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Revolution / Aren't We All A Little Bit...Crazy... (II of II)
« on: August 27, 2011, 09:26:14 PM »
:: The scene opens to TMB standing in front of a punching bag in his gym. His mind racing through the words stated by the woman that he must face this week. The disrespect…the fucking disrespect. As the anger fills from the words said…a voice is heard coming from behind him. ::

Voice: All that talent…all that skill and promise and you’re wasting it.

TMB: Shut up…I don’t need to hear this right now. Right now I have other matters on my mind.

Voice: Oh, now you wanna listen to your friends. What happened to your friends when the Truth was beating your head in. You wanna know what your problem really is?

TMB: Enlighten me…

Voice: You have forgotten about the violence.

Voice: No offense, but you have forgotten what gotten you to the dance all these years. You are no longer a beast…you are calm now. You have become a shell of yourself and that is way you have found yourself aimless now. You wanna win, Thomas…you gotta go back across that line. You don’t believe, I can tell you exactly when the switch flipped off for you and the downfall began. AS soon as you walked away from King and didn’t finish that match you lost that fire. Fuck the explanation you gave, you left your spark in that ring. And you haven’t gained it back since.

TMB: I told you I made peace with that. I maybe a little off, but I know that I’m not as off as you are trying to make me seem.

:: TMB lies…he never truly made peace with King that night. He just became satisfied with the outcome. ::

TMB: And I’ll prove it by walking out Sin City Champion this week.

:: Even as TMB says these words, they are easily shaken by what the voice says. ::

Voice: Walk out the Sin city champion hahahahaha…look at you. You don’t even look at the violence the same anymore. You have lost your way. Shameful….I had such high hopes for you.

TMB: I bet you did. Now if you don’t mind. I have a promo to deliver and some training to get to.

:: TMB pushes the punching bag so it can swing back and forth. ::

TMB: Sorry, Tanya, self doubt is a muthafucka. It takes shots at your wall of confidence until everything starts to crumble. Some people see this wall crumbling and breakdown.

Me…I’m starting to like the self doubt. I’m starting to like the cracks coming in and falling out. Maybe he was right and I should give in to the lack of focus and just run with the violence? Or maybe I should want to win this title and prove that I’m the best in this tourney? Or maybe…just maybe I shouldn’t care at all because either way it’s another fight for me. Either way it’s another body to vent my rage on until the bell rings for the end.

TMB: The last time I gave into the violence, I broke Pestalance’s arm and then choked him out. I’m the only man in history to do that. And Pestalance’s match listing reads like the who’s who of the Hall of Fame. Yet even he fall to the rage…the violence that is TMB. But I can understand why you think the way you think. Why you think a path through me is as easy to walk through as a simple tunnel.

:: TMB knows he hasn’t lived up to the hype lately. And anyone else would have been happy to allow that to be. But not Tanya…she had to throw the first stone. ::

TMB: I’m sorry for that and you know what that means? That means one more time I’m going to have to show the world the true exact of violence couple with…madness. I thank you, really. I really owe this all to you…the lack of focus added to the disrespect that you have shown me. It…it is relaxing. No focus…no one expecting me to get far in this.

TMB: No restraint is the proper phrase isn’t it, Tanya. You wanna know what is difficult? Restraint, Always being careful that you don’t hurt someone too much or that you don’t cross any line. Do you know why…because people hate monsters. They hate them.

:: Thomas used to be feared inside the prison walls. He earned his rep beating people to the point that they could never attack him or anyone else again. You all saw that TMB when he first entered SHOOT. That TMB hasn’t peaked its head in some time…until now. ::

TMB: But you aren’t afraid are you, because you don’t believe in monsters. Or should I say you don’t believe in this one. Heh, but way be afraid of the boogie man when there are so many lights on. I guess that is something that I am going to have to take care of right?

:: TMB can taste it in the air. The lust for violence. A strong hatred…and he loves tasting it again. ::

TMB: I’m going to have to re-install that fear back into you, aren’t I? Maybe show that just because the lights are on, doesn’t mean that it is still safe to walk around. You should consider yourself lucky, though, Tanya…not many have gotten to see that TMB. The TMB that had to be crazy in order to survive behind those stone walls of Hell. The guy that had to spill more blood then he should…not for a title or for the people watching, but because violence was the way of life. I’m getting shivers all over to think I get a chance to go back to that for a moment. A moment where just smashing these bones into someone’s flesh until you are happy. Will you make me happy, Tanya…will you put a smile on my face. Or will you leave me with a frown on my face because you lacked the fight that you thought you could bring. You asked for it…so I hope for you sake that you can handle getting what you asked for. Because I’m excited and having a hard time keeping from jumping off the walls. Oh and don’t worry Tanya....




TMB: And being next you are making it very easy for me to enjoy what I am about to do inside that ring. You talk very big…very very big, yet your logic behind the talk is as failed as the ego that you pretend to have. Don’t get anything mistaken, I am still a very smart wrestler inside that ring and out. But you must understand that the truly smart…are a little crazy. And do you know why? Because we see everything for what it really is and in doing so you realize that being a little crazy is the only way to handle the truth that you have found out. See you may think that me given into the violence with no focus in our match may give you the advantage. And if I was a idiot, I would believe the same thing. They say a smart fighter knows how to take a few to give a few and not lose his ground. That is a theory in madness. Being willing to take abuse just waiting for the chance to give some of your own.

:: TMB poses in front of the swinging bag…as if he is waiting for the right moment to strike. ::

TMB: you know what else is good about madness. You can see through people for what they really are. And you…you are a waste holding a belt that you could never truly represent. At least I am honest about my purpose and my flaws…I treasure and admit them. You…you have done nothing but disgrace that belt by being a subpar champion that when compared to someone like me who has held no SHOOT titles are nothing. You assume things because you feel that you have done enough to do so. I know what you are thinking…what right do I have to say that.

TMB: Have you really done no homework on me, Tanya? I have been a part of two great wars here in SHOOT. I have gone up against legends that you could only hope to get a autograph from. For one night in this tourney, it won’t be about that gold and leather that you are holding. It will be about showing you a world outside your unearned ego. I will show you a man that knows nothing but violence. Violence born from having to fight to the death every single day of your life. I will show you, Ms. Sin City Champion, what sin is all about. I will show you exactly what I am capable of when my focus isn’t the belt…but your pain. When it not about winning but teaching you a lesson that will stay with you throughout the tournament. I will show you desire. I will show you desire with very deadly and vicious intent. But before that bell rings, I will make you one offer…one offer that could save you from everything. If you say sorry. If you can “Man” up and say sorry for being disrespectful, then we shall have a normally contested match. We can put on a show for the fans. But if you don’t do that. If your ego and pride are too strong for you to do that, then I’m sorry.

:: As soon as the bag reaches the middle of his vision TMB attacks it with fists, elbows, shins, knees, forearms and feet. TMB nails a roundhouse kick that takes the bag off its chain causing it to fall on the floor. As it hits the floor TMB pounces on it and starts to tear into it. Dropping elbows and forearms, slowly causing the sand inside to spill out. ::

TMB: Because I may not love the Sin City Title like you do. I may not need the Sin City Title like you do. But if it causes you pain…I shall rip it from your FUCKING HANDS…..

:: TMB stops and smiles. He reaches into the bag for a moment and digs around until he feels what he is looking for. As TMB pulls his hand out, you see TMB is now holding a picture of the current Sin City Champion, Tanya Black. He licks the picture before allowing it to fall onto the “guys” of the punching bag he has broken open. The scene fade as TMB looks up with a very monster like grin on his face. ::

Revolution / Field Trip For The Class (I of II)
« on: August 24, 2011, 05:10:36 PM »
:: The scene opens to a small tavern do the street from TMB’s training gym for this week. Black puts a stack of money on the bar and tells the bartender to give him a shot glasses and his best bottle. As the Bartender brings over the bottle, the promos from “This Week in SHOOT Project” comes on. Tanya Black promo pierces through whatever calm that TMB had left. He takes the first shot and slams the glass down hard as he turns his head to the side.. ::

TMB: They have forgotten haven’t they? Maybe the past has become so distant that, that is exactly what it is…the past.  I don’t blame them though, look at me…I’ve forgotten myself. I look back and try to remember but the images are so different…I get confused.

:: TMB shakes his head as Black’s Promo continues. Each word eats at him like a parasite. Each sentence echos through Thomas’ head like a bad show tune. ::

TMB: Tanya you talk to me as if you don’t respect what I have done in this sport so far. But in your disrespect you do bring up and few good points. Points that I would be foolish to ignore. I was a interjecting Issac, but I don’t think you understand the reason why. You see The Truth attacked my friend, The Saint. In turn I challenged them to a match in which they jumped me. They tried to take me out for trying to get revenge for a friend. I returned the favor by being appointed ref in their match. Which I called down the middle by the way. And then I returned the favor that they did to Jamie. I attacked them when they felt weak. Do unto others as they would do unto you…right?

TMB: Your research people probley didn’t get you all the info. I don’t blame you. When you are in a rush to make a point, sometimes you tend to overlook details in the big picture. And actually I did have a match at the PPV. It was called The rumble. And you are right about me being a Almost Andy…or better yet a Failed Fred. Maybe a Stalled Sammy? Every time I get close enough to get a whiff of gold in SHOOT. Like I told Maya, if you aren’t in it for Gold then you are wasting your time. Or at least, that’s what I thought. I don’t know any more. Which is why I’m back here in the place it all begun. Back to the nightmares and violence.

:: TMB pours another shot before continuing.  The harsh taste makes him wince for a second. Jayson drank this kind all the time. One of the things he brought back from the war and gave TMB. ::

TMB: You are wrong about one thing, Tanya…it will be about bloodshed and broken bones. Because right now, I have no focus. I’m in this tourney but I question my real motivation behind it. Am I really here to be the Sin City Champion? Am I here to prove that I am one of the best in this sport? Or is it the same reason I have given for every match that I ever been in? Is it for the violence itself that I agreed to do this? I guess there is nothing admirable about me then, right kids. I’m not a stand up guy. Ad there my career I’ve been a very violent Vincent.

TMB: And that’s where you must be very careful. You see, rage is one thing. Violence is one thing. But unfocused rage and violence is lot worse. Do you know why? Do you know why that is gonna be dangerous for you? Because there is no stopping.

TMB: Until focus is given, the violence doesn’t have form nor goal. IT just is. It just keeps going, mowing down whatever is in its path. And currently in its path…is you. And that is not a good thing, champ. No focus, no goal means no reason to stop. But you think you have my number, don’t you? You think that I’m the one that should be worried, right!?! You got it all covered.

TMB: So you are the new tough bitch in this company? Congrats…but do you think that you are something unseen? Trust me, I’ve seen and faced Lake and Sinn and they do a better job at the image you are attempting to portray. Normally, I would be worried about the lack of focus.

TMB: But for their honor…in their name, I guess I’ll allow myself to enjoy the violence for this one moment.

:: It has been along time since TMB just gave way to the violence. Everything had to be controlled for a purpose. Technical wrestling in OPW. His No Limit championship. His feud with Pestalance. His feud with King…each one had to be “Controlled Violence” *Right Drezzy*. ::

TMB: You live a lie, Tanya. You live a lie that you feel will validate this image of you. I plan on stripping away that image and show what you truly are. You’re nothing more than an experiment in a simple theory. Can an unfocused almost Andy take the title off the babbling bitch. That is an answer that I can’t give…but I’ll tell you what. I’m going to enjoy so much, finding out the answer. For once I’m going to enough the unfocused rage that is sitting inside of me.

TMB: Now since you wanted to teach the kids, let me help you out, ok?

TMB: Hello kids…I’m Thomas Manchester Black. And I’m a very, very bad man. I’m the type of guy that mommies and daddies hold your hand and cross the street from. And do you know why? Because I don’t look like someone you would like to have ice cream with. Trifling Tanya would like to call me a Violent Vincent. But since she has decided to piss me off, you can call me a Brutal Ben. And do you know what I Brutal Ben likes to do?

TMB: Brutal Ben likes to listen to the voices in his head, Children. And do you know why…do you know why he would do something as crazy as that. It because when he does that…he doesn’t care about a goal or focus. All he cares about is the sound of flesh against flesh. The stretching of ligaments an breaking of bones.

:: The patrons at the Tavern search for whatever kids TMB maybe talking to. All they can see are the different size bottles stacked up in front of him. They shake their head and try not to pay him any more attention. Not wanting to catch his gaze and invoke whatever rage is waiting inside of him. ::

TMB: You see Brutal Ben isn’t a nice person. He is a little more Crazy Charlie. Or maybe Insane Isaac in his greatest prime. Dare I say even a Psychotic Paul…playing games that little boys and girls shouldn’t play. You will see it when he flashes that Manic Marvin grin in your direction. Pray for Tanya as she steps into his slaughterhouse Steve grip…

TMB: Heh…Violent Vincent, Almost Andy, Insane Isaac, Brutal Ben, Psychotic Paul, Manic Marvin…Slaughterhouse Steve…


:: TMB lets very wicked grin slip on his face. As Black calls for another bottle, he hears a familiar voice calling from the bar's entrance. The Grin quickly turns to one of doubt as he knows the voice.. Walking into the bar in full T Shirt and Jeans glory is Fellow Saint, Trey Willet. ::

Trey: Evening, Tommy. Hope you ordered one for me.

TMB: I got a few bottles on deck, just for that purpose.

:: Trey takes a seat next to TMB and reaches forward as the bartender tops off his shot.  Trey sniffs it for a moment then slams it back.  He puts his hand over the glass as the bartender reaches to refill it. ::

Trey: One is plenty. So. The Sin City Championship series, eh? Your head right for this?

TMB: I don't know...I've gotten my revenge. things are pretty much on a slow for me. Maybe this is my key but...

:: TMB looks down into his shot glass. ::

TMB: My mind has been on other things. But how about you. You are on the path for big things, yourself.

Trey: It's just a start. I have to take this week by week. Corazon almost got me...again. I have to be sharper out there if I want to win this thing. One thing is for sure, SHOOT certainly isn't being stingy with giving me people that deserve a beating.

TMB: This is true...it seems as if you are on a revenge tour.

Trey: I've been doing this for a long time, Tommy. Let me give you the best advice I can give you. This isn't about revenge. It's about proving it. Proving to them, to yourself, to the fans. This is about EARNING it. Forget about everything going on in the backgorund. You get that Sin City belt, no one will remember the rest. They'll just remember that for this one tournament, you were the best you could be.

:: TMB looks at his friend. ::

TMB: Heh, the best. there was a time you didn't need a belt to prove that. Maybe Maya was right. Maybe it's not about the belt...but the match itself.

Trey: It's not about this match. It's not about the last match. It's about every match. I know you. You are one hell of a competitor. The fans dont need you to have the belt to know you belong.  You do. I know how it feels. Why do you think I'm banging my head against this wall, taking my lumps in Master of the Mat.  I need this. So do you.

TMB: I feel you. but you know sometimes..sometimes I feel lost. I mean after everything i went through with Pest and King...I feel gassed out sometimes.

Trey: All you have to do is get your focus back man. Get something worth fighting for. It doesn't have to be something so serious as family or friends. Get behind an ideal. In a federation full of people too worried about themselves to care about the fans, we have to change that. Just get behind me on this and I promise, the rest will follow.

TMB: Heh, there goes the " Willenium " always leading the charge

Trey: Eh. Willenium died a long time ago. I just know that I have very little time left, and I have a lot of attoning to do.  I've followed your career. You do as well.  And I learned the hard way that I can’t do it by myself. 

:: TMB raises his re-filled shot glass. ::

TMB: To the gates of Hell my friend...I got your back.

:: Trey smiles and reaches his hand out towards TMB. The two shake hands for a moment before Trey realizes the seriousness of the conversation. He laughs a little to break the tension. ::

Trey: Good luck out there, man.

TMB: Aye, Trey…good luck to you as well.

Revolution / What is Focus... (I of II)
« on: August 18, 2011, 04:07:16 PM »
:: The scene opens TNB’s gym in North Carolina. TMB is in the back reviewing some tape while a young man is in the front doing some clean up work. With a push of a button, TMB is watching each match that Maya has been in. ::

TMB: Don’t be afraid, Maya…things are what they tend to be

I don’t hate or dislike you. But I must beat you. But I commend you for taking this path that you are on. Agree with it or not, it is your path. Now here is the kicker…the big question. What are you willing to do for your path, Maya? Are you ready to lose a limb and maybe a career? Are you willing to take punishment the like that you have never felt before? No no…this isn’t right. I should be at least honest with you.

TMB: Last time me and you where face to face you had the love of your life with you. You remember what happened at that moment don’t you. You remember the fear you felt. You remember squeezing your lover’s hand so hard out of fear. You remember the pain that came from that moment…the blood that was pilled. All because I was handling someone else’s business.

