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Breaking News / Revolution 94 Rumors
« on: April 30, 2012, 02:44:46 PM »
It was touched on by Jester Smiles earlier in the week, but the SHOOT Project Backstage Pass can confirm it here; Lunatikk Crippler has been banned from the arena this week for Revolution 94.

After Jester Smiles kidnapped and mentally tortured Miko West, The Crippler's wife, Crippler was said to be absolutely incensed. He has gone on record threatening Jester's wellbeing to the point that SHOOT Project Executives had no choice but to act, thus Crippler's exclusion from the proceedings.

A source close to The Crippler, however, has said that Luna is paying that edict no mind, and will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Jester Smiles as soon as he can. Stay tuned here and for Revolution 94 this evening for more developments!

Breaking News / Two new SHOOT talent signings confirmed
« on: April 21, 2012, 02:21:09 PM »
Backstage Pass has confirmed that - although they have yet to be officially announced - the SHOOT Project has signed not one, but two new wrestlers to the active talent roster. Both signees are newcomers to the organization, having never wrestled for SHOOT in the past.  

Firstly, it has been confirmed that journeyman independent wrestler from the East Coast/Midwest scene Deacon Boom has inked a 6 month contract with an additional 6 month option.  Boom is a moderately well known powerhouse, who weighs nearly 300 pounds with only 3% body fat.  He has wrestled primarily in the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia area over the last 10 years, achieving some success.  Boom's greatest claim to fame in his career is that he has never been knocked off his feet, and he is generally billed as "The Strongest Man in Professional Wrestling."

Also, the SHOOT Project has apparently agreed to terms with The Suicide Kid, a reckless rookie high flyer from Northern Minnesota, who has wrestled on the independent scene in Minnesota and Western Canada. The signing of The Suicide Kid is puzzling from a promotional standpoint, since he is only 20 years old, inexperienced, and allegedly wrestles in an extremely haphazard and high-risk style.  His inexperience and injury prone behavior make him an unlikely candidate to achieve much success in SHOOT, however the office or talent relations department must have had reasons for signing him as well. The terms of his contract are also for 6 months, with an option for an additional 6 months.

It is unknown at this time when these talents will make their debuts, or what their roles will be within the organization since no official announcement has been made, but Backstage Pass has confirmed the contracts have been signed and both men have been cleared to wrestle.

These signings may signal a new wave of hirings on the part of Jason Johnson, an effort to bring in brand new talent to revitalize the organization, so stay tuned for more information!

Breaking News / Backstage Brawl At RD- Former Champion Sidelined?
« on: February 21, 2012, 07:36:26 PM »
Details are beginning to emerge concerning an altercation backstage at the first day of SHOOT Project's Reckoning Day event. Event security was called to break up a confrontation between Leona and Sakura Lee after the pair's heated argument in the backstage area escalated to a physical brawl between the two managers. Sources within the Project have refused to speculate as to the nature of this incident. However, rumors are circulating that these issues could be resolved as early as the next edition of Revolution. More on this story as it develops.

In related news, former Rule of Surrender Champion Mason Pierce has been declared medically ineligible to compete after an undisclosed injury suffered during his matchup at Reckoning Day, according to a source within the SHOOT Project, speaking on condition of anonymity. Representatives  within the Pierce camp are, as of now, refusing to comment on specifics. Insiders are claiming that the former champion might be out of action for a significant length of time as he recuperates, but these are significantly preliminary details, and nothing concrete has been confirmed.

Breaking News / Trey Willett Unwilling to comment?
« on: January 14, 2012, 05:21:39 PM »
After the pair of earth-shattering developments concerning the World Heavyweight championship over the past week, SP Backstage Pass has been trying desperately to make contact with the number one contender Trey Willett.

After repeated attempts to contact Trey directly, we attempted to reach Trey Willett's management company to which we recieved the following response via text message.

"While Trey Willett does not want the viewers of the SHOOT Project to feel that he is ignoring the gravity of the current title situation, he would ask that his privacy be respected for him to formulate the appropriate response that will be most beneficial to the fans and to himself and his family.  He has authorized me to ensure that he will be in attendance at Revolution 90 to address the situation in whatever manner he has deemed appropriate."

