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Mixed Media / Card to Subject to Change
« on: April 29, 2012, 04:50:12 AM »
Found this video on one of our newpaper websites. Don't know if anyone has seen it. Thought I'd share.


Storyline & Character Development / Mistakes.
« on: January 02, 2012, 04:51:52 AM »
A single stool sits in the middle of the room; the backdrop is nothing more than a black curtain that is illuminated by a single spotlight. The former SHOOT Project Soldier Alex Brooks walks into shot and sits down on the stool. He is wearing a pair of jeans, a black ‘Wrestling Spirit’ t-shirt. His blonde hair has been cropped short in a military style haircut, as opposed to the ‘mop’ the fans of SHOOT Project had grown accustomed to. He keeps his eyes fixed on the ground.

“My name is Alex Brooks.”

Brooks looks up at the camera.

“And I have made mistakes.”

Brooks smiles, a slightly crooked smile, not so much one of happiness, but one that seems necessary because a camera is in his face.

“I allowed my own…”

Brooks pauses and swallows.

“I allowed my hatred of a man take away everything that I held close in the world.”

Brooks looks back at his shoes.

“I allowed Cronos Diamante to confuse, trick me, turn my family against me, because of my own blindness.”

Brooks looks back at the camera.

“I stood in the ring…”

He pauses.

“And I called my own brother an idiot. All because I was so determined not to let a man take my title….”

He pauses again.

“Not my title… That thinking is what took me down the path I wish I had never walked. It was the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Title that I was afraid to lose. A title I never expected to win. A title I never expected to retain… But when I did I allowed the allure of power of glory to corrupt my mind.”

Brooks swallows.

“And Cronos Diamante, he… He exposed that… He turned me against me.”

Brooks stands up.

“I thank him for that.”

Alex Brooks grins.

“It’s true. I thank Cronos for what he did to me. He beat me physically, he tortured me mentally… He made me… Stronger. Without Cronos I would never have been exiled from SHOOT Project. Without Cronos, I would never had time to reflect on my mistakes… my own naivety… I may have waged a physical war against Project: SCAR. But it was nothing to what I experienced at the hands of Cronos’ mental manipulation of me. His ability to charm my brother enough to turn him against me. My own stupidity in fighting it and making the whole situation worse.”

Brooks taps his temple.

“It made me…”

“It made me realise that in this game… in this city… everyone is jealous of your success. The man above you on the ladder is the man you need to climb over to get to the top and everyone underneath you will pull you down to take your step. And before Cronos… I didn’t want to accept that.”

“I do now.”

“But thanks to my own stupidity I no longer have a career I can value. Thanks to my own failings I can no longer work for a company I love.”

Alex sits back down on the stool.

“I know I have made mistakes.”

He looks piercingly ahead.

“And one day… One day I will return to SHOOT Project to correct.”

Brooks gets off the stool and walks away; just before he is out of the sight line he stops and looks back at the camera.

“One day…”


Revolution / Tell Me About Yourself[I/II]
« on: August 12, 2011, 10:20:11 AM »
Alex Brooks sat in the middle of the dilapidated wrestling ring. He scratched the worn and bloodied canvas with his fingers. He looks up from the mat, his face showing signs of weariness not seen in the normally effervescent young star.

“I lost.”

Brooks back at the mat, before pushing himself to his feet.

“I can handle that.”

Brooks makes his way to the edge of the ring and slings himself over the saggy ring ropes. He plops himself down on the ring apron.

“What I can’t handle is that I became so obsessed with the menace that is Cronos Diamante that I allowed my family to come second. I became so obsessed with being a wrestler that I allowed my sister to be hurt and I allowed my brother to hate me. All because I wanted to stop Cronos from taking the Rule of Surrender title that I was so proud of.”

Brooks wipes his face with his left hand.

"Well, Cronos – you got what you wanted. But, I want to tell you this… I am still coming for you. But, now it’s about me and you. If Bobby wants to befriend you, that is his prerogative. But, I will be there to support him when you inevitably betray. I will listen to my sister’s wishes and not tear my family apart for some crusade. But.”

Brooks visibly swallows and what almost appears to be anger glows in his eyes.

“I will tear you apart.”

Brooks reaches up and pushes his hair back out of his face.

“Mirage, if you will accept my apologies from the beginning, I must say that I do not know a whole lot about you. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own personal battles with Cronos Diamante that I haven’t really paid much attention to you since you emerged in SHOOT Project. Sure, I know that you running around with the Hierarchy and I know about your battles with Donovan King. But, I haven’t paid attention to the little details that make you who you are.”

Brooks nods.

“And I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry that I don’t know more about you. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you the ins and outs of your successes and failures. I’m sorry I can’t tell you if you would prefer a belly to belly or a belly to back suplex or simply a swift kick to my head.”

“I haven’t been paying attention and that is simply put my own failure. But you know what, Mirage, while I don’t know a lot about you. I do know a whole lot about the other person in this match. Me.”

Brooks smiles.

“And I can tell you what I won’t do. I won’t quit. No matter what you do to me I will keep coming at you until I’m physically unable to keep coming at you. While, I might have originally used it as an analogy to describe myself, there is a reason that the fans and staff of SHOOT Project alike refer to me as the ‘little engine that could.’ It’s because no matter what obstacle is put in front of me, I believe that it can be conquered. I beat greats to win the Rule of Surrender title, including our current number one contender, X-Calibur. I survived a Project: SCAR gauntlet, even becoming the first person to force Adrian Corazon to tap. I went to the limit against the deviousness of Cronos Diamante.”

Brooks looks down at his feet, remembering his failure against Cronos.

“But my failure against Cronos will be a lesson learned and applied in the future.”

Brooks shakes his head side to side.

"Sorry Mirage. I’m still allowing Cronos to distract me from the task at hand. Where was I?”

Brooks pauses while he gathers his thoughts.

“Oh, that’s right. I was talking about the things I have done. But, in reality, those victories and defeats won’t matter at Revolution 78. They have nothing to do with you and me. But, I guess I was telling you about me, because I didn’t know about you. Now, since I’ve told you what I won’t do, let me tell you what I will do.”

“When the bell rings I will give everything I have in an effort to defeat you and qualify for Master of the Mat. I will bounce, I will fly, and I will stick and move. I want to win, I want to win for myself and I want to win for the fans. I even want to win for my family to prove to them that I do care about them, and that my attitude towards them was wrong. And I also want to win to show Cronos that I will keep coming for him until justice is served for everything he has done.”

Brooks pushes himself off the apron and stands on the ground in front the ring.

"When we step into the ring and do battle, more than wanting to win, I want to prove myself that I learned from the mistakes that I have made. I want to prove to myself that my recent successes were no fluke and that I am more than a one title reign wonder. But, I know that I can’t do that until I step into the ring at Revolution 78 with you. If you beat me, I won’t be upset, Mirage… unless I make the same mistakes that I made against Cronos. If you beat me because you are better than me and I gave you everything I had. Then I will not complain. But if I lose to you, because I failed within myself, then I will be upset.”

Brooks walks to the rickety wooden steps and climbs back into the ring.

“This game it is only second to my family, and it matters to me more than everything bar them. So losing, it hurts just as much and winning feels good. I don’t want to lose to you.”

Brooks leans against the ropes.

“So, Mirage – I’ve told you all about myself. Why don’t you tell me a bit about you?”

Brooks looks at the low ceiling of the ring room as it fades to black.

Redemption 2011 / I Still Don't Like You [ii/ii v Cronos]
« on: July 21, 2011, 04:38:29 PM »
“Here I stand.”

Alex Brooks walks through the SHOOT Project Helmet.

“And here I will stay.”

Alex Brooks removes a black leather jacket that was a by-product of MTV’s Wrestling Spirit merchandising drive, revealing a Redemption t-shirt. He drops the jacket at his feet.

“No matter what you try to do to me, Cronos, I will not run away. I may bow, but I will not break. I will be standing in your path until the moment my family understands who and what you really are or you are gone.”

Brooks wipes his face.

“I’ve sat for many hours in my hotel room just contemplating what you are you have done, what I done and the collateral damage that has clearly swallowed my family like a giant sinkhole. I’ve tried to think about what I could have done differently to save my family and keep you out of my business.”

Alex squeezes his nostrils together in a movement that looks almost habitual.

“I thought maybe I could have given you the Rule of Surrender title. I thought maybe I could have let your goon squad make a football out of me. I thought maybe I could have just agreed with Bobby. That’s the advantage of hindsight, Cronos. It’s always twenty-twenty.”

“But, you know what, after I ran through all the various scenarios in my head. I realised something, I realised that path I had chosen was the right path. I was right to prevent you taking the title I earned just because you felt some ancient justification to hold the gold. Or you were failing your Yakuza bosses, whatever…”

Brooks looks at the ground and back up again.

“And I was right to try show and show my brother what a despicable person you are. Sure, as of this moment it isn’t really working and you’ve convince Bobby you are the second coming of the Jesus Christ… But, I have faith in the truth and I know all your lies and little mind games and everything, it will all come tumbling down around you like a stack of cards on a Chicago street.”

Brooks smiles with the right corner of his mouth.

“When it does I will be there to save my brother. You… I will let society decides what happens to you. There will be no point wasting emotion on vengeance… because I will the one climbing away from the bottom and you’ll be the one sinking."


Alex Brooks is working out alone in a small gymnasium. Given the condition of the equipment it looks something he sourced himself rather than anything SHOOT Project provided on their international tour. Brooks is really working over a punching bag; the sweat is dripping into his eyes and flying from his brow. He finishes his flurry with an uppercut and lets his body collapse to the floor. Brooks props himself up on his elbows and looks up at the punching bag. On the bag is a batter and torn picture of Cronos Diamante in nothing but his wrestling gear and a ‘shit-eating’ grin. Brooks frowns and shakes his head before using his hands to push himself to his feet and take stance in front of the bag again.


Alex Brooks is in front of the SHOOT Project helmet; however, he is now sitting on a wooden stool. The leather jacket is sitting on the bottom of the stool.

“Cronos, someone once told me to beat the devil you had to be the devil. I’ve never thought you were the devil. I haven’t thought you anything but selfish, manipulating and never willing to take the honest path to success. But, the point remains true. To defeat you, they thought I had to become you. So, I thought about what I would do to you if I was like you.”

“And to tell you the truth I didn’t like the things that I thought Cronos. They scared me. Because I wasn’t just hurting you, I was hurting the people around you. I was hurting the people you love. I was hurting your friends, your confidantes. I was hurting Contessa. I was hurting them all.”

“And that’s not right.”

Brooks wipes his face almost involuntary.

“This brings my back to you and how you make me feel… I’ve already told you I don’t like you, and you see it as some sort of joke that it’s all I can muster.”

“Why should I hate you Cronos? I can hate what you have done to me. I can hate what you have done to turn my own blood against me. But why should I hate you. Why waste my thoughts plotting your downfall, when all I honestly care about is putting my family back together. Yes, I value the title… but if I had to choose… I would take my family over gold. And there is no shame in that… So why should I hate you?”

“Cronos, if I let hate for you grow in my heart I would become bitter and twisted… I would become like you. And I don’t want that, not at all. But, Cronos… I want you to think for just a minute… If I was to become like you, what do you think I would do to Contessa?"


Alex Brooks is sitting alone in his hotel room, looking through a photo album. It is full of various photos of his family. In particular, there are a number of photos of Alex and Bobby in happier in times. The two brothers like so alike they could be mistaken for twins. A smile covers Alex’ face from ear to ear as he reminisces about the happier times together.

Alex gets to the back of the photo album and closes the book. As it sits there on his lap, he allows his gaze to float across the room. His sight catches the Rule of Surrender title, causing him to turn his gaze downward to the album again. Alex looks back at the photo album. He gets up and walks over to his title belt. He opens his album to a photo of himself, Bobby and their sister and sits the album, open, on the bench next to the title belt.


Alex Brooks is still in front of the SHOOT Project helmet. He is still sitting on the wooden stool. He is once again wearing the leather jacket, but it is open, showing the Redemption shirt.

“I’m sorry, Cronos.”

Brooks nods.

“It was wrong of me to allude to anything of an untoward nature regarding Contessa. That is your style, not mine. You will feel the need to take the battle outside the ring and make it personal. You did it with Mirage and you’re doing it with me.”

“It’s a viable tactic in battle… I can’t fault you for it. But, like I said earlier – I will bow, but I will not break. Too much is at stake. And I am not talking about the Rule of Surrender title. I am talking about family. I am talking about Bobby.”

“I will fight tooth and nail to save my brother from your clutches, and retaining the Rule of Surrender title… that will be icing on the cake.”

