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Sports and Fighting / 2012 Summer Olympic Thread
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:45:52 AM »
Olympic soccer is already up and running. 

Opening ceremonies happen tomorrow night. 

Olympic news, opinions, and results can go here.

Women's Soccer:  USA!USA!USA! 4  France 2   

USWNT went down 2-0 15 minutes into the game.  Roared back to win 4-2. 

Currently on TV  Spain/Japan on MSNBC  and Mexico/South Korea on NBCSports.  Both channels have games all day.

Sports and Fighting / Ready for some Football? 2012 NFL Thread
« on: July 24, 2012, 09:57:32 AM »
Since camps are about to open, I actually think I saw the Saints and Cardinals were reporting today. 

Here is a catch all for NFL news,  gripes,  trash talk?

Biggest stories for this coming season?

Sports and Fighting / Stanley Cup Finals
« on: May 26, 2012, 09:26:01 PM »
Stanley Cup Finals kick off this week. 

New Jersey Devils vs. Los Angeles Kings

who you got?  Thoughts on the series?

Some Stanley Cup fun facts from my man John Buccigross

Martin Brodeur will attempt to become the 9th player in NHL history (and 2nd goaltender) to win the Stanley Cup in three different decades

This is the first time in NHL history that two American-born captains will square off in the Final. (Derian Hatcher only Cup Captain)

Kings have had three head coaches this season. Terry Murray, John Stevens on an interim basis (4 games). Darryl Sutter hired on December 20. 

One team in history of the four major sports won championship with as many as 3 different head coaches/managers during season. 1978 Yankees.

The Kings are attempting to become the 4th consecutive team to win the Stanley Cup after opening its season in Europe. (Sweden).

Kings are 2nd No. 8 seed to reach Stanley Cup Final since current conference-based playoff format was adopted in 1994. 2006 Oilers were 1st.

Sports and Fighting / NFL Draft
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:25:28 PM »
Here are day 1 results.

Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck
QB Stanford

Washington Redskins
Robert Griffin III QB Baylor
Big 12
from St. Louis[R1 - 1]

Cleveland Browns
Trent Richardson RB Alabama
from Minnesota[R1 - 2]

Minnesota Vikings
Matt Kalil  OT USC
from Cleveland[R1 - 3]

Jacksonville Jaguars
Justin Blackmon  WR Oklahoma State
Big 12
from Tampa Bay[R1 - 4]

Dallas Cowboys
Morris Claiborne CB LSU
from Washington[R1 - 5] via St. Louis

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mark Barron S Alabama
from Jacksonville[R1 - 6]

Miami Dolphins
Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
Big 12

Carolina Panthers
Luke Kuechly LB Boston College

Buffalo Bills
Stephon Gilmore  CB South Carolina

Kansas City Chiefs
Dontari Poe  DT Memphis

Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox  DT Mississippi State
from Seattle

Arizona Cardinals
Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

St. Louis Rams
Michael Brockers DT LSU
from Dallas

Seattle Seahawks
Bruce Irvin  DE West Virginia
Big East
from Philadelphia

New York Jets
Quinton Coples DE North Carolina

Cincinnati Bengals
Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
from Oakland[R1 - 7]

San Diego Chargers
Melvin Ingram OLB South Carolina

Chicago Bears
Shea McClellin DE  Boise State

Tennessee Titans
Kendall Wright  WR Baylor
Big 12

New England Patriots
Chandler Jones DE  Syracuse
Big East
from Cincinnati

Cleveland Browns
Brandon Weeden  QB
Oklahoma State
Big 12
from Atlanta[R1 - 8]

Detroit Lions
Riley Reiff  OT  Iowa
Big Ten

Pittsburgh Steelers
David DeCastro  G

New England Patriots
Dont'a Hightower  LB  Alabama
from Denver

Houston Texans
Whitney Mercilus   DE  Illinois
Big Ten

Cincinnati Bengals
Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin
Big Ten
from New Orleans[R1 - 9] via New England

Green Bay Packers
Nick Perry LB  USC

Minnesota Vikings
Harrison Smith S  Notre Dame
from Baltimore

San Francisco 49ers
A.J. Jenkins WR  Illinois
Big Ten

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Doug Martin RB  Boise State
from New England via Denver

New York Giants
David Wilson  RB  Virginia Tech

Sports and Fighting / Wrestlemania Predictions
« on: March 26, 2012, 09:23:56 PM »
Alright lets see what you think is happening at the grand daddy of them all.  In the case of Title Matches, say who will win and if the title will change hands.  (for the possibility of wins by DQ/CO)   Bonus points for who scores the pin and gets pinned in the 12 man and Diva Tag.

* Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson vs. John Cena
* WWE champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
* The Undertaker vs. HHH in Hell in A Cell with Shawn Michaels as special referee
* World champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
* WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show
* Randy Orton vs. Kane
* David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & Mark Henry & Miz & Drew McIntyre vs. Santino Marella & Great Khali & Zack Ryder & Kofi Kingston & R Truth & Booker T
* WWE Divas champ Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

General Discussion / Happy Stone Cold Day!
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:50:30 AM »
Happy Stone Cold Day!!! A day where asses will be whipped and mudholes will be walked dry. Crack a few steve-weisers and celebrate!


General Discussion / Where is a good place to get Furniture?
« on: February 24, 2012, 09:00:11 PM »
So I believe I"m moving in may/june.  Thing is, my current roommate who's house I Live in, owns all the living room/dining room furniture.  So I'm in the (new for me) situation of wanting to buy furniture.  So I turn to you to see where is a good place to get good deals?  I'd like a sofa that is part recliner.  The two ends can recline. 

Also... Where are the  best places to get a good deal on a TV?

Note, online shopping is totally fine.  I guess without knowing the area, I'm wondering if there are chains that have better deals/selection.  I was in a Raymour and Flanigan's today, but it seemed  a little expensive. 

Sports and Fighting / Storyline Questions / Random Wrestling Questions
« on: February 19, 2012, 10:48:24 AM »
So, I just posted in the Jobbers thread asking about Suicide.  Then I kind of started wondering. 

WHat Happened to Suicide?  Did they ever do a reveal of who was under the mask?  When's the last time he was around? 

Hopefully someone here can inform me.

Sports and Fighting / Wrestlemania
« on: February 10, 2012, 09:24:57 PM »
I'm thinking this deserves its own thread.  We can talk about matches, announced and Rumored. 

Annoucned Matches:

John Cena vs. The Rock

Rumored/Predicted Matches:

HHH/Undertaker (possible HBK Guest Ref)
Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk (Possibly for the WWE title)
Sheamus vs. World Heavyweight Champion
Shaq vs. Big Show

Sports and Fighting / Superbowl picks
« on: February 03, 2012, 11:44:28 AM »
Who you got? Score?  Who would you bet 1000 dollars on (pats are -3 aka 3 point favorites)

Who wins the coin toss?
Heads or tails?
Who scores first, and how?

Sports and Fighting / Royal Rumble Order and who eliminated them
« on: January 29, 2012, 10:06:20 PM »
Since I was in charge of keeping track for our "Rumble Game"  (I had Jericho, simply by luck of the Draw, so that loss is extra bitter sweet.) - I might as well post what I tracked during the match.

2012 Royal Rumble

1.      Miz  eliminated by big show
2.      Alex Riley  eliminated by miz
3.       RTruth    eliminated by miz
4.     Cody Rhodes   eliminated by Show
5.     Justin Gabri  eliminated by  Ricardo and Mick
6.     Primo   eliminated by Mick Foley
7.     Mick Foley    eliminated by Cody Rhodes
8.       Ricardo Rodriguez  eliminated by Santino
9.        Santino   eliminated by Cody Rhodes
10.    Epico    eliminated by Mick Foley
11.    Kofi Kingston   eliminated by Sheamus
12.    Jerry the King Lawler  eliminated by Cody Rhodes
13.    Ezeki Jackson  eliminated by Khali
14.    Jinder Mahal   eliminated by Khali
15.    Great Khali    by cody and miz
16.    Hunico     eliminated by kharma
17.    Booker T   by cody and miz
18.      Dolph ZIggler  eliminated bybig show
19.      Hacksaw Jim Duggan   eliminated for Cody Rhodes
20.    Michael Cole  eliminated by  kharma   
21.    Kharma     eliminated by Dolph Ziggler
22.    Sheamus
23.    Road Dogg   eliminated by Wade Barrett
24.    Jey Uso     eliminated by Orton
25.    Jack Swagger  eliminated by Sheamus / Show
26.    Wade Barrett  eliminated by Orton
27.    David Otunga  eliminated by Jericho
28.      Randy Orton    eliminated by Jericho
29.    Chris Jericho    eliminated by Sheamus
30.    Big Show  eliminated by Orton

Winner:  Sheamus

The History of the Circle / For Eric (CBP Trying to Cash in on Loco)
« on: January 18, 2012, 10:01:48 PM »
We talked about this in another thread.  Loco had a bounty on him from X, and Charles Bryant Penze aka CBP tried to cash in on 3 occasions and was then "used" on a fourth. 


Earlier Today.