The news that X-Calibur will be forced to vacate his title has sent shockwaves through the ranks of the SHOOT Project as this is an unprecedented move.  Just weeks before the SHOOT Project's marquee Pay Per View, Reckoning Day, management is being put in the position to find Trey Willett a new opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Stay tuned as we will bring you any further developments as they come to us. 

Breaking News / Diamond Del Carver hospitalized following Pay Per View
« on: October 23, 2011, 10:38:49 PM »
Two independent sources have confirmed that Diamond Del Carver was transported directly to Las Vegas Memorial Hospital following his match with Isaac Entragian at the 2011 Master of the Mat Pay-per-View.

One source - speaking on the condition of anonomity - claimed that the 51 year old Carver suffered serious head injuries as a result of the repeated cranial traumas he was subjected to at the hands of Entragian.

More information will be forthcoming as this story develops.

Breaking News / Revolution 83 Post-Match Interview: Entragian
« on: September 21, 2011, 04:21:14 AM »

Dutch Harris was able to catch up with Iron Fist Champion Isaac Entragian after his loss to Trey Willett in the Master Of The Mat semi-finals. The following is the entirety of the interview.

The Ivory Terror throws back the curtains as he heads into the backstage area, Charlotte still screaming and cheering for Trey Willett’s monumental victory in the Master Of The Mat Tournament.

Despite the way the match ended, Entragian seems oddly composed…there doesn’t seem to be even a stitch of anger anywhere in his expression. Dutch Harris rounds a corner and approaches the albino, his eyes cautious, a microphone held dutifully in one hand.

Dutch Harris: Isaac, any comments on the way things went down out there?

Entragian eyes up Dutch for a moment, and then he companionably slings a tree-like arm around Dutch’s shoulders. He starts forward while forcefully dragging Dutch Harris along with him.

Entragian: Walk with me Dutch, and I’ll fill your ears with shit that would make any investigative journalist shiver with antici………..pation.

Isaac runs a hand through his white hair, which is soaked in sweat from the grueling contest he just took part in.

Entragian: I could say it was a fluke. I could say it was an anomaly. I could say I slipped on Maya Nakashima’s tears and fell into that chokehold. I could even say Tanya Blargh was out in the crowd flashing her pancake titties at me, throwing me off my game…but those would all be lies, Dutch…so I’ll just give you the cold, hard truth of the matter.

Entragian stops, making direct eye contact with Dutch Harris.

Entragian: Trey Willett gave me one of the FINEST beatings I have ever experienced in my life. It’s just that simple. He threw me off my game, and he added yet another slain monster to his impressive list. I’m sharing shelf space with Corazon & DeMitri right now…two industry greats, and god knows I’m the best of the fucking best too…so I see no shame in coming up short against Willett.

Isaac’s gaze is thoughtful, one pale hand coming up to graze against his chin.

Entragian: I didn’t expect it though, Dutch. Defeat is an extreme rarity for me, and that might sound egotistical, because it is…but it’s also a fact. Before Trey…I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I lost a match soundly and tasted legitimate defeat. It’s always been like that, Dutch. I’m always carrying gold, I’m always tearing bitches up…leaving carcasses in my wake. That’s how I like it, and that’s what I strive for. Hell, before Trey…in my entire SHOOT tenure I’ve only lost ONE match, and that was a multi-man match for the Laws of Survival Championship…

Entragian inhales deeply through his nostrils, his razor-teeth on display in his open mouth.

Entragian: So I think that makes this even bigger, Dutch. It adds weight to the fact that Trey Willett…brought me down. I’ll never like that little ginger pit-bull, and the next time I see him I’ll likely go for the jugular…but thanks to his performance tonight…he has EARNED my respect. And be mindful of the fact that this is coming from me, Dutch…a guy who hates about 90% of this fucking roster.

Isaac clamps a hand on Dutch’s shoulder, tightening his grip just enough to make Dutch wince…which brings a smirk to the albino’s face.

Entragian: Little fucker MADE it his time, and if I can’t stop him? I don’t think there’s a person on this roster who can.