:: The goes static before a video clip begins to play. ::
10/06/08 - Rev. 46

Backstage, the hallway is empty. At the very end of the hallway Shinya is seen peering from behind a wall. With a cautious look to the left and a cautious look to the right he slowly walks down the hall. Maya, however, seems more afraid and is still simply peeking, only his eyes visible, from behind the wall.

Shinya: Maya, come on...now is our chance! After what happened earlier there shouldn't be anyone in Jonny’s locker room. We can get back LIHC's titles now...

Maya's eyes squint slightly with a tense fear.

Maya: Are...you sure? What if...what id one of them comes back? Or what if their friends come back? Or...or...or...

Shinya: Just come on, Maya!

Maya practically sprints to Shinya and grabs hold of his arm. Both men make their way to the locker room door with DEFILER scrawled across it. Shinya tugs at the doorknob.

Shinya opens the door to JONNY JOHNSON'S locker room with a shakey hand. Maya is still gripping tightly to his other arm. The locker room seems empty as Shinya and Maya gaze around.

Shinya: I told you no one would be here...now we just have to figure out where they'd put them then get out of here.

Maya grips even tighter.

Maya: I don't like this idea, Shinya...

Shinya's eyes wander around until he notices a case...however, the case is empty. It is a glass case and looks like it would hold a title belt.

Shinya: I would think they should be here...I don't get it.

Maya: Shinya...I don't like this at all...

You suddenly have the feeling that someone else is in the room.

Maya gulps and Shinya instinctively grabs his hand.

“I think the three of us know what happens next.”

Maya and Shinya hear an unfamiliar voice and slowly turn around.


And the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles are draped over his shoulders.

The imposing, 6’5”, 265 pound, dark skinned TMB, closes the door shut behind and moves casually into the room.

Shinya tightens his grip on Maya’s hand, who shuts his eyes.

Thomas Manchester Black: Ya’ll know ya don’t belong here.  Right?

He surveys the locker room.

Shinya: We just...

Black snaps back.

Thomas Manchester Black: Man, shut the HELL UP.

Black seems to find what he’s looking for and moves closer to one of the walls, incidentally, moving closer to the camera that’s SHOOTing this action.  He kneels down, his face taking up the lower right portion of the screen with Tres Bien in the back left.

Thomas Manchester Black: (Reaching forward for something) Can’t be trespassing’, boys.  (Finding what he wants, talking to the camera) Yo. This got nothin’ to do with hate.  Aiight?

The feed goes out.

:: The video clip stops and returns to the view of Thomas Manchester Black. ::

TMB: This time it’s my business and even though I old no ill will towards you…I can’t allow you to pass this point in the tourney. Not because I’m better then you…because I have to, Maya. Anything less would be a waste of my skill. And the last thing I want to do is waste the skills that I had to go through Hell to gain. You see Maya, there are something that have to be dealt with in my time here in SHOOT. One of those things is my lack of a title reign. Maybe it’s because I have spent most my time in feuds and waging wars to ever focus on one single goal. Maybe it was because I was aiding someone else in their campaign. I’ve proved in Legacy if I focus on going after a title…I could win it. I refuse to do here what I did in OPW and that is continue on without adding gold to my resume from SHOOT.

:: TMB shakes his head for a moment. ::

And this is what is going to separate us, Maya. Because where you have sympathy working for you…I have desire. Desire to prove I’m more than just another big body on the roster. To prove that I am the greatest…I have to add gold to the collection. It doesn’t matter how dominate my run was here in SHOOT. No Gold and I’m nothing more than a foot note. You don’t believe me, look at Marino and Jim Kelly. Look at Barkley and Ewing. All greats who don’t get the true respect because they lack gold. Look at how many great wrestlers have passed through the doors of SHOOT, Maya. Do you know why we fear and respect them. Because they have grabbed brass ring after brass ring. Even with the disrespect thrown your way, you have been a tag champion. Tag Champions in a company where you have the best talent coming in taking shots at anyone holding a title.

TMB: You know that feeling of having SHOOT leather and gold in your hands and being seen as the best. The cheers as they say your name after those lovely words. Knowing that nothing anyone could say could change the fact that you have added your name with some of the greats in this sport. How did it feel, Maya? Did you smile every time you saw yourself with the title? Did shivers run up your spine when magazines called you for interviews…wanting to talk to the champs? Sure I’ve had those feelings. I got them in Legacy…but this is something different. No disrespect for what Legacy has done for me, but this is fucking SHOOT Project!!!! I’ve been on different sides of a companywide war…twice. I was a bad guy and a good guy. I have gone toe to toe with a Hall of Famer. I’ve Went to the limit with a World Champion. But I have never held a title in this company.

TMB: So you know what that means, Maya? All the wars and feuds. All the spilled blood and sweat…the hours I’ve train. Do you know what it means? It means nothing until I become a champion. I’ll just be another big body that didn’t live up to his own hype. Another image that couldn’t focus long enough to grab a title.

:: Black gets a very serious look on his face as the camera zooms in. He knows these catch don’t always come no matter how focus  or talented he is. TMB knows that you have to make good on the chances you get. ::

TMB: I refuse to become a footnote. I will not become Kaz Sato and not live up to the skill. I will achieve the goal set in front of me. And if that means I have to lay your body at the Devil’s door then so be it. So train and get yourself some rest. Because come Revolution, you will…


:: Black turns back to the flat Screen TV in front of him and goes back to reviewing footage. A he does that we see Jaime slowly pulling up to the gym.  He got a call that TMB wanted to see him.  Of course, it was a rarity for him to break any pre-match routine.  Yet, one of his brothers called him up.  So, away he went. :

Jaime: Hey, Tommy.  Where you at, hermano?!!

TMB: Over here by the ring in the back. Just reviewing some footage.

:: TMB tells a gym hand to go and get his stablemate. He sees the kid moving towards him.  He recognized Manny.  Manny was a unique case.  Basically, a street kid who was headed on the road to nowhere.  But, TMB knew this one needed his help.  So, instead of letting him continue as is, he gave the kid a chance for honest paper.  The kid goes up and fist bumps Jaime. ::

Manny: Back here, boss.  How you been?

:: Jaime follows the kid. ::

Jaime: Making it.  Unlike your teacher, got a few more demons than most, but working through it.

TMB: Don't listen to him, kid. This guy has more problems then both of us combined. but anyway get back to work me and the other saint have some business to talk about.

Jaime: Giving it to him honest, at least.  So, brother.  What's news?

TMB: The Sin City Tourney. This is big for either of us...for alot of reasons.

:: Jaime nodded to his friend.  He already figured out where the man was headed.  The Sin City Title, the title he helped found with a host of others inside SHOOT.  The title that was started as an homage to the town of Las Vegas.  The title that's now a big deal...  and he knew how much of a big deal it was. ::

Jaime: Yeah, I remember having that belt.  Since then, the powers that be are figuring out ways to shake it all up.  So, yeah.  It's a hell of a big deal.

TMB: A very big deal especially for those that have never held SHOOT Project gold. And seeing as we both are in this tourney...

Jaime: Probably going to cross paths at one point within the tourney.  Don't I know it, too.  Lots of people I'm going to end up crossing paths will, some I respect and some I don't.

TMB: Thing is thought, Jamie. This is somethign we both want...something we both need. You need this coming back. I need this for other reasons. Reasons that friend or foe...I'm going to make it a long night for anyone across from me in the ring.

Jaime: You figure SHOOT isn't paying attention?  I can understand that.  Sometimes the people have short attention spans.  Honestly, I hope you do make this a long night.  Because if you aren't, you might be slipping.

TMB: And what about you, Jamie. You ready to spill some blood to prove your more then a surprise EMT at a PPV?

Jaime: You're damn right I am.  There's a reason I took so long to come back.  I forgot who I was and what I could do.  You think I'm going to waste my time or anyone else's if I weren't willing to get in and get a little bloody.

TMB: And what if it comes down to me and you?

Jaime: Then I guess we're going to scare the hell out of the ring crew that's gotta clean up, aren't we?

TMB: True indeed. And you know what Jamie?

Jaime: What's that, Tommy?

TMB: I not only promise to shake your hand. But I will give you the first shot at the belt after I win it.

:: TMB cracks a smile. ::

Jaime: You got to win the belt first, Tommy.  That might involve hitting a woman or two.  But one of them isn't a lady, so you might fly on that one.

:: Jaime cracks his own smile and shakes TMB's hand. ::

TMB: You just better make sure its me and you for the belt, Jamie. Or 'll be very disappointed.

Jaime: No kidding.  I don't plan on spending my Master of the Mat as a spectator.   I plan on going for some gold or whipping somebody's ass.  You better not worry about the bright lights of Vegas, though.  You've got a man on a mission to deal with first.

TMB: Then Mission Control...HE has a problem.

The Handler Files / The Official Interview List
« on: August 13, 2011, 09:28:07 AM »
Her is where I will have a list of people who I will interview and people I have interviewed for this year.
Bill Santa
Rocky Stellar

SHOOT Project Discussion / Handler's File : Kidd 2011 Feedback
« on: August 12, 2011, 04:48:43 PM »
It's posted...let's go...

The Handler Files / Handler's File : Kidd 2011
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HF: Alright fans and friends alike welcome to another EP of The Handler's file. And of course we have another special guest on deck. Please introduce yourself...

Kidd: Most people know me as Kidd, even though I have handled other characters even those who call handlers by their real name still just call me Kidd. My main characters have been Patrick "Crimson" Kidd, Derek Shane, and the more recent team of The Gunslingers.

HF: Please give us a brief recap on how you got into E-Fedding

Kidd: I first found out about e-fedding back during my senior year of high school, so 1999-2000. Back then it was still mainly done by email. I applied to one of those real wrestler feds and of course the big names like Austin, Rock and Hogan were taken. So i applied as Scoot Norton and never got a response.

Norton gets no love LOL

Any who a couple years later I looked into e-feds again and stumbled across DIWF which was a forum fed like most e-feds are now. I applied and got accepted. My rps were terrible back then and really short but with some help thing slowly improved. Josh Blose was the fed head at the time and helped me out, as well as being paired up with Kenji's handler in my first tag team

HF: Why Scott Norton?

Kidd: I always enjoyed a lot of the mid carders that put on great matches but for some reason never got pushed to the next level. Norton was a great powerhouse that had some great matches in WCW and years later I would find out that he was huge in Japan as well. I wanted someone who people knew of to qualify for the real wrestler fed, but still enough mystery to him to make him my own. With Hogan or Austin it could get repetitive. Norton was an ass kicker but would have still left me enough space where people didn't already have a complete opinion in their head, but I guess they did.

HF: Did your love for the mid card influence the wrestlers that you have been using?

Kidd: I think it has, Crimson Kidd was based on a variety of wrestlers but his story has always been about someone who worked his way up from a small Indy guy to make a name for himself on the World stage, but even now when people look back on him the person he is moss often compared to in the real world is Tommy Dreamer. Kidd and in real life myself is to OPW, what Dreamer is/was to ECW and not many would argue Tommy being a main eventer.

Derek Shane is heavily influenced by Golddust and my love of movies, and while I love Dustin Rhodes/Golddust he was rarely used in the main event spot. The team of the Gunslingers is loosely based on the territory days and Stan Erichson is the only character i have that can be said is based on a main eventer in Stan Hansen who was a former world  AWA and fought  world champions in WWF, NWA and Japan.

HF: Now you mentioned the DIWF in the beginning, tell us about your time there.

Kidd: DIWF is where I broke into the e-fed business and met a lot of the guys that still e-fed today. Azrael Goeren, Kenji Yamada, Cade Sydal, Cronos, Matt kanyon, azraith, Maverick, Psycho, and Greyson Blade all worked in DIWf and most of them are in SHOOT today though some handle new characters. Josh Blose was the fed head and taught me the basics. I teamed with Kenji as the New Breed for awhile then some backstage stuff happened and Josh Blose left DIWF. Other management tried to keep things alive and during that time I won the tag titles with Jenna Evans, Matt Kanyon, and Cade Sydal but eventually things just fell apart completely and DIWF closed. It would be a year after DIWF closed before I returned to e-fedding.

HF: Deacon Frost. You mean

Kidd: yeah I got it switched with Matt Kanyon in OPW

HF: Ok, how did your time in DIWF shape who you are as a fedder?

Kidd: DIWF was my first e-fed so it was responsible for teaching me the basics, back then rp limits were like 10 rps in 5 days instead of 2 in 2 weeks. I started off doing all 10 rps 2 a day was the max. They were barely 500 words each. I learned by reading guys other peoples work that I could get the same point across with2-3 rps made slightly longer. I also started to learn the art of storytelling which I would get more lessons on in OPW. When I first started in DIWF I would mainly just do trash talk and occasionally a little storyline, but not a lot of long term character development. Over time I learned that character background was just as important as match to match trash talk.

HF: How important was the whole backstage aspect back then?

Kidd: Backstage with characters or the handlers?

HF: yes

Kidd: well OOC I think backstage has always been important if you don't get along with the other handlers and the staff you’re not going to enjoy yourself and have a good time. There's always been and always will be various forms of drama. I thought like many others that if you weren't buddies with staff you didn't get title shot etc, but eventually learned that wasn't usually the case, but I won't deny that at times I still think it helps. In character backstage played a big part. In real wrestling the boss/owners GMs were all plying big parts on Tv and that translated to e-fedding. Sometimes the evil boss or owner thing was over done, but I think especially for OPW the storylines involving Ed Raymond and later Craig Carson helped evolve the entire e-fed which lead to storyline opportunities for everyone

HF: what made you leave the DIWF

Kidd: After Josh Blose left DIWF, Phil and Mel took over things went on for about 3-4 months before matches and shows became late and eventually it closed. A lot of guys went to SHOOT Project at that time. I applied 3 times, but for some reason was never contacted to say I was accepted. About a year after DIWF closed I was talking to Cade online and he told me I should come to SHOOT Project. I reapplied a fourth time, Cade, Ben and a few others vouched for me and I got in this time.

HF: And how was it when you got in?

Kidd: Unfortunately I showed up in SHOOT about 3 months or so before it closed the first time. I debuted at their version of the Royal Rumble aka the upcoming Redemption Rumble. Apparently I impressed someone with my storyline work because is started rping even without being booked. This led to me getting to work with big names out the door like Ed Raymond, Rocky Stellar and the infamous JL Martz. There was a short lived revival of the New Breed with some guy I don't remember his name. I think it was Cody something. Than some sort of drama happened and it lead to SHOOT closing and the birth of OPW and TTW.

HF: With the first closing of SHOOT came the birth of OPW and TTW as you said...how did you get involved in both companies?

Kidd: That's actually an interesting situation, it took my four applications and Cade and Ben talking to the bosses to get me into SHOOT, SHOOT closes and I got two different groups that want me to join. Ed was the operator of TTW, he had also been on staff in SHOOT Project during my initial run there and we had worked together on a few angles and I initially agreed to join TTW first.

Then I got invited to a random chat that became the birth of OPW. Dave was running OPW and he handled Diamond Del Carver who I had been a big fan of. Honestly what it came down to though, was the rosters of both promotions. TTW had a lot of people I wasn't familiar with and a few I knew from my brief stay in SHOOT.

OPW on the other hand had a ton of DIWF guys and I was looking forward to working with them again. Crimson Kidd was the only wrestler to appear on OPW and TTWs first show. I jerked the curtain in TTW's debut, and Main Evented OPW's first show. So we all have our egos and you can guess where I went, but a lot of it had to do with working with Greyson and the DIWF guys again. Eventually I would make it back to TTW with another character.

HF: In OPW you had a very storied run with Crimson Kidd/Saint. Can you tell us a little bit about that run?

Kidd: Crimson Saint, I don't remember much about that as I tried to erase that from my memory but no one else forgets, lol

I was in OPW from beginning to end and played pretty much all the positions. I started as the up and comer getting his big chance main eventing on the first show. Then since I admittedly wasn't as a good a writer as some of the others i got shuffled down the card, but since I was reliable I got put into the measuring stick position. The guy the new guys get booked against to see if they can cut it, sometimes it was annoying as I had to face a bunch of no shows, but I almost was the first to work with some great names, and that position lead to the infamous Murphy/Kidd saga

Along the way I further cemented my status as a tag wrestler and became known for that, and I think Kidd's never say die attitude lead to him being one of names most associated with the company. Kidd/Greyson cemented his legend status in that company. Kidd lost the feud with Greyson and "retired" but we all know there is no such thing in wrestling.

During that retirement I created a new character to run in TTW while I did staff work in OPW. Later Kidd would return to OPW to feud with Goeren, and then Murphy again. Where he would be paralyzed and we thought that was the end of his career. There were a lot of ups and downs in OPW and Kidd lost more than he won, but when you mention OPW he's one of the first you think of. He's the Tommy Dreamer of OPW I’ve said more than once

HF: In OPW, you also had a role behind the scenes; can you tell us a little about that?