We are standing outside the arena watching as Loco Martinez steps from a black rental car. Loco's in a pair of worn blue jeans, black "Fleet Foxes" t-shirt, and yellow converse sneakers. From the driver side, steps Arch Angel. From the passenger side, T.Rex each men wearing matching black suits, white t-shirts, and black ties, with secret service ear pieces. Stepping out shortly after Loco, John Thomas. The men survey the scene and head towards the arena. Behind them we see two large, unfamiliar men with Loco's trophy case on a hand truck. The walk carefully, but we lose sight of them as we enter the arena. T.Rex and Arch Angel enter first and quickly survey the scene. They motion Loco in. John Thomas following shortly after Loco.
They take a few steps, and from a distance we hear a vicious war cry. We spin and the four men of the Cirque du MoFo take defensive stances. In the distance... about 50 yards away we see Charles Bryant Penze his face painted much like William Wallace in Braveheart. He yells again:


He takes off and begins running. T.Rex and Arch Angel look at each other confused, before giving one another a half amused smirk. CBP is now 20 yards away and closing. T.Rex and Angel look ready to pounce and absolutely destroy Charles, and as he gets to 5 yards away, he is suddenly obstructed by a door-

The men's room door had just swung open. CBP never had time to react or alter his course, and he ran full speed into the thick steel men's room door.

The four men of the Cirque look on and shake their head as a confused Mostafa Bashir steps out of men's room, looking down at the unconcious Penze. He steps over him carefully and looks around nervously, before walking off.

T.Rex: Hope he washed his hands...

Loco sighs heavily.

Loco Martinez: This sh*t is gettin' ridiculous.

The men of the Cirque du MoFo head off. We cut back to one more shot of Penze sprawled across the floor, clutching his head.


We are walking backstage with Loco Martinez, who is in the middle of explaining something to one of his employees. He is flanked by Arch Angel and T.Rex in their typical defensive positioning.

Loco Martinez: -So you have to understand, Teddy. If JT or I come out there and try to help you guys win ... 1 - we open ourselves up to some idiot coming at me. 2 - That Casino dude is someone I don't want to get within 10 feet of... EVER.

T.Rex: Sure boss... I gotcha.... ugh... what the hell?!?! HIM... AGAIN?!?!

We turn and see Charles Bryant Penze crouched in front a bright yellow dumpster... wearing green, army styled camouflage and sticking out like a sore thumb. His face painted, and he smiles as he sees his prey turn a corner and head towards him. He readies the large net he's been holding.

T.Rex: What do you want us to do?

Loco Martinez: Just keep walking. Keep your heads on a swivel. This could be a distraction.

Angel and Rex laugh and nod knowingly. They get to him, and CBP lunges extending the net, but he doesn't realize the bottom right hand corner of the net is actually wrapped around his left leg.

Charles Bryant Penze: GOTCHA!!!!

CBP lunges, extending the net, but has he stands to release the net it drags his leg with it, and sends him falling to the floor with a comedic thud, the net falling on top of him. He writhes around on the ground, only further tangling himself.

Chalres Bryant Penze: So close!

Angel, T.Rex, and Loco Martinez shake their heads and chuckle. Casually stepping overtop of the helplessly tangled CBP.

T.Rex: Can we keep him?

The two men of Anarchy roar with laughter. Loco forces a chuckle, still seeming a bit unnerved by this.


A black luxury sedan pulls into an almost empty parking lot. Out steps Loco Martinez, Arch Angel, and T.Rex. Anarchy's in their matching Secret Service outfits, complete with the earpieces. Loco is wearing a pair of faded and worn jeans, and a yellow "Ra Ra Riot" t-shirt.

Arch Angel: Dude, we beat EVERYONE here.

Loco Martinez: I want to be here before everyone else. One less opportunity for idiots to come at me.

T.Rex: Loc' I hate to piss in your Cheerios, but speaking of idiots coming at you?

Rex nods to the distance, and we see a familiar looking man on horseback, brandishing a lasso.

We zoom into the man, and... dear god help us... or more importantly HIM, Charles Bryant Penze is sitting on the back of a horse. Dressed as Zorro. Lasso in hand. The three Cirque du MoFo members look on. Loco smiling, but still looking side to side nervously. Seconds before CBP spurs his horse to "giddy up", he lets out a battle cry... of sorts.


Arch Angel: What do you want us to do boss?

Loco Martinez: I... I just can't see him getting close enough. Can you guys take a HORSE?

T.Rex: Hell yeah.

Angel just rolls his eyes.

Arch Angel: Just be ready to jump up on the hood of the car if need be.

Penze takes off and we hear the clomping of hoof steps as CBP gallops towards us. CBP whipping the lasso above his head feverishly. Only thing... he didn't take up the slack. It drags dangerously behind him. T.Rex notices this and yells.