Dutch Harris: Any advice for Donovan King as he meets Trey to determine the 2011 Master Of the Mat?

Entragian had started to walk away, but he turns back at this with a playful smile appearing on his face.

Entragian: Donnie is a beast, and he KNOWS he’s a beast…but if there was ever a guy who had enough momentum to knock him off his throne? Trey just might be that guy. So my advice? Drive by, Donnie. Get your gat blow holes in that red carpet on Trey’s chest…that might do the trick.

Entragian chuckles, then he slaps his own hand with a look of mock shame on his face.

Entragian: Oops! My ignorance is showing again. That’ll be all, Dutch. Take your scoop of journalistic ice cream and kindly fuck off.

Entragian casually pie-faces Dutch Harris and continues to walk down the hall before vanishing around a corner.

Breaking News / BREAKING NEWS: Another Arrest in SHOOT Project!
« on: September 14, 2011, 12:29:45 PM »
Breaking News has erupted within the past couple of hours that ANOTHER arrest has gone down.

SHOOT Project’s own Jean-Gerard Baptiste has been arrested and charged with assault and disturbing the peace after an incident occurred last night at a local Wal-Mart in Charlotte, NC.

Witnesses say that children were directly involved and that no less than 2, and no more than 5, had suffered minor injuries, up to an including cuts and bruises, after a publicity stunt within a promotional video went disastrously wrong.  Authorities are said to be investigating the SHOOT Project for possibly neglecting child endangerment laws after funding this incident. 

Michael Brandon Hayes-Johnson of North Carolina, who was off-stacking a pallet of DVDs was quoted saying, "It was... it was the most disgusting thing I think I have ever seen.  What a depraved soul to treat children like that... shame on him!"

Prosecutors in North Carolina are already trying to coerce Charlotte’s own Judge Lisa Bell to put a block on the promotional video from being released, but there is no word yet on whether or not this will be put into effect.  SHOOT officials are said to be SCRAMBLING to resolve the issue in time as Jean-Gerard Baptiste is currently challenging Maya Makashima for his newly won Sin City Championship at the Times Warner Cable Arena this Sunday.

More on this story as it develops!

Breaking News / Revolution 79 Aftershock
« on: August 23, 2011, 12:22:29 PM »
Most fans in Vancouver were shocked to see the attack on referee Willie Dean and on the veteran, Jaime Alejandro.  What was even more shocking was the emergence of Tyrone Smith aka Crazy Boy, as the aggressor.

Willie Dean is on light duty, due to his shoulder fracture, but has ensured Jason Johnson that he will be able to perform all duties which will be officiating the MotM 1st Round Match between Trey Willet and Azraith DeMitri.

Jaime Alejandro, on the other hand, has been reported to Vancouver General Hospital for the time being.  Doctors are reporting a severe laceration and a 2nd degree concussion.  Due to his medical history, doctors are trying to keep Alejandro for 72 hour observation.

For the matter of Tyrone Smith, it is said that Jason Johnson was swift in handing down a $25,000 fine for Smith's first ever offense in SHOOT.  It is unknown what other sanctions are going to be handed down, as Johnson angrily refused to comment further, only stating that, "He would let the relevant people take care of the matter."

An even bigger question is, will Tyrone Smith explain his actions at Revolution 80?

Breaking News / The Carnival Hits Calgary
« on: August 13, 2011, 08:08:21 AM »
SHOOT Project in coordination with Stellar Insanity (Rocky Stellar and Loco Martinez) are currently setting up the ribbon cutting ceremony for Stellar Insanity's Carnival.   We have people on the scene and things are looking very good and there are a few familiar faces, outside Loco and Stellar milling about.  Meet a SHOOT Soldier.  Get Autographs, Rides, Games, Food, Music... all this and who knows what other surprises you'll get!  15 dollars for adults.  10 dollars for kids, 12 or under! 

When:  Opens at noon.  Stays open until 8!

Where:  Scotiabank Saddledome's parking lot lots on the north side of the Saddledome located off 14th Avenue and 5th Street S.E.