“See, Cronos… I’ve had numerous metaphors applied to me in my time in SHOOT Project, the most obvious being the little engine that could… but right now, the only one I can think of that applies is – It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” Remember that when I am coming for Cronos. Remember that when I am fighting in Bobby’s Honor.”

“Remember that when I beat you to retain my Rule of Surrender title and restore my family’s pride.”

Brooks jumps off the stool.

“And remember I still don’t like you.”

Alex Brooks walks through the SHOOT Project helmet.


Redemption 2011 / The Right Thing to Do [I/II vs Cronos]
« on: July 09, 2011, 09:12:07 PM »
Alex Brooks sits at a small dining table with a bottle of soda in front of him. Across the table from Alex is Jerry Eisenhower, his mentor in the unforgiving industry that is wrestling. Jerry has a bottle of Corona sans citrus wedge in front him. All of this is taking place in a non-descript Americanised hotel room in Mexico.

“Why don't you like the lemon?” enquires our intrepid hero, Alex.

“Lemon wedges are for fags, Kid. Hell this beer is for fags, but what ya do when it’s the only crap that offer.” Responds are grizzled veteran.

Brooks takes a sip of his soda.

“But most people like it that way.”

“Well I ain’t most people, Kid.”

“Ok.” Says our little Alex, who is quite taken aback by Eisenhower’s response. “I’m sorry.”

“No need ta apologise, Kid. It’s just the way it is.”

“Ok” nods Brooks.

Eisenshower chucks back a good portion of his Mexican alcoholic beverage. “Hey Kid, ya reckon they got anything with a worm in it downstairs?”

“I don’t think Cronos is staying in this hotel.” Murmurs Brooks.

Eisenhower pauses and just stares at Alex, his mouth slightly agape.


Eisenhower stutters before speaking. “I just never heard you say anything bad about anyway before.”

“Well you haven’t met Cronos Diamante have you?”

Eisenhower finishes his beer quickly.

“Nah, Kid. I ain’t met Cronos. But why ya hate him so much. Normally, ya all like he’s my friend and everything. You even liked that British nitwit, Mr. Heart.”

“Cronos is not a nice man.”

“Care to tell me, Kid. Or is Cronos bein’ a bad guy as far as we are gonna git?”

Brooks looks down into soda, breaking eye contact with Jerry. He swirls the ice with his finger before looking up at Eisenhower. “Well, Jerry. He’s tricking my brother, Bobby into not liking me and making him think I’m the bad guy.”

“Ya talkin’ bout they one they really didn’t like my swearin’, yeh?”

“That’s my only brother, Jerry. But, yes him.  Cronos attacked me for my title and then convinced Bobby that it was I attacked him. I didn’t attack him, Jerry. He attacked me, why can’t Bobby see that. And now my Mom even thinks he’s a nice guy. But he’s not. And they said I was the bad person for being friends with you. But, you’re not that bad Jerry. You just drink and swear and dress a bit funny but you are nice guy. Cronos, he wears a suit and talks nice, but he’s not a good person. Why can’t my family see that?”

Alex bangs his fist on the table in frustration.

“Sheep’s clothing, Kid.” Mutters Eisenhower who looks genuinely concerned that Alex Brooks is so worried by the situation.

“What do you mean, Jerry?”

“Simple, Kid. He dresses nice, he talks nice and he acts nice. He’s doin’ it to get inside your family to destroy a threat from the inside out. Its how the Cold War spies used to do it, befriend those that have what ya need and betray ‘em later. Cronos has probably decided ya got somethin’ he wants and he’s gonna destroy ya family ta get it.”

“I woulda given him a title shot if he asked.”

“Not as simple as that, Kid. Maybe he wants you out the picture. Maybe he sees ya as a threat. I told ya this industry is like that. No one is gonna help ya and everyone that does is only doin’ ta take somethin’ from ya.”

“But you help me, Jerry.”

“Kid, ya gotta fire to succeed and I love that. It’s a fire that I once had and lost til I met ya. Ya keepin’ my fire goin’, Kid.”

“Oh, Ok.” Alex Brooks nods in way that says he doesn't really understand what Eisenhower is telling him.

Eisenhower gets up from the table. “Kid, I’m gonna see if I can find a bottle of somethin’ with a Cronos Diamante in it.”

Alex Brooks laughs as Eisenhower leaves the room.


Alex Brooks sits on a wooden stool in front of the SHOOT Project Helmet. He wears a “Redemption” t-shirt and jeans with black shoes.

“Cronos Diamante, before I start I want to make one thing every clear to you.”

Alex Brooks face is covered by a frown.

“I. Don’t. Like. You.”

Brooks wipes his face with his hand.

“I want you to understand how difficult that is for me. My mother taught me to respect everyone and they will respect you. She taught to always give people a chance. She taught if you are nice to others, they will be nice to you.”

Brooks frowns again.

“Obviously she never met anyone like you.”

Brooks looks down before looking up again.

“What you have done to my brother… It’s… It’s…”

Brooks seems to tear up just a little bit.

“It’s just wrong.”

Brooks wipes his face.

“Bobby was… is a good kid. He has some dreams and all you have done is corrupt them as you corrupt him and I can’t stand it. I can’t stand that he looks at me with such disdain when I try and tell him what you are really are. I can’t stand the fact that my sister feels it her need to sort out the problems you are created instead of concentrating on her grades and her jump shot. I can’t stand it that my own mother blames me for the division that you have caused.”

Brooks swallows noticeably.

“But what I can’t stand the most… is that no matter what I do, no matter how much I try to show my family just how bad you are, all I seem to do is make things worse.”

Alex shakes his head.

“But, despite all this, Cronos, despite how much I don’t like you. Despite how much you have contributed to breakdown of my family, when I step into the ring with you at Redemption. I will compete. I won’t let you use Bobby against me. I will battle you with everything I have to retain the title that I shed blood for, and lost teeth for. You won’t walk into ring and win the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender title without a fight. And if you beat me, then that’s good for you, yet I still hope to defeat to you.”

Brooks glares at the camera.

“Yet no matter what, Cronos… I will get my family back. I will show Bobby how bad you are. I will convince my mother that you do not want have Bobby’s best interests in your heart. I will show my sister that this is not my fault. And I will do it all while defending my title like a man, no blind shots, no cheating, no dirty stuff. Against a man like you fighting right might limit my options and might give you an advantage in the battle. But it is what I believe in and how I do things. And I won’t change that no matter what you do me or my family.”

Brooks half tilts his head to the left.

“It may even help me get my family back.”

Brooks straightens his head and stretches his arms out before letting them rest on his lap.

“Cronos, its no secret that I ran the gauntlet against the members of Project: SCAR, and many people consider them the most evil men in the industry. But, I think you are worse. While they are trying to destroy the world, you are trying to make the world like you. You are trying to take good people… People who care, people who believe in doing the right thing… and you want to make them like you - cold, corrupted and self-interested.”

Brooks folds his arms across his chest.

“And I will stop you. And I will save my brother. And I will retain the Rule of Surrender title at Redemption.”

Brooks stands up.

“And not just because I don’t like you Cronos. But because it’s the right thing to do.”

Alex Brooks walks off leaving just the empty wooden stool in front of the SHOOT Project Helmet.


Redemption 2011 / A Little Bit of Luck [Rumble I]
« on: July 06, 2011, 05:14:27 PM »
The SHOOT Project Helmet banner dominates the background. In front of the banner sits a wooden stool and on that wooden sits an Alex Brooks action figure. Alex Brooks walks into shot, he is clad in blue denim jeans and a black SHOOT Project Helmet emblazoned t-shirt. His blonde locks have started growing back into their typically floppy appearance.

Alex picks up his action figure from the stool and boosts himself up and takes a seat on the stool.

“I remember the last time the Redemption Rumble rolled around I was playing with this thing.”

He holds the action figure up.

“And a whole bunch of other SHOOT Project stuff, acting out my own Redemption Rumble. If I remember things rightly I had myself throw out Donovan King to win it all. In hindsight it didn’t really turn out to be prophetic.”

Brooks looks the action figure over again before leaning over and setting it on something out of shot.

“But look at how things have changed since then. I’ve got someone who instead of being a man and standing in front of me and asking for a title shot, turns my family against me. But, I will deal with Cronos Diamante later. Right now, I want to talk about the Redemption Rumble. The one match where a victory guarantees you a shot at super stardom; where having your arm raised as the confetti drops and the lights go out will make the world stand up and take notice.”

Brooks looks around.

“See, while I am the current Rule of Surrender Champion and I am the only person to ever force Adrian Corazon to slap the mat three times, I know the people consider me the plucky underdog. The kid with heart, the kid that doesn’t no when to quit. But, I want to be honest… I want to be considered the best. I love and value my Rule of Surrender Championship but I want nothing more than to have my hand raised at the end of Redemption Day 2, and knowing that I will be going on to take a shot at the thing I want to hold more than anything else.”

“The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.”

Alex Brooks smiles.

“Now don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact I’m not going to be waltz down the aisle, into the ring and emerge victorious. Rumbles don’t work like that. First of all, you’ve got everyone in this place fired up ready for their shot at glory, and like me it could be someone’s closest shot at glory. And when you are that close to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow it’s natural for someone to reach down inside them and find that little extra when chasing that elusive golden ticket.”

“I know I will.”

Alex folds and unfolds his arms in an effort to get comfortable.

“But it’s not just us upcoming wrestlers chasing what could be our one shot at glory that are gunning to win this. It’s those veterans that have slipped away from the top of the card that will be gunning for glory too. Guys like Jester Smiles, X-Calibur, Donovan King and Cronos Diamante…”

Alex Brooks rolls his eyes.

“All of them... Downright legends of not just SHOOT Project, but this sport we call wrestling in general. And what makes the Redemption Rumble an even tougher race to predict is its open nature. It always open the possibility of a former champions returning, legends from other shows. We could see former World Champions like Jonny Johnson make a return, or we could see the man who beat Azrael Goeren in the CWC Ascension finals, Cobra, make his debut. The thing about this match is… you just never know who could turn up.”

“And it’s a wonderful thing.”

Alex Brooks grins and plays with his fake tooth pushing it forward and back with his tongue.

“Yet despite all the heart of the up and coming superstars, the pure talent of the veterans that grace our proud circle and the unpredictability and mystery of just who might throw there hat into the ring. None of those things play the biggest part in determining whether you finish as the winner or one of the many losers in the Redemption Rumble… And that is luck. Good luck, bad luck. It doesn’t really matter; luck plays a massive part in this match. What number you draw or what number your mortal enemy draws. It’s considered a whole luckier to be drawn last than it is to be drawn first. Not saying you can’t win from first, but no one would disagree with me if I was to say it’s a whole lot harder than winning from the last spot in.”

Brooks stretches.

“But it’s not just where you come into the ring either. It’s where everyone else turns up to. I’m sure if Donovan King entered the ring at the start of the match and was the last man standing when a fresh Isaac Entragian came down aisle he wouldn’t be happy about it. Not saying he wouldn’t accept that challenge, but I’m sure he would rather seeing Dina Bryce making a beeline for the squared circle. I know I would.”

“That’s not a slight on the girl, either. She’s a great talent and one of SHOOT great young stars, but in my mind, when I’m tired and drawing on those last reserves of energy to win the toughest match possible in SHOOT Project, I would rather see a 5’6” jumping bean than a 7 foot albino psychopath charging at me.”

“That would be some bad luck.”

“Of course, it’s not just an encounter with a fresh Ivory Terror that would be bad luck, getting isolated in the ring with one of the many factions surrounding you would be a painful experience to say the least. Imagine being alone in the ring with Project: SCAR surrounding you. Having faced every one of these alone… all three of them and just me.”

“No thanks.”

“Yet it’s not just Project: SCAR, there’s Truth, the Bad Ass Brotherhood, Dave Dymond and his pay for play boys. You know if I get stuck in the ring alone with any of those groups they are going to target you before they work out their own pecking order, and those are going to be some pretty hefty odds for me or anyone else to overcome.”

“But I’ll sure try and maybe take one or two of them out in the process.”

“But it’s not just bad luck that could roll my way in the Redemption Rumble that would be a pessimistic outlook. There’s good luck too. I could be one who draws the last entry and I would be one lucky enough to have fresh legs when everyone else has battled to exhaustion chasing their shot at glory.”

“Maybe I get tossed over the rope and land on the apron or catch myself on the ropes and stop my feet touching the floor. Maybe I’m in the ring with Stellar Insanity and Azrael Georen and they focus all their energy towards him and I take advantage of the situation. Maybe I’m alone with Akuma Satsui and Jonas Coleman and they are more concerned with killing each other than worrying about little old me.”

Alex Brooks smiles again.