T.Rex: You're dragging your rope, skippy.

This distracts Penze who's rhythm with the lasso is thrown off, as he turns to look and sees the rope dragging behind him. This causes him to stop swinging the lasso and it ends up around his shoulders.

We watch hopelessly at the inevitable conclusion, as the rope gets more and more taught, before it snatches CBP backwards off the horse. He lands with a thud on the pavement. The horse just continues to gallop off past the Cirque. The three men share a chuckle. T.Rex looking almost concerned as Penze squirms in pain.

T.Rex: How in the hell did he get a horse? Can them or something?

Angel and Loco just shake their heads and head towards the arena to get situated for SuperCard STRIFE 50. The scene cuts back to the LEGACY studio for the pre-taped match introduction.


The World Champion reclines in his locker room, both members of Anarchy standing guard next to the door. Both T.Rex and Arch Angel sport secret service attire, complete with earpieces to really add that extra flare to the ensemble.

Loco smiles smugly as if he's a king safe in his castle. He leans back in his leather recliner, watching one of the arena monitors. Suddenly a low and muffled voice is heard on the other side of the door, putting Anarchy on alert. Loco leans forward, listening.

Voice: Open…up…

Loco Martinez: That sound like CBP to you?

T.Rex: I’d know that f*ggin’ idiot’s voice anywhere boss, it’s him alright.

Loco Martinez: I figure he would have learned his lesson last week, with the whole “stallion” incident.

Arch Angel: I think it’s safe to say this kid NEVER learns. Should I lock the door, or do we open up and pound him into the ground?

Loco muses for a moment, a chesire cat’s smirk appearing on his face.

Loco Martinez: Open her up. I wanna see what kind if piece of crap outfit he’s wearing this time around.

Arch Angel does as he’s told, opening up the door, giving a full view of the corridor outside. For a moment everyone is silent, because there seems to be something seriously wrong with this picture. CBP is standing at the door, but he’s practically weeping, his face scrunched down into a mask of fear. He manages a dry whisper, his eyes glazed over and swimming with terror.

Charles Bryant Penze: Helpp..mee…

Loco is the first to notice the white hand locked around CBP’s shoulder in a near death grip. His eyes widen fearfully, and he literally ROARS at Arch Angel.

Loco Martinez: Oh... sh- LOCK THAT DOOR NOWWWWWWWW!

Arch Angel is still trying to figure out what’s going on, but by the time it "clicks" it’s far too late. CBP is hurled to the side like a sack of bricks, where he smashes against the floor of the hallway. What’s left standing in his place is a grinning albino MONSTER, his eyes twisted and cheerful.

THE IVORY TERROR: Evening, boys!!

Before T.Rex can even say “what the fug-“ Issac RIPS his way into the room, slamming an uppercut into the shelf of Arch Angel’s jaw. Angel staggers backwards, and before he even has time to recover Entragian latches a hand around his throat and fires him into a wall covered in lockers. Angel falls down to his knees, momentarily stunned. Entragian rears back and SLAMS a boot into Angel’s temple for good measure, then stalks his way into the room just a little further.

Loco LEAPS out of his chair, and he’s holding it in between himself and Issac, like a frantic, lion tamer his face calculating and desperate. The lone exit is too far away make an escape so he turns to his body guards... his voice cracks with the hopeless plea -

Loco Martinez: GET HIM!!!

T.Rex snarls and races forward like a bulldozer, smashing into Issac’s gut and driving him back against the wall. Entragian laughs through this, and begins to rain down hammer blows on T.Rex’s spine. T.Rex loosens his grip, and Issac rears back and CRUSHES a knee into the bridge of T.Rex’s nose, knocking him backwards until he trips over a bench and falls to the floor. In the midst of this chaos, Entragian turns his attention to the “marked man.”

THE IVORY TERROR: You knew that sooner or later, it would come to this, Loco.

The albino stalks forward silently, closing the distance between himself and The World Champion. Loco backs himself up against the wall, the leather chair still between himself and The Pale Plague. Loco's blue eyes dance across the room for any sign of saving. Loco closes his eyes for a moment, and reopens them hoping he can wish himself away. Issac smirks, enjoying this, drawing it out on an almost intimate level.

THE IVORY TERROR: It’s funny, you know. X-Calibur’s payout is one thing, but the joy of watching The World Champion squirm is a satisfying form of compensation in and of itself. Soooo satisfying..

As Issac draws out this last bit, Loco makes a mad dash towards the door, darting around Entragian and hopping past the chair. Entragian’s reaction is lightning quick, he grabs onto the side of the chair and flips it out of his way, then one pale hand locks around the collar of Loco’s shirt and drags him backwards. Issac snaps a hand out and palms the back of Loco’s head, and then the seven footer proceeds to SLAM-DUNK The World Champion’s face first into a large mirror, sending an explosion of glass flying throughout the room.