***If you're driving there is parking immediately adjacent to the Scotiabank Saddledome or at a number of private lots in the area (not affiliated with the Scotiabank Saddledome or the Calgary Flames).***

We talked to Martinez who was very excited, but also very busy.  "Yeah I hope people come out. Families, Fans.  There is a lot to do.  This is an opportunity to get close with some SHOOT Soldiers.  Its totally family friendly.  We really hope to see Calgary out in force this afternoon!"

More reports as the Carnival hits Calgary.

Breaking News / Someone Hates Press Conferences
« on: August 06, 2011, 09:59:54 PM »
After news broke of the Heirarchy Press Conference held yesterday, the one and only SHOOT Project Champion has spoken up.

"So wait. X-Calibur steals one title shot and the Heirarchy are falling over themselves acting like he popped open the sixth seal or something? That's the kind of thing washed-up old hacks do. I mean I knew that Azrael Goeren hadn't westled anyone under the age of 38 since his other ball dropped but seriously? Look I am saving a lot for my already reserved airtime on Revolution but let's make one thing clear. Jason Johnson can do whatever he wants, say whatever he wants, and hand over the keys to the kingdom with gift wrap but it won't change a thing. I got a taste of the Bite of the Basalisk and if that's the best the not-quite next World Champion has then Yuri isn't the only Bitch who has a Tap Out coming. See what I did there?

Seriously, SHOOT Project is run by the Johnsons and they may cut my checks but no one has control over me and if those three, four counting Yuri, has-beens want to do anything except humiliate Cade and Cassi they better learn to recognize the future of SHOOT begins and ends where our corporate HQ lies: SIN CITY. Get It? Got It? Good. Now go away so I can update my work visa. I'll sign autographs for anyone who can find me after Eight P.M. and brings a cigarette. Good brand too, none of that Virgina Slim crap"

Breaking News / Soldier Contract Terminated
« on: February 15, 2011, 05:39:06 PM »
It has been confirmed today that Mr. Heart and SHOOT Project have come to an agreement in relation to the on going contracts talks between the pair.

SHOOT Project have confirmed that Mr. Heart has now been let free from the company via mutual agreement. The company stated 'SHOOT Project has come to terms with Mr. Heart and have agreed, in writing, to the termination of contract saught by the Soldier. SHOOT Project wishes Mr. Heart the best of luck in his future endeavours.'

Mr. Heart posted a tweet this afternoon also confirming his departure from the Las Vegas based company: @mrheartSHOOT: 'OFFICIAL NEWS: My contract with SHOOT has finally been terminated. Just to confirm before any "dirt sheets" do. Good bye SHOOT Project.'

Breaking News / Dominion Post-Match Interview with SCAR member
« on: February 14, 2011, 06:38:43 PM »

He is like a gore-streaked corpse walking through the backstage corridor leading to SCAR’s locker room, his body covered in foulness from the match he just took part in.

His hands drip with Lennox Ferguson’s blood, his fingernails STAINED with it.

A few red droplets patter against the floor as he walks, his stride tall and confident, before coming around a bend in the hallway and meeting a jittery Abigail Chase standing a few feet away from SCAR’s door.

Her face is scrunched up in consternation; she looks as though she was trying to summon up enough courage to knock before Entragian appears before her.

She finally turns her body to the side, noticing the nightmarish albino looking at her. Her eyes widen in fear, and immediately she grips her microphone tight between her breasts, holding it as though it were some totem to ward off evil.

Abigail Chase: I *ahem* I…was just looking for you, Isaac. Your match with The Ox was one of the bloodiest in SHOOT Project history, what are you feeling at the moment?

The pallid mountain of horror steps towards the young woman, his height and size dwarfing her by comparison. She’s forced to look up at him, every ounce of will she has focused on maintaining her composure.

Isaac Entragian: ALIVE, Abby. I feel alive. What happened out there? Beautiful catharsis. You witnessed the birth of an angel, for just a few seconds while I was digging into that torn up flesh, I heard Lennox’s soul screaming.

Isaac almost swoons, a dark smile crawling over his face.

