, you need to get that out of your heads and off the internet RIGHT FUCKING NOW.  Not only will the winner of this year's Master of the Mat have truly deserved it, I'm going to come out and say right now...

William West... Lunatikk Crippler has been my pick to win the whole thing before they even announced brackets or matches.  I would have been LUCKY to get by him as is, and I will now, instead, have the PLEASURE of coming out Tuesday night and congratulating him on a victory.

It is never easy to forfeit in our industry, but part of being the man I want to be for this organization, is doing the right thing.

I thank everyone for all the support they've shown me, and to my fans I say this...

We'll have our time soon.

I promise


Again, until SHOOT Project management confirms this story one way or another, we at SP Backstage Pass must advise our readers to take it with a grain of salt.  However, given the participants involved, we do feel this is likely a true story.

We'll continue to monitor the situation and post any updates as they happen.

Breaking News / SHOOT Project Releases OFFICIAL Rankings! 6/12/2014
« on: June 12, 2014, 07:08:02 PM »
Las Vegas -

That's right! SHOOT Project staffers have finally made their official rankings public. We're not sure entirely why they waited a day after the rumored release date, but we'll chalk it up to Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption for now.

Anyways, there's some surprises. Let us know what you think on the forum!

1. MAYA NAKASHIMA: (Previous Ranking: 1 )
- Holding down the number one position ranking is no easy task, but the World Heavyweight Champion has done so since the return of SHOOT Project. Maya’s resolve has never been in doubt, even with Jacob Mephisto managing to pester him from the shadows since the moment Maya captured his World Heavyweight Championship at ELITE, so it’s no surprise that Maya would be the man coming to the side of a broken Isaac Entragian looking for redemption, even after being one of Isaac’s victims in the past. As phenomenal as Maya is inside the ring (Hello, Double Rotation Moonsault?), it’s his heart that drives the fans to cheer for him.

2. DAN STEIN: (Previous Ranking: 3 )
- Say what you like about this former SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion’s questionable personality traits. He gets the job done where it counts (That’s the ring…Not the bedroom!) “The Golden Boy” has been on a roll as of late by successfully defending the highly coveted Sin City Championship back to back for three shows straight; taking on all comers including two former World Heavyweight Champions…Could Stein now go on to become the most dominant Sin City Champion to date?

3. HOLLYWOOD HARDCORE [Crippler/Lazarus]: (Previous Ranking: 4/5 )
- Catapulting up the rankings are the tag team of Lunatikk Crippler and Corey Lazarus. Defeating the champions is no easy task, but when the champs have held the belts for over a year, it becomes even harder. Teaming up as a random pairing after both men lost their singles titles the week before, Crippler and Lazarus showed the ability to put singles desires aside to capture gold in the tag division. Their all around production since SHOOT Project’s return have earned them this spot.

4. KALE TANEV: (Previous Ranking: T-6 )
- Tanev has had a meteoric rise since his debut in the SHOOT Project, winning the Rule of Surrender Championship very, very early.  Like Kincaid, he took the former champion by storm and had a convincing victory that is sure to be talked about for weeks to come. Stepping out from the shadows of his past, Tanev is proving himself to be a very formidable force, and may be looking down at four in the near future.

5. KINCAID: (Previous Ranking: T-6 )
- Returning from a knee injury that shortened his first stint in SHOOT Project, Kincaid promised to finally win the belt he had earned a shot at in mid-2013. By beating Corey Lazarus, Kincaid made good on that promise and now reigns over the Iron Fist division. After being tied with Tanev at the six spot, a move one spot up the list might not be enough to keep the SHOOT Project Soldier satiated, and the Iron Fist division is the perfect place to work out any of the chips he might have on his shoulder.

6. LOCO MARTINEZ: (Previous Ranking: 2 )
- Loco’s ranking has taken a hit, as the official number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship has seemingly taken a slight back seat to some of the up and comers and returning stars, odds are that Martinez will start to climb again now that he’s been announced for the main event of Master of the Mat.  Will the Freakshow be able to unseat Maya in that top ranking?  That’s yet to be seen, but we can be sure that the weeks leading up to that encounter will be very entertaining.