Martinez crumples down in a heap, a cut opened up on his forehead from a shard of glass, blood starting to ooze out in a slow flood. T.Rex has fought up at this point, and he moves in on Entragian, slugging him hard across the face with a right hand. Issac takes a step back, and then draws “The Slayer” from the sheath on his hip and BLASTS T.Rex on the side of the head with it. T.Rex staggers backwards, and Issac moves in, grabbing the big man up and placing him on one shoulder, then taking a step forward he simply LAWN DARTS T.Rex into a wall, his skull cracking against concrete before Issac allows Rex’s limp body to fall to the floor.

The Ivory Terror’s head turns slowly, as though on a swivel, his attention once more focused on Martinez.
He bares his razor teeth, those bright green eyes focused on the task at hand. He cracks his head to the side, taking that first step towards his prey.

The Ivory Terror: Now, where were we?

Entragian moves forward on a downed Martinez, that hot grin still plastered across his face. He leans over Loco and begins to piston right hands into Loco’s face, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The crimson mask becomes thicker and thicker with each punch that lands, and then Issac switches up his approach, standing fully vertical and STOMPING down on every one of Loco’s appendages with untold amounts of malice in each and every stomp.

Martinez sputters and tries in vain to cover up, but that big boot heel smashes down against his body over and over again, despite his attempt to defend himself. Finally a saving grace appears on the scene, in the form of a now risen Arch Angel. Angel has a steel chair in hand, and he CRUSHES it against the skull of Issac Entragian. Entragian staggers back, towards the door, and T. Rex somehow makes it up and moves in on Issac too, pushing him towards the door.

Loco Martinez is a bloody mess on the floor, bruised and battered, but he still manages to issue a few desperate commands.


In a truly frightening display, Issac fights back against BOTH men, locking his pale hands around each man’s throat, and driving Anarchy back inch by inch. His eyes are totally without sanity, he appears to be acting like a purely rabid and frenzied animal. T.Rex manages to set his feet, and he blasts the toe of his boot into Entragian’s groin and that breaks the two man choke. Arch Angel adds a cap on the assault be SMASHING the steel chair into Issac’s head yet again, and this time Issac finally goes down, falling right out the door and onto his back in the hallway.

T. Rex and Arch Angel collapse down on benches, breathing hard and trying to assess their wounds. Loco watches the door, his heart in his throat, and what he feared the most happens. Out in the hallway, Issac SITS UP. He stares into the room, grinning like a mad dog, cocking his head to the side very slowly.


Arch Angel is up in an instant when he realizes what is going on, he slams the door closed before Entragian can fully rise, and slides the bolt into place. On the other side of the room, T. Rex is pushing a couch in front of the door, and Arch Angel goes to assist him, finally getting the piece of furniture barricaded against the door.

For a few moments the door is hammered on from the outside.




Loco and Anarchy listen as the sound of large fists smash up against the door over and over again, an absolute flurry of strikes. A frustrated roar floats through the room, and then a scuffle is heard outside as an army of security guards somehow restrain Issac and drag him away from the outside of door. The sound of Entragian striking out at security is heard for a few minutes before silence finally ensues once he’s dragged to another part of the arena.

The World Champion has crawled into a corner, leaning against a locker and attempting tear ragged breaths into his lungs. He swipes a shaky hand across his head, and it comes away bright red. T.Rex and Arch Angel look at him fearfully, both men exhausted from the exertion of trying to deal with the crazed albino juggernaut. Loco's voice is as shaky as his hand. As he looks wide eyed.

Loco Martinez: THIS *holds his blood soaked hand out for all to see* ... stops tonight.

T.Rex: What we gonna do boss?

Loco pauses and shrugs.

Loco Martinez: I... I... I gotta talk to him. Get this thing lifted.

Arch Angel: How?

Loco has zoned out, as he grabs a towel and places it over his head. He closes his eyes thinking what we're all thinking... HOW?

General Discussion / Drunk or a Kid?
« on: January 06, 2012, 02:23:34 PM »
So I'm watching How I Met Your Mother...  they start a game "drunk or a kid", so I wanted to give it a try.  After 5-10 votes I'll let you know. 

I once accidentally opened the passenger door of a car while riding north on 95.  Was I drunk?  Or was I a Kid?   *drum roll*


Mixed Media / Random Entertainment News/Gossip
« on: December 30, 2011, 02:19:21 PM »
Somone is back on the market.

Apparently Russell Brand filed paperwork for divorce. 

