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Facebook has fucking ruined me for liking comments.

Sports and Fighting / Re: Last wrestling you watched
« on: July 26, 2012, 09:46:43 PM »
I watched Impact for the first time in, like, ninety years!

It was decent.

Mixed Media / Re: Last Television Show You Watched
« on: July 26, 2012, 12:27:48 PM »

Mixed Media / Re: Last Movie you saw
« on: July 26, 2012, 12:27:23 PM »
Let Me In.  Even better the second time around.

I'm putting all my money behind Rock/Lesnar after a little thought.  It's the match that'll get the most exposure in the mainstream (former UFC World Champion going for the WWE Championship in a match against Hollywood's top earning superstar), it's the match that I can imagine the WWE'd get behind on their big show to promote more buys, etc.

Depends on the Brock Lesnar situation at that point.  Rock/Lesnar's always a shot.

I miss you, Diesel.  You better be around when basketball kicks back up.  And football.  You know, the real sports.

God Kenn Doane is terrible.  Who spells Ken with two Ns?  Beyond, according to Google, a Japanese singer and voice actor.

PPV / The Messenger [King I of II]
« on: July 24, 2012, 06:21:46 PM »
Monday morning around the SHOOT offices is generally a hectic affair.

Revolution is in the process of being edited and prepared for release to the world usually, and people are scrambling around like fire ants after you step on their little dirt hill.  Writers are discussing possible stories to tell, producers are bickering with editors about what can and can’t be on the telecast, and even the Soldiers themselves are there, some trying to maximize their time with the staff to make sure they are presented in a positive light.  Make no mistake, the war in SHOOT Project is ever real, but even angels with dirty faces need to get Photoshopped every now and again.

It is in this moment that one Soldier in particular comes barreling into the offices in the Epicenter.

His name is Donovan King.

And he is pissed.

“Jason in his office?” he asks aloud, not particularly concerned with who answers him.  As he expects, no one does.  He proceeds to the elevator, ascending to the top floor, the administrative floor.  OutKast would be there.  The Real Deal, too.  The entire front office is there, but Donovan King is there not to speak to his mentor, the COO, or his mentor’s closest friend, the Executive Vice President.  No, Donovan King is there to speak to the Chairman of the Board, the Proprietor, the Owner.

Donovan King is there to speak to Jason Johnson.

He stares up at the numbers above the elevator doors until it finally hits the top floor.  Once the doors open, he is instantly face to face with OutKast.

“Hey, Donovan,” OutKast grins and offers his hand, but King storms past him.

“Donovan?” he calls to King, but no answer.  King walks past the door to Real Deal’s office, which is wide open.  Real Deal looks up and motions with his hand to speak up and say salutations to King, but to no avail.

King storms past the secretary’s desk.

“He in there, Maggie?” King says as he walks past her desk.

“Um…my name is Paige, Mr. King,” she looks up at King, “And he’s in a meeting I think…”

King ignores her and barges through the door.  He locks eyes on Jason Johnson, who looks up at him with a relatively stunned look on his face.  Sitting in front of Jason at his desk are Eryk Masters and The Other Guy.

“Oh!  YO!”  Other Guy grins as he rises from his seat, arm outstretched.

“Give me a second, I need to talk to Jason,” King ignores both the voices of Revolution.

“Jason…” Eryk looks to the Owner of the SHOOT Project, “Are you…cool?”

“Yeah,” Jason nods, “Can we pick this up in a half hour, guys?”

“Sure,” Eryk sighs as he rises from his seat, “Half hour.”

Eryk and OG walk away from the office, both of them looking away as King stands there.  He is wearing a plain white t-shirt and a grey dress shirt unbuttoned, the sleeves rolled up his forearms.  His fists are clenched by his side as he tries to calm himself down.

“Donovan?” Jason asks as he looks up at one of the most loyal Soldiers in his army.

“What the fuck are you thinkin’, Jason?” King finally says, speaking through gritted teeth.

“With what?” Jason knows what King means and King knows what Jason knows but he plays along anyway.