Kidd: Dave created OPW and ran it for about a year, when he stepped down it went through a series of people in charge including Ron Barker and Ed Hansen, before the reigns got handed to Josh Blose. Josh brought me on to help out. I was essentially in charge of talent relations and the Overnight manager. I was always up til 3-4 am so people could get a hold of me when Josh wasn't available. I also helped doing some recruiting. I gave some ideas for booking and helped judge matches.

The staff changed a few times but the core staff was Josh, I, and Ben, with various people joining staff to help at various times like Ledge, Mark, and Thurston. There were was some drama but for the most part things rain pretty smoothly. I enjoyed being on the creative side of things with booking, and helping people set up feuds and storylines.

Josh and I bumped heads sometimes when we had disagreements, but I know I could never run a fed. I make a good second banana, but after seeing what it takes to run a fed I know I couldn't be the head guy like Ed, Josh, J&B, or Ryan Ro. I don't have the patience for people at times, lol. Someday I could see myself helping behind the scenes somewhere, but I could never see myself running my own fed.

HF: What was your take on the beef between OPW and SHOOT at that time?

Kidd: I honestly can't even remember what all the drama was all about, I'm pretty sure none of it directly involved me. When SHOOT re-opened B messaged me on AIM trying to smooth things over between OPW and SHOOT and bury the hatchet of any old drama. It may have taken me four applications over a years’ time and a medium sized bribe to get J to let me into SHOOT the first time, but I have been invited to join the roster every time SHOOT re-opened.

I don't know if it was SHOOT related by I know one of the biggest issues we always got harped on for when OPW was open and even after it closed was being a so-called "garbage wrestling" promotion and that always pissed me off severely as there was so much more to OPW than the hardcore spots, or baby hangings, but that's mostly what's remembered.

HF: Do you feel that was because at the time, OPW was very extreme to say the least?

Kidd: Was OPW extreme? Yes. Were there over the top moments? Yes. Were there times things were slightly unrealistic. Yes. I'd also say that you could say yes to those questions for most feds at some point or another. I'm not arguing we were hardcore and took it further than a lot of other promotions did. I just get annoyed that for a lot of people that is all they remember about OPW.

Kidd/Greyson slow burned for 2 years and for the most part everything that happened in that feud could of happened in a regular promotion, there may have been one or two over the top moments I'm forgetting. People remember steel chair abortions, but very rarely do they bring up Cade and Kast's amazing matches for the ACC which was one of my favorite titles.

HF: Before you do...do you mind if we talk about the ACC title in OPW for a moment?

Kidd: sure

HF: The ACC belt was a belt I always felt was a standout in OPW e-fed wise, due to the fact that everyone usually goes for having a TV/IV or cruiserweight style belt. To do an ACC with very different especially with the men who held the title. How do you feel the title help separate OPW from everyone else?

Kidd: Well the ACC wasn't a tiered title. Your TV title is your entry level title for your mid-carders and under occasionally someone higher up on the card will float into the division for a bit, you IC title is for your mid to upper mid card guys you want to test to see if they have what it makes to take it to the top occasionally you get a lower or higher guy involved, and then you got your Main Event title. The ACC didn't fall into that anyone anywhere on the card could have a chance at holding that title.

It could be considered a gimmick title, maybe even the anti-hardcore title, as its rules allowed for limited amount of rope breaks, and titles could change hand on a DQ. The thing i loved is it was wrestling based and you had big name guys like Cade and Kast who could of been the top champ fighting over this secondary title as if it meant as much as the top title, and by doing that for a time they made it mean as much as the OPW title. It was a great division with the late great Ray Wilmott, Cade, Kast, Victoria, and Stein.

It was short lived though and eventually the title was retired, I tried to talk people into bring it back a few times, but eventually we did bring in the light heavyweight title, and that had a lot of great matches too especially with Stein and marc Stanton.

HF: If you could convince the powers that be, do you think the ACC title could work with the roster that SHOOT has?

Kidd: I think SHOOT currently has the right amount of titles for its roster size. If it were to bring back the ACC title probably under a different name I'd have it be in place of a current title.

Roster wise I think a lot of people would fit into the division let me think who I would use

Cade Sydal obviously, Laura Seton, Alex Cruz, Tanya Black, TMB, Stan Erichson, and Azrael Goerne would be who I’d probably center the division on with various other people competing in matches form time to time

Goeren and Erichson may seem out of place in the division but they fit a key purpose. When people think ACC it is essentially pure wrestling, and when they think that they tend to think chain wrestling, or Lucha or X- Division style. Stan on the other hand is old school and it doesn't get much pure than beating the shit out of someone and destroying them with power as long as you can keep it within the rules and it throws a different style into a lot of the other members of the division being similar.

Goeren on the other hand is perfect for the division because of its rules. He would find a way to break every single one of them yet somehow find a way to win, and it'd be worth it to see how he does it each week until it catches up with him.

HF: Nice nice... with that out the way, let us talk about your time in TTW?

Kidd: I enjoyed TTW as it was a completely different experience for me

HF: What was the new wrestler you brought into TTW

Kidd: TTW saw the creation of my new character Derek Shane who flopped terribly at first. Shane started as a face and was going nowhere fast. I had toyed around with trying to run Kidd as a heel a few times and it never worked so when I created this new character I automatically went with what I knew and made him a face. Once Ed and I realized it was flopping so bad we came up with the idea of turning Shane heel and playing on his B actor gimmick we said everything that had happened up until then was an act

It was like magic, Derek Shane was off and running. Playing off my love of movies Shane used every dirty trick in the book, and people loved to hate him. As much as they loved his great entrances he'd immediately get that heat back two minutes into the match. He was the second longest running TV champ in TTW I think he missed out on taking 1st by 3 days.

Derek Shane's biggest feud in TTW was with Loco Martinez, me and Scotty had tons of fun with it, but when TTW suddenly closed he went on the shelf. I then did a few matches with Kidd until OPW closed.

I love writing Shane, but whenever I write him or any other character I always wonder what Kidd is up to. So I went back to using Kidd when OPW closed, I contemplated hanging up the e-boots, but like real wrestling e-fedders don't retire

Eventually enough people harassed me until I brought him to LEGACY, lol. There seems to be a petition going around to bring him to SHOOT, last I heard B was heading up the committee, lol

HF: Tell us about your time in Legacy.

Kidd: LEGACY was an adventure to say the least. At times I had a lot of fun, and other times it almost made me give up on e-fedding for good. Nothing directly against Rob, and I'm sure this might create some drama but I think the plug should have been pulled on that company way before it was maybe a year in advance. Rob is a great creative mind, but he had so much going on in real life, and the handlers weren't backing him where he needed it with match writing getting their segments in etc.

I enjoyed my run there as Derek Shane as it let me develop a different side of the character working with Moreno and Issac. The dark side of Shane was a blast to write, but in the end it came back to Kidd.

The whole time I was writing Shane I was wondering what Kidd has been up to since OPW closed. For months before Kidd would return I worked out an elaborate storyline for the return. I finished up Shane's feud with Issac writing him off, and we haven't seen Shane since.

Then I started gearing up for Kidd's return unfortunately like things do in e-fedding something happened and stuff had to get shifted around and my original idea for Kidd's return got scrapped and had to be completely re-worked. The good thing that came out of it though is I did get to work with Greyson again and we had a fun tag feud with Ledge and Adam Davis. Unfortunately Rob and I really just didn't see eye to eye in the e-fed world. He's a decent guy, he's done a great job with that website he runs, but we just didn't mesh when it came to e-fedding. LEGACY was heading towards the end and at that time the plug should have already been pulled. He and I kept having disagreements and I felt it was best we just went our separate ways.

I gave my notice that I was leaving LEGACY shortly before it closed. I considered hanging up the e-boots again, but I noticed SHOOT was open again, and the same thing that lead me to SHOOT the first time and eventually to OPW brought me back to SHOOT, wanting to work with my old friends as well as a bunch of people I never got to work with.

The tricky part came with who should I handle, I contemplated Derek Shane, but wasn't sure what I'd do with him. There is always Kidd and I love writing him, but i think I was so frustrated with his LEGACY run that I wasn't ready to bring him to SHOOT. That lead to making two new characters, well one new, and returning to one old one I hadn't got the chance to fully flesh out before OPW closed.

HF: Tell about the wrestlers you are handling now and why you choose to run with them in this run in SHOOT.

Kidd: Well with the decision not to use Shane or Kidd I had to create a new character. I love tag wrestling and decided that’s the direction I wanted to go. I had created a character in OPW who I didn't get to really get to use much before it closed.

Stan Erichson was a concept I came up with of an old time wrestler from the territory days who had been blacklisted right before the big boom in the mid-80's and then decided to try and make a comeback in 2005 when his name was cleared.

Stan feuded with Osbourne Kilminster than OPW closed. I completely forgot about the character until I was trying to think of who to use in SHOOT. Stan had worked in OPW because it was like a modern day territory, now since I wanted to use a tag team I had to come up with a partner. Stan had a history in Japan so I had him take an American student who was training in Japan under his wing. That's where Jacob Erichson comes in. The concept of the team is Stan trying to keep the old ways alive and teach them to Jacob, while Jacob is trying to get Stan to realize that there are benefits to the modern ways.

HF: I'm glad you mentioned Ozzy. What do you think about the departure of Ozzy and Sinn?

Kidd: I honestly didn't know Sinn much outside of OOC post whoring. I hadn't really talked to Ozzy much after OPW closed. I had seen some of their work on the shows, and Ozzy was always a great writer, but they left soon after I got back.

HF: what is your view on the current state and roster of SHOOT?

Kidd: SHOOT is currently flying high, there are a few snags with OOC stuff but there's no escaping that. There is also match writing where we have a core crew of match writers some even taking 2 matches a cycle, but it's only a matter of time before people start burning out. So I recommend anyone who has match writing experience step up and share the load. The key to keeping a fed running is to keep the fed head from getting burnt out. Everyone needs to share the load.

Stellar Insanity vs. Hierarchy is my favorite feud going right now, but I've always been an outspoken Goeren and Loco mark.

HF: I'm glad that you are making my job easy with all these segways. What have been the storylines and Feuds that you have been checking out since the return to SHOOT?

Kidd: Well I've always been a fan of Ben and Charley so the trio of Ox, Ichrio and Azraith blows my mind, so I'm really looking forward to see where that storyline goes, plus again I love tag wrestling. Project Scar: also has a lot of my favorite writers as well. I'd also like to mention Jester Smiles and Real Deal

HF: Are there any members of the roster that you are looking forward to working with?

Kidd: I always looking forward to anytime i get to work with the old DIWF crew guys like Drew, Ben, Mark, Charley, and Greg, but there are some people that I've been e-fedding with for years that I haven't worked much with. I’d like to get to work with X-Calibur somewhere down the road, i briefly worked with him and B in OPW in the Divine Intervention vs. Law & Order storyline, but never anything since that. I'd also like to work with Issac again he was a blast to work that Angle in LEGACY with Shane.

HF: what do you think of the current state of E-Fedding as a whole?

Kidd: I think there will always be e-fedding, but it's on a down slope. There will always be a new group of 15 year olds thinking they invented and there will be those that were doing it before they were born. I think what has kept a lot of us e-fedding for so long is our core group of e-fedders. There are new guys that come and go and some have stuck around, but if you look at the SHOOT roster a lot of us have been writing together for over a decade.. Hell I've been e-fedding with you since I think 2002.I think a lot of us will keep doing it as long as there is a core group of us somewhere they can work with. Most of us have to much invested in our character's to start over at Bob's e-fed of the week. I speak from experience when I was in NAPW. They were great guys, good writers and I had fun there, but I don't know how many times I thought these guys wouldn't last a PPV cycle in one of the "circle feds". I think we have evolved from various feds like WPW and DIWF to SHOOT to OPW & TTW, to LEGACY and back to SHOOT and when SHOOT closes most of us will end up working together in WWSMACKABITCHINTHEFACEWITHAFISHWF.

HF: As someone that has been E-fedding for some time...are there any fades or trends that you have liked or disliked?

Kidd: Even though I would of made an awesome Scott Norton I'm glad I missed the real wrestler phase, even though I think MJ and I would of made an awesome Evil Doink and Golddust tag team in that e-fed that tried to poach members a few weeks ago. I also hate the "original characters" that are clearly rip offs of real guys like Rock Hard Sam Dallas, though now that I think of it that may be my next jobber character. I think the other thing that always irked that shit out of me are super power characters, like I can buy a Kane-esque character through suspension of disbelief but in OPW i actually had a guy put in an app for a character that was convinced he was a Jedi, than again hindsight we probably would of had a lot of fun with that character, lol.

I don't know if it's a trend, but a pet peeve but I always hated handlers, characters that were never willing to give anything in a feud, if it was competitive it was a 100% competitive and weren't willing to work anything to further the feud even if it was post match.

HF: How does it feel to be in the OPW Hall of Fame?

Kidd: It's a big honor especially since I was in the inaugural class by Dave the original creator and operator of OPW. I know at the time a lot of people were unhappy about it, and at the time I may have not completely earned it yet, but I think Kidd’s space in OPW history and entire run there is definitely Hall of Fame worthy.

HF: Is there anyone you feel should of been inducted into the Hall of Fame, even though OPW is closed?

Kidd: It may be old age catching up with me but I'm not sure I remember everyone who eventually got inducted. If Ledge didn't go in he deserved to, I think he went in the final class. I forget if Kanyon got in, but even with all the drama around his title reign he was there most of OPW's timeline even if it was off and on when you used other characters, he held the tile even if under wonky circumstances and he had quite a few big feuds. I would put him in same vein as Iron Sheik, he may not have had the most memorable title run, or be the first person you think of when you think OPW, but he was a company man held the title and feuded with all the top guys. Anyone else that I can think of that should be in the Hall of Fame is to my knowledge, so if I'm forgetting someone important it's because I probably think they were inducted.

HF: Ok, let’s put you in the role of booker ok?

Kidd: ok *does spinaroonie*

HF: I want you to book a card showcasing your fav. Feuds, past and current?

Kidd: hmm interesting gimme a sec here to work this out

HF: ok

Kidd: Main Event OPW Title (last man standing)
    Azraith De Mitri vs. Greyson Blade
    Tag Titles
    Stellar Insantiy vs. Beautiful People
    Criterion Cage Match Southern States title
    Pestalance vs. Eightball vs. TMB vs. Hatakira
    Atlantic Coast Championship
    Cade Sydal vs. OutKast
    Issac Entragain vs. Justin Moreno vs. Derek Shane
    Ledge vs. Kenji Yamada
    Falls Count Anywhere
    Dropkick Murphy vs. Patrick Kidd
    Sky High Reunion
    Dan Stein vs. Herbert J. Moxely

Going off feuds that have happened it was tough, there's more people I’d put on there but don’t want to double book

HF: It’s a solid booking though

Kidd: yeah from  booking standpoint u have to even out your violence with your wrestling, and try not to over gimmick the card

HF: With that being said who do you wish would still be RPing or would like to see in SHOOT Project?

Kidd: There's only one answer to that


I miss Josh Blose a lot, I still talk to him occasionally, but with Kidd's career and my e-fedding career in general intertwined with his it's just not the same without him around

HF: How do you think Greyson Blade would fit into the current SHOOT atmosphere?

Kidd: Greyson as a character and a handler is familiar with most of the character currently in SHOOT project. He's an alumnus so I think the crowd would react well. If I’m still booking here I'd have Greyson reignite his feud with Issac and Project: Scar a s a whole. Eventually he'd need back up. I'd lead to a 6 man with Project: Scar vs. Greyson, Kidd and a rising star that could use the rub, then move on to Family Values vs. Hierarchy

HF: In the last OPW show Family Values face The Deadpool for the OPW Tag Titles. Do you care to explain the history behind the match up?

Kidd: that was an interesting scenario as the match almost didn't happen and it was interesting from a creativity point to write

HF: Please give us details.

Kidd: at that point Kidd had faced Murphy for the final time a few months before and has been partially paralyzed. I didn't want to ruin the huge setup of the Murphy/Kidd feud and originally said I didn't want to be booked on the show but would make an appearance. After talking to many people I agreed that it just wouldn’t seem right to have OPW's final show without Kidd. Kidd actually "wrestled" the match still barely able to move his bottom half, which at one point he used the crowd to surf his way back to the ring cuz he couldn’t walk.

It was the need of an era so it speak

Not just for OPW but at that time I figured I'd never have Kidd wrestle again Kanyon and Frost had been intertwined with Kid din OPW and all the way back to DIWF, and of course Kidd teaming with Greyson as Family Values was huge, but for them to win the tag titles on OPW's last show was a kind of icing on the cake send the fans home happy moment

HF: Talk about that...going down in history as the last known Tag Team Champions of OPW.

Kidd: Like I've stated a couple times I'm a big fan of tag wrestling I've held tag titles with KIdd i think 6 times with different partners including Deacon Frost, Jenna Evans, Ray Wilmott and Greyson. That title reign even though we never got to defend it probably meant the most to me because of winning it with Greyson after all of our in character history together. Plus those two characters were OPW, Greyson was known as the heart of OPW, and Kidd was the Spirit, and as we should all know by now the spirit never dies...