General Discussion / New Years Resolutions
« on: December 30, 2011, 01:42:33 PM »
So, anyone making resolution(s)?  If so, and assuming your comfortable sharing, what is it/are they?

General Discussion / NYE Festivities?
« on: December 28, 2011, 02:03:24 PM »
So who has some New Years Eve shenanigans planned?  Quiet night in?  Blacked out night out?

Mixed Media / Fall TV Average Viewership
« on: December 27, 2011, 09:45:25 PM »
Here are the top and worst shows per average viewership.  Man, NBC seems to be hurting (outside of Sunday Night Football).  CBS, dominating. 

1. NCIS (CBS, 21.4 million)
2. Sunday NFL Football (NBC, 19.9)
3. Two and a Half Men (CBS, 18.9)
4. Dancing with the Stars (ABC, 18.5)
5. NCIS: LA (CBS, 17.4)
6. DWTS: Results (ABC, 16.65)
7. Big Bang Theory (CBS, 16.61)
8. Modern Family (ABC, 15.066)
9. NFL Pre-Kick (NBC, 15.063)
10. 60 Minutes (CBS, 14.67)
11. Mentalist (CBS, 14.6)
12. Criminal Minds (CBS, 14.4)
13. The OT (Fox, 14.0)
14. 2 Broke Girls (CBS, 13.6)
15. Mike & Molly (CBS, 13.56)
16. Unforgettable (CBS, 13.532)
17. Person of Interest (CBS, 13.531)
18. Hawaii 5-0 (CBS, 13.4)
19. CSI (CBS, 13.2)
20. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 13.1)
21. Blue Bloods (CBS, 12.9)
22. X Factor Wed (Fox, 12.5)
23. Survivor: South Pacific (CBS, 12.5)
24. X Factor Thurs (Fox, 12.3)
25. Castle (ABC, 12.2)
26. Once Upon a Time (ABC, 12.0)
27. Good Wife (CBS, 11.9)
28. How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 11.5)
29. Last Man Standing (ABC, 11.47)
30. Rules of Engagement (CBS, 11.45)
31. CSI: Miami (CBS, 11.42)
32. CSI: NY (CBS, 11.34)
33. Football Night in America 3 (NBC, 11.1)
34. Amazing Race 19 (CBS, 11.05)
35. Body of Proof (ABC, 11.03)
36. Desperate Housewives (ABC, 11.0)
37. Bones (Fox, 10.2)
38. New Girl (Fox, 10.0)
39. Terra Nova (Fox, 9.98)
40. Glee (Fox, 9.90)
41. Revenge (ABC, 9.8)
42. Middle (ABC, 9.82)
43. House (Fox, 9.7)
44. Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 9.1)
45. Suburgatory (ABC, 9.0)
46. Harry’s Law (NBC, 8.99)
47. Private Practice (ABC, 8.98)
48. How to be a Gentleman (CBS, 8.6 million)
49. A Gifted Man (CBS, 8.5)
50. Fear Factor (NBC, 8.5)
51. Pan Am (ABC, 8.2)
52. Simpsons (Fox, 7.77)
53. Happy Endings (ABC, 7.70)
54. Hell’s Kitchen Mon 9 (Fox, 7.4)
55. Hell’s Kitchen Mon 8 (Fox, 7.3)
56. Office (NBC, 7.29)
57. Family Guy (Fox, 7.26)
58. Parenthood (NBC, 7.1)
59. Grimm (NBC, 7.0)
60. Charlie’s Angels (ABC, 6.919)
61. Man Up (ABC, 6.915)
62. America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC, 6.8)
63. Biggest Loser 12 (NBC, 6.7)
64. Raising Hope (Fox, 6.6)
65. Sat. Night College Football (ABC, 6.30)
66. Up All Night (NBC, 6.14)
67. Prime Suspect (NBC, 6.12)
68. I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox, 6.0)
69. Football Night in America 2 (NBC, 5.97)
70. Dateline Fri (NBC, 5.93)
71. American Dad (Fox, 5.7)
72. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, 5.77)
73. 48 Hours Mystery (CBS, 5.75)
74. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 9 p.m. (ABC, 5.4)
75. Whitney (NBC, 5.3)
76. Playboy Club (NBC, 5.2)
77. Sing Off (NBC, 5.17)
78. Cleveland Show (Fox, 5.14)
79. 20/20 Friday (ABC, 5.10)
80. Cleveland Show Sunday 8:30 (Fox, 5.07)
81. You Deserve It (ABC, 5.03)
82. Crimetime Sat 9 p.m. (CBS, 4.5)
83. Middle Tuesday (ABC, 4.48)
84. Allen Gregory (Fox, 4.45)
85. Parks and Recreation (NBC (4.42)
86. SVU Saturday (NBC, 4.3)
87. Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, 4.29)
88. Prime Suspect Sat. (NBC, 4.26)
89. Sat. Football pregame (ABC, 4.22)
90. COPS Sat. 8:30 (Fox, 4.19)
91. Community (NBC, 4.18)
92. Fringe (Fox, 4.10)
93. Rock Center (NBC, 4.01)
94. Free Agents (NBC, 3.9)
95. Chuck (NBC, 3.888)
96. Suburgatory Tues. (ABC, 3.886)
97. COPS Sat. 8 p.m. (Fox, 3.77)
98. Up All Night 8:30 (NBC, 3.72)
99. Comedytime Sat. 1 (CBS, 3.6)
100. Harry’s Law Sat. (NBC, 3.5)
101. Comedytime Sat. 2 (CBS, 3.3)
102. Vampire Diaries (CW, 3.1)
103. Terra Nova Sat. (Fox, 2.5)
104. America’s Next Top Model 17 (CW, 2.37)
105. Secret Circle (CW, 2.34)
106. Supernatural (CW, 2.25)
107. Hart of Dixie (CW, 2.1)
108. Nikita (CW, 2.06)
109. Ringer (CW, 2.02)
…112. 90210 (CW, 1.7)
113. Gossip Girl (CW, 1.68)
114. Bob’s Burgers (Fox, 1.65)
…120. H8R (CW, 1.2)