“You let Adrian Corazon into the Primus,” King sighs, “In a no disqualification elimination match where there’s no fuckin’ mercy, you let a guy who’s been damn near in hidin’ an’ OBVIOUSLY played you like a Goddamn fiddle get himself a sweet fucking spot.  A spot Jonas Coleman deserved but got mysteriously…ousted.  A spot Jun Kenshin deserved but Corazon blatantly saw to his ass goin’ down.  Jason…”

“Let me stop you there,” Jason holds his hand up to silence King, “Let me ask you a question.  And I want you to answer this honestly.  How many shows have there been since X-Calibur became World Heavyweight Champion?”

King remains silent.

“I’ll answer it for you,” Jason continues, “Eryk Van Warren won the World Championship last year.  October.  Master of the Mat.  That month, and you can check tape, we had one single show that entire month.  That show?  Master of the Mat.  We limped to that event with late shows from a roster and a staff that was losing its fucking nerve with Cade Sydal sucking us dry as World Champion.  X-Calibur wins.  Since then?  We’ve had twelve shows, Donovan.  TWELVE.  FUCKING.  SHOWS.”  Jason shakes his head before he slides a manila folder in King’s direction.  “Read that.”

King picks the folder up and starts to thumb through the sheets of paper contained therein, “Whatchu got me lookin’ at, man?”

“Attendance records for those twelve shows,” Jason grits his teeth, “Attendance, merchandise sales, finance records, the whole fucking nine.  Check it out…you know what?  I’ll explain them because fuck it, you need to know.  Attendance, you can look in the stands yourself, is down nearly seventeen percent on average.  We used to routinely sell out our top t-shirts and now?  Our top sellers this month?  You, Crippler, Trey, Jonas, BAB, Maya in that order…and NONE of you are selling out anymore.  You want some more fun knowledge?”  He doesn’t want for King to respond, “This is the second consecutive fucking month that our finances wound up in the red.  Can we handle that?  Fuck yeah we can handle that.  But do you think I like that our profits are being chipped away month after month because we’re all losing our fucking minds while that sad sack of shit holds our top title and is our so called standard bearer?”

“So you sold your fuckin’ soul?” King holds his arms out, “You put a SECOND member of Project:SCAR in this match, Jason.”

“He’ll help me right this ship, Donovan,” he countered, “You’re gonna need all the help you can get.  I hired Mason Pierce away from him.  I signed off on releasing Azrael Goeren from his contract.  I have two members of Project:SCAR in this match.  Trey has vengeance on his mind.  YOU…have vengeance on your mind.”

“Vengeance?” King scoffs, “I want his ass, I want his title, I want to prove I’m the God damn BEST in this company, Jason, and I wanna do that the right way.  You’ve sold…your…soul…”

“So you remind me.”



There is silence between the two of them.

“He is a cancer,” Jason sighs, rubbing his face.  He is clearly exhausted, “He is killing us in a way Jonny Johnson could have only dreamed.  He is killing us and he has pushed us to this point.  I’d sell my soul, I’d sell my Mom’s soul, I’d sell my fucking life…each and every heart beat in my chest…to save this ship from sinking.  If that means putting a psychopath, a monster, a mercenary, and two of the best men I know in his way…then that’s what I’ll do.  If you people fail…we die.  He runs the show.  There’s nobody left to challenge him.”

Silence permeates the room all over again.

“He played you,” King says, the intensity draining from his chest, the words painfully stretching from his lips, “You ain’t never been like this before, Jason.  He’s taken control of this main event an’ the guy hasn’t even had to be on a show to show for it!”

The door opens to reveal both the COO and the EVP, OutKast and The Real Deal.  Instant Heat.

“Donovan,” OutKast’s voice is stern, “Jason.  Everything okay?”

King looks at Jason.

“You wanna kill one monster with more monsters,” King concludes, “Turnin’ to evil to kill evil is like tryna kill a hydra head with another hydra head.  In the end…no matter which one falls, two more’ll take its place.”

He storms past OutKast and Real Deal.  Past Paige the secretary.  Out of the offices.  His stomach hurts.  His chest is tight. 

He is furious.

God damn…do they hate you.

He sighs.

In all that…you gotta be proud of yourself, E-V-Dub.