It was just a perfect happy moment endcap to that era in my e-fedding career and Kidd's wrestling career

HF: Talk to me about what you think about the current tag scene in SHOOT.

Kidd: Right now it's a mixed bag, but with a ton of potential. You got some great teams like BAB, F2T, and Hierarchy, but I hit a bit of a snag trying to get some stuff going in the division as things kept falling through due to some handlers having OOC issues and not being able to rp, do segs etc. On the other side I think in the next PPV cycle or two things are going to improve with teams like Bryce/Cruz, Gunslingers, and hopefully a few new times that put focus on the division. I know of at least one team that has talked to me and is debuting soon that should be interesting.

HF: If you don't mind, I would love to get your view of the current titles in SHOOT and their divisions.

Kidd: I'll do my best to do so without starting any drama. I'm gonna start at the top I know Cade has had some OOC issues with computers or whatever, but I've really had next to no interest in the World Title scene right now. Hierarchy/Stellar Insanity has been the biggest angle going on right now in my opinion.

Laura/Tanya is a good feud over the Sin City title and looking forward to the rematch there. Tag Team titles, F2T I believe is still undefeated in regular 2 on 2 action, they have been on a  roll and I can see them taking the titles and that could be a good fit, BAB has had a solid run.

Alex Brooks has been making a heck of a name for himself and the Surrender title is a good way to establish yourself, I see him getting 2-3 more defenses before someone gets the belt off him but not sure who will get the job done yet.

back to the World title scene for a moment I have nothing against Jackman and Cade both a are great workers and write great stories, I'm just not feeling it at the moment, and I think part of it is as the top title recently I've never had  that feeling like their seg or match was the most important thing on the show.

With the Redemption rumble winner getting the next title shot I could see the title on Jester Smiles, X-Calibur, Bob the "EVIL" Janitor, or Issac at the PPV after Redemption.

HF: Speaking about Ben Jackman, how do you feel about his return?

Kidd: I have nothing against him personally he is a great writer, I’m always kind of meh about someone coming back from an extended break right into a World title feud, but he does have the writing skills and the resume to back it up, I think one of the big things taking away from the Cade/Jackman world title feud is there are just some many other big things going on at the same time

HF: If you could book his return to SHOOT, how would you have handled it?

Kidd: When this interview is all said done I’m either going to have a booking job with J&B or fired, lol

HF: While this is my first HF in awhile and you are making it talk worthy, lol.

Kidd: I would've started off with an angled feud with someone relatively new or an old face lower on the card, someone he could get a rub from working with Jackman and possibly getting a win over him

If Jackman came out on top I'd feed him a couple low-mid card guys and have him take them out quickly, hindsight booking at 2am is tough lol

I would possibly have him angle for a title shot but postpone it a PPV or two before he even got a match with the champ just pushing other obstacles in front of him before he finally gets his hands on the champ the downside is if you wait multiple PPV cycles then you have the rumble and eventually master of the amt naming contenders to the title before he gets to his shot.

I could sit here and come up with a hundred ideas and I’m not saying the current feud is terrible, like I said I just don' think it's the top story, possibly, top 3 possibly not on a given week, but at the same time While Cena is WWE's main focus occasionally other matches and storylines are a lot better

HF: True true...Well we are hitting the tail end of this interview so let me hit the normal bases. At the end of your E-Fedding career what do you want people to say about you?

Kidd: For the most part that they either enjoyed working with me or reading my stuff, I think that’s all any of us can really ask for. I've tried to stay out of the e-fed drama as much as possible, so I don't think too many would have bad things to say

HF: What do you hope you happen in this run in SHOOT?

I'd love to get that one big singles run, but if I don't it won't hurt my feelings. I've been known as a tag specialist and that doesn't bother me. As odd as it sounds one of the biggest things I'd want is to get to work with a few people I haven't worked with that I’ve e-fedded with for ages. Besides the Cheeseman I don't think I’ve ever had a match with Bossman Josh, I don’t think I’ve ever had a singles match with X-Calibur. It’s little goals like that I’m going after now.

HF: Well before we end this any last words you would like to say?

Kidd: Thanks, for the interview, and don't forget to buy the shirt

The History of the Circle / Re: Defining moments
« on: August 05, 2011, 05:05:46 AM »
Deacon Frost: Winning the Tag Belts w/ Crimson Saint resulting in our first Inferno Match in the DIWF.
This is the first title that I won in our circle. And it set up my first feud with Kidd. This define Deacon Frost as a monster even though I lost the match

Eli Storm: Beating Cade Sydal to become SHOOT Project World Champion.
Originally it was supposed to be Kanyon getting a shot, but I had did a injury angle with him at the PPV before. even though I have won other titles in SHOOT this made Storm a legitimate star in SHOOT.

The incident which lead to Storm being stripped of the title.
This taught me always run your ideas by management. But i also gave Eli Storm a edge. To win the big one only to have the belt taken from you by the front office. It took Storm from being a cocky guy to a pissed off vet.

Matthew Kanyon: My Kanyon interview on Outlaw Radio/Winning the OPW Championship.
I don't think Kanyon was seen as a standout in OPW until I had this interview. I remember telling my roommate that I was actually going to do a live promo for my wrestler. Before the interview I went and youtubed various wrestler interviews. I ended up being influenced by Raven's whole the company is against me thing and that resulted in me getting a World Title shot.

Wrestling on both OPW and SHOOT Broadcast.
When i won the belt, SHOOT Project reopened its doors. i got offered a chance to come over with Kanyon or a new guy. Being a fan of the Monday night wars I had Kanyon wrestle on both OPW and SHOOT shows. Which in the end I always felt kept me outta the OPW Hall of Fame.

Feud with Az Demitri/Inferno match with Kidd
After winning the belt I decided I was going to prove I was worthy of being champion by going after Az. Not a smart move in hindsight, but it really helped me flesh out Kanyon. Kanyon/Az had some great hardcore matches which defined Kanyon as a very violent guy with a high pain threshold. During the feud with Az, Kanyon faced Crimson Kidd with his rematch clause on the line against claiming the rights to the Crimson name. The defein Kanyon as he won, but it also connected Frost and Kanyon into the circle.

The Deadpool: Being apart of the match that crowned the last OPW Tag Team Champions.
There are many tag teams in our circle that are way better then the Deadpool. So to get this honor really meant to me that I had finally gained respect with them as a team. And the fact that The Deadpool has ties to Family values was a plus.

Kaz Sato: Being apart of the 4 way SHOOT Project World title feud with Roland Caldwell, Ray Willmott and Tervor Worrens.
I always felt that nobody wanted Kaz in the World Title hunt because he didn't seem like a main eventer and he was my version of Taz. But if you got past that and looked at the work all four of us did it was a very kick ass feud that defined Kaz as a badass but also laid the groundwork for what I ended up doing with TMB.

Thomas Manchester Black: My Technical wrestling only angle in OPW.
OPW ended up being the first fed I used TMB in. I was hyped up off the Steve Corino anti hardcore thing in ECW, so I decided to make TMB a pure technical wrestler that refused to use hardcore tactics. It Defiined TMB as this bad ass who was good enough of a technical wrestler that he could survive in the hardcore world of OPW

Winning the No Limit Title in Legacy.
The first belt I ever won with TMB...that speaks for itself.

My Feuds w/ Pestalance and King in SHOOT.
My feud with King fleshed out a storyline that we started when B approached me on doing a tag team togather. I created TMB to go with King. When we ended up taking two different paths for each guy it left me not really having a back story for TMB that would explain his connection to Queen City. the feud ironed that out and put over TMB especially with him being the only person to tap out Pestalance. Which made him a legit Submissions guy.

Coming in as the enforcer for Johnny Johnson.
Everyone was begging me to get rid of Eli Storm. I've done everything that I could with him. I had TMB sitting in the wings not being used and I told B and Josh about him. They both agreed that I should do away with Storm and bring him in. I hooked up with the handler of Jonny Johnson and crafted a story that would explain TMB's absence in OPW and what brought him into SHOOT. I did a 3 SL promos that defined him and who he was...which gave me and B a way to tell why King and B were connected

Viktor Stone: Tag Teaming w/ Corey Lazarus in Controlled Violence.
This defined Stone by giving him a well known vet to run with that made him look like a high level mid carder instead of just another curtain jerker

General Discussion / Re: So, what do you miss?
« on: May 09, 2010, 02:13:40 PM »
I miss the SHOOT gang. I had fun talking to Zig about Thor and weightlifting. I miss talking to Joyce about Chain mail. I miss the are you smarter then a fifth grader Shots. Most of all I miss everyone

General Discussion / Re: Just to prove you're all still out there
« on: May 08, 2010, 01:31:22 PM »
You know me...I love a good party

Mixed Media / Alright My SHOOT Army Members
« on: May 18, 2009, 11:26:29 AM »
Starting today through this Thursday, you can vote for my song "Bounce", produced by DJ Dyslexic, on Kiss 95.7's "In The Cypher". Go Here to place your votes. Thanks for your support. http://www.kiss957.com/pages/jox/inthacypher.html

SHOOT Project Discussion / The Handler's File : Branden Green Feedback
« on: March 27, 2009, 11:26:59 PM »
You know what to do...

The Handler Files / Handler's File : Branden Green
« on: March 27, 2009, 11:21:30 PM »
Handler’s File: Ok readers, yes...we're back with a new episode of The Handlers File. And it is only right as we step into a new era of SHOOT that this man is my first guest. Especially on the heels of the new announcement. Ladies and Gentlemen...Branden Green, also known as Cade Sydal. Welcome Branden.

Branden Green: Why thank you. What’s up, Dan?

Handler’s File: Nothing much...just wanted to one of the first to say congrats on your induction into the SHOOT Hall of Fame.

Branden Green: Well thanks man. It’s an honor.

Handler’s File: How does it feel?

Branden Green: It feels pretty awesome. I definitely didn't expect it, with SHOOT kinda closing down as we know it and all. I thought "well fuck, there goes my chance at that"

Handler’s File: I know the feeling...LOL...

Branden Green: LOL. Well at least I'm not alone there.

Handler’s File: One day, I'll join you.

Branden Green: One day, I have a feeling, you will.

Handler’s File: Thanks...let’s talk about the final days of E-Wrestling SHOOT. At the time you were working triple duty, working Cade, a tag team and working the staff. How were you feeling those days?

Branden Green: Honestly, near the end...I was getting worn out. Because I was working so hard for such little pay-off. I mean I'm supposed to be honest, right?

Handler’s File: Speak about that for a moment. What do you mean about little pay off?

Branden Green: Who was reading the shows? Who was reading the work I put in? Because honestly? I don't know. No one said shit about anything for like five weeks straight. After Redemption, everyone stopped reading, stopped commenting, stopped...caring it felt like. It was frustrating.

Handler’s File: How did it feel to see people say something only after it was decided that the fed was closing?

Branden Green: It was like "where the fuck was this reaction when we, ya know, were waiting on feedback for the shows?"

Branden Green: But, I guess it worked out for the best, ya know?

Handler’s File: I guess so. So what have you been doing lately?

Branden Green: I've been trying to find better work, and just focusing on writing what I wanna write and what I wanna work on.

Handler’s File: Now outside of E-Fedding, you actually do get in the ring and do the things that we actually right about. Can you tell us a little about that?

Branden Green: It’s definitely a lot different than what we write about, lol

Branden Green : I mean you've got to be specific, because I'll be honest, I'm not going to just talk about everything I've ever done in the wrestling business. This would be a monstrous, massive, and mostly boring to everyone but me...interview

Handler’s File: Ok, what is the big difference between what is written and what you actually do in the sport?
Branden Green: Ninety-seven percent of the shit a lot of people used to write in their matches would never work in reality. A lot of the shit we write would have a high percentage chance of fucking up. I used to write a blown spot every now and then, but no one seemed to catch on, so I stopped doing that shit.

Handler’s File: Does it bug you that people have this warped view and maybe really don't understand what goes into wrestling?

Branden Green: It did at first. I know I spent a lot of time being bitter early on with people, in OPW is when I had this problem the most. I know I got into a lot of arguments with guys about a lot of shit, but I mean, I still feel like I was right. If something was unrealistic, I told them, and fuck 'em if they didn't like what I had to say. Especially back then, when I didn't give a fuck what anyone thought about me

Handler’s File: Now after you left OPW, you were placed in the OPW Hall of Fame. Do you feel honored by that or do you think it was done to try to patch things up?

Branden Green: Honestly? I mean, I know the shit I did in OPW was great, and definitely deserved a spot. But I also don't think the Hall of Fame spot was given to me out of respect for me. I feel like it might have been begrudgingly given. I don't know, I just got the feeling that the only person in OPW at that time that even gave a rats ass about me and didn't view me as "OMFG EVIL~!" was Ben. It might have been done to patch things up, it might not have been. I'm pretty sure I wasn't allowed on their forums, either way, so I mean it’s not like I could have been honored at the time anyway.

Handler’s File: Now not only have you been in OPW and SHOOT, but you have also been in DIWF. Would you mind talking about your time there?

Branden Green: Sure. I was a corner stone of DIWF for a very long time. I was a part of opening it, and was even a part of the creative/voting staff, as it were. I did a lot in DIWF. I ran a stabled, Los Minorities, which in hindsight was ridiculous but at the time was stupidly funny. I held a ton of titles, including their World Title. I did a lot there.

Handler’s File: And that is where we first met.
Branden Green: Yes, as I recall, it is indeed.

Handler’s File: I think our lovely relationship started with us yelling at each other until we eventually became friends.

Branden Green: Yeah, probably. I was a massive prick back then. I had a lot of emotional problems. I still do, to an extent, to be honest

Handler’s File: Since you mentioned that...do you feel that has played a role in how you handle Cade Sydal, because the man is pretty touched in the head.

Branden Green: Eh, not really. I set a course for him, gave him flaws, and I try to separate my life from his as much as humanly possible.

Handler’s File: Now a lot of people marvel at your less is more promo writing style. Is that something that you've always done? Or is this what your style as evolved into?
Branden Green: It sort of evolved into that. Honestly, that is something I do in my own promos.

Branden Green: When a guy cuts a successful promo on TV, most of the time, its short and concise. To the point.

Branden Green: I'm talking about the ones that aren't in the ring, ya know? Not the twenty minute fucking clusterfuck promos. The "what are your thoughts going into this match?" ones, where I mean, you don't see them spending forever talking about this, that, and the other thing. They hit the points that are necessary, and they hit them hard, and move on.

Handler’s File: Do you feel that sometimes people put too much in their promos, when they could have cut everything out and done a nice short promo?

Branden Green: Some people have, yes. Some people need to paint it up with pretty words. That's cool, that's their thing. And if everyone did shit my way, then I wouldn't stand out. So write your long shit, that's fine with me. I put just as much thought into my short, concise shit as everyone else does into their longer pieces.

Handler’s File: Are you still E-Fedding?

Branden Green: Right now, I am not actively e-fedding anywhere. I might, soon. Or eventually. But I'm not right now.

Handler’s File: So then at the current pause in your E-Fedding career, I want you to look back at your career. How do you feel about everything that you've done through it?

Branden Green: Overall, I feel pretty good, ya know? I did a lot of things. With Cade Gonzalez, I was highly successful in UCWL then DIWF. I was a BIG part of DIWF then. As Cade Sydal, I did a lot of shit in smaller e-feds, won a lot of ridiculous shit because I was far better than I should have been in those shitty little places, and I grew bored then and hung that up, and came back and fuckin' rocked out with my cock out when OPW opened, Cade Sydal blossomed and I destroyed shit, truthfully. I mean, not to toot my own horn or whatever, but I was easily one of the top three acts going on in OPW during my time there, and honestly I dare anyone to argue against that. And with the reopening of SHOOT, I exploded. I'm pretty happy with my e-career.

Handler’s File: Do you feel that you have more left to prove or have you've done all that you've wanted and needed to do?

Branden Green: I mean, I still have stories I want to tell in the realm of e-fedding. There's a lot of shit I can still get done, it’s not all about winning titles.

Branden Green: Although that's always nice  

Handler’s File: LOL, of course. Now who have been some of the people that you have really enjoyed working with?

Branden Green: I've worked with a lot of people. Back in DIWF, I always loved working with Ben. I also worked a lot with Josh Blose. Those were the two big ones for me back then. In OPW I definitely loved working with B. Highlight of my OPW career, by far. I also got to do a lot of ACC shit with a lot of guys I would have probably never worked with otherwise, like Greg. In SHOOT, I got to work with Jeff finally recently. I worked with Ed. I worked with Eddie. Trey. Dutch as a partner, both in OPW and SHOOT. B, again in SHOOT, was great to work with. So was Jun Kenshin. The Teen Idol Title days were awesome; too bad the guy that won it never did anything about it. But yeah, good fun, all around really.

Handler’s File: Are there any feuds that you have had that have defined Cade Sydal the E-Wrestler?