Sports and Fighting / NFL Awards
« on: December 20, 2011, 11:01:26 AM »
We have 2 weeks left in the regular season.  So I'm wondering what are people's thoughts on the major awards?


Coach of the Year

Offensive Player of the Year
Defensive Player of the Year

Rookie of the Year (offense)
Rookie of the Year (defense)

Mixed Media / Entertainment news
« on: December 15, 2011, 01:24:36 PM »
Howard stern will be a judge on the upcoming season of "America's Got Talent"

Sports and Fighting / Heisman
« on: December 06, 2011, 01:07:25 PM »
2011 heisman trophy will be awarded this saturday.

Who ya got and why?

Sports and Fighting / Random wrestling news
« on: December 06, 2011, 09:54:48 AM »
If it doesnt deserve its own thread:

Kharma got engaged. The ring looks like a wrestling ring.   See it on 411mania

Mixed Media / CHRISTOPHER Nolan's favorite scene in TDK
« on: December 04, 2011, 07:59:04 PM »
Found this on and enjoyed reading about Nolan's favorite scene in the Dark Knight.

The interrogation...

Christopher Nolan recently spoke about his favorite scene in The Dark Knight. Nolan says that his favorite scene is the interrogation scene between Batman and the Joker and explained why in detail. Check out the highlights:

On his favorite scene: "To be honest, it's pretty easy for me. The scene that is so important and so central to me is the interrogation scene between Batman and the Joker in the film. When we were writing the script, that was always one of the central set pieces that we wanted to crack."

On when they shot the scene: "On the set, we shot it fairly early on. It was actually one of the first things that Heath had to do as the Joker. He told me he was actually pretty excited to tear off a big chunk early on, really get one of the Joker's key scenes up in the first three weeks of a seven-month SHOOT. He and I both liked the idea of just diving in, as did Christian [Bale, who portrayed Batman]. We had rehearsed the scene a tiny bit. We had just ripped through it a couple of times in pre-production just to get some slight feel of how it was going to work. Neither of them wanted to go too far with it in rehearsal. They had to rehearse some of the fight choreography, but even with that, we tried to keep it loose and improvisational. They wanted to save it all. We were all pretty excited to get on with a big chunk of dialogue and this big intense scene between these two iconic characters. It was quite bizarre to see Batman across the table across from the Joker [laughs]. I'm glad you asked this. You know, I could actually talk about this scene for hours. We had a lot of time to SHOOT it too, because it was so early on. Quite often, as you get behind on other things and you run toward the end of the SHOOT, things can get very squeezed. But you tend to schedule the first few weeks very generously to give the crew and the actors and myself time to find our feet and find our pace. So we had a couple of days to do it."

On his memory of SHOOTing the scene: "It was a great set built into a location. It had all of the advantages of feeling that we were in a real place. Nathan Crowley, the production designer, built these great mirrors and this long, tiled room that I really loved the look of; it had the feeling almost of an abattoir or something. That all fed into the brutality of the scene. We wanted to be very edgy, very brutal. We wanted it to be the point at which Batman is truly tested by the Joker and you see that the Joker is truly capable of getting under everybody's skin. I'm realizing this now about that scene — I haven't thought this through before — the synthesis of all the different elements that I'm most interested in within filmmaking all come in that scene.