Isaac Entragian: The sound was…overwhelming. It drowned out the fans, it drowned out the beat of my own heart, it was like songbirds twittering in my ear at the very crack of dawn. I manipulated the Ox’s physical form, creating something…gorgeous from the remains. He’s a work of art now. I’m certain the local hospital will serve as my gallery, if you’d like to view my work up close…

Abby’s at a loss for words, her throat working as she tries to voice ANY coherent thought in her frightened head.

Isaac Entragian: We could go admire him together, if you like. Have ourselves a little date night while we watch the EMTs try to put Lennox Ferguson back together again. You might find yourself aroused by the sight, Dear Abby…

A shiver of repulsion flows through Chase, and at this moment she wishes she could be anywhere else in the arena. Her eyes are locked on the toxic eyes of The Ivory Terror, as though he holds her in some kind of trance though the sheer terror she feels while in his presence.

Finally he chuckles, shaking his head slightly.

Isaac Entragian: Perhaps another time. You’re a brave girl, Abigail. I like that…

Very slowly, Entragian reaches out with one blood-covered hand and strokes Abby’s cheek, leaving little trails of smeared blood along her face. Before she can react to this Isaac enters his locker room, slamming the door behind him.

Abigail scrubs at her cheek, looking at her own bloody fingers, and her expression is one of such disgust that you believe she may be seconds away from vomiting. She rushes out of camera range, likely to find the nearest restroom ASAP.

Breaking News / The Ivory Terror speaks out on Dominion Match Stipulations
« on: February 10, 2011, 05:53:29 PM »

Following Revolution 72 Abigail Chase was able to catch up with Isaac Entragian to hear his thoughts on the new stipulations added to his Dominion match with Lennox “The Ox” Ferguson. The following is the footage of this exchange as it took place.

Chase timidly approaches Project: SCAR’s pallid hell-beast as he stalks through a narrow corridor towards the exit doors, her voice catching in her throat as she calls out to him.

Abigail Chase: Entt----Entragian!! I was hoping to get a statement from you regarding Lennox’s announcement earlier in the show, what are your thoughts on the stipulations tacked onto your upcoming match?

Entragian keeps walking, but he allows his heavy head to drift in Abby’s direction, his voice flowing out like gravel wrapped in silk.

Isaac Entragian: No holds barred? Falls count anywhere? Sounds like the tough little fucker did me a FAVOR!

Abby tries to keep pace with Isaac, yet at the same time she makes a reasonable effort to not to get TOO close to him.

Abigail Chase: What about the “fans provide the weapons” stipulation? What are your thoughts on that?

Finally the albino stops in his tracks, and in a deceptively quick movement for a man of his size, he snaps ahold of the camera that’s following him and points it DIRECTLY at his face.

We hear an audible gasp from Abby somewhere out of camera range, and then we’re lost in the whiteness of Issac’s features, staring into the fang-lined mouth as his forked tongue begins to work it’s soothsayer magic.

Isaac Entragian: A message to the fans. An APPEAL, as it were. It’s no secret that most of you detest me, you’re very open about that…and believe me when I tell you...the feeling is more than mutual.

A grin eclipses the monster’s face, his eyes growing bright with inner lunacy.

Isaac Entragian: But I also know that this world isn’t all about puppies and rainbows and motherfucking lollipops, there are some real…sickos…out there. And it’s the sickos I’m addressing right now, let’s face it, you’d love to see me carve up Lennox’s body. It’ll make your dicks hard, it’ll make your pussies wet, it’ll get you OH SO fucking excited, won’t it?

His grin widens, becoming something completely animalistic.

Isaac Entragian: I’ll give you want you want. I ask of you…only this.

Bring me sharp things. Things that will rip, things that will tear, things that will eviscerate. Bring me rusty blades to smear in the blood of The Ox, bring me anything with an edge…because I, and more importantly, YOU..want to see…what Lennox’s insides look like.

That forked tongue slips out, licking his pale lips earnestly.

Isaac Entragian: Do this…and I’ll give you a show you NEVER fucking forget. Right sweets?

The monster suddenly pulls Abby into frame, his gigantic arm draped over the young woman as he gently squeezes the back of her neck. Abby’s lip quivers, her eyes glued to the pallid monstrosity that looms over her.

When it becomes apparent that Abby is speechless, Isaac simply chuckles and lightly pushes the young woman away from him, whispering the words “don’t fucking follow me, sugar tits.”