7. ADRIAN CORAZON: (Previous Ranking: 8 )
If there’s nothing to say about Adrian Corazon, you could say that he’s consistent.  With Master of the Mat on the horizon, the Baddest Man Alive will look to climb these ranks as he gets through the tournament.  He’s had his hands in a few things so far, most notably though, will be his match at Revolution 125 against Donovan King.  Love him or hate him, you can’t fault his dedication to the SHOOT Project.

8. ZEX: (Previous Ranking: 9 )
- The man with Zex Appeal has had the SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion at the brink of defeat twice since debuting at Revolution 122: Resurrection. Coming in with an already sizeable following, Zex’s athletic abilities and heart have captured a large portion of the SHOOT Project Nation. At Revolution 124, Zex put on a second wrestling clinic with Maya Nakashima that was ruined by the underhanded tactics of Jacob Mephisto’s charges, but obviously his efforts weren't lost on the SHOOT Project brass with this number eight ranking.

9. TREY WILLETT: (Previous Ranking: NR )
- Spurned by the fans that voted him into the match in which he captured the World Heavyweight Championship (the first of his career), Trey Willett is struggling to keep the inner-peace on even kilter, but don’t tell him that as Willett looked at the top of his game against the always intimidating Isaac Entragian with the Dawn of a New Era. How fitting considering the struggle that Trey might just be losing himself within.

10. DONOVAN KING: (Previous Ranking: NR )
- The former World Heavyweight Champion came back at Revolution 124 to a ruckus crowd, and a reaction that nobody expected, but was well deserved. Donovan King immediately becomes a force to be reckoned with in SHOOT Project thanks to his devastating Carolina Crossface that he has been known to slap on without a moment’s notice.

Just Missed:
- Isaac Entragian
- Chaos
- Jonny Johnson

Biggest Jump:
- Kale Tanev (2)
- Trey Willett (2)

Fell Out:
- Ryan Shane

SP Backstage Pass has received some slightly disturbing news about Isaac Entragian following his match this past Revolution. It’s being reported that after the match, Isaac trashed his locker room and vacated the Epicenter without a word spoken to anyone.

The locker doors were caved in, the mirrors were shattered, and there was blood on the concrete walls in the vague shape of human knuckles, giving us the idea that Isaac slammed his fists against the walls until they literally bled.

The cleaning crew also discovered several liquor bottles in the locker room, most of them drained and empty.

A road agent who wishes to remain anonymous witnessed Isaac leaving the building, and he was willing to comment on Isaac’s condition. He provided the following quotes.

“Dude just looked…tortured.”

“It’s weird even hearing those words coming outta my own mouth…because I mean, we’re talking about Isaac Entragian here. The big, bad monster, ya know? Everybody has this image of him as this…larger than life myth. He didn’t look like that when he left…”

“He looked like he was contemplating something really heavy. Something I don’t really want to get into right now…”

“Can’t even believe I’m saying this either…but that man needs help. Before it’s too late…dude needs some help.”

“There was something in his eyes.”

When pressed on the topic, the road agent gave us this quote.


The set is simple and expected.  Two stools are set up in front of a large black banner with the logo and website for SP BACKSTAGE PASS in white.  There's a small table in the center with a couple of dark blue mugs, most likely filled with coffee or water.  In one stool, the earnest reporter, Mary Kelly.  She's in a maroon SHOOT Project V-Neck and dark blue jeans.  Her hair is down, but pushed off her face.  She's the picture of confidence and gender neutrality.

To her left, the audience's right, a legend.  A Hall-of-Famer.  Former World Champion.  Tag Champion.  Iron Fist.  The list can go on.

JONNY JOHNSON is a casual rock star tonight.  Secret Machines band T, skinny, light-denim jeans with a few holes plotted out in the knees.  His dirty blonde hair is a touch longer than short, a "just rolled out of bed" hipster chic with just the slight hint of wisdom grey.  He's calm, endearing, engaging; his gaze humbly pointed to the floor as Mary begins the interview.

Mary Kelly: Ladies and gentleman I'm Mary Kelly and thank you so much for tuning in...  (Laughing to herself) Or, I guess... rather... thanks for clicking in?