You’ve been World Heavyweight Champion for nine months.  You’ve held it longer’n anybody.  Twelve whole shows according to Jason Johnson.  Good God, you gotta be proud of yourself.  The last two places you’ve been to, where you’ve been the standard bearer, they…burn.  SHOOT’s fightin’ against the disease that is you.

For years, you’ve desperately clung to the notion that you’re the Big Bad Evil.  From back when you were in LEGACY to now…same old you.  You’ve taken an’ you’ve taken an’ you’ve taken…an’ NOBODY’S made you accept the consequences of your actions.  You drain dry your allies, you destroy your enemies…so now…Jason Johnson throws his last gasp at you.  His last hope.

Kenji Yamada, who doesn’t support his dreams of stoppin’ you after all.

Mason Pierce, who Jason paid better’n you to crush your reign.

Trey Willett, who wants to show the world he can be the big bad hero.

An’ Adrian…Corazon.  Who I don’t have a single fuckin’ clue what he’s after besides your title.

An’ to think, it coulda all just been so simple.  You coulda given a fuck about your title, your division, your company, your fans…an’ it woulda all been so simple.  Imagine.

He sighs.

X-Calibur.  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  PROUD…SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  Nobody’s askin’ X-Calibur to sign a shitload uh autographs…just…give a shit about somethin’ beyond himself.  Sure, you’d still have me to deal with…but there’d be no doubt that you’re one of the greats in the world.  Jason Johnson would be proud to have you represent the company.  A technical master, a brawlin’ genius, a tactical mastermind, a Hall of Fame-worthy icon in dis industry.

King shakes his head.

But the man you was supposed to be ain’t the man you are.

You’re a disgrace.  As a Champion.  As a Soldier.  As a man.  A wasteful piece uh trash who took his talents an’ threw ‘em all away for some sort of indignant glory.  So Jason Johnson sells his soul to be rid of you an’ really…can you blame him?  He peered into the darkness and liked what he saw.  He can rest his head at night knowin’ he did all he could to finally put a stop to you because, let’s face it, there’s nothin’ else he can throw your way.

No heroes.

No hope.

Just five other sons of bitches with varying levels of desire, pride, love, an’ hate.

This is all shit I mentioned at Revolution.  I had to fire the first shots, get the feelings I had outta me.  I had to because deep down…the desires I have can easily overtake me.  You see, I both pity an’ hate X-Calibur.  Not for anything big he did to me…but just what he stands for.  Guys like him…or Kenji Yamada…or, sadly…even my friend Adrian Corazon…they stand fuh greed, hatred, an’ some selfish drive to ruin.

King chuckles as he puts his hands on his hips.

Where’s that gonna leave you?  Us?  What happens when the fans stop watchin’ because they’re tired uh Project:SCAR’s one dimension or X-Calibur’s oppressive greed?  You’re World Champion of NOTHING.  You’re Project:NOTHING.  Do you go an’ retire then?  Is this the final line?  Kill Jason Johnson an’ the ol’ world is done?  Is this just the latest in a long line of malicious hatred an’ decimation, like some fucked up Sherman’s March to the Sea?

You three…you fight for yourselves.  You hide it under your own pretenses, but you fight only for yourselves.  Oh, I’m sorry, Kenji doesn’t want the belt?  That’s fine…because he’s still wanting the company to die.  He’s still fightin’ for his greedy vision.  But, see, Kenji Yamada seems to have not come to the realization yet that the fight…NEVER…stops.

Project:SCAR began in another company.  That company’s gone now.  Some could say they played a role in it.  X certainly played a role in it.  So the lot of you migrated back…here.  You kill this…there’s nothin’ left.  Nobody cares.  So you’ll wait until your buddy calls you, whoever it might be, an’ he tells you to come on down to Such ‘n’ Such Wrestling Federation, where you’ll get all the chances you never had anywhere else!  An’ you dumbasses will convince yourselves you were oppressed or you didn’t get everything you ever wanted from SHOOT or anywhere else…an’ you’ll rebuild that chip on your shoulders until you drag your carcasses BACK into a wrestling ring, hypin’ the SAME shit we’ve heard for gettin’ close to decade or more.

He sighs.  He looks up for a moment before he continues.