Breaking News / Ichiro Seppuku Fined for YouTube Upload
« on: February 05, 2011, 05:23:50 PM »
This just in to us here at SHOOT Backstage Pass. Apparently a video of the bar-room-brawl between Lennox Ferguson and Issac Entragian has wound up on YouTube after being uploaded by Ichiro Seppuku. But, almost as quickly as it was uploaded, it was ordered taken down by SHOOT Project President Jason Johnson - however, copies of the video have surfaced in its place.

The original video had nearly 450,000 hits in just 36 hours while the subsequent videos have racked up an additional 300,000 combined in the last 12.

A statement from Jason Johnson reads:

"Mr. Seppuku overstepped his bounds by publishing a video containing members of the SHOOT Project, particularly so because of the negative nature in which the video was taken. SHOOT Project might not be the most clean brand of professional wrestling on the market today, but we do have a company image to maintain."

The statement indicated that Ichiro Seppuku would be fined an undisclosed amount of money for the infraction. We caught up with Ichiro recently to get his views:

"I wish Mr. Johnson would realize that I just garunteed him a sell-out crowd for Dominion, which is still a relatively new show. Wrestling fans are like crack addicts, you give them a little taste and they are screaming for more - with all do respect of course. All I did was give the fans what they want; that's been my, and Lennox's, position from the beginning. If Johnson wants to deny the fans access to their favorite wrestlers then that's his prerogative. After all... he's the boss"

Breaking News / Charles Brandon Magnus speaks out on recent attacks!
« on: January 27, 2011, 06:29:21 PM »
SHOOTProject.com managed to obtain a word from Bad Ass Brotherhood member Charles Brandon Magnus as soon as bookings were released for both Revolution and Dominion.  When pressed for comment on the recent happenings in and around the Brotherhood, Magnus had this to say:

"While it's no surprise that SHOOT Project Champions are hunted, we being the Bad Ass Brotherhood are used to having targets on our backs.  Jonas took the role of Ambassador Bad Ass, and he's grown enough to know how to handle some fat idiot and the even fatter idiot he lugs with him.  Be it some other company's tag belts we lug around, be it SHOOT's tag belts, or just simply the fact that we are the Bad Ass Brotherhood, we're used to scrutiny and fools trying to make a name off of our work.  What VAS and even what Akuma Satsui is doing just goes to show they know who we are...but we are who we are for a reason."

When pressed for further comment about his situation with VAS in particular, Magnus continued.

"Buck and I?  We don't care if VAS runs around with our belts on.  If it makes them feel better, so be it.  But Buck has handled bigger opponents, I have beaten better odds, and the Bad Ass Brotherhood has a point to prove.  We're going to get them in the ring one...on one.  And when it's all over, when the dust has cleared and the chickens are home to roost...we're going to remove that which was so evilly thieved from our possession."

He finished his statement by telling SHOOTProject.com to send a message to everyone who might be listening.

"You want to come to this company and you want to wreak some havoc at our expense?  You want to attack our families?!  I don't give a damn if you're big, small, American, Japanese, intelligent or retarded.  Well...you must be retarded to try something at our expense.  We are the Bad Ass Brotherhood.  You want to get in on this?  Make us bleed?  Steal from us?  Please.  Try.  Try...and see what happens.

We dare you."

We look forward to seeing The Bad Ass Brotherhood in action as Buck Dresden takes on Ray Valjean and Jonas Coleman takes on Akuma Satsui on Revolution, while Charles Brandon Magnus takes on Jay Skylar on Dominion!

Breaking News / Ron Barker leaves SHOOT tour, denies rumours
« on: January 22, 2011, 11:27:03 AM »
Immediately following Revolution 71, it is reported that Ron Barker quickly headed back to the US in order to compete in the CWC 2011 Ascension Tournament and will re-join the SHOOT Project roster as part of their world tour.

In other Ron Barker news, rumours are beginning to circulate that he could be the man financially responsible for bring Dave Dymond and his new protege into SHOOT Project and will eventually be revealed as the mysterious benefactor.

Ron Barker and his representatives have both denied these claims.