"The scene starts between Gary Oldman [as James Gordon] and Heath with the lights out, and [director of photography] Wally Pfister literally just lit the scene with the desk lamp, the table lamp, and nothing else. And then when the lights come on, Batman is revealed, and the rest of the scene plays out with a massive overexposure. He overexposed like five stops, I want to say, and then printed it down to bring some of the color back in. But it's this incredibly intense overhead light which let us move in any direction. We had a handheld camera and shot however we wanted, be very spontaneous.

"For me creatively, that had been about inverting the expectation. We've all seen so many of these dark movie interrogation scenes where somebody is being given the third degree. We just wanted to completely flip that on its head. And have the bright, harsh, bleak light sort show you the Joker's make-up and its decay. The Batsuit was redesigned for this film. And unlike the suit that we had in "Batman Begins," it's capable of really being shown in incredible detail and still hold up to that kind of scrutiny under that bright light. The suit looked much more real and more like a functional thing this time. The whole scene was about showing something real and brutal and getting this real harshness."

On how Bale originally played the end of the scene: "Originally, at the end of that scene, once the Joker reveals his information, Christian dropped him and then, almost as an afterthought, he kicked him in the head as he walked out of the room. We wound up removing that bit. It seemed a little too petulant for Batman in a way. And really, more than that, what it was is that I liked how Christian played it: When he drops the Joker, he has realized the futility of what he's done. You see it in his eyes. How do you fight someone who thrives on conflict? It's a very loose end to be left with."

I love the line "not the head... it makes the person all woozy"   and then batman slams Joker's hand.

Sports and Fighting / 2011 College Bowl Pick 'Em.
« on: December 04, 2011, 07:35:31 PM »
Every year I do a College Bowl Pick 'Em. 

You pick the winners and assign confidence points for each game... basically a ranking system.

that is the link for the invite.  Password is:  xiv

General Discussion / Its CB's Birthday!
« on: December 04, 2011, 06:14:21 PM »
Its CB's b-day, and that's no CB!   

Sports and Fighting / 2011 most hated Athletes
« on: December 01, 2011, 10:17:25 PM »
Here is an interesting conversation starter.  Heard Colin Cowherd talking about this list today on his radio show.  Totally agree with his complete head shaking disbelief on #1.  Who shouldn't be on the list?  Who should?  Anyway, let the yelling at one another begin:

#10 Alexander Ovechkin- Washington Capitals hockey player is not just egotistical, he loves his rock star lifestyle and fast cars . He is also considered one of the dirtiest players in the game. In his latest jaunt on an ESPN commercial he plays a Russian spy.

#9 Derek Jeter- With his multiple championships, hundreds of awards, tons of money, and his well-publicized relationships with hot celebrities what is there not to hate about him? Oh yeah, he also plays for the Yankees.

#8 Jay Cutler- The Chicago Bears QB who is considered passive by the media and has been labeled disinterested on the field. Cutler dug a deeper hole this past season after coming out of the championship game with an injury in which most NFL players questioned his actions via Twitter.

#7 Cristiano Ronaldo- The pretty boy who is often on the Hollywood scene, definitely deserves an Oscar for his blatant flops on the pitch, which proceeds with pleading and begging the referee for the foul. Most noticeable was his ability to forget to perform well in the biggest stage (World Cup), where he definitely let his country down.

#6 Michael Vick- Two years have passed since Vicks “Dog Fighting” conviction, but the world can’t seem to forgive him. No matter how remorseful and forgiving Vick is, PETA seems to always remind people of what he did. Looks like this will stick with him forever.

#5 Kobe Bryant- With all that Kobe has overcame and accomplished, outside of L.A he is still considered one of the most hated players of all-time. He’s not the most hated only because others make it a point to fight for the #1 spot.

#4 Ben Roethlisberger- Accused twice of sexual assault in consecutive years this partygoer was never charged, and has definitely dodged a bullet for his antics. In return of his accusations Roethlisberger was suspended by the NFL for 4 games without pay.

#3 Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Egomaniac, Narcissist, Arrogant. Maywheather is everything a boxer should be, but you could also include domestic assault charges, and a separate assault charge, but his worst action is the ongoing soap opera with Pacquiao. The multiple delays of this fight has surely made fans impatient, and irritated.

#2 Tiger Woods- Was once the most popular athlete in the world, but since admitting to his extramarital affairs, Woods has lost multiple endorsement deals, but more importantly his popularity has gone down to a nonexistent level.

#1 Lebron James- “I’m taking my talents to Miami.” That is one of the most destructive quotes of all-time, since the departure of Lebron the city of Cleveland has falling to oblivion. The people felt so betrayed that it’s drawing comparisons to Judas betraying Jesus.

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