She looks to Jonny for advice.  He laughs and nods.

The DEFILER: Thanks for following the click bait, guys.

Mary smiles and continues laughing in good spirits, while Jonny backs down into a sly, impish, knowing smirk.

Mary Kelly: However it is you found your way to this video, we at SP Backstage Pass certainly appreciate it.  Aaaaaand...  (Smiling again at her guest) as a VERY special treat on The Interview Show tonight, we have SHOOT Project Legend and Hall of Famer, "The Defiler" Jonny Johnson.

She looks at Jonny and offers a more formal greeting.

Mary Kelly: Jonny, thank you so much for hanging out with us tonight.

He nods, appreciatively.

The DEFILER: It's my pleasure, Mare.  And just uhh...  ya know, real quick, I'm so sorry for what happened at Revolution.  It was super rude, and...  And I was just caught off guard.  I shouldn't have...  Jesus I mean I basically shooed you away.  I shouldn't have done that.  I'm sure Jay...  or I guess...  I don't know how smart your crowd is (laughing)...  Loc and I could have had that chat later.  You're a professional.  And uhh...  Yeah.  I didn't treat you like that.

She waves off the apology.

Mary Kelly: I'm a pro wrestling interviewer.  Hahaha.  I'm used to way worse.  Trust me!  BUUUUT...  (Hesitant to move into things so quickly) But, as long as you brought it up...  What Loco Martinez said...  What...  What happened at Revolution One Twenty Three...  It DID come off a little bizarre.

He nods, seeming to be very understanding of his actions and the situation.

The DEFILER: And no one beat himself over it more than me, Mary.  Trust me.  I...  Fuck.  I haven't stopped lurking message boards.  The uhh...  the things people think...  that they're saying...  (Pausing, sighing) I...  (He sort of shakes his right hand, knuckles bent in, while trying to find the words) I wish there was a way to let people climb in my brain and see the world I'm seeing.  I don't know if that sounds weird, but...  but I think if people could, they'd empathize, ya know?  They'd see a victim of circumstance instead of...  what?

He laughs to himself, recounting one of the things he read.

The DEFILER: (Making air quotes) ..."Sinister Trolling" I think some dude called it.  Or...  Or I guess it didn't have to be a dude, but...  Ya know...  that stuff is hard to read.  It's fucking really hard to...  to have this idea of who you want to be.  To...  to KNOW what you want to be doing, and just being unable to come through.  It kills me.

There's a sense of empathy from Kelly as she nods along with Jonny's words.  However, she proceeds with keeping the interview on track.

Mary Kelly: So what Loco said...

Jonny interrupts quickly.

The DEFILER: I think he's frustrated.  We're all frustrated in this business.  SHOOT kills souls, man.  I mean, look what happened at the end of the night on Monday. (Seemingly very sincere)  Poor Maya...  people shouldn't have to suffer like that.  And...  I mean, what, a week ago, people were chatting about how nice everything felt...  and, and...  sure it was a great week.  Awesome fucking show.  People were happy to be back to work, but I knew, man.  You just...  I KNOW these things.  Loco's not really a SHOOT guy. He wouldn't necessarily understand.

He shrugs.

The DEFILER: But I do.  You can't blink here.  (Shrugging) Hope is ALWAYS illusion.  Heh...  (solemn laughter) No one knows that better than me.  What I said two weeks ago at Revolution One Twenty Two...

"I meant it.

And you can analyze how long it took me to get out there, or try to judge the tone of my voice or...  or whatever weird conspiracy shit fans are always going to try and come up with... 

But I'm the only one who came out. Period."

He holds up and arm to fend off any preconceived notions of arrogance or bragging on his behalf.

The DEFILER: But...  but That's not a slam on anyone. It's always the safe bet around here to mind your business. Maybe I should have done the same.  MAYBE there isn't room for true heroism, but I gotta try Mary.  I just...  It's like I NEED to be this human...

He shakes his head.

The DEFILER: Then Monday happened and...  I don't think there are even real words to properly describe how truly awful I felt.  I was a mess when I arrived...  all I wanted to do was say sorry to my fans and check in on E.A.W... 