I put my money on SHOOT Project.  I put my faith in SHOOT Project.  I put my HOPE…in SHOOT Project.  I believe in all my heart that RISE is where we turn the tide once and for all.  That while the war might never end…it’ll never end because WE never give up when faced with unending odds.

I don’t like Trey Willett.

I don’t know Mason Pierce.

I used to like Adrian Corazon.

I used to idolize X-Calibur.

I used to fear Kenji Yamada.

Trey an’ I?  We don’t get along.  Fuck that guy an’ whatever repackaged bullshit he wants to sell.  I know he wants that belt.  He’s X-Calibur without the pretentious uselessness.  I also know that he’s not the best chance we have…but if that man wins?

I’ll shake his fuckin’ hand because he proved me wrong.

Mason?  He’s a Rule of Surrender veteran wit’ serious hitman style that’ll fuck your world up.  He’s ruthless, an’ the world’s his oyster.  Call him a failure all you like, but this is a man who don’t hide behind the ghosts of his past.  He DEFINES his path for HIMSELF.  Do I agree with him?  Shit no.  But if he wins?

I’ll shake his fuckin’ hand because he earned it.

So, no, bad guys, we ain’t united.  We ain’t friends.  We barely co-workers.  We’re in a match together an’ the only thing we all agree on is that Project:SCAR an’ X-Calibur is a played out melody skippin’ on the record player…an’ we wanna hear a new tune in our speakerbox.

I guess you realize by now that I ain’t one uh you, Kenji.  I might know the depths of your hate…of the type of evil you spread…but I’m…not…you.  We might find ourselves on the same side of the fans one day, you might find redemption, we might tag together, fuck we might even be in a team together…but you an’ me?  We ain’t shit alike.  An’ it’s gonna take more’n blood an’ scars to scare me.

I see you, I see men like you, an’ I know your weakness.  It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s something you lack, Corazon lacks, an’ X-Calibur lacks.  It’s somethin’ I am more’n aware that I lacked for so fuckin’ long.  I had no idea.  Now?

Now I have it.

What is it, you ask?

He smirks.

In the waning moments of RISE…in the middle of the Primus…when blood is spilled an’ bodies are everywhere…you’ll know.  You’ll know.

Because I am SHOOT Project.

I am her next World Heavyweight Champion.

I will RISE.

Long live the King, bitches.

King sits down in his car and sighs.  The air is hot and he is already sweating even at dusk.  He sees OutKast coming out of the building, obviously looking for him in the twilight.  He leans his head back against the head rest and watches him pacing through the parking lot.  OutKast sees him and begins his march towards King’s car.

Suddenly OutKast is thrown against another car.  The massive form picks OutKast up and throws him over the hood of another car.  King gets out of his car immediately as the giant removes his hood and slowly extends a machete from the inside of his trench coat.  He points the blade at King and grins through his beard.

“Ah, Donovan King!” Obsidian rejoices, “Get back in your car, we are going for a ride!”

King says nothing as Obsidian walks over and kicks OutKast as hard as he can in the head, knocking him unconscious.  The monster saunters towards him, machete in hand, a grin on his face.

Sports and Fighting / Re: Ready for some Football? 2012 NFL Thread
« on: July 24, 2012, 02:11:35 PM »
I'm glad his wife said she wasn't down with being called Mrs. Ochocinco.

I had heard he was working on Grown Ups 2 and couldn't leave in time.

And RVD isn't in the WWE and didn't define any specific era in their history...so therefore he doesn't exist.

General Discussion / Re: What made you upset today?
« on: July 24, 2012, 02:08:14 PM »
My niece has had a terribly upset stomach for the last four days.

She is currently screaming in agony and there isn't anything to be done for it.

I am currently alone, babysitting her.

This is hell.

General Discussion / Re: Pictures I Like - SFW Edition
« on: July 24, 2012, 10:57:29 AM »
I'd hate to be at that party, honestly.  Hahahaha.  Mainly just Carmelo, though.

I dunno...I feel like he's going to have a hard time going heel against Cena.  Rock, on the other hand...

It...seems to be back just in time for the run over.  Missed the Cena/Rock segment, though.


Something went wrong with my satellite feed of USA, it stopped working for Cena/Punk.