“That’s what is so great about the Redemption Rumble. So many maybe’s, so many possibilities. And that shot at the ultimate prize. Like I said just a little bit of luck can change your day for the better, or it can destroy in one foul swoop.”

“I don’t know whether I can win the Rumble…”

Alex Brooks stands up.

“But I will damn sure try.”

Alex Brooks walks off shot in the direction that he placed his action figure down. Following Alex as he leaves we see the Brooks’ figurine standing in the middle of a “SHOOT Project ring” with his arms raised above his head in that classic “victory” pose.

Storyline & Character Development / Family Dinner
« on: June 28, 2011, 05:19:54 PM »
A family sits around the dinner table of a modest Middle American home. The two brothers almost identical in appearance glare at each other with what can only be described as animosity, separated by their sister with her flowing blonde hair and baby face dotted with pimples. The mother sits at the head of the table looking over her family with a smile.

This is the Brooks family. Alex Brooks is the oldest of the children and the current SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender champion having recently retained the title by becoming the first person to make Adrian Corazon tap out. The younger brother is Robert Brooks, commonly known as Bobby and seems to have recently become the protégé of one, Cronos Diamante. A man who has made it a life goal to torment Alex Brooks at his every turn. The sister, Anna Brooks is the youngest of the three children. She is in her final year of high school and has secured a scholarship the University of Colorado for basketball. Meryl Brooks is the kind-hearted matriarch of the family.

“Feels good to have the family at the same dinner table for the first time in forever.” Says our matriarch.

Alex and Bobby just stare at each other, nodding agreement to their mother’s statement. Anna finally breaks the tension in the room “What is with you two!” Alternating looks at her two brothers.

“Well IF Bobby would realise that Cronos Diamante was not a good guy, everything would be FINE!” Alex puts a real exclamation on the last word.

“Well IF Alex wasn’t such a JERK to Cronos he would realise that he is a good guy and is helping me out with things.”

The two brothers glare through each other.

“Robert. Alexander. Stop fighting. We are a family. Families don’t fight.” Says Meryl Brooks in attempt to regain control of the brothers.

“We wouldn’t be fighting if BOBBY could see that Cronos is only trying to make Bobby not like me so he can take the Rule of Surrender title without a fair fight.”

“WELL ALEX! Cronos doesn’t even really want your title. He told me so. He just wanted to play a prank on you. And I saw what you did to him. YOU SPLIT HIS HEAD OPEN! All for that belt!”

Meryl Brooks lets out a defeated sigh, realising that this argument is going to need to run its course.


“Cronos told me what happened. He told me how you had an argument with his Yakuza friends and got into a fight and how he helped you out. But you left your belt on the ground when we went back to your locker room. He didn’t steal it.”

“Bobby, I don’t like Cronos. He is a bad man.”

“Well, Alex, I don’t like your friend Jerry Eisenhower with all her drinking and swearing and I don’t try and stop you hanging out him because he is your friend. Why can’t you let me have my friends!”

“Cronos Diamante is NOT your friend, Bobby. He is using you to get to me. Why can’t you see that?”

“He is my friend, Alex. He wrote me a letter of recommendation to West Point. He helped out me a lot. And Contessa is really nice too.”

“They’re ASSHOLES, Bobby. UGH! Why can’t you see that?”

“Alexander!” Meryl Brooks quickly interjects herself. “Go to your room. You know there will be no swearing in my house.”


Alex Brooks angrily gets up from his chair and pivots before storming out of the room. He stops in the doorway and turns back to his family.

“I love you, Mom. But, I’m going to pack my bags and head to Puerto Rico tonight. I don’t think I can stay with Bobby when he wants to carry on like a little twerp.”

“Go, Alex! I don’t want to be near you anyway. Especially if you won’t let me have my own friends.” Yells Bobby back across the room as Alex leaves his sight.

The remaining three members of the Brooks family remain sitting at the dinner table looking at each other while a deathly silence hangs over the room.

Anna, once again, is the first to break the silence hanging of the room. “Bobby, if you are going to back to SHOOT Project too, you should really try and sort things out with Alex. We’re family and families shouldn’t fight.”

Bobby looks at his sister with a scowl, but nods anyway.

Sports and Fighting / NBA Mock Draft: 1.SHOOT
« on: June 16, 2011, 06:45:15 PM »
1: Cavs
2: Wolves
3: Jazz
4: Cavs
5: Raptors
6: Wizards
7: Kings
8: Pistons
9: Bobcats
10: Bucks
11: Warriors
12: Jazz
13: Suns
14: Rockets
15: Pacers
16: Sixers
17: Knicks
18: Wizards
19: Bobcats
20: Wolves
21: Blazers
22: Nuggets
23: Rockets
24: Thunders
25: Celtics
26: Mavs
27: Nets
28: Bulls
29: Spurs
30: Bulls

Who does SHOOT choose?

Revolution / That's Real [ii/ii]
« on: May 28, 2011, 06:41:10 PM »
Alex Brooks is sitting in his hotel room. His laptop is sitting on his lap. He is shirtless exposing his midsection which is still soft. Brooks is just staring at the image of Isaac Entragian posing with his bloody face.  The image cycles to Alex Brooks lying exhausted on the mat with the Rule of Surrender Title draped across his chest.

The image returns to Isaac Entragian posing with Alex Brooks like he’s a freshly shot deer carcass, the audible sigh of Alex Brooks can be heard as this image returns to the screen. It is followed by the Kenji Yamada standing arms spread with his back to Alex Brooks as his appears to struggling to his feet.

He cycles the image to that of him lying on the mat after winning the Rule of Surrender title again. He cycles back to the shot with the Ivory Terror again. The next shot he cycles to is an exquisite photo of Cade Sydal connecting with Ninjaguiri in mid-air as Alex Brooks attempts a SHOOTing Star Press.

The image cycle to Adrian Corazon standing atop a ladder, his face covered in blood, unhooking the Laws of Survival Championship, Brooks then cycles back to the shot of himself lying on the mat, exhausted, with the Rule of Surrender title across his chest.

“Everything is worth that…” he says to the space in the room, letting his last words trail off. He lifts the lap top up and sits on the table which is just a few steps from where he was sitting. He reaches out and picks up a black t-shirt on. Once he has the t-shirt on, he taps the title belt on the screen.



Alex Brooks is sitting down on the edge of a stage, surrounding him are tiers of seating. Brooks is letting his legs dangle, his heels bouncing off the wall underneath him. He is dressed in a black SHOOT Project t-shirt, and jeans.

“You know, when it comes down to root cause of everything Adrian, you and I are not that different at all.”

Brooks pauses.

“I know on the surface it doesn’t look like we are, but really get down to the nitty-gritty of everything and you will see that we are basically the same. Just think about it for a minute or so, and you will see what I mean.”

“We both work for SHOOT Project.”

“We both set our goals and really don’t let anything get in our way, no matter what happens along each step.”

“We are both Champions… until the bells signalling the end of our battle at Revolution 76 chimes, at least.”

Brooks scratches at the scab on the top of his head where The Ivory Terror ripped a clump of his blonde locks from his scalp.

“But, even more than are similarities relating directly to what we do… we are even more alike… We both bleed red.”

“We both breathe the oxygen surrounding us.”

“We’re both omnivores… though truth be told… I couldn’t really see you enjoying spinach and cheese cannelloni, or a potato bake. But, I’m happy to be proven wrong on that count.”

Brooks smirks.

“The food you like isn’t really the point though, is it? The point is that despite the obvious superficial differences between you and me… We are basically the same. We are both made from flesh and blood. Science would classify us as Homo Sapien… We lay down to sleep and we both walk on two feet.”

“And that’s reality.”

Brooks rubs his nose.

“Think about it, Adrian, just think about it. If I get the right hold on you, you will submit, it’s just the way things work. We, as humans, are just not meant to be bent and stretched in certain directions. And even if you are stubborn enough not to tap the mat or say those magic two words, there will come a point where your brain forces you to switch off just so you don’t endure that pain any longer.“

“Now, don’t get me wrong here Adrian, I know that I am not going to be able to just lock in some crazy leg lock or arm lock and expect you not to fight your way out of it. For a fact, I know that you will… The trick for me is to lock in the right hold tight enough and for long enough that the pain forces your brain to switch off before you can break it… That’s also why a sleeper hold is so effective… it cuts off the oxygen to the brain before your body rejects any agony, and that the reality of the situation, no matter which way you slice it.”

Brooks continues to scratch at the scab on his head, obviously annoyed by its itchiness.

“Just like you only need me disoriented for three seconds after hitting me with my own Starburst. The rules of this match have both cast us with our own respective advantages and disadvantages, and whoever makes the best use of their rules will more than likely unify the titles at Revolution… Sure, something unforeseen could happen and totally change the way the game is played. But… no matter what happens the reality is that this match has to be decided by the Law of Stolen Thunder or the Rule of Surrender, Jason Johnson has made sure of that.”

Brooks looks out at the empty arena, which will be the venue for Revolution 76. He waves a hand to force the eye to scan the scene.

“Even now, Adrian, this is pretty impressive sight. Imagine what it will be like full of rabid Venezuelan wrestling fans when the lights come up on Revolution 76. It will be… Awesome! Those same fans will be cheering for me… at least I assume they will, since according to you and your cohorts in Project: SCAR I am the darling of the fans… According to you, I am the reason they see the light from the dark, the beautiful from the ugly. But, you want to know what the reality is, Adrian? They see me as hope… If someone like me can make it, then they know they can make in whatever field they choose to excel at. I give them hope, I give them a reason to believe in themselves; a reason to stand up against all those that try to strike them down… like Project: SCAR.”

“And the reality is that hope can’t be destroyed, Adrian… Especially now, and you can probably blame Kenji for that. Because now, everyone has seen that I will stand up to everything that Project SCAR is willing to throw up. I have lost a tooth, a have lost hair… I have bleed Adrian Corazon red. And I am still standing here in front of the man that same have called the evilest man in the business. And I am not running away.”

“I will not run away for you Adrian.”

“If I lose at Revolution, which lets face it, is a distinct possibility. The bookies in our hometown have it marketed as a real probability…”

Brooks shakes his head.

“Sorry, Adrian, I’m getting off track… Even if I lose at Revolution… I will still get to my feet and clear the cobwebs from head… And I will stand there encouraging the fans to stand up for what they believe in… I will stand there devoid of championship gold but retaining my pride. Because I will know that I would have stood against the might of Project SCAR. Run the gauntlet of SCAR if you will, and gave it my all… and will still be there ready to give it my all another day. Because my dream is to be SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion one day…”

“And the reality is I can’t do that hiding in the corner now, can I?”

Brooks pulls his leg up and stands on the stage.

“At Revolution, Adrian… No matter what you do to me…  Win or lose… I will hear the cheers of the fans after the match. No matter how many times you knock me down I will get back up. No matter how match you want me to quit… I will not quit.”

Brooks taps the SHOOT Project Helmet on his t-shirt with his fist.

“Because that’s how much this match, this title and SHOOT Project mean to me.”

Brooks backs away from the edge.

“Win or lose, Adrian. I will walk to the back.”

Brooks scratches at his healing scab.

“And that’s reality.”

Brooks pivots and walks through the solid black curtains that are hanging at the back of the stage.

Revolution / Dreams[i/ii]
« on: May 22, 2011, 04:03:59 PM »
Webcams are a modern-day marvel, their existence along with such fantastic programs as Skype allow for two people to communicate face-to-face over long distances, and that is the situation we have right now.

Alex Brooks is sitting in front of a computer screen, his normally bouncy blonde locks freshly cropped, exposing the healing scab from where Isaac Entragian gave Brooks an impromptu change in hair styles. On the screen, is a face that looks almost identical to our Alex, only a little younger in appearance and a little more round.

“Hey Alex” says our face on the screen.

“Hey little brother” Alex responds.

“How are you?”

“I’m good, Bobby. Sorry I missed your birthday.”

“It’s ok, Alex. I know SHOOT Project is doing the World Tour and that it’s not easy for you to get a flight home all the time.”

Alex Brooks nods to his brother.

“Mom isn’t very happy.”

“Tell her I’m sorry.”

“I will. But, somehow, I don’t think it will work.”

A frown crosses Alex Brooks’ face for a brief moment.

“Alex? How come you shaved your head?”

Alex looks at Bobby for a second.

“Didn’t you watch Revolution last week?”

“Mom won’t let me watch it since she saw that Kenji guy knock your teeth out. She turned it off straight away that night.”

Alex shakes his head.

“She worries too much.” Alex touches the scab on the top of his head. “The doctors said I should shave my head. It would help it heal after Isaac pulled the hair from head.”

“He pulled right out of his head? Didn’t that hurt?”