"But I got caught off guard.  It happens sometimes, and I handled it poorly.  I got defensive.

And-uhhh...  and...

And Loc was right. 

I had no reason not to communicate with my tag team partner.

I fucked up.

I really thought I was going to be cleared to go."

Mary tilts her head inquisitively, nodding, but hungry to dive deeper.

Mary Kelly: And so any rumors that you and...

Jonny is EXCEPTIONALLY quick to dismiss where this sentence is going.

The DEFILER: No.  I have nothing to do with those guys. They're drug addict, sad fucking punks just looking for anyone they can to blame their lives on.  End of discussion.  I won't give them another second of my time.

Mary takes note of Jonny's frustration and decides it's best to move on from that line of questioning.  The pause is surprisingly intense, but she gets through.

Mary Kelly: Have you had the chance to speak with E.A.W or Silas or any of the Vermont's Finest crew?

He shakes his head disappointedly.

The DEFILER: No.  I uhh...  after what Jay said...  I got really down on myself and I just kinda took off.  It was stupid, but...  I've been through a lot over the last year.  Almost a year since my divorce.  Ya know...  Li and I...  we're cool, but..  it's still hard.  I struggle.  With her...  ya know I have a... I have a tough relationship with our daughter.  I still have Tim's death weighing on my shoulders and feeling guilty for that.  Wrestling's all I have.  Trying to be something GOOD is the only thing that gets me through the day and...

He swallows back his pain and takes a quick second to keep focused.

The DEFILER: And to have that ripped apart and dissected on live television...  It killed me.

"Cause I knew...  on that night...

He wasn't necessarily wrong."

Jonny takes a deep breath, while Mary remains silent; captivated.

The DEFILER: (Short Sniffle) So I took off.  I walked around Vegas...  I tried to get my mind off shit and then sure enough, I get texts from some my friends on staff at the Epicenter...

"Jonny...  Maya got it good, man.  He's hurt.  Maya's in a lot of trouble.  Where are you bro?  You need to be here.  We need you."

He pauses.

The DEFILER: People can accuse me of being all talk.  They can try and push me down and pin me into some weird role of "hidden agenda villain"... but who was out there to DO anything when the organization needed it.  Where was LOCO MARTINEZ when the next generation of "evil, super group" was forming right before SHOOT's very eyes???


He asks sharply.

The DEFILER: If anything, Mary, Monday night showed me that I've never been needed more...  And when this wrist heals...  when I'm cleared to compete at the level I intend to perform at...

"Despair will realize it's no less a fraud

Illusions warring Illusions.

And that the only REALITY...

The only human being who can ever bring peace and justice to this dark, dank, gritty solar system...

Is the DEFILER."

He stares at Mary, confidently, proudly.


She seems content with the interview.

And so does he.

Mary Kelly: Jonny Johnson... thank you so much for your time tonight.  Great to see you as always.

He nods.

The DEFILER: Thanks for letting me get some stuff off my chest.  (Looking into the camera) And....  heh...

"I really hope you folks out there don't hate me as much."

Fade out.

We've just gotten word that at some point during SHOOT  Project's Revolution 123: Generations, there will be a Special Announcement made that concerns not only the entire SHOOT Project Roster, but any talent out there that may consider themselves "free agents."

For those not in the know, the SHOOT Project doesn't make "special announcements" very frequently. When they do though, it's usually big and worth listening to.

So, tune in on May 26, 2014 to find out what the SHOOT Project has in store!


Revolution 123: Generations

The SHOOT Project continues to roll on as we bring you the next edition of Revolution! On May 26, 2014, the SHOOT Nation will witness as worlds collide. The fans have locked on to the definite feel of “the old guard” versus “the new blood” and thus we bring you “The Generations Edition!” Kicking off the night is a fine example of that concept as a two-time former World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer teams up with a legendary luchador who, despite all the jokes, can be a serious threat in the ring to face off against a pair of brash young men hell bent on tearing SHOOT apart.