Branden Green: Uhh, feud wise, Jun Kenshin and OutKast. Donovan King and Ron Barker did in this recent run.

Handler’s File: What guys have you went up against that have defined you as a writer?

Branden Green: It’s really hard to say. I mean, I defined myself as a writer, ya know? There are guys that pushed me harder, but no one has defined who I am as a writer. I don't think anyone defines anyone as a writer, writers define themselves.

Branden Green: Any of the aforementioned guys though really pushed me as far as writing goes.

Branden Green: though

Branden Green: ...okay then

Handler’s File: How do you feel about the current state of E-Fedding?

Branden Green: That's a very broad question.

Handler’s File: true...let’s say the slow decline from where it once was a few years ago.

Branden Green: It’s just like anything else. It has phases. Right now it’s on a decline, as other more popular games are coming out. MMORPGs are all the rage now, taking up a lot of people's online time. And truthfully, it’s probably not on as much of a decline as we think it is, we just don't know who's out there in some shitty little paint-by-numbers e-fed.

Handler’s File: Now Do you feel what goes on in Real wrestling tend to spillover to E-Fedding and maybe dictates the fads and trends?

Branden Green: Absolutely. Most people that e-fed are wrestling fans. Most, not all. So it stands to reason that as wrestling becomes less popular, writing about it will tend to do the same.

Handler’s File: What are some of the trends that you wished never happened in E-Fedding?

Branden Green: I don't really like seeing gimmicky characters. Undertaker and Kane knock-offs are ridiculous. Supernatural shit. Fucking give me a break. I also don't like a lot of the shit that went on in the later moments of OPW. Hanging children and ridiculous shit like that. Gore and shock value for the sake of gore and shock value. I'm a purist, I guess

Handler’s File: Have you ever written anything in a promo, that you actually ended up saying in a real life promo?

Branden Green: Probably. I can't really remember now. I've written a ton of spots I've actually used, though.

Handler’s File: For the people who have the whole wrestling is fake mind state, can you actually explain all the hard work that goes into joining this sport?

Branden Green: It’s ridiculously hard. Every time you take a bump, just a regular one, it’s like being rear-ended in your car by someone going 20 miles an hour. That's actually medically proven. So you figure out how many times a guy bumps in one match, and that's a lot of fuckin' car wrecks. And you have to do it a LOT before you ever get to do ONE in front of a crowd. You have to be physically fit at least in SOME capacity. You have to be SMART. That's the big thing, you have to be intelligent. Everything you do, to be good at it, has to make sense...has to be done for a reason.

Handler’s File: What made you want to get into that life?

Branden Green: Uhh, honestly, a lot of things. Athleticism, showmanship. I grew up as a fan of it, and became even more of a fan when I realized it was a work. It takes a lot of balls to get hit as hard as you get hit sometimes (trust me on that one) and still be friends with the guy.

Handler’s File: Now for those who know about the wrestling, knows that on the Indy level the money isn't that much. How much of a strain on you is it to take the punishment that you due and maybe not get the money you deserve only to go out and having to do it again?

Branden Green: It’s a financial strain. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't. But I'm at a point (or I was before I moved) where I can ask for a substantial amount of money. Nothing amazing, but so I don't lose my ass on the trips. I have the luxury of being popular enough that I can get shirts made, and make bank on them. I'm working on getting a DVD compiled and shit, so I mean, I've got shit going on that will produce more cash for me.

Handler’s File: Are you trying to get in a TNA or WWE or maybe go overseas and work the Japanese circuits? Or are you happy where you are at write now?

Branden Green: I will never be content where I'm at. That's the entire reason I've been killing myself working out since the start of the month. I want to be in the best shape I can be in, so I can get better exposure. So I can work for places like ROH, Japan, and Mexico. So I can get looks from the right guys in the WWE or TNA. So I can make a contract, so I can earn a full on living as a professional wrestler. And even then I won't be content, I'll work to improve and get even better, so I can make more money, so I can provide more. A guy my size has to work a thousand times harder than six-foot-six, two-eighty dudes do. Just how it is.

Handler’s File: How do you feel about that. That even though you have more skill, that you will always have to work 1,000 times better the sloppy big guy with the good look?

Branden Green: It’s just a fact of life that I've had to accept. It’s ignorant, but that’s what it takes. I also used to hate that it’s more about charisma than ability, and I've worked hard to hone my craft. Ask B, he'll tell you just how charismatic I am in the ring .

Handler’s File: Thank you for providing that segway back to E-Wrestling. How does it feel when a friend you made E-Fedding comes and sees you actually wrestle?

Branden Green: Well, I went to his house a few weeks before that. We went to the TNA PPV Genesis. Of the people I met in e-fedding, he's the third I had ever met in person. I got started with people I knew in person, so they don't count obviously. It’s pretty awesome though. It’s always good to debut for a company with someone you know in the crowd too.

Handler’s File: So you wrestle and you E-Wrestle...how easy is it for you to talk to friends about what you do?

Branden Green: Honestly, I don't really give a fuck what people think about me, especially if they're not paying to see me. That's just how I roll. If they think what I do is weird, fuck 'em. Its whatever.

Handler’s File: Now you have been very vocal through your career. Have there been any time you wished you were a little less vocal?

Branden Green: Not really. Why should I? I've never been anyone but who the fuck I am, and I've always been real with people even if they didn't like my opinion.

Handler’s File: Is the Cade Sydal we see E-Fed, the same we see in the actual ring?

Branden Green: Not at all

Branden Green: Well, let me rephrase that. Not hardly. I throw a lot of kicks. And have tattoos. And that’s about where the similarities stop. I can do all of that technical shit e-Sydal does, but it doesn't get over, really, on these smaller Indies. Just the way it is.

Handler’s File: Do you feel that there is any part of you in E-Cade?

Branden Green: There's plenty. I'm very blunt.

Handler’s File: Now what about the Avengers?

Branden Green: The Avengers are like a little bit of my quirky sense of humor, but otherwise they aren't who I am at all.

Handler’s File: What made you want to create The Avengers?

Branden Green: I wanted to be silly, really

Handler’s File: How do you feel about the somewhat lack of focus that Tag Teams have gotten in E-Fedding and real Wrestling?

Branden Green: Its one of those trends. Tag team wrestling has its place, and is great for getting multiple people over. But everyone wants their own glory; no one wants to share it. It’s a selfish era all across the country, really. Its "me me me" more than anything

Handler’s File: Do you feel the mainstream fans have damaged the wrestling product?

Branden Green: I don't think that's possible. The people involved with the product are the only ones that can take responsibility for damaging it.

Handler’s File: With a lot of the SHOOT interviews going on and a lot of the behind the scenes action, even with E-Fedding, do you think wrestling has lost some of that magic that it used to have when you were younger?

Branden Green: Wrestling was a circus act when I was younger. When I was a kid, if you didn't know it was a work, you had to be some kind of special, ya know? I mean by the time you're ten, if you really think someone is burying people alive, you need to get your head checked.

Branden Green: Wrestling now has tried to take on a more realistic approach, which is fine. It was necessary. Steroid scandals, the Montreal gimmick, all of that kind of facilitated the need for realism to become more prevalent.

Handler’s File: What is your view on the recent flood of cases of wrestlers dying young?

Branden Green: It’s the same as anyone in any other form of entertainment. People die; a lot of them die young, sadly. Drugs are often a big cause, but not always. It just happens.

Handler’s File: How hard is wrestling on your personal life?

Branden Green: It’s had its moments of being severely difficult. I've had relationships basically begin and end as a direct result of my wrestling. I've sacrificed a lot of personal things to be a wrestler, and that's shit that you read about but no one believes really happens. It does.

Handler’s File: Do you find it may be easier to date someone that is in the business?

Branden Green: Absolutely not. I've seen those relationships first hand. They are absolutely the definition of destructive. It never ends well.

Handler’s File: When is the stopping point for what you are doing, E-Fed wise and wrestling wise? When do you say, B...I gave it my best, maybe it is time to move on?

Branden Green: I don't think I ever will. Not as far as actually wrestling goes, anyway. As long as I can, I'll always be involved in some capacity, I'm sure.

Handler’s File: What would you like your legacy to be in the sport?

Branden Green: I mean, probably the same as anyone else that gets in the sport. I want to be recognized, eventually, as one of the greatest. I'll be okay if I'm not, but I want the chance to prove that I can be.

Handler’s File: Ok, if I gave you the chance to wrestle 4 people on national TV, who would you want those people to be?

Branden Green: Shane Helms would be one of them, right now, easily. CM Punk would be another. Alex Shelley would be a third. Uhh, the fourth would probably be....I don't really know. Probably Shawn Michaels. That could be fun.

Handler’s File: HBK and the Teen Idol...I could dig that

Branden Green: It would be epic, for sure

Handler’s File: Let’s switch that over to E-Fedding, if you had to do four final matches...who would they be with?

Branden Green: Corazon would be one, since I never did work with Josh really. Dutch Harris. I never faced him. Donovan King, another one of these needs to happen. Loco Martinez is another match that has never ever ever happened.

Handler’s File: With SHOOT closed, were there any storylines that you wanted to see finished or guys that you really wanted to see get that chance at the big time?

Branden Green: There were a ton of my own stories that didn't even get to really start that I was really looking forward to. Everything ended way abruptly, so there were definitely a lot of stories left unfinished, but that's the nature of it.

Handler’s File: Can SHOOT ever come back again?

Branden Green: It would take a lot of work from people not named Josh, Brandon, or Branden. A lot, honestly.

Handler’s File: Since you are now "The Hall of Famer" Cade Sydal. If someone wanted to get to know your guy...what would be the one feud that people can peep to get the best understanding of Cade Sydal?

Branden Green: I think the feuds with OutKast were vital in getting me over in this circle. The second one especially highlighted his emotional turmoils.

Handler’s File: Well, I think this in one of my more in-depth interviews. And for those who don't know, this is the fifth time I've interviewed Cade aka Branden. I think 1 was for an actual wrestling website and the rest of been for the HF. And as a guy who E-Fed wise has been entwined with Cade for a while. From the DIWF to the SHOOT World and Iron Fist Title, it is great to see him given the Hall of Fame honors when it really means something. And...B, I want a free copy of the DVD when it comes out. Any else you would like to say?
Branden Green: I don't think I'll be giving out any free merchandise, sorry man. It's a business .

Handler’s File: darn...don't worry; I'll shell out the money for it.

Branden Green: Haha, alright, cool. Anyway, nah I guess that about covers it.

Revolution / Six Man Tag Promo - Time For Tea
« on: March 07, 2009, 03:37:34 AM »
You know, I’ve studied you, Kenji. From the time we were in OPW to you SHOOT Project run. Even in some of the feds you were in before. I went and got the tapes and did my research. I watched every promo and broke down every twisted act you committed. But the one thing that stuck in my mind is the way you used to torture people while talking to the man or men who you would face later in the week. That act…those acts alone gave me a bit of respect for you. So much that I had to try it myself. I had to see what the point was.

:: As the camera pans back you see a man beaten, slumped in the corner of what looks to be a dark and dingy basement. Thomas begins cleans his hands of whatever blood is there. ::

When I talked to Ozzy, I decided to try your style out a little bit. And I must admit, it felt good. To remain calm under the violent nature of action is an amazing feeling. To be able to switch the rage on and off like that…interesting. But that person…that man that I studied is no longer around is he? You are no longer the man that people once feared when they saw his name on the other side of the contract. Every once and a while a flash of that old Kenji will pop up. The last time we saw it, you were a weapon. Now what are you?

:: TMB grabs his coat off the chair nearby the body and begins to make his way over to a table by the door. He grabs the envelope off the table and stuffs it in his pocket. ::

You are no long the guy that used to spook the wrestlers in the back. No, now you are a man…a man that we all see can be broken down and beaten. Now I am very interested in seeing which Kenji shall raise his head this week. Which is making me want to jump in this match more and more. I’ve seen the way that you have been with Sinn. Small flashes of that twisted Kenji showing its way through. But I wonder if it is all a show. I wonder if that all they are, small glimpses that will not grow into anything. So I hope that this week you come down to the ring and prove me wrong. I hope that I get to stare across the ring with the man who’s wickedness matched the old Az Demitri. I want that blood and violence that made you a big name at one time.

:: Black turns around and begins to walk up the stairs. ::

I’ve been in the ring with you. I’ve seen what you can do when given a focus. The question is, what can you do when you are forced to give yourself the focus. You can’t go into this match just being a weapon. You can’t come into this match being the unruly child in a fucked up family. You are going to need to be better then you have ever been. Because what you where won’t be enough. What you used to be in your past will not be able to make a difference. It is time for you to finally take that next step and become the guy we always thought you could be. But I don’t think that you are ready to take that step yet. You see, I think that you are too focused on chasing the dream that has Sinn’s face and fists.  I think that is keeping you from doing what you need to do. And in doing so will be your downfall for those who would use that fact to cut you down. And as much as I would love to see that rage unleashed, I know for the outcome of this match to go the way it needs, you need to continue to chase the dream. But you know as well as I do, that sometimes chasing dreams end up getting you smack dead into a nightmare. And the nightmare that you may run dead smack into is me and honestly in your current state…you don’t want that. Because if I hit you, Kenji, I promise you, you won’t ask for me to do it again. I promise you if you need to get hit, I’ll hit you. IT won’t be a dream tap or a love touch. Not by a long shot.

:: TMB takes his time up the stairs. This time that is what this was all about time. The time it is taking while, Thomas waits for this match. The wait Thomas had in the Cell over what happened two weeks ago. Waiting…time and when both of those end…TMB will strike like an caged animal. ::

And then there is you, Kilgore my good friend. A person who has pulled one too many jokes. Do you understand that? Do you understand, that for all the trouble that you put me through, I must hurt you? I mean, I know Ozzy wants a piece of you…but after what you did…

:: Thomas walks through the basement door and stands inside the empty store front. You can hear the old wooden floor bend from each step. ::

After what you did 2 weeks ago, I have a strong feeling that when we get inside the ring with each other this week. When I get tagged in and I see you coming through those ropes. I’m going to try to take your fucking head off. I’m going to try to teach you the errors of the path you have chosen that got me locked up.

:: After a few moments, Black walks through the empty place and steps out through a side door. He steps out into the alleyway. ::

And do you know what has kept me calm? Do you know what has kept me in line right now? Do you know what kept me from breaking your neck? Finding where you where staying and doing things that would get me locked up again? Because Ozzy asked me not to. Ozzy asked me not to do anything that would put his plans in trouble. So as a sign of friendship, I didn’t do anything to you. For the sake of my friend, I didn’t break you in half when I had a chance. But when we match up this week, words will not be enough to stop me, Kilgore. For this week it’ll take more than a friend’s face to keep me from doing you bodily harm. But you realize that now, don’t you? And if you hope that my anger will be the cause of me making some mistakes, I would say don’t waste your breathe. I won’t rush in like a chicken with my head cut off, Kilgore. I’m going to take my time and make sure you feel every bit of pain that I will dish out.

:: Thomas tightens up his coat and slips on his gloves. ::

So I’m telling you this for your own safety. IT would be in your best interest to not step into the ring when you see me there. Do yourself a favor and tag out or have someone tag you out.

:: TMB begins to walk down the alley towards the sea of people he sees walking back and forth ahead of him. ::

But if you do happen to still step through those ropes. If you still decide not to heed the warning and get into the ring with me well then... Well then you are a dumber man then I thought and a much braver man then they make you out to be. And if and when that moment comes, then you should know I’m going to break you. I know that I must leave something of you for Ozzy since you took a bat to him. But I may find it hard to stop once I start sending elbows to the bridge of your nose. I don’t know if I can stop once I start firing rapidfire forearms into your jaw and the side of your head. I don’t know if I can stop if I start firing these knees into your ribs and chest. When I start tweaking that neck of yours, I can say that I may stop at any request. When I grab your ankle and twist it in ways it shouldn’t go. When you feel like I’m about to push your shoulder way past the point of popping it back. That’s I can’t promise that I will stop, Kilgore, after what you did I can’t promise that I won’t try to injure you permently. I can promise you this, Kilgore…after you escape my grasp or I’m forced to let you go. You will find nothing very funny after that.

:: The cold air brushes against his face. He inhales the cold so it can fill his lungs. He exhales a visible mist as he starts his walk. ::

And last but not least, that brings me to you, Rande. When I first met you, Pestalance was becoming a name to fear in OPW. You had the battles with the greats. You list of titles impressive. Your long list of violent matches and their outcomes were ones to be feared and respected. At the time you were the sum of all that was Hardcore. And me…I was disgusted with that. You see I came into OPW wanting to champion the cause of pure wrestling, a skill I thought was lost in OPW. And you beat me at every point I turned, Rande. You were on you “A” and couldn’t be stopped by anyone including me. That used to get to me at night. How you were the one guy that was able to slip past me. If this was back then, I would be complaining. But not now. Now I’m willing to get on my hands and knees and get dirty. I’m more of a throwback to the good old violent days now. I’m not concerned with revenge of focusing on pure wrestling. No, I’m more of the whatever it takes to get the job done type of guy. We are going to step into that ring and beat the Hell out of each other and I can dig that.