“It hurt, Bobby. It hurt.”

Bobby Brooks nods.

Alex Brooks nods back. “Have you thought about what you are going to do after school?”

Bobby smiles. “Yeh, I want to follow Dad.”


“Eventually, but I’m going to try and sing up at West Point first. I have to fly to New York for an interview this week. Mom wants me to go Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs so I can be close to home. She doesn’t like that you’re away all the time.”

“She helped me join SHOOT.”

“Yeh, but, I think she thought you would be near home more.”

“We all have to follow our dreams, Bobby.”

“I know, Alex, that’s why I’m going to New York.”

Brooks smiles. He’s wearing his dental plate so there is gap.

“Anyway, Bobby, I have to go. Be good. Have fun in New York.”

“You too, Alex, Bye.”



Alex Brooks is sitting on a fold up steel chair in what seems to be the cavernous backstage area of a stadium or something of that ilk. There is all sorts of equipment scattered in the background behind him. He is wearing a SHOOT Project t-shirt. His blonde locks close cropped.

“Dreams. Adrian Corazon. Dreams”

“What would we be without our dreams, Adrian?”

Brooks half stands and spins the chair around and sit back down on it and rests his elbows on the backrest.

“I think… I think we would all be sad individuals with nothing to live for, and we would let all the not-so-good things that happen to us beat us down until we had nothing left but to take the easy way out.”

“You know what my dream is Adrian? My dream is to become the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. The title that is the single most prestigious title going around, I will put everything I have on the line to get there. I don’t expect it to be next week, or even next year. But it is my dream. And I won’t let you take that for me.”

Brooks gets a look of concentration on his face.

“See, Adrian when you have a dream you have to sacrifice things to achieve the things you want. Only a lucky few have it handed to them on a silver platter, and despite what you may think. I’m not one of those lucky few. Yes, I had the door opened by MTV with the Wrestling Spirit program. But, everything since then… I’ve have earned… Earned it with blood, sweat, tears and… teeth.”

Brooks smiles exposing his gap-tooth smile.

“And even though Cronos Diamante stole the physical belt. I am still Rule of Surrender champion, and there is absolutely no way I am going to let you take that from me. Not without the fight of your life, Adrian. Because, without a shadow of a doubt, my dream is worth fighting for. And I know it’s still a long to the top of the mountain and you will stand in front of my like a cranky old mountain goat trying to send me crashing back to earth. But, truth be told I wouldn’t expect any less. You are the Laws of Survival Champion, you are a former SHOOT Project World Champion. You have achieved what I still dream about.”

“But that isn’t going to stop me from dreaming. It’s like when I was a kid, Adrian, I dreamed of becoming a wrestler… I dreamed of being a wrestler until the day I signed my contract with MTV and SHOOT Project.  Then I dreamed of becoming a champion, not World Champion, just a champion, and I did that.  The moment I lifted the Rule of Surrender title above my head was one of the happiest moments in my life. But, I still dreamed, I still dreamed of winning that SHOOT Project World Title… And you won’t stop be dreaming. You could hurt me, beat me, even put me in a coma. But it’s still not going to stop me dreaming.”


Brooks maintains his smile.

“You can take the Rule of Surrender title and make it part of that Laws title of yours, but like I said it won’t happen without a fight. Yet, even if you beat me, it’s not going to stop me from chasing my dreams.  Even if you drive my head into the mat with my own Starburst, I’m not going to stop dreaming… It might even help me dream for a few moments.”

Brooks gets a cheeky grin.

“And yes, Adrian, I do understand the magnitude of trying to force someone like you to tap out. I understand that I will have to reach down inside me and find that little bit extra… But I will. I will do everything I can to make you submit, and god willing, I will make you tap out. But, you know what Adrian, I won’t run away. I won’t back down from brutality and the inhumanity that you will undoubtedly unleash upon me. Because, as you say, I’m just a starry-eyed ring brat, aren’t I?”

Brooks stretches his arms out and pulls them back in.

“You’re right, Adrian, I’m not much more than that starry-eyed ring brat you called me. Because, I watched you in awe before I become a wrestler. I stood and cheered for you in your war with Jonny Johnson. I was upset by the way they took your title. Then again, that was back when I was dreaming of becoming a wrestler, before I was a SHOOT Project Champion in my own right. Ready to stand face-to- face with one of the most sadistic men in the industry.”

Brooks visibly swallows probably thinking of what Adrian Corazon is capable of.

“As you said yourself, you will be like no one I have ever faced before. Nothing like your Project: SCAR teammates. While all bound by this need to bring the world crashing down around you… Isaac because he is Isaac and Kenji seems hellbent on avenging the world for the death of his son. But you, you Adrian, seem to be doing it for fun… And that scares the hell out of me more than anything.”

Brooks shivers thinking about Adrian Corazon’s violent nature.

“However, Adrian, unlike Trey Willet and unlike Mike Dexter, I’m not going to turn tail and run away. I will not be squashed. I will not let you turn my lights off. I will fight with my every tactile muscle. Because I will not let you run roughshod over the people that made me, the fans. Those people that cheer me, they cheer me because I make them realise that all their dreams can become reality. I will not let you crush that, Adrian.”

“You can make me bleed. You can take my title. You can beat me until I can barely move. But I won’t let you take my dreams.”

Alex Brooks stands up and folds the chair up. He leans on the now folded chair.

“I will not retreat. I will not surrender.”

He picks the chair and tucks under his arm.

“And I will keep dreaming.”

Alex Brooks walks down the corridor, folded chair under his arm.

Revolution / Victory Matters[II/II]
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Alex Brooks is sitting on a brown leather 2-seater lounge, the SHOOT Project helmet banner is pinned to the wall behind him. Alex Brooks leans forward from his slouching position.

“You know, I’ve spent the entire time in Brazil visiting tourist sites, watching games on the beach; basically just enjoying my time in the host city of the 2016 Olympics. Not because I don’t want to train or I don’t want to commit to the pre-requisite promotional material required by SHOOT Project, but because since Isaac Entragian posted his video, I’ve been wracking my brain for ideas.”

Brooks leans forward on the chair placing his elbows on his knees and his chin in the cup created by his hands. He smiles, exposing a gap-toothed veneer.

“And honestly – I had none. So I went out and visited the city of Rio to see if Brazil could give me some. Maybe the ocean air would clear my head and I would be full of fantastic metaphors and similes that would leave Entragian lost for words the same way I was and still am.”

Brooks shakes his head.

“I wouldn’t call it funny… And it’s not really ironic that I face Isaac in Rio. A city of such juxtaposition, the people of this city are almost as diametrically opposite in ideals as Isaac and I, but they are bound primarily by one thing… faith. Whereas, Isaac and I… we are bound by SHOOT Project.”

“But you know even after all my time enjoying everything the city has to offer from the Cristo Redentor, the Corcovado Mountains and the wonderful beaches. I was still lost in my thoughts. I didn’t know if I was stuck on the intimidation that your physical presence presents; or if I was stuck on the violence that you’ve been known to unleash on your opponents. Something about you, Isaac had me worried… Maybe I had fallen victim to your infamous mind games. I didn’t know. I did know that you would be the biggest opponent I’ve ever faced in my short career. Maybe that was what worried me, maybe in the short time that I’d been in Rio I’d lost faith in my plan to stick and move against you to prevent you wrapping your monstrous paws around my throat and having your way with me.”

Brooks furrows his brow.

“Truth be told, Isaac, I was lost… Not so much that I would walk off a cliff like a lemming or follow the next madman who believes himself to be God into a massacre, but in my thoughts. For some reason I came to doubt my ideas… my abilities. Couldn’t tell you why? But at some point last night, after laying awake staring at the off-white ceiling above my hotel bed I came to a realisation.”

Brooks grins.

“You sliced open a pig! A pig, for some reason, mentally I had replaced that dead porcine carcass with the mental image of myself. That was why I had no idea and all that self doubt. So now that’s out of the way, Isaac. I’m ready to go toe-to-toe, nose-to-chest and give you everything I’ve got. Hopefully it will be enough to overcome your penchant for violence and your almost insatiable blood lust. At Revolution Seventy-Five we’ll see… Won’t we?”

Brooks collapses backwards allowing himself to be swallowed by the soft leather. He lets out a relaxing sigh before continuing on.

“I don’t know why you are your Project: SCAR cohorts have placed me on this pedestal. With this mistaken believe that I am the heart and soul of SHOOT Project. That still confuses me, no matter how many times I remember all you did was carve up a pig, not me. But, ask yourself Isaac… do you really think by destroying me that you’ll destroy the will of SHOOT Project and its fans. Because I don’t think you will. For one, I don’t think Donovan King will stand around and let you destroy the house he fights so hard to protect, and two… they’re will always will be someone coming along to fight against your injustices… it might even be someone you don’t expect like a Dina Bryce or an Alex Cruz.”

Brooks adjust his positions with a little shuffle.

“So while you and Kenji might think me something special, I’m no more special than those that came before me and those that will follow. And I’ll tell you something, Isaac, I won’t go down easily. You could break my nose, but you won’t break my will.  No matter how many times you knock me down… I will stand back up. I will keep moving forward. Even in this match, Isaac, I will stand up and fight, because every time I step into that ring. It matters to me…. Sure, I might be on a personal mission of violence and masochism disguised as a crusade to bring equality to the world. But I am a wrestler. I intend to be a World Champion before career is done, and a victory over you will bring me one step closer to that goal… with the inequality in size and experience between us, I’m pretty sure that a fighting loss help me on my path. Not that I will satisfied with a loss, Isaac. I’m the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender champion… I will never, again, be satisfied with a loss… not anymore.”

Brooks leans forward into the position he was sitting before.

“You know what, Isaac… In an odd sort of way I’m glad that Kenji chose me to be an example for your crusade. It means that I, Alex Brooks get to stand up to all that is wrong in the world. People like you, who would rather steal their glory than earn their glory. People that would rather destroy those above them, than elevate themselves to the level of those they hate.”

“That’s not me, never has been. Even in SHOOT Project I intend to earn everything I get with every victory that I gain. I hope that every loss is my last, and if it’s not than I will learn from that mistake that cost me.”

Brooks looks around.

“Yes… Isaac we are very different. We have taken vastly different paths to get to our meeting point in the ring at Revolution Seventy-Five, and those paths have shaped who we are… Isaac, I will bring what I have to ring, but I won’t just be trying to survive you, I will be out there doing everything I can to defeat you… Because victory matters to me…”

Brooks stands up and looks at the banner hanging behind him.

“Because this is SHOOT Project.”

Brooks reaches up and rips the banner from the wall and folds it under his arm before walking out of shot.


Revolution / Reputations [i/ii]
« on: May 04, 2011, 09:20:02 PM »

Alex Brooks walks into the shot, and looks directly into the camera.


Brooks pronounces the word with a slight lisp. He reaches into his mouth and removes what appears to be a dental plate with a single tooth attached.


Brooks looks at his dental plate; this time he pronounces his opponent's without a lisp.

“Sorry. I’m still trying to get used to talking with this thing.”

Brooks pulls a plastic case from his pocket and puts his dental plate inside. Brooks takes a seat on the wooden stool that is in front of the SHOOT Project helmet banner.

“Champion versus Champion, that’s what this match is Isaac. You, the man who wears Iron First title around his waist. A man who has garnered the reputation of being one of the meanest, violent men the industry has ever seen. And then there’s me, Alex Brooks – the Rule of Surrender Champion. SHOOT Project’s little engine that could.”

Brooks shakes his head.

“The day I drew that metaphor I never that it would catch on… But, that is besides the point isn’t it, Isaac? We were talking about this being champion versus champion, reputation versus reputation. But, you know what Isaac when you and step onto the canvas between that steel ropes, and that bells rings. Our titles won’t matter and neither will our reputations.”

“It won’t matter that you are a former two-time LEGACY World Champion. It won’t matter that the only reason I am wrestling in SHOOT Project is because I won a reality television contest with MTV.”

“It won’t matter that you disposed of Jamie Alejandro and Lennox Ferguson to win your title, and it won’t matter that I ran the gauntlet to win mine.”

“It won’t matter that you spent a good part of your youth travelling with the sideshows. It won’t matter that I spent my youth jumping on a trampoline doing back flips, front flips and pirouettes.”

“It won’t matter that you stand seven foot tall and weigh over three hundred pounds, while I am barely five foot nine and am lucky to tip the scales at one sixty five.”

“It won’t matter that you sharpened your teeth, or that I lost a tooth.”

“It won’t matter that you refined your wrestling style into something that could be considered sublime brutality, or that I am still learning the art of what works and what doesn’t.”