At Revolution 122, the match between Jason Riley and El Asso Wipo took a turn for the worse when Riley’s compadres, Tom Quinn and Wailer got involved. What followed was a brutal assault by the trio until none other than SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and two-time former World Heavyweight Champion, Jonny Johnson made the surprising save! Jonny vowed that he is going to be the man that has everyone’s back in the SHOOT Project and that he would “... always make sure [they’re] safe.”

At Revolution 123, The DEFILER himself, Jonny Johnson will team up with SHOOT Project’s LEGENDARY LUCHADOR, El Asso Wipo, as they square off against the upstart rebels Jason Riley and Tom Quinn. We can only assume that Wailer will be ringside as well.

The two SHOOT Project veterans will be looking to dole out some punishment and teach their opponents a lesson. But, will Riley and Quinn be the pupils in this match? Or, will the brash duo take the two “old dogs” to school and show them some new tricks? Will backs be broken (like so, TCHA!, with Wipo’s knee)? Will someone be DEFILED? Or, will someone just get beat to hell again?

Another thought to consider: We already assume Wailer will be ringside for Riley & Quinn. But, will the Sheriff of Vermont have backup? Will Silas Mitchell return from his vacation to back his tag team partner?

There’s only one way to find out the answers to all your questions, folks! Tune in on May 26, 2014 for Revolution 123!

Want to see all the hype and build up to the show? Head over to! You'll get all the hype, plus breaking news! And remember, keep your eyes peeled right here for more previews of Revolution 123: "Generations"!


Revolution 122: The Resurrection Edition brought the SHOOT Nation back to the action it has loved so dear for years. New champions were crowned! New talent stepped up to the plate! And the Main Event tore the house down! So, how does the SHOOT Project follow it up?

We bring you Revolution 123! The bookings were released last night, and we’ve got a GREAT line-up again! Many fans are referring to this edition as “Revolution 123: Generations” due to the “old” feel of the line-up.

We’ll be bringing you a match-by-match preview over the next ten days or so, but for now, let’s take a look at the card!

Main Event
The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship
Maya Nakashima © vs. Zex

The Iron Fist Championship
Corey Lazarus © vs. Kincaid

The Rule of Surrender Championship
Lunatikk Crippler © vs. Kale Tanev

Tag Team Match
Elgin Blair & Billy Winter vs. Chaos & Cameron Ash

The Sin City Championship
Dan Stein © vs. Ryan Shane vs. Eli Storm

Tag Team Match
El Asso Wipo & Jonny Johnson vs. Jason Riley & Tom Quinn

The concept of the “old guard” clashing with the “new blood” is not a new thing in the sport of professional wrestling. But, it’s always interesting to watch. Tune in on Monday, May 26, 2014 for Revolution 123 to see it all go down as only the SHOOT Project can bring it to you! And stay tuned right here, where we’ll be breaking down the card match-by-match over the next 10 days!

As Pre-Season rankings, this list is based on current champions and their potential and current contenders, and is designed to fluctuate as time progresses. Note that this list will change with each show cycle based on the happenings in SHOOT Project in and out of the ring.

1. “Lunatic High” Maya Nakashima (Last Ranking: N/A)
At the top of the list is the reigning SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and eternal fan favorite, Maya Nakashima. For years Maya and Shinya ruled the sky as the well known tag team TRES BIEN!, but after Shinya disappeared, presumed dead after a catastrophe in Japan, Maya worked hard to make a name for himself in the violent halls of the Epicenter, and eventually capped off all of his hard work with a World Heavyweight Championship title victory in the Primus event at ELITE. Maya’s charm, athleticism and dedication to the company has elevated him to the top of the SHOOT Project Power Rankings, and it’s these reasons why we believe he’ll be at the very top of them for weeks to come.

2. “The Freakshow” Loco Martinez (Last Ranking: N/A)
As the current official number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, Loco Martinez is the only logical choice for the number two spot. The SHOOT Project’s resident “Freakshow” had a stellar (no pun intended) 2013. He won the Master of the Mat tournament in grand fashion. And, he went on to be a part of the Primus II at ELITE, being eliminated last by the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. Only time will tell if Loco Martinez can win the biggest prize in professional wrestling. Until then, he stands as a solid number two on the top ten rankings.