I’m going to enjoy getting back into the ring with you. Experiencing all the violence that you can throw at me. I know that you are sitting there in your room and you are watching this. In the back of your mind, you aren’t worried about me, you don’t think that there is any growth. I don’t blame you, look at how you have returned to this company. You’ve already made an impact by putting down the man that is our current World Champion. You beaten the current Rev. Champion who has been one of our toughest title holders. Why would you be worried about who is throwing rocks at your throne. Especially when your castle is so…so…so high up there.

:: Thomas begins to walk towards the Tea Place he choose to meet Ozzy at. He slips virtually unnoticed through the crowd on the streets as he does. ::

But relax, Champ. I’m not going to turn this match into some type of one up-menship. I see this as a great way to see just how far I’ve come from the days of OPW. This match will be a good measuring stick.

:: TMB starts to grin. ::

I know that you’re thinking, why isn’t he yelling or cursing. Normally, someone with our past is probley is pacing the floor until there is a hole. Sinn wants to tear into you for taking her title. Ozzy wants to tear into Kilgore. Sinn and Kenji have issues that they need to address. But where does that leave me. That leaves me where I was last week. Which is wanting to smack the taste out of Kilgore’s mouth for getting me locked up. But you know what is going to happen…we’re going to get matched up. It’s going to be the going logic.

:: TMB ‘s grin grows a little bit. ::

I know this match won’t solve anything for me, Rande. I know that it won’t put a dent in the loses that you handed to me in my time in OPW. And if this was back then, it would bug me. If this was back then, it would of plagued my sleep, but it doesn’t. Back then you had my number, Rande. You were able to stop my movement. But this isn’t OPW…and trust me, the outcome next time we meet will be very, very different.

:: The scene fades from Black walking  but comes back to a familiar sight. Compared to most days of late, it's pretty cold. Osbourne Kilminster is almost welcome of the warmth as he steps into the Tea Shop TMB had text him about. It almost smells like home for him. It's busy though. So busy it's hard to see a free table, but one of the pleasant young ladies dressed in black maid's outfits points him to a perfect table in the corner of the room. The menu has all manner of speciality teas and teacakes, but he opts for a pot of Earl Grey and a scone without the spread or jam. Not long after it arrives, so does he, interrupting Osbourne's smooth puring of the first cup. ::

Do you want some of this or are you ordering your own?

Oh, don't worry about me...I was sharing a cup with the owner earlier when we talked. It's funny the things we do in this sport in order to maintain our respect. But when we get quiet moments like this...it all seems worth it.

:: Osbourne nods as he places the pot down in the middle of the table and takes a bite from his scone. ::

I guess so. I just didn't have you down as the 'tea type'.

When I was going through my "training" with my adopted father, he used to wake me up by splashing hot tea in my face. After a while I grew a strong disbain for it. It wasn't until my time in Japan, that I learned to enjoy it's soothing touch. I came to respect what tea represents.

:: Kilminster raises his eyebrows as he hears TMB's recollections, not knowing if he'd ever be able to enoy tea after an experience like that. Fortunately, the sweet bourgemot aroma and taste of his own tea shifts his thoughts back to the present. ::

So, how're things on your end?

Doing good. Been reviewing getting myself ready for this week. How about you? Getting any rest with that Valkrye around?

:: Osbourne shrugs. ::

We're busy people. We don't see as much of each other as people think. Besides, she knows I have to be careful because of my neck and all.

Speaking of which...you do know that will paint a very big target on you?

My neck? Yeah, I think a cricket bat across it kind of drove home that point for me. They... the doctors... they've made up this damned awful leather belt to support my neck. I'm supposed to wear it at Revolution to offer some extra protection, but... You know, it feels a lot better than it has for a long time. It'll be ok.

Brave men usually die first on the battlefield, Ozzy. Don't take any unneeded risk.

:: Kilminster doesn't answer immediately, taking another bite from his scone and washing it down with some tea. ::

If we weren't interested in taking unneccessary risks, we wouldn't be in this business, would we?

Heh, and they call me reckless. Oh yes, that reminds me.

:: TMB slide a somewhat bloody envolope over to Ozzy. ::

Something I owe your more violent half.
:: Kilminster stares at it, silent. After a long moment, his eyes dart upward to meet TMB's. ::

What in The Gods' names is this?

Money I owe her for her...services.

:: Osbourne's eyes close and he draws in a long, slow breath. ::


Why is that a untrusting look I see. Come, come now Ozzy. What wicked things are growing in your mind?

:: TMB smiles...poking at the one thing that could get under Ozzy's skin. ::

:: He shakes his head and sits back in his seat, reasting his head against the wall behind him as his eyes open and his brow furrows. ::

I'm not even sure I know. It's all just a bit... weird. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I don't know. You tell me. Am I?

Well, let’s look at the part of this match problem. Money, Me and her. When you add your "Trust", I think we know what that equals. But if it makes you feel better. It's the money from bailing me out.

:: Kilminster shrugs and jams the envelops into the inside pocket of his leather trenchcoat before taking another sip of his tea. ::

I trust you.

Good, because I don’t.

:: TMB grins. ::

Trust me that is. But thats what is going to make this all fun. We are now stepping right into the mouth of the monster.

The Mouth of the Monster, The Belly of The Beast... Am I forgetting any? There's going to be a lot of traffic both ways when this thing happens. I'm thinking we can endure their worst and come back harder than they'd ever... ever... expect. We have to. There's no other way for it to be.

:: Kilminster tilts his head to the side. ::

We're all-in with this one, man. We've only got one shot at this, and we have to embrace it. I already have. If I had my way, I'd be in that ring and doing it right now. It's this waiting that gets to me more than anything.

Waiting...this is nothing my friend. I know waiting. I know what it feels like to pace the floor waiting for a chance to do what you crave to do. Tearing at your skin. Punching at the walls waiting for one small, simple chance to release the rage you have built up inside. No my friend, this isn't waiting. For me, this is more like a small break. A small break until our foes run out of room and have to come out of their corner.

:: Thomas stops for a moment before noticing something out the corner of his eye. The cameras start to fade as both men begin to stand up at a commotion starting outside. ::

Storyline & Character Development / Meeting After Meeting... w/ Sinn
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:: It's a dark a dingy basement. Owned by a man who owes Thomas Manchester Black some money. A man that for some reason isn’t responding to phone calls. So TMB decides he needs to make a visit. The guard tried to tell Thomas that the “boss” isn’t here, but Thomas convinced him to let him wait. Especially since he has to have a quick meet and greet with Sinn. It's not a normal place that Thomas would hold meetings, but he doesn't think she will mind. As he hear the steps coming down the stairs, it looks like I was about to find out. He sees her boots first...then fishnet clad legs, followed by a short leather skirt, followed by a silk camisole under a long leather jacket. Las Vegas nights can get very cold.  Sinn's voice rang throughout the abasement. She didn't sound happy as usual. ::

So why do you make me come here of all places?  What was wrong with meeting at the Queen?

Well, I was in the middle of getting the money I owe you when I got a call from Ozzy. And it got me thinking. And you know him better than anyone else, so I figure I talk to you about it.

:: She raised her eyebrow at me and frowned, holding her palm out. ::

My money, first.  Then I'll talk.

:: TMB pulls out a stack of bills from his pocket. ::

You'll get the rest later. After I finish business here.

:: TMB hands her, half of the money he owes her. ::

Now...about Ozzy.

:: She counts the bills before shoving the money in her bra. Black gives her a look and she muttered something about it 'being safer than Fort Knox'. ::

What about Ozzy?

Ever since he got hurt...he has been a little different. A little off. I can't put my finger on it. But it seems that way. I wanted to check with you to see if maybe I'm tripping.

He's injured, Tommy.  You know him...he loves to fight, but if he's injured he can't fight at full potential.  I don't know entirely what's wrong with him, but I'm giving him space.  He needs it.

:: She turned, pulling her hair out of her face.  It was only now that TMB could really see the cloudiness of her right eye.  It must be hell to be half blind. ::

I hope thats it. But for some reason I think there is something more. But if you don't think so then I shall stop worrying.

Just keep an eye on him.  Now I've got to get back to the Queen.  I have new dancers to break in.

I will...hey Sinn...

:: She pauses and looks back at me. ::


Demons will attack a man at his weakest moment. And sometimes to fight them off a man does things he normally doesn't do. The Chaplin at my prison told me that once.

Don't talk to me about demons, love.  I know what he's doing and I'm not going to condemn him for it.  He'll do what he needs to do to get right.

As long as you remember that.

:: The She Demon that holds Ozzy’s heart makes her way up the steps and through the door. The scene slowly fades as TMB leans back in his chair, awaiting for his next meeting. ::

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 57 Feedback
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Quote from: "Mr. K. Stochansky"


TMB Segments regarding Kilgore...dude, if we're gonna co-ordinate something like that, please let me know, even if you have to through Oz.  I would have very much been down with some form of confrontation, even if it's just verbal, but you gotta get with me on this.  This isnt to say I dislike what you did, quite the contrary, but just get with me about it.

Actually when I thought of the segment, I tried to get your SN from Trey, but you weren't on, so that's why I went with what I did in the segment and the segment following.

Other then that, great show with the Johnson/King match up made. King makes for an interesting champion. I look at him like a Randy Orton, when ever he holds the title. He isn't a good guy nor bad guy. Hell he isn't even a tweener, he is more OPEN. Where he'll tear into faces or heels in the name of his on beliefs.

I hope King being champion slowly moves us away from the Usual suspects like Jester, Johnny And Corazon and inject a little fresh blood like a Kenji, Sinn, Ozzy or maybe even Sammy.

New era is here in SHOOT and we have chances to make some great feuds if people work togather. Keep up the good work.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: The Handler's File : Joyce Feedback
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sorry if this interviewed seem a bit off. Like I said it was an old one that actually was thrown off with the quick return of Ozzy, which canceled where I wanted to go with the interview. With that being said, I do plan to do a second better when we both have time.

General Discussion / Feb 22nd, Happy Birthday Deadpool
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Thats right today is the birthday of the man who is behind all the names you've loved to hate. From Deacon Frost to Thomas Manchester Black. And you know what makes this one of my most kick as birthdays...It's the fact that all my buds surprised me by pitching in and getting me 32 wrestling DVDs, since 32 is my new age.

SHOOT Project Discussion / The Handler's File : Joyce Feedback
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Another one is out of the oven...enjoy...

The Handler Files / The Handler's File : Joyce
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** I had actually forgotten that we did this interview...sorry Joyce. So I'm posting it now before the results are up. This interview originally took place after Ozzy "left" SHOOT and was conducted during me reading the results that showed Ozzy's returned. It was a great interview to do and I hope you people enjoy. **

HF: OK SHOOT Project Fans. Once again we are back with another edition of The Handler's File. This time I'm sitting down with someone you all know and love. And someone that I am having a great time working with. Why don't you introduce yourself sir.

Joyce: I beg your pardon?  I'm a Ma'am, not a Sir.  Thank you very much.  Heh.  I am Joyce...handler of Sinnocence and current Revolution Champion!  Yay me.  

HF: Yes, Yay you...Now, females in this hobby of ours is a very rare thing. How do you feel about being in a hobby that is truly male dominated?

Joyce: Hrmm.  I think you boys concentrate too much on the sex of the handler.  Yes, girls in this particular hobby can be somewhat rare and guys can go a little bit mental.  I mean, I've know guys who played female characters better than most, but I also know a girl that plays a guy who's one of the best writers I've ever met.  I personally love e-fedding, to get back on topic.  It gives me a chance to write...and compete somewhat (I can be an extremely competitive person at times).  The fact that I love wrestling helps too.  

HF: Give us a little bit of your E-Fedding history.

Joyce: Sure thing.

Well, I started out in 2003 in an itty-bitty fed called the Destiny Wrestling federation.  I was sitting in my boyfriend's room at the time, watching him mess around on the computer and I asked him what he was doing.  He then proceeded to talk for two hours about this strange hobby called e-fedding.  I scoffed and wrote it off as another one of his nerdy hobbies (he also liked to play D&D).  A few weeks later, I got an urge to write and I surfed the forums of the DWF.  It intrigued me and since I loved wrestling anyway, I told him I wanted to join...but I didn't want to play a wrestler.  I just wanted to write a story.  He told me about his character's, Kris Kaine, wife...Jada Kaine.  She was a two-dimensional throwaway character with no history and no personality.  I offered to play her and I gave her life.

There...I met John Cross, who handles Bones McCoy (he's also guest-starred in my rps).  He became a writing partner and we wrote together for the next five years.  Bones is also Jada's ex-husband.  lol.  

After DWF, I flirted from federation to federation...steadily building up Jada's history and meeting incredible people to work with, as well as making some dear friends.

Then, Jack Heart and Gutter Rat told me about SHOOT Project.  The rest, as we say, is history.  

HF: How do you feel about the way things are done in SHOOT?

Joyce: How do I feel?  Well...I came from a federation where drama got so out of control; I literally had people trying to ruin my life over the internet.  My computer was hacked; personal information was leaked, etc.  And these ignorant fuckers thought it was funny and bragged about it on their forums.  I had to close my bank account and go through months of dealing with bullshit from them.  Too many times I was brought to tears by assholes.  So I took a break from e-fedding in general.  I came to SHOOT in April...and was instantly welcomed.  It was refreshing to see a fed that still writes out the whole match instead of doing summaries (The previous fed I was in for almost two years only did summaries.), that and the obvious lack of drama.  

People in SHOOT are mature enough to keep damn near all of their personal problems off the damn forums.  Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE drama.  Josh and B do their absolute best to keep the atmosphere friendly and problem-free.  

I fuckin' love it here.  lol.

HF: Now do you feel as one of the only two girls in SHOOT that people expect you two to always be feuding?

Joyce: Honestly?  No.  I was here for months and didn't work with Nicolle at all.  I LOVE working with her.  She's always pumping out excellent rps and she drives her opponent to rp their ass off every time she has a match, or at least she did that with me.  Hahaha.  

HF: alright...I already know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway. Do you ever feel you have to always be at the top of your game in order to get the respect where ever you RP at?

Joyce: Not at all.  While some of the writing I do is for my little group of "fans" here and elsewhere, the majority of it is for me.  Weird as it may sound, but when I write an RP sometimes Jada sits on my shoulder and tells me what is happening. Winning is always fun, but it's not the only thing that matters.  

HF: hmmm, a female on your shoulder...sounds yummy?

Joyce: Most of the time, it's not as fun as it sounds.  She can be a real bitch, lol.

HF: How much of you is exactly in Sinn...damn that sounded real bad.

Joyce: Just my fingers...HA!  Nah, in all reality...only a small part of me is in her.  She and I started out as very similar, but over the years of writing her...she grew into her own.  She's even been the star of a few of my books and no, I haven't published any of them yet.  We share some of the same coloring...hair, eyes, skin tone, etc. ...and a love of Stoli, but that's about it.  I believe that all e-fed characters are an extension of what their handlers want to be in some aspect.  

HF: So she is you with the volume turned up?

Joyce: Only if the speakers went to 11.  

Nah, I did a SL post a while about that explained a little bit of her early life to help people understand why she is the way she is.  Jada internalizes a lot of her pain and has extreme highs and lows.  She's kicked her cocaine habit (for the second time) and is desperately trying to stick with it.  I guess you could say that she's got somewhat of a contradictive personality.  She goes to Narcotics Anonymous meetings, but still drinks an almost excessive amount of alcohol...and has illicit affairs when she's dumped.  It keeps things interesting for her.  Heh.

HF: Now some of your more recent stuff has been more sexually charged. Do you ever have any worries when you do promos like that?

Joyce: I was told when I came here that I could write anything I want.  Now, the Breakdown miniseries of rps I did...she's substituting the sex and alcohol for cocaine to dull the pain of Ozzy's departure.  I wanted to see what she would be like when she's at the very bottom rung on the ladder.  When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is back up.  So...no, I don't worry.  If I feel I'm doing too much, I'll stop...and I'm sure Josh or B would tell me to tone it down.  

HF: What do you feel about Ozzy leaving?

Joyce: I was kind of dismayed and depressed.  I LOVE working with Zig.  Ozzy and Sinn have an interesting dynamic when they're together.  It made me sad, but it also gave me great inspiration for the recent series of roleplays I posted over the past week.    

HF: How hard is it to form lasting bond in e-fedding?

Joyce: I'm very easy to get along with, as well as work with.  I mean, I've got friends I've been writing with for almost five years now that have become an integral part of Jada's past.  Bones McCoy, Brad Jackson, Ragonus...they're all great friends of mine.  It's not hard to form long lasting bonds at all if you're willing to put yourself out there and take chances with people, just like in real life. ^_^

HF: Do you feel sometimes people take this game too seriously

Joyce: See the previous answer about my previous fed for the answer to this. Hahaha.