“None of it will matter when the bell rings… reputations, championships, past victories… none of it. That’s the past. It’s something to learn from, not anything to dwell on. Sure, it’s great to be able to say that I forced former SHOOT Project World Champion X-Calibur to pass out, but that isn’t going to help me against you, is it? Of course not, you are a different beast. What will help me against you is learning everything about anything I can about you. It won’t guarantee me victory, but it will put me in with a chance.”

Alex Brooks pauses and plays with his hole in his smile where his tooth was.

“Isaac, I know there is no point trying to wrestle a power game with you, truthfully, there is no point trying to power wrestle with anyone. But, it’s even more obvious when it comes to you. I know I have to stick and move. In the words of Muhammad Ali I’ve got to 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee'.  While I’m not going to try and box with you, I will aim to take you down with fast strikes to gain the necessary momentum needed to take you down and seize victory.”

A small grin crosses Brooks’ face, exposing the newly minted gap in his teeth.

“But, why would I tell you how I will attempt to beat you. It doesn’t make a lot of sense does it? Unless…”

Alex takes an extra long pause, for effect.

“I am trying to engage in the mental warfare that you are so fond of. I’ll be honest, that’s not my forte. Trying to scare and intimidate my opponents doesn’t really work when you have a face that’s been compared to the current pre-teens favourite idol, Justin Beiber, until Kenji stole my tooth. But, I can see how it would work for you Isaac, the albinism, the purposely carved pointed teeth and the surgically enhanced forked tongue. I can see how you would use your physical image to increase the palatable fear in the psyche of your opponent. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did it to me… And I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a degree of success.”

Brooks nods.

“Yes, I said it, Isaac. You do have the ability to scare me. I mean if you tell me something, talk about the damage you can inflict, create the image of maggots infesting my rotting corpse… or something like that. It’s natural that I am going to start thinking about it. It’s natural. Just like you will think about me kicking you in the nuts, if I tell that I am going to kick you in the nuts.”

“But, I’m not going to kick you in the nuts, Isaac. It was just something I was using to draw parallels to the imagery you like to create. Sort of like the time I compared myself to the children’s story of the little engine that could. But, you, you can’t really be compared to any feel good children’s story can you? I could compare you to bogeyman. Which would fit really… It’s not the bogeyman that scares the children. It’s the thought of what the bogeyman could do them that scares them. And that’s how it works for you isn’t it. You drum the idea that you are going to something sick and sadistic to your opponent that it plays on their mind so much that in the end they believe that same sick and sadistic thing to them. Even if you weren’t planning to anything worse than hit them with the Disemboweler.”

“That’s your reputation anyway.”

“But like I said earlier, reputations will count for nothing come bell time for you and me at Revolution seventy five.”

Brooks jumps of his stool.

“Until we meet in the ring Pale Rider… until then.”

Brooks nods, in what almost appears to be a nod of respect. He reaches into the pocket of jeans to grab his plate and puts it back into his mouth as he walks out of shot leaving the empty wooden stool in front of the SHOOT Project Helmet.


Dominion / We Can All Walk Away Happy...
« on: April 16, 2011, 11:45:52 PM »
“I don’t get it” said Alex Brooks innocently.

Alex Brooks sat across the table from Jerry Eisenhower in their favourite Las Vegas Diner. Their meals had been finished in front of them and were waiting to be taken away by the waitress. Alex Brooks was fiddling with the salt shaker, as he often did when he was confused or nervous.

“What’s there ta get, Kid?” responds Jerry in his best cranky old man tone.

“Why would Kenji just give up?”

“Really, Kid. Ya just gotta get past it. He decided he’d had enough. Ya won. Ya kept ya belt.” Jerry says in effort to end his young friend’s confusion over the situation.

“But I don’t get it. Why would he do it? I mean, let’s be honest Jerry. He had me beat. And then he stopped. It just doesn’t make sense.” Says Alex Brooks still completely at a loss to explain why Kenji Yamada just stopped trying at Salvation.

“Well he did. Ya still a champ, Kid. How many people can say that? Not many. Run with that. Ok?”

The salt shaker he was twirling slips from Alex’ grasp and it clangs against the table, causing the lid to pop off the container and salt to spill across the laminate table top. Jerry looks down at the spillage.

“No use cryin’ over spilled salt, Kid.

Both men share a bit of chuckle, but it is obvious that Alex Brooks is still disturbed by the finish of his Rule of Surrender match at Salvation. In his mind, he is unable to rationalise why someone would just stop fighting like Kenji Yamada did. In his mind, he believes that the victories and the accolades are what you fight for. To prove that you are the best that you can be. In his mind, he feels he should have lost the title at Salvation. In his mind, he feels he is still a fluke for winning the title.

And that bothers him greatly.

Jerry recognises the look of not quite anguish on the face of his young charge, and seeks to console him. “Kid, ya can’t worry about the actions of others. Ya did ya best and for whatever reason; Kenji decided he’d had enough. Ya gotta take that. Ya a champ, a champ in SHOOT Project, no less. Some people go their whole careers hopin’ for that. Ya done it, early in ya path. And ya retained it too… Chin up.”

Alex looks at Jerry, taking in what he just said to him. But, it is obvious by his facial expressions that it hasn’t done much to allay his confusion. “Ok, Jerry. Thanks.”


Alex Brooks is standing in front of the SHOOT Project Banner. The helmet prominently displayed behind. He is clad is a pair of a blue jeans and a generic SHOOT Project t-shirt. Resting over his shoulder is the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Championship belt in all of its splendid glory, so much so it almost dominates the scenery.

“Normally, I would like to be a little more prompt when it comes to presenting for SHOOT Project promotional material, but the actions of Kenji at Salvation left me confused. I didn’t understand why he just stopped, and truth be told I still don’t understand why he did what he did.”

Alex Brooks looks at his feet.


Brooks looks straight ahead again.

“He says he wanted to make a statement, send a message, and mould me in a graven image or whatever it is he is going on about… This is a competitive sport… where winning gives you an edge, a boost over the opposition and lets you progress up the charts.”

Brooks looks left and right.


Brooks blinks.

“You don’t want wins and losses; you want to send a message. You want to make a statement. Wouldn’t winning titles and crushing opposition help with sending that message? Don’t get me wrong, your actions allowed me keep my title. Your actions allowed me to continue to be someone the fans of SHOOT Project can rally around. Because, let’s be honest before you decided to takes Christ’s image in vain, you more than likely had me beat.”

Brooks shrugs.

“There’s no point lying about that. I could say you hadn’t beaten Kenji. I could say I would’ve powered out of any submission hold you could have locked me in, but on the balance of probabilities I was beaten. Until… you decided to send a message.”

“What was it? You want to put me in the mud, to see if I became a flower or became like you? Well, Kenji – I can tell you, without a word of a lie, I will never be like you. I will always stand tall for the things that I believe in. I will always be someone the fans can cheer. They are my lifeblood. Even when I lose their cheers and claps they give me energy. It makes my day to know that I have impressed just one person. That’s why Kenji I will never be like you. Yes, it was tragic what Azraith did your son, but that is no excuse for you to destroy the world.”

“Of course, all this talk and conjecture will mean nothing come Dominion, because this game, it’s a week by week proposition. Don’t get me wrong, Kenji, I will come out attempt to beat you this week. Pin you to the match after executing the Starburst, but of course, this isn’t just about you and me is it. No, this is a tag match featuring our SHOOT Project World Champion, Cade Sydal on your side of the ring and Ben Jackman standing next to me – lots of variables are in play. It’s not just about me and you and your goal to take what you call the beautiful of the world and make it an ugly place… And I’m sorry Kenji… but I won’t let you start with SHOOT Project. Not now, not ever.”

“So, Kenji, while I don’t understand your motivations or your lack of desire to win matches, but, that won’t change the fact that those are the things that I want. I want to pin you in the middle of the ring. I want to be a long reigning Rule of Surrender Champion. And one day… I want to be a World Champion, just like your tag team partner, Cade Sydal.”

Brooks stops talking, and waves.

“Hi, Cade."

"I am truthfully honoured to have a chance to compete against you. I am you are the SHOOT Project World Champion, a legend in the business. Someone, whose talent I aspire to have one day. When it comes to wrestling, I wish I was as talented as you. But, on a personal level I never, ever want to be like you are now. Your lifestyle choices are just something I don’t aspire to.”

“The drugs… the cheating… it might work for you, but it’s not for me, nor will it ever be. There is sort of a running line, your lifestyle, Kenji’s choices are both things that are definitely not for me, I guess it’s appropriate that you two are on the same team and I am on the opposite side of the ring to the pair of you.”

“But, you know how I said I wanted to have a career like you, that won’t mean I will be awestruck by your presence. In fact, I hope to stand face to face with you at some point and get a lock up. I want to see how much I actually know and how clever I can be when it comes to countering and re-countering the things you throw at me. See, Kenji might be a brutal monster when it comes to this game, but you, you are a technical genius when it comes to holds and twists and knots you are tie a man in. I want to know want I know, and you can show me that.”

“Of course, by facing you in the ring… I have the added bonus of possibly securing a victory of the reigning world champion of the premier wrestling federation in the world today.”

Brooks grins.

“How can I knock that back?”

“Realistically, for someone like me, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to prove that I more than the little engine that could, more than a kid that is riding a lucky streak. That I am someone that has to be taken seriously, each and every time I step into the ring. And beating you Cade that gives me that instant respectability.”

“Thanks, Cade.”

Another broad grin crosses Alex’ face.

“And I mean that. If winning the Rule of Surrender Championship took me from obscurity, than scoring a pinfall victory over you will send me soaring into the stratosphere and then it will be up to me to capitalise of the chance that you gave me. But, let’s be honest even if I take the loss for my team this week, then it’s not worst thing in the world, because it’s what it too be expected.”

“So, this is really win-win for me.”

Brooks brushes his hair of his face.

“Now, it’s just up to me to make sure that it’s not a losing situation for Ben Jackman. And everyone will walk away happy…”

Brooks' smiles and walks out of camera shot, leaving only the SHOOT Project helmet logo. Fade to Black.

General Discussion / Mark!~
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You fucking RAWK~!

Way to Rep SHOOT, bruthah!

Mixed Media / What happens when MJ picks on fat kids.
« on: March 15, 2011, 12:24:03 AM »
Fat kid strikes back

MJ, we told you not to pick on fat kids... you should listen.

Salvation / No Apologies[i/ii]
« on: March 14, 2011, 11:34:09 PM »
Cardiff, Wales – Dusk.

Obviously we are in a cemetery. The headstones lined up in neat little columns and rows, the grass manicured to perfection. In the distance a single figure stands in front of a grave. As we move closer we can make out that our solitary figure is Alex Brooks.

“Thanks for coming”

Alex Brooks acknowledges the cameraman’s journey to the cemetery. 

“Kenji, I brought you here for a reason, and no, I’m not going to go on some death and murder inspired rant just to cause confusion. I’m not going to tell you this is where you will lay after Salvation or anything morbid like that. I brought you here, because of something you said to me about why you do what you do. You made the claim the fans of our sport are reason you have become the man you are. You claim their demands are the reason you lust for blood. You say that the fans, the people are the reason you and Project: SCAR exists… the reason you want to bring everything down your level…”

“Sorry, I’m rambling… The reason I brought you here to is to show you are man who always gave everything he had for the people.”

Brooks directs the camera around to the face of the tombstone. Due to the poor light it is hard to make out the name, until a secondary light source illuminates the marble stone

Raymond Willmott

Before more of the headstone can be read the secondary light source turns off and the camera refocuses on Brooks.

“Yes, Kenji – this is where Ray Willmott rests. This is the type of man whose legacy you are trying to tear down when you say that you want to make the world ugly, because the fans wanted too much of you."

Alex frowns, and he shakes his head.

“This man here, Ray Willmott – this was a man that cared. He didn’t live to tear others down. He lived to build others up. Ray Willmott was a man who went out every night he was asked and put on a show for the people that made him who he was. He gave everything he had until he had nothing left. He gave everything he had until his last breath.”

“This was a man who ran a comic store, but was always at the counter talking to his customers about his wrestling past and discussing the next big storyline in the world of Marvel or DC. He was always there for the little people. He allowed people to dream.”

“Ray Willmott didn’t complain when they cheered for him, when he lay bleeding on the canvas after battling Diamond Del Carver. No, he knew the people cheered him for his effort that he put in for them.”

“Ray Willmott didn’t complain when he fell short trying to lift the SHOOT Project World Title. No, he kept going out there and putting his best effort to lift that title skyward. He kept going out to put on the good show.”

“That was what he did… and he was loved for it. Maybe if you acted the same way, Kenji – you would be loved too”

Alex Brooks pauses suddenly and looks at the ground and then looks at Ray before walking away from his grave.