3. “The Golden Boy” Dan Stein (Last Ranking: N/A)
A man whose name is quickly becoming synonymous will “champion,” Dan Stein claims the number three slot in the SHOOT Project Power Rankings. He’s a former two-time Iron Fist Champion. And, after seemingly going through a period in which he suffered an “identity crisis” of sorts, Dan Stein reemerged as a force to be reckoned with. Refusing to be pigeon holed into a specific role, “The Golden Boy” went on to not only close out 2012 by winning the Redemption Rumble, but he began 2013 by capturing the World Tag Team Championships as one half of Sex & Violence. He seemingly capped off his run by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at Master of the Mat 2013. But, Stein wasn’t done there. After losing the championship, he would not be deterred, as he went on to capture the Sin City Championship for the second time in his career. This is a man just one Rule of Surrender Championship from being a Grand Slam champion. It is for these reasons that the reigning Sin City Champion claims this spot.

4. “The Evangelist” Jerry Matthews (Last Ranking: N/A)
Jerry Matthews holds the fourth spot on our list, coming back from the break as the Iron Fist Champion. The Good Reverend has captured audiences around the world in every promotion he’s been a part of, and it was no surprise when he went on to capture the Iron Fist Championship at Revolution 119. As “The Evangelist” thrives in SHOOT Project, so too does the platform to preach the good word… if only it weren’t in the one town dubbed “Sin City”. With a firm grasp on the Iron Fist Championship, Jerry Matthews has positioned himself into one of the most sought after men on the SHOOT Project roster, and he seems to have an answer for every challenge. Look for Jerry to be a part of the top five for weeks to come.

5. “Die Hard” Dave Marz (Last Ranking: N/A)
Dave Marz stepped up to the plate against Thomas Manchester Black at ELITE 2013, and walked out with the Rule of Surrender Championship. This submission-only championship is designed for the in-ring tacticians that can dissect an opponent, and Dave Marz lives and dies in the ring on his technical abilities, and there’s a reason he’s called “Die Hard”. Since his return to SHOOT Project, the man from Ozone Park has been putting on clinics for the fans who watched him in the early days of SHOOT when he was tagging with Del Carver as “The Mason/Dixon Express”. With the Rule of Surrender Championship around his waist as a symbol for his ability inside the ring, Marz rounds out the top five in striking fashion.

6. “The Wayward Son” Trey Willett (Last Ranking: N/A)
Twelve years. That’s how long it took for Trey Willett to realize his dream of becoming the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. At Revolution 114, Trey ended The Golden Boy’s reign in the first title defense and held on to the championship for most of the summer until ELITE, where he fought seven other men in one of the most grueling concept matches in SHOOT Project. For twelve years Trey Willett has been a mainstay on the SHOOT Project roster, though it wasn’t until a heated feud with Adrian Corazon did The Wayward Son win over the fans. Surviving Project: SCAR is one thing, but going on to win the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship afterwards is entirely another. With a potential rematch in his back pocket, Trey Willett is solidly in the top ten.

7. ANARCHY! (Last Ranking: N/A)
They’ve gone to war for something as simple as a bear claw. As comedic as that statement is, there can be no doubt that the reigning World Tag Team Champions deserve to be on this list as a unit. While fans and Soldiers alike can look back on their brawls with Vermont’s Finest, they can also remember, with awe in their eyes, the absolute war T.Rex and Arch Angel waged against Project: SCAR. After defeating the tandem of Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios to win the number one contenders tournament, ANARCHY! went on to defeat Sex & Violence for the titles. Since then, the duo, with much encouragement from their friend and mentor, Loco Martinez, have defended their titles with pride and brutality. Kenji & Flay were their primary opponents during this time, but the former members of Project: SCAR were always dangerous. Most recently, ANARCHY faced their toughest challenge, as the Desert Nomad stepped in for Flay and they defended their titles against the former Scourge of SCAR and Kenji Yamada. It was a brutal affair, but the reigning champions prevailed. Although the tag team division in SHOOT Project isn’t the strongest, the fact remains that ANARCHY! are dominant champions who will face all comers placed in their path and are deserving of a top ten position on the SHOOT Project Power Rankings. In the words of T.Rex, “Fuggin’ right, they are!”