At some point, everyone takes the game too seriously...it's the morons that the game seriously ALL the damn time that really piss me off.  It's a damn game, people!  Just write and enjoy it!  If you lose, you'll eventually win again!  Keep trying!

HF: So far up to this point what has been your best e-fed moment?

Joyce: My best moment as of now?  Beating Nicolle for the first time to regain the Revolution title.  She pushed me hard and it was one of the best RP battles I've ever had. Thank you, Nicolle!  Oh!  And when I won my first World Title belt a couple of years ago.  It was a big high point for me...and a big ego boost.  Heh.  I'm constantly trying to top myself in my work.  

HF: ok, who have you enjoyed working with so far while you have been in SHOOT?

Joyce: Oh, well...you of course, Dan.  :P


Joyce: Heh.  Thought you'd like that

HF: So Ms. Silly Girl...what do you think about the unique titles that SHOOT has?

Joyce: I definitely love the "themey" belts.  The Laws of Survival and Iron Fist belts are some of the most unique belts out there!  LoS having all its different match types and the Iron Fist for the MMA/Brawler type of guys.  It can definitely get brutal in that division, who knows; maybe if I switch divisions...I'll jump into one of those!

HF: how does it feel to hold the Rev. Title which has always been known as the belt to test new comers to see if they have what it takes to jump after other belts?

Joyce: It feels good....very fuckin' good.  :P It’s got a nice ring to it, lol.

HF: I can see thongs and panties on the title.

Joyce: Oh, well aren't you Mr. Funnypants today.

HF: Alright, we can pretty much wrap things up around this point with this question. Is there anything that you would like to say to fans of your work?

Joyce: I'd like to tell them thank you. I don't know what it is about my work that draws people to it (Okay, well, I have a pretty good idea, lol.), but it makes me happy to know that people enjoy my work.  And thank you, Dan.  You're awesome, sweet cheeks.  ^_^

Redemption 2009 / Reality and Experience
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Within a sea of chaos, those who know their destiny will survive the oncoming storm.

:: Thomas Manchester Black leans back in limo that he is in. He has just finished wrapping up a TV spot for the Redemption Rumble. Now he is heading towards a place recommended to him to train at. There is a reason why TMB was referred to this gym. Flashing on the screen in the limo are the various promos from this passing week. Everyone has something to say…and it all sounds the same. ::

We’ve seen them all come out the woodworks this past week. Everyone championing their case. Many just happy to have gotten a stop. Everyone with the same dream in the back of their heads.

:: A long pause follows that sentence. ::

But dreams are just dreams at the end of the day, my friend and reality is a whole different animal.

:: TMB cracks his knuckles and sighs as he begins. ::

Everyone forgets that for all the wants and needs, once you step into that ring…it all goes out the window. I’ve told you about destiny, now I will tell you about reality. You see this promo’s lesson is about something that many of the SHOOT Project stars don’t have a grip on. You have guys like Kenji Yamada who is trying to reclaim the fire that made him a beast of a man. But in reality, Kenji is nothing more than another violent wrestler that has run his path. You have a guy like Sammy…the boy monster that when he came into this company was something to be feared. But in reality he is like a gun with no clip in it…useless. Until he can think for himself he is nothing more than another body on the roster.

:: Black laughs as he continues. ::

Someone like Cade Sydal who title or no title hasn’t been a name since King was using him for a practice dummy. Dan Stein…heh, Stein who is nothing more than a very impressive sidekick.

:: Black’s laugh turns into a grin. ::

It’s all about the reality of the moment my friends. Something that some of us have forgotten in preparation for this rumble.

But I have learned to forget reality is to forget yourself.

:: Black grins turns into a deadly serious look. ::

Some of you shall seek redemption only to be turned away.

Black leans back and thinks for a moment.

And most of you don’t realize many want a shot at the throne, but there is only one that can get it.

:: The camera focuses in on TMB a little more. ::

King, Stein, Lockup...

Sinn, Crimson Ghost, Kenji...

Flying Avengers, LHIC, Perdition...

Myself, Ozzy and everyone else…

:: TMB starts to compose himself and continues. ::

Even a man of destiny understand that she is a fickled bitch and tends to change her mind. That’s the funny thing about a match like this, even a sure pick isn’t too sure. All you can do is state your case and get ready. And as I sit here and watch the promos play, I realize that a lot of the wrestlers in this rumble still don’t understand what this means. If for some reason this is going over your head, I want you to go to the DVD store  or go online and watch some of these matches. Underseige Jonny’ Friends vs. SoL. You go and watch what each team went through in order to have the right to chose the next number one contender. You go watch the beatings that Jester Smiles has gone through in order to become World Champion. Cade Sydal, Eli Storm, Trevor Worrens, Jun Kenshin, Roland Caldwell and the list goes on of men that have gone through any and everything to become champion. Some of you may laugh and make jokes at this chance, but I won’t. I realize how hard it is for someone to crack that glass ceiling and get a shot. The reality is guys like Lockup and Crimson Ghost aren’t looked at for world title shots. So this could be their only shot…if I’m in their position I’m treating this like a do or die moment. But then again…there are those you lack vision, so they are doomed to go nowhere.

I refuse to share their fate…I will not share their destiny.

Now…there are some men that I’m looking forward to seeing inside that ring. Pestalance…me and him have a nice little history between us. It would put a smile on my face to toss his punk ass up and over the ropes and stop his chances of becoming World Champion. And then there is Mr. King. Me and Donnie have business that will be handle one of these days. Tossing his ass over the top…would just make that meeting a little sweeter for me. Other than that I’ll be watching the backs of those who have made a pledge with me. If I see Ozzy in the wrong place about to go over…I’ll help him escape

:: TMB looks out the window as the buildings float by. ::

but if it comes down to me and you in that ring, Ozzy. If it comes down to my destiny and your fate…I will dispose of you. But as I say this, Oz, I wouldn’t expect any different from you. If it comes down to me and you, I expect you to go for the win.

:: Suddenly the limo stops in front of a gym. TMB steps out of the limo and looks around for a moment. You can see the images of people walking in and out of the gym with dreams in their hearts. ::

but what if it comes down to me and Sinn. The Heh…will then we will do what ever we need to do to win, right Jada. Because I know for the fact that if it came down to me and her…she would even have to think once to toss my ass over the top ropes. And at least with her…I know we are playing by the same rules.

:: Some people stop and point at the familiar looking SHOOT star as begins to walk towards the doors of the gym. ::

So here it is the eve of destiny and the night of fate. We all are standing looking at one goal. One finish line in front of a bunch of hungry runners. The deeper we get into this race, the more bodies you’ll see falling to the side. Because this isn’t for everybody. It’s open to all, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is meant for the rumble. Not everyone is made for that type of chaos. Heh, so its time to find out exactly who are the survivors and who are the guys who just look tough. Either way tonight will be a night of truth…fate and destiny.

So when the bell rings, there will be no redemption for some…just reality. Hard, harsh reality.

:: Thomas steps through the door of the gym and you see a banner hanging... Bayani DOJO. TMB walks in and looks around for a moment before spotting the man he is looking for. Chris Lee. Lee is wearing a grey sweatshirt with black windbreakers with white stripes. It's not attractive but it gets him sweating. TMB walks up to the former World champion. ::

Well, so is this how former World Champions stay busy in the retired afterlife?

:: Chris, realizing someone's talking to him, stops his reps on the bench press machine and stands up. ::

Chris Lee: I'm sorry... can I help you? Have we met?

:: Chris can only assume he's a wrestler... or at least a fan with a great workout plan. ::

Thomas Manchester Black. I work for the company that you were a big name in.

:: Chris chuckles to himself... someone actually remembered his work. ::

Chris Lee: So you work for the SHOOT Project, huh? I knew you sort of looked familiar. The Mrs. doesn't really like it when wrestling is on... I get to watch every now and again... get flashes... half those guys I don't even recognize. It's good to see some new blood. So... you must be here for a reason, I'm assuming. That or did you just come by to say hello?

Redemption Rumble is coming up. And being s student of the game, I knew that you have had some success in SHOOT and the Rumble as well.

Chris Lee: The Redemption Rumble, eh? I don't know if I'm the right person to go for that. I've never actually won one. Master of the Mat, though... I'm a little bit better at that. But the Rumble? I don't know.

:: Chris looked honored that someone would track him down out of his busy schedule of couple therapy sessions with Maria and the lunchtime workout... but he didn't know if he could help this man out. ::

I'm not looking for a winner...I'm looking for a man who have survived the match win or lose. I'm not looking for training either. Just want to chop things up with you about the match. Things you've noticed, things you had to watch out for.

:: TMB smiles. ::

I was told learn from experience and watch your career grow higher.

:: Chris laughed a little, nodding his head. ::

Chris Lee: You want advice from an old, experienced veteran, eh? I gotcha... picking the brains of those who've had their share of SHOOT Project brutality. I dig it. I would have done that... if I were still around, of course.

:: Chris scratched his head, though... again not so sure how he can help out. ::

Chris Lee: I have to apologize, Mister Black. I really don't know where to begin.

Heh, I got all day. Just start from the beginning and we can go from there.

:: The scene slowly fades with Chris grinning, nodding... ready to talk with the current SHOOT star. ::

Redemption 2009 / Destiny and Redemption
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One Roster…

One Ring…

One Night…

One Word…


Say it with me…destiny. That word…that word can mean the beginning or the end of an empire. It could mean a great career or one stuck in shallow waters. It was Destiny that took me from my parents and dropped me in the lap of a crazed Marine. It was Destiny that put me through the abuse that was my life. It was Destiny that brought me to prison and now SHOOT Project.

:: As the camera pans back you now see THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK. TMB. He is wearing Black Nike sneakers and white socks. Black MMA shorts and a white wife beater. He is in the gym. He is punishing the punching bag in front of him. With each shot you see the bag tremble from impact. With each strike you can almost feel the anger coming off of TMB. I know what you are thinking…why is he angry. Well, happiness doesn’t get you through fights. Anger does. Happiness doesn’t help you survive…anger does. ::


As one door seemingly closes another seems to slowly creep open. But let me not be rude, Sinn…with or without limits placed on me, you won our match. So bravo to you… and Ozzy…I kept my promise, I hope when the time comes, you will do the same when…if ever needed. Now with that out of the way the rumble is just days away. The rumble that represents the golden ticket. That golden ticket that is a shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. A number of superstars have their eyes set on winning this rumble and getting that gold. Guys like Cade Sydal sees it as a chance to get back to a title that he could hardly hold on to when OutKast handed it to him. Then you have King, who wants to get the shot he thought the SoL were going to hand to him. And I could go on and talk about a number of dreamers and their hopes.

But their dreams are no concern to me. And that is because my aim is a lot more simpler then regaining respect or trying to get what you think is owed to you. I just want to prove that I am the best…I want to prove that outside the talk, inside that ring I am the truth. And the only way to do that is to chop away at a few wrestlers and begin my ascension toward the top. I mean how can I turn to other and tell them to follow me if I present a broken image? How can I tell them that inside that ring lays the truth and allow the outside to poison what we hold dear. People always ask me why me…what makes me think a new comer to this company can force a change that main stays haven’t been able to do? And I answer back to them…why not, why not me? Is it because I used to hang with Jonny? Really…am I the only one with a dark shadow hanging over my head? Wasn’t King a few months ago a hated man beating on the ones that you cheer? Wasn’t Cade Sydal apart of The King’s Row, causing havoc to the guys that you fans cheered? Wasn’t Jester Smile the evil clown incarnate over in OPW, didn’t his antics make you sick? Yet you all are quick to praise them when they pick up the cause for their own twisted reasons...

:: Black takes a step back from the bag and looks at the camera for a moment. The sweat dripping from his forehead down his face tells the story of a man focused on one goal. ::

At least with me…you know I won’t lie to you. You know that I will be very honest about what I want to do. So to all you dreamers and climbers…the ones who hope rest on luck. You all stand at the edge of a valley of darkness known as TMB. And I know some of you will enter, fool heartedly in search of the leather and gold at the end of the rainbow. They forgot to look at the sign posted at the mouth of the woods that says “abandon all hope ye who step in here”. And you know what is going to make thigns that much easier…it’s the fact that I don’t have to outwrestle anyone. All I have to do is what I used to do when a fight broke out in the yard…tosses bodies. One by one watch the bodies hit the floor like we were in Philly for one night. And that’s where I shall excel. The majority of you are training for a match. You are training like you would normally train for a match up. Not me…you see I’m wise enough to know that match training, won’t help here. I’m trying the same way they do in the MMAs. I’m training to outlast those who will gas out and be tossed to the way side. You see in a match like this, it’s all about survival and there is no doubt that I am ready for that. It’s not about who has a nice finisher or who can fly. It’s not about how hard this guy can kick or how big this guy is. It’s about who is smart enough to know when and where to pick his spots. It’s about who knows when to fight it out and when to get out of the way.

:: Black realizes that with this new door opening, he can't waste time fretting over the lost that just happened. He has to move on. He has to in order to continue. ::

I wonder what is going to happen first? I wonder who’s body is going to be the first to grace the floor? Will it end up being one of our tag team specialist trying to strike out from their comfort zone? Maybe it’s be one of our cruiserweights who want to zip around all over the place? Or maybe one of the big guys will try to power their way through? You see I a match like this, whatever you are good at, doesn’t mean anything in that ring. Being a title doesn’t mean squat.

Even all this talk we are doing right now, won’t mean anything once that bell rings. Once that bell rings, team and friends no longer exist and you are in the middle of no man’s land. My time in prison prepared me for this. Being alone in a sea full of people who want nothing more than to take you out. Momentary friends and team can begin and end at the drop of a hat. Where you have to watch each step and each move because someone is there watching and waiting for the right moment to catch you off guard. Your eyes have to move back and forth at a very fast rate. You have to be aware of everything that goes on around you.

:: He wipes the sweat from his and takes a seat over in the corner, within the shadows. This is something he started doing in order to keep sane inside the box. Something to calm the voice inside…to slow down his time. ::

So minute by minute I stay here and prepare for something that I thought I had left behind. So now it’s time to one again unleash something that I thought I could keep down. Something that I let peek through the door last week, but this week…I’ll let it kick the son of a bitch down!!!

:: TMB lets his mind wander for a moment. He slowly starts to focus in on the task at hand. ::

This week I let go of some pent up rage. Do you understand? No limits or guidelines to follow…are you ready for that? So I hope you are, because there isn’t any do-overs once that bell rings. You can’t turn around and say maybe you over thought things. You can’t say that you didn’t train enough You will go up and over. Once it’s all said and done, we all step inside the lion’s den. Are you ready to step in with beast ready to tear you limb from limb? Heh, I’m looking for to the chaos. I’m looking forward to being able to soak in the senseless violence. I hope that everyone is bloodthirsty and ready to do what ever to win. Because in order to get rid of me…in order to stop me, it’ll take nothing less than a shot to the head.

So let us review today’s word, SHOOT warriors. DESTINY. Some are doomed to be crushed by it. Left to crumble away like dust before being blown away in the wind. Then you have some of us who are chosen by destiny to become something bigger and better than they themselves realize. Destiny chooses others while it also ignores the rest. Do you know what fate is left for you? Are you willing to accept that role? At the rumble I shall emerged battered, bruised…almost broken. But I shall emerge…and when I do I’ll be holding the golden ticket that everyone is after. And I will use it to step into a bigger more violent fight with whoever walks out the Champion. There will be no quit…no stop…no give up. What there will be after all the dust settles and the smoke clears is something that you all knew would eventually happen. And that is the announcer raising my hand…amongst the bodies and declaring me the new number one contender.

So take what I say how ever you may. Call me cocky or full of myself. Say whatever you would like…just remember…

It's not arrogance, it's destiny.

:: A sudden calm comes over TMB’s face. TMB lefts his head slightly inhaling the moment. Taking it all in and absorbing  the feeling. He stands up. And as the scene slowly fades he begins to push himself…focused on the path that lays ahead. ::

The Soldier Chronicles / Sinn...
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Just wanted to say its been a blast RPing against you. Can't wait to read you 2nd promo. Good luck and no matter the result it was fun.

Revolution / TMB Presents...Who Awaits Inside TMB...
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:: The scene opens to Thomas Manchester Black sitting in a empty room in a large black chair. Black is wearing black pants and a black button up shirt. Black is leaning back in the chair watching Sinn’s match with Az DeMitri. Black seems to mark down each strike in his head mentally. Each move…each slam. Each bruise and each wound. Student of the game…that’s what Black is. Watch and learn…so he watches. ::

“Azraith picks her up and slams her down ONE MORE TIME!  TRIPLE POWERBOMB!  Sinnocence is flattened!”

Geez, she is one tough bitch…

“Azraith walks over to her, pulls her into the center of the ring, and locks her in a recliner-like move, with extra emphasis on her neck!  Sinnocence is SCREAMING.”