“But this is enough disrespect… Kenji, I will finish this somewhere else.”


Alex Brooks is sitting on the couch in his hotel room; the heavy winter jacket that he wore at Ray Willmott’s resting place is lying over the back of the couch next to him.

“Sorry about that… But it wasn’t right to be there longer than I needed to be.”

“Watching and listening to you and your Project: Scar teammates, Kenji, you only seem interested in turning the world into a living nightmare. You seem more interested in tearing the world down than building it up. And that’s the wrong way to go about things. Yes, some people have more than others – but either they or their families have earned those things. They may look down upon others… but their time to be judged with come and it will be by a being far more important that you, Kenji.”

“And yes, there are people in the world who don’t have as much as others. That’s unfortunate, but if you really wanted to make the beautiful wouldn’t it make more sense to help these less fortunate people, then to tear those they you consider more fortunate than you… Kenji, it’s easy to tear a building down… it’s a whole lot harder to plant a garden, to nurture it and watch it grow…”

Alex shakes his head.

“You’re right… Kenji. I don’t understand you’re frame of mind. I don’t understand why you would want to make the world an ugly place. I don’t understand why you take pleasure from other people’s misery… especially when you claim the misery you felt when everyone wanted more than you could give was what made you the way you are…”

“It’s a little bit hypocritical isn’t it?”

Brooks gets up from the couch and walks to the window and looks out across the Cardiff City skyline at night.

“I might not understand why you believe what you believe… but I will give your right to have the freedom of your beliefs. But, Kenji, why are we even fighting for a title that you don’t care about.”

“That’s disrespectful.”

“Disrespectful to me, disrespectful to all the people out the back, disrespectful to the fans that you claim fail to respect you… maybe there is something in that? Of course, you can use SHOOT Project as a forum to communicate you message to the world, but with your lack of caring about winning… wouldn’t it make more sense to stand on a street corner and shout the masses or to crash a fashion show and make the models ugly with a bucket of lamb’s blood or something like that?”

Alex Brooks closes his eyes, but continues to talk.
“By the end of my career, Kenji… my name will be on the SHOOT Project Marquee… I will be a beacon to the people. By the end of our match at Salvation, I will stand with my arms pointing to the ceiling with the Rule of Surrender Title belt held between my hands. I will embrace the cheers of the crowd, because I respect them and they respect me. I will honour Ray Willmott’s memory as man who mattered. I will shake your hand and pay you my respect as an honourable opponent who battled nobly.”

Alex opens his eyes.

“Kenji, I am a dreamer… And I make no apologies for that.”

Alex focuses his eyes.

“No apologies…”


General Discussion / TEW 2005 presents... SHOOT Project
« on: March 11, 2011, 02:40:40 AM »
So yeh, I've been playing around with the freeware version of TEW 2005 and have created a world based around SHOOT Project and my e-fed history. It's a long way from a properly working mod, but Josh has asked me to ship it him which I will once I've done a little more with it. And I'm sure he will make it available to everyone else.

So I'm running the start of my watcher game... based on it's awesomeness!  ;D

Monday, Week 1, March 2011 - Revolution

Show Rating B-

Johnny Patriot def. Corazon, Pestalance & Jay Skylar for the SHOOT Project LoS Title
Donovan King def. Kenji Yamada
Logan Garcia def. Jaime Alejandro for the SHOOT Project SCC Title
Laura Seton and Tanya Black went to a Double DQ
X-Calibur def. Cade Sydal for the SHOOT Project RoS Title
Isaac Entragian def. Mike Dexter for the SHOOT Project Heavyweight Title

Laura Seton, Alex Brooks, Azrael Georen, Kid Lightning & Tanya Black released by SHOOT Project.

Thursday, Week 1, March 2011 - Dominion

Show Rating B-

Akuma Satsui def. Corey Lazarus
Jonas Coleman & Pestalance def. Stan Erichson & Johnny Patriot for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles
Lennox Ferguson def. Cade Sydal
Jay Skylar def. Ben Jackman
TMB & Mike Dexter def. Isaac Entragian & Buck Dresden
FLASH Dynamite def. Rocky Stellar

Jason Johnson has appointed Diamond Del Carver head booker of SHOOT Project

Alex Cruz released.

That's the SHOOT Project News for the week.

Salvation / Monsters [I/II]
« on: March 08, 2011, 12:24:02 PM »
"On March 26... At Salvation, I do what a champion does. I defend my title."

Alex Brooks comes into shot, wearing a pair of dark green cargo shorts and a black SHOOT Project Hoodie. The hood is up, but there is enough light to clearly see his brilliant blue boys and his Bieber-like good looks that make young girls swoon. The Epicenter cafeteria is empty right now, except for Alex. He randomly selects a table and sits down on it, using a seat as a footstool.

The young Rule of Surrender Champion surveys his environment, the fluorescent lights reflecting brightly off the steel surfaces that surround him. He reaches up and flicks the hood off his head to reveal his scruff of blonde locks.

"Some would say that Salvation is an appropriately title event for the men of SHOOT Project... Especially me, when you consider the man that I am pitted against. A man who is considered an expert in the techniques needed to win this match, a man who is known as a human weapon; a man who is a Monster."

Alex Brooks looks left and then right.

"Kenji Yamada."

Brooks looks down at the white tiles of the Epicenter lunchroom, before looking back up.

"You know, when I was young, I used to be afraid of Monsters. I used think the Bogeyman hid in my wardrobe. I used to think something vicious was under my bed. I believed the sock monster in the clothes dryer would climb out and get me if I wasn't careful. When the branches of an oak tree scratched at my window at night I used think it was something coming to get me in my sleep."

"But the key thing to remember here, Kenji, is that I used to be afraid. Not anymore. I grew up and I grew out of my childhood fears. I came to learn that those demons and those horrid beasts that once deprived me of my sleep were nothing more than figments of an over-active childhood imagination."

"Kenji, I learned that monsters don't exist."

A cheeky grin crosses the almost angelic features of Alex Brooks' face.

"So, if you're a monster, Kenji and monsters don't exist that would mean you don't exist, wouldn't it? Well, of course you exist, but what it does mean is that you are no more than monster than me, Dina Bryce or even Caleb Knox. You are just another man standing across the ring from me when the bell is rung. Sure, you could be more violent than me. Sure, you might be willing to go further lengths to harm me, than I would you... just because you can. But you still bleed just like I do. Your bones break just like mine. Your tendons snap just like mine. And you feel pain just like I do. Now, Kenji, don't get me wrong... I'm not talking tough to try and intimidate you. That would be pointless. I'm just saying that you can be defeated. Just like I can"

"We're men, Kenji, that's means were fallible. Sure, sometimes, our own egos won't let us admit us such, but it doesn't change the fact that on any given day, any man, woman or child with the will to win can walk away with the victory. It happened at Dominion 2 when I overcame three other men to win this title... a title, all the so-called experts said I had no chance of winning."

"I fought a hell of a fight to win the belt, and you are going to have to put me through to hell to take it from me, Kenji. I am a champion in SHOOT Project, not many people can lay claim to that. In fact, scores of legends will walk in and out these doors without ever lifting championship gold... so there is no way that I will let you waltz in and take my Rule of Surrender title."

"I have to be honest here, I like being champion. I like the feel of the extra weight in my carry on luggage as we travel the globe. While, I might be have been the considered the fashionable choice when the gauntlet was run, the fact is, I outworked, outhustled and outlasted everyone to win this thing, and you, Kenji, you are going to have to work harder than me to take it from me."

Alex Brooks taps away the nervous energy in his body with his feet on the chair he is using is a footstool.

"Kenji, in alot of ways, I'm excited to be facing you. You're dangerous. You're cunning. You're talented. You're violent. You are an adversary that will challenge me. I don't want you beat me - that, that would be stupid. Facing you now, Kenji, it's a test a of how far I've come, you see. While, I might have been the "little engine that could" before I won this title, the fact is I can't continue to hang my career on being that "little engine". I need to continue to become more than that. Otherwise I'll just be known as SHOOT Project's version of Buster Douglas. And I don't want that."

"Truth is, as a boy living his dream of wrestling on the grandest stage I want my name to be one of the first names you think of when you mention SHOOT Project. I want to be considered a legend next to the likes of The Real Deal or OutKast. And retaining this title against someone like you will help me. Retaining this title against you mean I am more than a one hit wonder."

Brooks slides off the table and drops onto the chair.

"Come Salvation, I will prove that I belong within the top tiers of SHOOT Project. I will prove that you are only another man standing in front of me. Come Salvation... I will not be defeated."

"No matter what the result."

Brooks stands up, and walks forward.

"I will not quit, Kenji. I don't believe in quitting. You might force to the point where I can not take the pain of whichever wretched submission hold you can lock me in... You might take my do that... I might do that to you too."

"You might take my title... if you're good on the day. But I promise you will not defeat me. No matter what you do I will stand up, and I will continue to fight the good fight..."

"Because monsters are nothing to be afriad of."


Alex Brooks is peering through a small gap he has made in the curtain to look out upon the room full of reporters. He is about to take part in a SHOOT Project scheduled press conference.

Truthfully, he is a little nervous about the whole experience. He has been briefed about what sort of questions he might be asked, but having never been involved in a press conference before he doesn’t know exactly how it will play out.

Out in front, the reporters mingle amongst themselves waiting for their guest of honour to be announced. A tap on the microphone garners their attention, bringing silence over the room, while a SHOOT Project representative announces the arrival of Alex Brooks. In true wrestling hoopla “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters plays over the PA system of the auditorium as Alex Brooks makes his way from behind the SHOOT Project helmet covered curtain.

The Rule of Surrender Championship belt is glistening grandly on his waist, while he is wearing one of the many surplus “Wrestling Spirit” t-shirts from his time as an MTV employee and jeans. The representative makes way from the podium to allow Alex to take his position. Brooks unclips the belt from his waist places in on the podium for the cacophony of reporters to admire.

Brooks:[/color] Hi.

A small murmur of response comes from the crowded room, as the hands of the paparazzi raise in the air to ask the first questions of our champion. Alex selects one reporter at random.

Reporter #1: Hi Alex, thanks for the invitation. The question that I want to ask is; how did you feel when you knew you had drawn number three for the gauntlet match?

Brooks pauses for a moment before answering.

Brooks: [/color]Truthfully, I was nervous. I wasn’t any more nervous than before the random draw, but still nervous. I knew I had drawn number 3, but since we all entered the room and drew our numbers from the box separately none of us knew who had what. At that point I didn’t know who would be the first man and I didn’t know who would last. I just knew that number three would mean that I would all but have to beat everyone to win the title.

Reporter #1 gets her head in the air again and Alex allows her to ask another question.

Reporter #1: To follow up on the first question. How did you feel when you saw TMB and Ron Barker as the first participants?

Brooks: [/color]Well, I knew I was next.

There is small chuckle from some of the reporters before the hands point skyward once more. Again, Alex selects someone at random to ask a question.

Reporter #2: Alex, you are known as a high-flyer of the ring. So, how did you prepare for match that relied on submissions for victory?

Brooks pauses while he thinks about how to respond to the question.
Brooks: Yes, my natural instinct it move quickly about the ring, the real thing I care about is improving myself as a wrestler and putting on a good show for the people that pay to see us.

Reporter #2: You didn’t answer the question.

Brooks: [/color]You didn’t let me finish. As I was saying, I care about putting on show. But, I knew I needed to improve my submission based skills to be competitive not only against my opponents, but also in the style of match. Some of you may know that I do a lot of my training with Jerry Eisenhower, who is a veteran of the travelling circuit. When I found out I was in this match, I went to him and asked that we focus on quick to execute holds. He ended suggesting to me that I focus on a rear-mounted sleeper, and to add a body scissors into the hold if necessary.

Reporter #2: Did you really think a sleeper hold would win?

Another reporter pipes up.

Reporter #3: I’m pretty sure it was good enough, Jeff. That’s a title on the podium there.

The room laughs at Jeff, who is hiding his head. Brooks nods to the third reporter and allows him to ask the next question.

Reporter #3: When you had submitted Ron Barker and Ozzy Kilminster, how did it feel knowing that former SHOOT Project World Champion, X-Calibur was all that stood in your way to the Rule of Surrender gold?

Brooks: [/color]Well.

Brooks pauses and takes a sip from the glass of water in front of him.

Brooks: [/color]Well, when I entered this match I just wanted to prove that I could belong with competitors with the level of talent that my opponents have. When I force Barker out, and then Ozzy too, I will admit I was on a high. But, X brought me back to earth pretty quickly, especially when he tossed me into the crowd. It was that moment that I thought to myself, I can’t give up. And I knew I was close to an opportunity of a lifetime. I wasn’t letting go easily. So, I steadied myself and fought. And history shows I did enough to put X-Calibur to sleep and win the title.