8. “The Baddest Man Alive” Adrian Corazon (Last Ranking: N/A)
There’s countless amounts of people that claim to be something they’re not in the wrestling industry, but Adrian Corazon is far from that. The Baddest Man Alive has captured the World Heavyweight Championship (twice), and has the record for the longest Iron Fist Championship reign in SHOOT Project history. It wasn’t until Corazon found Project: SCAR that we found out just how “bad” the man could be, and it wasn’t until Corazon turned his back on the group that we found out how “Inhuman” he truly was. After being gruesomely maimed at the end of Reckoning Day 2013: Day One, Corazon proved that he was, indeed, nearly inhuman when he returned to exact vengeance on Project: SCAR, becoming the catalyst for it’s apparent dissolution. Corazon has proven himself in and out of the ring in SHOOT Project and is respected by the legions of fans that comprise the SHOOT Nation. No one has suffered for the “helmet” like “The Baddest Man Alive,” and for that, he remains in the top ten, and likely will for weeks to come.

9. Kincaid (Last Ranking: N/A)
In just a short amount of time in SHOOT Project, Kincaid has quickly made a name for himself, partly because of uttering what was arguably the line of the year in 2013. Staring the then newly crowned Iron Fist Champion, Thomas Manchester Black right in the eye, Kincaid uttered a statement that sent shivers down the collective spines of the SHOOT Nation: “You know what’s funny? They’re going to say it’s an upset.” With those words, Kincaid made it clear that he is not intimidated by anyone in the SHOOT Project. Unfortunately, an ill-timed knee injury prevented the world from seeing that match. Shortly after, Kincaid left the SHOOT Project due to personal reasons. In the time that has passed, the enigmatic Soldier has been around the world honing his craft and his views have changed a bit. With the SHOOT Project returning from vacation, so returns Kincaid. He has publicly stated his desire to take the shot he earned. He has come back with an insatiable hunger and it is his motivation and drive, publicly demonstrated, that has earned him this spot.

10. Kale Tanev (Last Ranking: N/A)
Call it a hunch, but ranking Kale Tanev in the top ten of the Pre-Season rankings when he has yet to step foot in the ring isn’t just for show. He has openly stated that he’s knew to this sport, but he is determined to make his mark. So, why rank him in the top ten? The answer is a simple one. Kale Tanev is here to fight. A man with truly nothing to lose (at least it appears that way), he has told the SHOOT Nation, and his first opponent, that he is going to bring everything his has to Revolution 122. That, in and of itself, deserves recognition. The question is, can he maintain a spot in the top ten? Only time will tell. With Revolution 122 less than a week away, we will find out if everything he has is enough.

What we've heard lately, while some Soldiers are unhappy with not being featured on the return card, Revolution 122: Resurrection Edition, one Soldier may be more upset than the rest.

Recently, Lunatikk Crippler did a short interview with Dutch Harris for the SHOOT Project's website, an interview that has yet to be posted, and voiced his displeasure at being left out. Here are a couple of blurbs from the interview.

Dutch Harris: How does it feel to be back, Crip? It's been a while, but it looks like SHOOT is back and back to stay.

Lunatikk Crippler: I couldn't be happier that SHOOT has reopened their doors, Dutch, but I have to say, I'm not too thrilled with being left out of this first show back. I mean, when El Asso Wipo is getting booked ahead of you, you gotta think to yourself "Did I do something wrong?" No offense to Wipo, but I deserve a spot on this card, and one way or the other, I'm going to take one.

Dutch Harris: Does this mean you won't be appearing in either of the title matches on the card, for the Iron Fist and Sin City Championships?

Lunatikk Crippler: Normally, I would be all "I wouldn't tell you if I was." But no, I'm not challenging for either of those titles. Stein and Matthews can sleep a little more soundly, but they still need to figure out exactly who is gonna be gunning for them.

We hope to have the full interview posted on the website sometime this week. We will keep you apprised of any new details regarding this story.

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