General Discussion / Re: What made you happy today?
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:56:26 PM »
That moment when the Funkadactyls put their butts together gives me dirty evil thoughts.

General Discussion / Re: What made you happy today?
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:56:02 PM »
Josh becoming a student.

General Discussion / Re: What made you happy today?
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:41:39 PM »
I'm officially a student again.


Mixed Media / Re: The Dark Knight Rises (Spoliers)
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:40:49 PM »
This is true.



And Joker as the judge would have been awesome.

Oh, and we're lonely.

Now they're "Date Singles In Your Area", and a duo of awesome "Lesbian Singles", and "Top 5 Lesbian Dating 2012".

Fuck yeah, Google.  That's how we do in my birthday thread.

We're keeping the thrill alive today at Casa de B.

And the Google ads are "Date Singles In Your Area", "Free Christian Dating", annnnnnd...

..."Single And Over 40?"

I had no idea Lee and I are the same age range.

Mixed Media / Re: Last Movie you saw
« on: July 23, 2012, 05:20:26 PM »

That's right bitches.  Patrick Swayze, Terry Funk, Sam Elliot, in the manliest film ever.

Mixed Media / Re: The Dark Knight Rises (Spoliers)
« on: July 23, 2012, 05:19:48 PM »

I love Scarecrow.  I think he's perfectly portrayed in these movies.  I wish we'd have seen him being arrested again as part of the epilogue, and I also wish he'd have on his mask during the trials, only to have it removed upon his arrest with him treating the arrest like it's one big inconvenience for him.

Mixed Media / Re: The Dark Knight Rises (Spoliers)
« on: July 23, 2012, 05:16:30 PM »
Truthfully, all of Karma's statements I fully agree with.  And I wasn't trying to call you to task, Chris, I was just taken aback at the speed of the Bat being one of the problems you had.  A vast majority of your issues with the film make good sense, truly.  I hated the Robin fan service.  I hated Alfred abandoning Bruce (something that I can't have make sense in my head given what I've seen Nolan do with Alfred up to this point).  I can disconnect this with the comics enough to know these are different characters altogether, but there's just a lot of problems that could have and should have made sense in the end with a couple changes.

Gordon should have known who Batman was the entire time, IMO.  He understood the need for Batman as a symbol far more than him being a man which was why he went along with the whole taking the fall for Dent thing.

The Nolan movies, while a great look at a normal guy who is driven to becoming a vigilante, doesn't really give Batman much of a stint as a detective if you think about it.  Cool gadgets, cool ninja assassin training, but not as much criminology or detective skills got implemented in any of the movies, at least not in the classic sense besides the single scene in Dark Knight where he's checking out the ballistics of bullet shrapnel...but even then it's just him using his cool gadgets to figure stuff out.

Relationships were ignored in this film.  Miranda Tate should have been introduced in the previous film, to be perfectly honest.  She should have played a minor role in Dark Knight where she could have been a simple board member or even somebody who helps Lucius Fox in some capacity, so at the very least we have a bit of an allusion that Tate has years of experience with Wayne Enterprises at the time that Rises begins.  Maybe then the possibility of sexual tension could be more palpable between her and Bruce.

Bane stole the movie completely for me.  I didn't mind that he ended up doing this to help Talia because he loved her, but that's the sort of thing that has more effect if he was alluded to in Begins perhaps, with his excommunication from the League possibly being one of the causes that Ra's and the League were not as powerful as they once were.  I'm just tossing ideas out there, just that a couple of lines of dialogue here and there in Begins and Dark Knight would have easily made all the holes and quick edits in Rises a lot easier to stomach.

I also didn't so much mind Bane's death.  Truthfully, I'd have liked a split second of epilogue as they are cleaning the mess and no one can find his body, since I'm fairly certain there's no real examination of his remains once he's shot.  I mean, if we're leaving it in the way that John Blake is Batman now, then why not have Batman's last nemesis still be very much alive?  I mean, clearly they want people to be excited that the myth of Batman will never die, but people will always be left clamoring for more...may as well keep Bane alive or give him a more mysterious end.  If they planned on Joker being left alive at the end of it all but Heath Ledger's death nixed that, just slot Bane in there instead.

I think I have more things, but my brain just petered out.

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