Jeff decides to quickly ask a question again.

Jeff: Azrael Goeren, X-Calibur’s partner, has said that he believes it was a choke hold.

Brooks: [/color]It wasn’t a choke hold. If you go back to the footage you will see that.

The SHOOT Project Rep taps Brooks on the shoulder and whispers something in his ear. Brooks nods and turns back to his audience.

Brooks: [/color]Sorry guys, But I’ve been told there is only time for one more question before I get to other responsibilities.

With that every hand in the room reaches for the stars. Eventually, Brooks picks out a reporter.

Reporter #4: Your mentor was disgraced former Sin City Champion, Mr. Heart, a man who ducked challenges at every opportunity. What do you say to people who say you are going to be the same?

Brooks: [/color] Look, I don’t know what happened between Mr. Heart and SHOOT Project Management, it’s not my business. However, I can tell you, I believe a champion should defend their belt at every opportunity. I will defend this belt whenever management asks me to, and I will defend to the best of my ability.  Thankyou.

The SHOOT Project Representative moves Alex Brooks away from the podium. He thanks the reporters for their time and picks the Rule of Surrender belt off the podium, handing to Alex, as he passes through the curtain.

General Discussion / Funny thing...
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So my cat decided that she would she sniff my son as he was laying on the floor butt naked.

He decided it would be funny to piss on her face.

General Discussion / Don't ya hate it when...
« on: February 06, 2011, 03:02:16 PM »
The guy that is supposed to replaced you at 10am, after starting at Midnight rings you and says he is not coming in... especially when the boss is on Holidays and the afternoon shift is already off, so the back up you normally have is already covering that shift.

Welcome to a 16hr shift for 8hrs pay. Fuckin Yay!

Sports and Fighting / Cleveland Cavaliers
« on: February 06, 2011, 11:35:00 AM »
...yeh, they suck right now.

Meanwhile, Kevin Love proves white guys can still play basketball without being European or Canadian.

And I will shed a tear when Ray Allen breaks Reggie Miller's record.

Dominion / Better.[ii/ii]
« on: February 05, 2011, 11:23:53 PM »
Alex Brooks had made the journey to Australia a little over a week ago. He’d made the decision to spend most of his stay in Sydney, the city where Dominion 2 would be taking place. In that time he had grown accustom to the Sydney Olympic Park area.

He visited the Monster Skate Park often; he’d shown some of the kids his gnarly moves on a skateboard. He ventured out to Sydney Harbour on the Parramatta Rivercat. He enjoyed that journey.

He climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He admired the structural marvels that are the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

He signed a few autographs for the fans that recognised him. That gave him a buzz.

He did all this in the day.

At night, he trained.

Alex Brooks knew he was probably the most overmatched competitor in this match in terms of raw ability, but he was determined to walk out of this match with the Rule of Surrender Championship.

Alex trained every night until he couldn’t stand.

Sometimes that was running to improve his endurance.

Sometimes that was lighting weights to increase his strength.

Sometimes it was in the ring to develop his skill.

He hoped it would be enough.


Alex Brooks was in the crowd of a local wrestling put on by Australian Pro Wrestling, the semi-main event had just concluded and they ring announcer had announced their would be a short intermission before tonight’s main event which would feature Johnny Quick defending his Australian Heavyweight Title against Hitoshi Yamato from Japan.

During the intermission before the main event there was going to be a pass around to raise money for the victims of Queensland and Victorian floods and more recently, Cyclone Yasi.

Alex had heard about Cyclone Yasi on the news just after he had arrived. He didn’t know much about the area, but he heard that he struck somewhere near Dina Bryce’s hometown. He hoped her family was alright. That’s why he put some much money into the bucket. You had to help your friends.

After the bucket passed by Alex, he looked around and picked up on a conversation between a groups boys.

“D’ya get tickets to the SHOOT Project show at Acer?”

“Yeh, I got us tickets. Had’ta get em in the nosebleeds though. Can’t believe that it sold out so quick.”

“It’s SHOOT Project man. The best wrestling fed in the world. Better than that VWF shit we always get on TV down here.”

“Yeh, I fuckin hate the VWF.”

“Ya see we got the Rule of Surrender as our main event.”

“Yeh, but those bastards in Melbourne got Cade Sydal and Azraith DeMitri for the World Title.”

“The gauntlet match will cool man, can’t wait to see Ozzy and TMB punch the shit outta each other.”

“Hey did you see that video X-Calibur posted on the SHOOT Project site.”

“Oh man. How funny was that shit? I wish I could do that some taxi driver. That would be funny.”


“What about TMB and his sore shoulder.”

“Oh man, I reckon he’s just making excuses for when he gets his ass handed to him by Ozzy and Ron Barker. “

“Still he’s better than little nerd Alex Brooks. What was it? I think I can.”

“Ya know, I think I can kick his ass.”

“Dude, my little sister could kick his ass.”

The group burst into laughter as Alex winces at the joke made at his expense. He continues to listen to conversation.

“So, Johnno, who ya think will win the match. I reckon Ron Barker match. That guy is fuckin’ devious.”

“I reckon X-Calibur will man. He’ll kick all their asses.”

“Ozzy is MMA dude man, he’ll rip all their arms out of their sockets. They’ll be tappin’ in seconds.”

The conversation comes to an abrupt end as the lights in the gym dim and sounds of Chemical Brothers “Setting Sun” fills the small gym as the Japanese superstar of the Canadian indies Hitoshi Yamato makes his way out onto the stage to the boos of the small but vocal crowd.


Alex Brooks is sweating. It’s obvious he’s been working out.

The room is full of archaic gym equipment and an old dilapidated wrestling ring dominates the centre of the dimly lit facility.

Brooks takes a seat on a bench.

“It seems… that some people think I am a joke.”

Brooks shakes his head.

“That’s not the image I wish to portray. I don’t want to be considered a joke. No wrestler would. Yet it seems that just because I am a nice guy that people seem to think I am someone to be laughed off and forgot about.”

“Well… you know what?”

“Dominion is where I prove everyone wrong. I will prove to the fans who doubt me that I can do it. I prove to the men and women backstage that think I am some form of novelty that will fade away like Karma Jones or Caleb Knox that I will not.”

“I will prove I belong… in the ring… with anyone.”

“Dominion is where I prove I am better.”

Brooks wipes the sweat from his brow.

“Sure, I can recognise that I am not the most talented individual… but that will come. I can recognise I am not the strongest… not the smartest… not the fastest. It’s hard to tell these things until I step into the ring… and do the absolute best that I can do. And at Dominion… That will mean winning the Rule of Surrender Title.”

“Yes, I believe I will win the match.”

“Ozzy doubts me.”

“Tom doubts me.”

“Ron keeps his cards close to his chest.”

“X-Calibur thinks I can do it… just not yet.”

“Well let me tell you, even if my time is not now. It will be very soon. I’m not here to be anyone’s punching bag. I’m not here to be the punch line of a long winded joke. I am here to be the best that I can be. And right now, that means winning the Rule of Surrender Title.”

“Whether that means running the gauntlet against four of the most violent men in the industry, or coming in at the end of the brutality and picking up the scraps. I will find a way to win… I have to.”

“Otherwise I will remain that joke that everyone sees now. The dumb kid that won some stupid contest ran by MTV. The talk backstage will be that I don’t deserve it, and the talk will be in the crowd will be of how everyone’s little sisters can beat me.”

“Dominion is my chance to change all that, to prove I am something more.”

“To prove I am something more than the little engine that could. That’s why the whole time I have been training… working… sweating… to become…”


“I’m not saying I will be able to punch as hard Tom Black. I’m not saying I will be to lock in submission holds as well as Ozzy Kilminster. I’m not saying I will have the wrestling knowledge of X-Calibur, and I won’t cheat as much as Ron Barker.”

“But I will be better than I was last week. And I hope it’s enough.”

Brooks looks at the ground.

“I know the Rule of the Surrender Title isn’t perceived as valuable as the World Title, but, right now, to me, it’s more valuable.”

“It’s my chance to climb from the bottom rung of the ladder.”

“It’s my chance to climb the mountain.”

“It’s my chance to stand on the turnbuckles with my arms held high as the show fades off the air.”

“It’s my chance to be better.”

“And I’ll be damned if I will let anyone stop me without a fight, no matter what their reputation.”

Brooks looks up from the ground.

“This match. It’s all I can think about. Every waking moment I think about what might happen. Every sleeping moment I dream about what might happen. I’m not thinking about whether Cade Sydal is going to win the World Title. I’m not thinking about whether Donovan King will jump me from behind next time or just stare me down. I’m focused. I’m not just brushing my opponents off just because I think there is a bigger picture. I’m not Thomas Manchester Black.”

“This is my big picture.”

“Tom, I hope your shoulder is good by Dominion. Actually I hope it’s better than good. I don’t want you to have an excuse when I or anyone else submits you. I want you out there punching me as hard as you can, I want to at your best… doing your best. I don’t want you to have any excuses. I don’t want to hear my shoulder hurt. I don’t want to hear that you weren’t focused.”

“At Dominion, forget Donovan King, forget Cade Sydal. But remember Alex Brooks. That way when I beat you I will know that I am…”


“That’s not an arrogant statement either; it’s not saying I am better than anybody. It’s just saying that I will be improved. As soon as I learned that I was in this match, I learned that I would need to improve my submission skills. I knew that will my current skill set I couldn’t let anyone catch me. Just like Ozzy said.”

“I can fly… I know that. I’m not the best at it. But I can do it. I like do it. But, I realised pretty quickly that jumping off the top rope isn’t going to help me all that much unless I get lucky and land a knee or an elbow on someone’s temple and knock ‘em out cold. But, if I miss and Ozzy catches me...”

“I’m dead… I know that.”

“So this week, I’ve practiced counters and re-counters. I’ve practiced everything I can think of to help me. I worked out how to apply knee locks and then I worked out how to escape knee locks. I worked how to apply shoulder locks and how to escape them. Choke holds too.”

“I’m not saying I know as much about this stuff as you do, Ozzy. But I’m pretty sure that I’ve learnt enough not to be embarrassed by you. And I’ve probably learnt enough to surprise you. See, I learned that it doesn’t matter how big you are, how strong you are or how high your threshold for pain is, if I get your joint going in the right direction to the wrong position… you will tap.”

“No question.”

“The only question is whether I can get your joint to that position. And I believe I can.”

“Ozzy, we’ve never stepped into the ring together before so I know you have nothing to compare it to, but compared to my last match… I am…”


“And I am better and I will prove that to X-Calibur. The only man who thinks I have some sort of chance in this match, even if he did say it with a touch of sarcasm.”

“But, you are right, X. I do have a chance.”

“I have a chance because I more than willing to put in the hard yards to be the best I can be. I’m not willing to rest on my laurels. Admittedly, I don’t have the background that you do, so I probably couldn’t just sit back like you, anyway.”

Brooks cracks his neck either side.

“As much fun as I’m sure you think you are having making fun of Rocky Stellar, and taking advantage of the less fortunate. It’s not the right thing to do. It certainly isn’t.”

“It’s wrong. Simple as that. I’m not laughing. Those kids aren’t laughing. The directors aren’t laughing. No one’s laughing… Except maybe you. And that doesn’t make you better than me. It doesn’t make you better than anyone. On paper… yeh, you might say you are. But for the person you are… you’re a terrible terrible person.”

“But… X, I can tell you one thing. I do matter.”

“I matter more than you can imagine. Because all you are capable of is grand standing to your own ego. But that’s to your own end.”

“Good for you.”

“Good for you, that you need to stand there and shout “I’m better than you” to all that can hear. Good for you that you need to stand there and run down everyone you look at it. Good for you that you can punch someone in the face that you know won’t punch you back. But, no matter how much crap you talk. I can tell you this. It doesn’t make you better.”

“What makes you better is working against the odds to beat men that everyone considers to be more talented than you. Better is overcoming the odds. Better is staring at the lights, out of breath and finding a way to escape that submission hold that is burning at your joints. Better is not how you are now.”

“Even now… you beating me, it doesn’t make you better than me. Everyone expects that. But if I was to beat you, that would shock the system. It would make everyone sit up and take notice. That would make me…”


“Better, not because I won, but better because I didn’t need to take advantage of sick children just for a demented laugh. That strikes as something Ron Barker would do. Maybe? What would I know? At the moment in the case of Ron Barker the only thing I know is that silence is golden.”