  Not a half bad submission, I would of placed a knee in her back. But that still works.

“She’s pounding him over and over again in that cut, but it doesn’t matter, as Azraith DeMitri SNAPS HER DOWN WITH THE EXTINCTION!”

  She is a fighter…

:: Black clicks the off button on the Blue Ray disc player. Black folds his hands and thinks for a moment. He has been put in a strange position. He grins as things become a little bit clear to him. ::

First off…I gotta say that prison about the whole ass raping thing, classic. It makes me laugh just like it did the first million times I’ve heard it. But I understand Jada…the truth…it hurts. And you are the type of person that when you are hurt, you lash out. You lash out and say anything to get your mind off of the truth. You say things to try to make the bringer of truth seem false. I should of expected this. Because what you are doing is another form of running from the issue. And that issue is I hit a nerve. And I hit that bitch dead center……….

:: Black stands up from his chair and walks over to a nearby window. His eyes glance over the snow that is on the ground. ::

But before that, you are right, I don’t know you, Jada. I know people like you…people who have fooled themselves in order to sleep good at night. You remind me of the cocaine addicts on Wallstreet. They think just because they can still function that their habit doesn’t affect anything. They’ve convinced themselves that their habit isn’t that bad cause they still can do their job. They still can make them and everyone else money. But in the end they are fooling themselves, an addict is still an addict. So what you where voted new comer of the year, anyone could of honestly laid claim to that award. You won it by a very small margin. But that isn’t my concern. Wondering into areas you know you are not welcomed to, isn’t my concern. The fact that Ozzy had to step into things isn’t my business. And to be very honest, that title of yours, isn’t my concern. Hell, even though I would like to…saving your ass, isn’t even on my radar.

:: All of the sudden his mood changes. He stands up and straightens himself out. The grin on his face widens as if a kid that has been waiting all day has been let out to play. ::

So how about I now make you a deal, Sinn. How about for one night…I don’t worry about the truth and saving you from yourself? How about for one night we make things very simple for everyone who is concerned? How about we make this night about fun?

:: Black’s stares into the lens. ::

I’ve been begging to cut loose, Jada. I’ve been waiting for someone to want to see what I’m truly able to do. You think that up til now, you’ve see what I’m capable off. When honestly all you or anyone else have seen are glimpses of the rage that I keep settled inside of me. No one…not one single soul has forced me to want to tap into that rage…that fire. But for you, my dear, since my rose wasn’t enough…I shall offer you another gift.

A gift that it seems you are begging for. I’ll still abide by the guidelines that Ozzy laid for me. I won’t touch your face. I won’t cross the line and cripple you even more then you already are. What I will do is show you that the pain AZ gave you is nothing compared to what I’m able to do. I’m going to make sure that each breathe you take burns your lungs like a flow of lava. I’m going to make sure that each movement becomes living Hell for you. I will show the true brutality of what a man of my skill and focus can do. And when it is all said and done and the bell has rung, you will regret forcing this hand of mine. I will show you that even with guidelines, my abilities are still ones to be respected. Your belt, Jada…that is nothing more than a bonus that I shall be able to utilize later. But don’t concern yourself with that. Concern yourself with the fact that this week you will learn that there are some people that you should take seriously. You will learn not to strike at the one that wants to help. I won’t try to save you…but you are going to wish that I tried.

:: Black shakes his head as he continues to talk. ::

And I didn’t want things to be this way. Even though I knew it would come to this eventually, I would of rather avoided all of this. I didn’t want to have to have this type of meeting with you.

:: Black pauses to think about something that Jada says. ::

I’ll tell you want makes what I’m doing different from what I’m going to do compared to what King tried to do. You see rather he would like to admit it or not, he wasn’t in it for the change. He was in it because it was a surefire path towards the World Title. This the reason for his leaving when the SoL won the big match and he wasn’t voted to get the shot. He tried to use a cause for a game and it backfired. Therefore he left and there after the SoL falls apart. For me…I’m not using this as a quick road to the belt. Like I’ve said before I’m not in this for the gold. We could have our match this week non titled and it wouldn’t really matter. Rather you force it or not, gold will come when it comes. I’m not in this for titles and Hall of Fame votes, I’m in this for the simple truth. And if I make it to dethrone Jonny or Ozzy does or Hell even if you make it, it’s not important. Whats important is the job gets done. I I understand where you come from though…there hasn’t been anyone in SHOOT that had a pure cause that didn’t have any angle being worked.

It takes you off guard, so now you look for the back story. You try to do anything you can to tear it down because he represents something that you’ve never seen. All my actions have been simple and truthful. I joined Jonny’s friend to repay Johnson for getting me out of prison. I took that shot to the head, because you were hurting my friend, Nova. If it makes you feel better to dismiss me as one of Jonny’s thugs than so be it. But in doing so, realize that in the same breathe, before I came into SHOOT, you were what you are calling me. But, Hell, why split hairs, Jada…why even concern ourselves with this at all. No, all that talk…everything that you may bring up to dispute anything that I have said doesn’t matter anymore because this isn’t going to be that type of match. No saving the lost soul. No trying to move forward with the movement. Just an example, a small example of what creeps behind the eyes of TMB.

A peek into the demon inside that paces my soul like a hungry wolf. I’m a troubled soul, Jada. My smile hides the twist beast that I fight to keep inside every day. I fight with myself to keep me from running down that path you love to visit so much. Trying to fight back the urges every time I step into that ring. With each strike and blow…each drop of blood, trying to hold the thirst for more back. Trying to fight back the thoughts of painting my body with the blood of those I’ve beaten. Trying to fight back the joy of hearing screams and pleads. Who am I to tell you anything, Jada.

:: Black closes his eyes and sighs. He knows what he is…for all his talk he knows what he hides. ::

I’m nothing more than a filthy animal trying to find a way to wash the blood from his hands. Trying to reverse the affects of days in a box in the hot sun. Trying to reverse the abuse from an adopted father who sought to soak me in violence.

:: Black is not just a speaker of the truth, he is one of its victims. ::

I talk about truth because time has shown me that no matter what I do. No matter what I say, the truth is always there staring back at me. I am a man trying to make up for his sins. A man trying to save his own soul from the downfalls that he made. Downfalls that will eventual swallow me whole. So I’m a man trying to do what he can before the inescapable fate and destiny come to claim what is theirs. You may not respect my method or ways.

:: Black turns towards the door of his suite. ::

But in this business, a polite gesture doesn’t get the job done. A knock on the door and a offer gets pushed to the back. I know, because I tried. That night in the strip club after Ozzy “left”. I tried it the nice way…the polite way. And just like I said you pushed it to the side like crumpled paper. So I did what I had to show you. To show you that this game you are playing could have serious result. I showed you that no matter how much you think you have things covered, there is always someone who will be one step ahead. Someone that will find that crack. But you don’t want to hear that right, Jada. Then so be it…let the words melt into something that you shall respect much more…VIOLENCE.

:: Black walks towards the door, knowing this week he will walk to the caged beast and allow it to roam free. He also knows in doing so he will never be able to put the sheep’s clothing back on the wolf. As the scene fades he realizes that after this…there is no turning back. ::

Revolution / TMB Presents...An Offer Between Friends...
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:: It’s packed in the club known as the “Killer Queen” the bodies in the club dance around each other like snakes in the grass. It’s here where we find the subject of today’s promo…THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK. In this den of freak and outcast, he stands watch like a demon, waiting to find that one soul to pluck from the masses. On a night like this…so many are willing. And all it takes is one moment to start the night’s feast. TMB starts to make his way through the crowd. The tall man in baggy black jeans and black military style shirt, smirks as the zoned out people move out of his way on command. The flashing lights only serve to make him seem more evil than normal. ::

It eventually had to come to this right, Jada. Your path…it would eventually lead you towards me, especially after everything that has happened between us. That night, when I came to your house, I offered you a chance that not many want to give you. You see many other would rather have you floating aimlessly down the road of self-destruction. They don’t want you focused, because you make a better side show freak the way you are now. Haven’t you noticed that yet…haven’t you seen that by now!? So what that you’re the Rev. Champion. What have you exactly done with that belt since winning it back from Lake, Jada?! That belt has been sitting quietly in your grasp as if you don’t know that it’s a loaded gun. You should be taking that belt and crafting your legacy in this company, but instead you look for the pain. Instead you call out for the punishment, because you feel that is all you are worth. You are a damned soul, Jada. I see it, the fans see it and even though he won’t say it…Ozzy sees it. I could treat you like anybody else I have faced and show you your truth. I could dig into your mind and work out the details that have crafted your current state. You know what I can do…and I also know what you are capable of, Jada. I won’t over look you or underestimate you. Even in you most current state you are a threat. I will respect that and not allow myself the mistakes others have made.

Az DeMitri wasn’t enough was he, Jada, as much as he punished you, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy your needs was it? I saw that look in your eyes during the much. You were hoping that the legend that is DeMitri was going to push that limit. Force that limit that would force you to change. But that will never happen, Jada. No one can force you to change; you have to want to change yourself. You must see the light in your plight and want to better yourself and your path. This week I’ll show you the way, Jada. I’ve been on your road…and I will save you from yourself by any means, Jada…any means.

Even if that means giving you the pain and punishment that you are searching for, Jada…even if I have to give you those.

:: TMB pauses and smiles for a moment....his smile catching the eyes of two of the female denizens of the club. ::

That is not to say that I’m here to bring you enlightenment. That my dear is Jarvis’ M.O., not my way of doing things. My way is simple and you know that, the truth. The truth is the Jada we see now, isn’t the real Jada. The truth is the Jada we see now is nowhere near where she should be. But I’m not saying anything that we both don’t know, am I, Jada? I know while you are up at night and you look at yourself in the mirror, I know you see the truth staring back at you. No matter how much your drink or how many encounters you have, that is never gonna go away. And I refuse to let you drive yourself over the brink. For some reason I feel that I need to save your soul because I see something in you. I see something inside of you that is waiting to jump out and show the world you are ready to take your rightful place. I will drag that out of you…I will help you bring it out. Or if it has to come to our match…I will beat it out of you. And if that means show you a piece of the pain that you crave. The pain that you hunt for then so be it, but after this week…the real you will show one way or another.

:: TMB stops at the bar on the other side of the club. He waves the bartender over and orders three drinks. The bartender looks at TMB who at the moment is alone. ::

Bartender: You must really want to forget something.

Not really, I’m just expecting two more people to join me in a second.

Bartender: Oh really?

Yeah, they should be making their way from their dates through the crowd as we speak.

Bartender: Cocky guy aren’t you. What’s your name?

Black…Thomas Manchester Black.

Bartender: You mean the guy that’s…

Don’t worry; she knows that I’m here. You just keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll be a smooth night.

Bartender: oh…ok…

:: Black slides the man a stack of bills and turns towards the crowd again. ::

But enough about you for now…let’s talk about the other member of this little match up. The Revolution Championship. A focused Sinn could have done great things with that belt. But your current path has caused you to neglect the belt in attempt for something that is not you. I on the other hand have great plans for that belt. I can see that you may not understand what I can do with it, do you? Well, on one hand, I could use it as bait. Bait used to attract all those who have fooled themselves into believing the false images that they have designed to shield themselves. I could dangle this in front of them and watch them run for it like a dog after a steak. And dog by dog, show them the truth they have forgotten. But I have a better use for that belt of yours, Sinn. My movement, my cause needs a symbol.

And what better symbol for this little “revolution” of mine then the Revolution championship. For in fact what I’m trying to do is a revolution in itself. I’m leading the revolt that shall change the face of SHOOT Project. A revolt that shall bring down the false Gods that have reside, comfy in the knowledge that the masses are their faithful sheep. The Jonny Johnsons, Jester Smile of the world who in the face of the new era hide their true intent. When I become Revolution Champion, it shall spark the fire. But listen to me sounding all Charlie Manson like. Now please do not make the mistake of thinking I was gunning for your belt.

:: TMB turns towards the as he notices the women starting to walk towards him. He winks at the bartender, who just stares in shock. ::

Because the truth is I was destined for gold, rather it was yours or someone else’s. But out of all the champions, you are the only one bold enough to stare into the eyes of TMB. Question is when your reflection stares back at you, will it be the one that you see now or the one that shows you for what you truly are. We will find that out, soon enough shouldn’t we. And no matter which of you shows…I shall be there waiting. I shall be there waiting and prepared to see what exactly gets brought to the table now. Maybe just maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get the Sinn that fought tooth and nail to win the Revolution title. The Sinn that was willing to go to war for and alongside her Viking when needed. The Sinn that had pride and was destined for great things in this company. Or will I get the Sinn that we’ve been seeing now. The one that has shown a self-destructive mind state. Now The one who can no longer handle her demons so she looks for something to chase the pain away. Or destroy herself in the process. Or maybe I’ll get a Sinn that wants to be shown the truth…maybe…maybe.

:: As the two women get close to TMB, they are waved off by a figure that emerges from within the crowd. The two women head back to the dance floor as this figure now is standing behind TMB. The figure taps Black on the shoulders. TMB turns his head expecting the two women from before but standing in front of him is his partner from last week. TMB sighs a little, having a feeling on what this is going to be about. But neither the less, smiles and offers his "buddy" a seat next to him at the bar. ::

Well, this is an unexpected surprise. I thought you would be out celebrating Sinn's New Comer of the Year Award.

:: Osbourne smirks and nods his head slightly. ::

You know, I was about to ask if that's why you're here... The party gets started later on. If you haven't already been invited, please, take this is a personal invitation.

Wow, I'm starting to feel a part of the family. You think you're valkrye is gonna mind seeing my face before Revolution.


:: He clutches as the tumbler of Jack Daniels that appears on the bar before him. ::

Then again, we're all friends here, right?

Heh, true...but I figure you didn't come over here to invite me to a swinging party did you?

:: He nods slowly, staring down into his drink. ::

I guess it's difficult to bring this up tactfully, but it is what it is, isn't it? Your match with Jada... I don't need to say a lot to you about it, do I? You know what I'm going to do to DeMitri this week... and I don't want to have to do it twice.

:: He knocks back his drink in one. That's a double straight down... ::

I kept my promise to you last week, Tommy Boy. I promised you that I'd do my damned best to see to it that the match stayed between you and Lockup, and I delivered. Now, I need a promise from you... and I shall expect you to deliver... in the interests of friendship, of course.

:: TMB signals for the same as Ozzy as he looks at him. ::

Go on...

:: The Englishman also nods to the familiar bar-man and receives his reload. ::

You and Jada have a match, yeah... I'm not unreasonable. I know you want to win. Of course you do. The way I see it, it's a competitive match between friends... so you don't need to pull out the big tricks... you don't need to go overboard, do you? I don't want to see either of you get hurt, but you'll understand that I have a special interest in her safety, won't you?

:: He knocks back his drink again. ::

Promise me that you'll keep it clean... keep it fair... only do what you have to do and avoid hurting her. You don't need to hit her in the face. You don't need to crack her with a chair. Just a nice... friendly... little match, yes?

:: Looking dead at TMB, Kilminster's jaw tightens as he awaits the answer... and a second reload. ::

This is all fine and dandy...but how am I sure that she will abide by the same rules, Ozzy.

:: He smirks. ::

Trust me.

Fuck it...should make for an interesting match. I'll agree, Ozzy. But once I see her step off the path, everything is up in the air. Do we understand each other?

Yeah. That's fair enough. Shall we have a toast?

Holding up his glass, he raises an eyebrow to TMB.

:: The bartender hands TMB his drink. He raises it towards Ozzy's glass. ::

Toast...to a great friendship...

To a great friendship.

:: He smiles broadly as the glasses gently clink together before downing it. ::

Storyline & Character Development / A Small Training Break...
« on: January 18, 2009, 08:28:19 PM »

:: The sound of flesh and leather hitting wood echos through the run down gym that is now the setting for this current "promo" you're watching. As your eyes focus in the poorly lite gym you can make out the figure of the man who has become the talk of the town in SHOOT Project, THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK. TMB is wearing black MMA shorts with his feet and ankles taped up, Maui Thai style. His forearms and fist are also taped up. You can see the scars on his body from the abused called training at the hands of his adopted father. ::

Many say that time heals all wounds. but they are laying to you. Time doesn't heal all wounds. Time creates scars. Scars that remind you everytime that you think you are starting to get over the thought...the memory. I know what you are thinking...you see all these scars on my body. It makes you wonder the memories that I've been cursed with.

:: As the camera pans and sees what TMB is hitting. A Muk Yan Jong wooden dummy, famously used by Bruce Lee while training  in Jeet Kune Do. TMB fires a few combos, making sure that his fist always hits the roped top of the dummy. ::

But you know my history...that's why you watch me. I'm that car accident on the road that you slow down so you can get a look. No matter how hard you try you can't take your eyes away, because you are scared that if you do, you'll miss what is to come next. And believe me...what I do next, you do not want to miss.

:: TMB smiles and goes back to training as the scenes fades to the most talked about name in the business...BLACK. ::

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