“I know Ron will come along soon enough and talk his talk. We all do that when it comes to it. He might tell me how I will be in for a hell of beating. He might tell me that he’ll stretch my vertebrae while he rips my leg off. He might tell me he’s a former Rule of Surrender champion. He might even type out a Wikipedia article about how he won the gauntlet match for the title at Dominion.”

“He might. He might not. X-Calibur thinks Ron’s got a chance. And he’s right. Just like all five of us, Ron Barker has a chance to win. Whether he is good enough to win, well that’s a case of finding out who is…”

Alex Brooks shrugs.

“Better. All of us think we are better than everyone is in this match. We have to, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have a chance. I have to believe I’m better. Whether it’s because I believe I’m more focused. Whether it’s because I have improved my skill set enough to surprise you the way a snake surprises a desert hare, whether it’s because I believe in giving my opponents their due, and not shouting them down or whether it’s because I just believe in myself.”

“I believe I am better than my opponents. And that includes you, Ron. I believe I can beat you. I know you’re a Rule of Surrender former champion, Ron. But, that’s history. Something I have to learn from, not something I have to dwell on.”

“You’re history doesn’t make you better than me. But I believe my future will make me better than you. I have to. Or I will lose. Those are simple facts. If I don’t believe in myself or my own abilities there is no way I can win. There is no way I can overcome this gauntlet. Without my self-belief I can’t beat you, Ron. Without my self-belief I can’t win this title.”

“But I do believe in my ability to overcome. I believe I will be…”


Alex Brooks stands up and walks to the ring and flips himself over the top rope and leans on the ropes looking out.

“At Dominion, whether I run the gauntlet from beginning to end. Whether I end up in the middle somewhere or I am the last one in the ring. I will give everything I have to win the Rule of Surrender Championship. I will endure as much pain as humanly possible. I will willingly bleed to win this title. I will push the envelope of my body’s capabilities. I will execute what I know… I will demonstrate what I learned. I want to win. I know I may not. But what I do know is that no matter what -- I am…”



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Not that I am getting any, but I have to watch my son get his first round of immunisations today.

Hmm, let's see if I am man or mouse.

Dominion / I Think I Can [i/ii]
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12 Hours Ago.

Alex Brooks took a flight from Colorado to rejoin the SHOOT Project World Tour. He had notified them last week that he was able to rejoin the tour after helping organise a nursing home for his grandmother.

10 Hours Ago.

Alex Brooks checked into the Sydney Olympic Park Novotel, a hotel that is approximately a three minute walk from Acer Arena, the venue for Dominion 2.

9 Hours Ago.

Alex Brooks checked the bookings.


This was a big moment for Alex; it was the first time he had left the country, having not made the trip to Japan for family issues. Now, sitting in a hotel room, in a foreign land he had just discovered that he was about to Main Event a SHOOT Project show and compete for one of the major titles in the company.

He was shocked that the company had granted him such an opportunity, after being taught a lesson by Mr. Heart at Reckoning Day in their match for the Sin City Championship.

When it came down to it, he didn’t really think he deserved to in the match…


He wasn’t going to let a shot at the title pass him by. He was going to work out a way to become SHOOT Project Rules of Surrender Champion.

Someway, Somehow.


Alex dreamed he would win the Rule of Surrender Title at Dominion. He dreamed he raised that title belt above his head while the cameras flashed and the fans cheered his victory.

1 Hour Ago.

Alex Brooks in his hotel room, looking out of over Sydney’s Olympic Precinct, the grand stadium that was the centrepiece of the best Olympic Games ever, dominates his eye line, past the stadium, but barely in view, is the glass façade of Acer Arena, the venue for Dominion 2.

Alex Brooks just stared out that window lost in thought.

The thought of becoming a champion.

Alex turns and walks away from the window.


Alex Brooks is standing in the massive open foyer of Acer Arena. Stairs to the left and right that take the audience to second tier of Stadium, an empty merchandise stand in front of him, behind that an empty food stall and empty bar. Behind them, the doors to the arena bowl.

Alex spins in a slow moving circle taking in the venue, before making his way into the empty arena, walking through the short hallway to the seating.  Brooks surveys the surrounds before sitting on one of the fold down red fabric seats, he looks at the large video screen pinned to ceiling, and down onto the empty concrete floor.

“I’ve been thinking about Dominion. I’ve been thinking about the fact I’m competing for a title in SHOOT Project.  I’ve been thinking about the men I have to face for this title.”

“Thinking about Ozzy, Ron Barker, TMB, X-Calibur… me. I’ve been thinking when you compare all of us it’s like a game of pick the thing that doesn’t fit in the group. And when you think about, I’m the only one that doesn’t fit in the group.”

“But… then I think if I’m in SHOOT Project… then I must belong.”

“Honestly, I’ve been thinking a lot.”

“I’ve been thinking been how I relate to this match. I’m not a former champion; I’m not a legend of the sport. I’m just a young kid who’s taking a chance. Really, I’m just like the little engine that could… Some of you may know that story, but let me repeat it for you, just so you understand.”

“A little railroad engine was employed about a station yard for such work as it was built for, pulling a few cars on and off the switches. One morning it was waiting for the next call when a long train of freight-cars asked a large engine in the roundhouse to take it over the hill "I can't; that is too much a pull for me," said the great engine built for hard work. Then the train asked another engine, and another, only to hear excuses and be refused. In desperation, the train asked the little switch engine to draw it up the grade and down on the other side. "I think I can," puffed the little locomotive, and put itself in front of the great heavy train. As it went on the little engine kept bravely puffing faster and faster, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."

“How does that story relate to me and this match? It’s a series of metaphors. Me, I’m the little engine, the underdog, the one that outsiders look at it as cannon fodder. But, it’s not going to stop me from doing everything in my power to achieve what I need to achieve, and that’s hauling my load up the mountain, or in my case, winning the Rules of Surrender title. And the mountain, well that’s the metaphor for opponents.”

“Can I beat Ozzy Kilminster? I think I can.”

“Ozzy, this match, and this division it’s tailor-made for your skill-set. Your mixed martial arts background, your superior technical skill. Let’s be honest when you compare our resumes side by side, no one is even going to consider me a threat to you, and why should they? It’s not like I’ve done anything to be even spoken about in the vein as you. I know that, but… that’s not going to stop from doing everything I can do to overcome your superior knowledge of submission holds or the obvious strength advantage you have over me. Everything the common man knows about you and me says you should beat me. You’re fresh off a victory over our reigning world champion. My last match was a fairly comprehensive defeat at the hands of Mr. Heart. You’ve won titles in SHOOT, LEGACY, WPW and everywhere you’ve been; I’ve barely won a match. Everything I’ve done, you’ve probably done something better, something more. Even a couple of shows ago, you fell just short in an attempt at the world title.

But… that won’t matter at Dominion. The only thing that will matter than is whether I can work out some way of making you submit. Making your tap or say “I quit”. Then again, that’s all that is going to matter to you. That’s all that is going to matter to everyone in this. Making everyone else someone submit.

I’m going to try and do it you, you’re going to try and do it to me, and everyone else for that matter. Even when you had to face Sinnocence you were still willing to do what it took to win. You are a dangerous opponent. I know that. And if you are willing to make your own wife submit to you, I wonder what you will be willing to do to me…”

“I cringe when I think about that… But, it just makes me want to be better so you can’t hurt me. I’d rather see you hurt Ron Barker.”

“Can I beat Ron Barker? I think I can.”

“Ron. I watched you against Tanya Black. A match that was I supposed to be a part of until my Grandma got sick. Thank you for doing that at such short notice, but just because you filled in for me, it doesn’t mean that I expect you to do me any favours. I hope you come at me to beat me, because that means if I am able to overcome you I will be proving myself as a capable wrestler against a decorated opponent like yourself. But, I am also telling you this, because of our known habit of performing brilliantly for a period of time and then just not bothering to put an effort in.”

“I don’t want that Ron Barker, it won't prove to me that I am improving. I want the Ron Barker that was considered the newcomer of the year in 2005. The man that was once considered a viable threat to the most prestigious title in the industry, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title. If I get to face that Ron Barker in the ring and I win, or even lose after putting up my best I know I am improving. I’ll know I’m hauling that freight further up that mountain.”

“But… if I get the Ron Barker that doesn’t care, the Ron Barker that was defeated by Jack Heart back before SHOOT Project’s last hiatus, that is not going to prove to me that I am get better, and that will leave me disappointed. I want to be the best… that’s why I am relishing the chance to compete in this match, even if a lot of you don’t think I’m ready. But I am ready, Ron. I’m ready for anything you can throw at me. I’m ready for you. I might not be able to beat you… yet. But I am ready for you.”

“Just as I am ready for Thomas Manchester Black.”

“Can I beat Thomas Manchester Black? I think I can.”

“Tom, can I call you that? It’s just a little less of a mouthful than saying Thomas Manchester Black all the time. So, Tom, in this match, you are the only one without a title history here in SHOOT Project and that’s not a knock on you, because any man that can force that crazy Pestalance to submit is obviously super talented. Especially when you are talented enough to make Donovan King sit up and take notice. I notice you too, Tom. I notice the technical mastery you have over wrestling holds that one day I hope to be able to match.”

“I know you are capable of playing games of chess that would rival Bobby Fischer. Jerry told me he was the greatest chess player ever. But, we are not talking about chess are we, Tom? We are talking about how I hope to beat you in the match for the Rules of Surrender Title. And that’s what I am hoping to do. Beat you. I hoping to find away to overcome your knowledge of submission holds, hoping to overcome your knowledge of martial arts tactics. I hoping I’m strong enough to stand up to your strikes.”

“These are all things I hope, because if I can achieve these things, I will be in a much better position to be the champion. And that means a lot to me.  Just as I am sure it means a lot to you too.  Just as I am sure you will be coming at me with everything you have… or at least I hope that. Because I’m well aware of your ability to be distracted, your ability to look past the present and into the future, and I know Donovan King is a much bigger fish than I am in SHOOT Project’s ocean. But, if you forget about me… I know I am capable of making you take notice. And that might mean I beat you, I might not. Let’s find out at Dominion shall we.”

“Let’s find out if I am capable of making all of my opponents take notice, even X-Calibur.”

“Can I beat X-Calibur? I think I can?”

“I need to start by telling you are a legend of the ring. I remember when you were wrestling in the NYSWF. You were once a hero of mine, before I got lucky and joined SHOOT Project, so to be facing you in the ring. It’s sort of a dream come true. But, just because you were, are, a hero of mine that doesn’t mean that I will just lie down and let you beat me, and just take that title without a fight.”

“I don’t roll like that.”

“But even if I did you wouldn’t let me roll like that, would you? All the stuff you’ve done to a man that was supposedly your friend in Rocky Stellar. Imagine what you would do to me, someone that you probably haven’t heard much about apart from a couple of by-lines on a results sheet. But, X, I might only be a line on a bit of paper or a computer screen to you, but to me you are much, much more that. You are a man I look up tp, a man I try to emulate. Your Hang Time Elbow is one of my favourite moves of all time, the elevation, the distance, the precision you display when you execute that move. I wish I could do that.”

“I wish.”

“I know I haven’t got your talent or experience, X. And I definitely don’t have your mean streak, but I like to think of myself as a tough little hombre that will stand up to everything you can throw at me. I know I will. I know you will want to hurt me… Because, that is what you do, just for laughs… at least since you came back to SHOOT Project anyway. Hanging out with Azrael Goeren and that Russian guy whose name I can’t say making money of other peoples misery. I can’t say I think that is a very good thing to do, because it’s clearly not very nice. Yet, if that’s why you gotta do, that’s what you gotta do.”

“X, you are hero of mine for what you can do in the ring, but not for who you are, especially now. You are good. Very good. Doesn’t mean I am going to be a deer in headlights when I’m standing across the ring from you, though. I’m going to come at you with as much as I have, because as they say it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. And I have a lot of fight. I might not have as much talent as you, but I am not a quitter.”

“I’m not going to down without a fight. If you beat me, you will have earned it. I will make sure of it.”

“I will definitely make sure of it.”

“Because I am SHOOT Project’s version of the little engine that could.”

Alex gets up from his seat and turns his back on the middle of the bowl to walk back out into the foyer of Acer Arena.

“There is a finish to the little engine story too… It goes like this.”

“As it neared the top of the grade, which had so discouraged the larger engines, it went more slowly. However, it still kept saying, "I--think--I--can, I--think--I--can." It reached the top by drawing on bravery and then went on down the grade, congratulating itself by saying, "I thought I could, I thought I could.”

“The end of that story relates to me too, right now I think I can beat all of you but when I’ve reached the end of the mountain at Dominion, when I've beaten the odds and the final bell has been rung, and the champion decided..."

"I will know I could.”


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