"Just because I did it before doesn't mean I'm doing it again. The HantaKira project was a one time deal for me and it's not something I plan on re-visiting. I have no contact with Dave Dymond or anyone associated with him. It will be interesting to find out who's behind all of his money, though."

Breaking News / EMTs recount "chilling" Revolution 71 experience
« on: January 21, 2011, 04:54:43 PM »
It’s been reported that following Revolution 71, Isaac Entragian left the Yokohama arena of his own volition, adamantly REFUSING any treatment from on site EMTS.

One veteran SHOOT Project EMT, who wishes to remain anonymous, had this so say about Entragian’s behavior.

“I knew from the moment I saw the expression on his face that it would be damn near impossible to administer treatment to this man.”

“He was covered in blood, his upper chest and neck a mess of minor lacerations. One particular second degree burn along the left side of his neck looked extremely painful, yet when we even tried to touch him, he became instantly agitated, threatening violence with just his body language alone.”

“I’ll never forget what he said to me as I attempted to wrap gauze around a gash along his bicep, he looked me DEAD in the face, and he told me that if I touched him again, he’d rip my eyeballs out of their sockets and feed them to my daughter.”

The sound of the man swallowing emotion, choking it back, before continuing in a distorted voice.

“I’ve never seen that son of a bitch before in my LIFE, but somehow...he knew I had a daughter, somehow he just KNEW…”

“I’ve been in this profession for seventeen years, and I’ve seen my fair share of bad apples, but this man, he’s rotten. To the very CORE. As far as I’m concerned, a refusal of care is a refusal of care, the decision belongs to the patient in need of treatment, and I won’t lose any sleep at night knowing I didn’t treat that pale bastard.”

Another young EMT was reached for comment regarding this issue, and he had only this to say about The Ivory Terror.

“He walked right by me, drenched in blood, SMILING ear to ear…and then he slapped the burn along his neck, all the while grinning at me. He said “another one for the collection.” That’s exactly what he said…”

“There was this look in his eyes…this glimmer…”

“At first I mistook it for pain, but later I realized what it really was.”

“It was euphoria.”

None of the members who comprise Project: Scar could be reached for a statement.

Breaking News / Lennox Ferguson hospitalized with serious injuries
« on: January 21, 2011, 02:41:14 PM »
After the cameras were shut off upon completion of the Laws of Survival main event several members of the SHOOT Roster who had participated in the match were given medical attention. Most escaped with manageable cuts and bruises but word is that Lennox Ferguson’s condition was severe enough to warrant a hospital stay.

According to sources Ferguson is currently stable condition at a local hospital in Yokohama but that is all the information we have at this point.

What we can tell you is that, about 30 minutes after the match an ambulance picked up Lennox Ferguson to take him in for tests and, according to Jason Johnson, the potential for surgery.

There has been no word in the several days since Revolution if surgery was required, but Tyr, speaking for Ferguson, said that the man known as "The Ox" was “recovering” and would “join the rest of the roster” when they leave Japan to continue the world tour.  

Stay tuned for more updates on the former Iron Fist Champion’s condition as they become available.

Breaking News / More Revolution 71 Fallout
« on: January 20, 2011, 06:43:07 PM »
With the surprising return of former SHOOT Project employee and OPW Executive Producer Dave Dymond, along with newcomer Akuma Satsui to SHOOT Project this week, many fans and professionals alike are wondering about the contractual status of both men.  Since Dymond was especially vitriolic in his verbal attacks on SHOOT Project and Jason Johnson, some have wondered if he was even legally allowed in the building.

SHOOT Project International has confirmed that Dave Dymond is officially acting as the Manager and Agent for Akuma Satsui, and as such, he has negotiated a 1 Year Contract for Satsui with SHOOT Project, which has been signed.  

This contract makes Akuma Satsui a fully contracted performer on the SHOOT Project roster.  The contract further stipulates that Satsui has authorized Dave Dymond to act on his behalf when negotiating fight contracts and any other deals.

For those unfamiliar with Satsui, he is a 10 year pro who has wrestled exclusively in Japan and Europe up to this point in his career.  Satsui has had success working for True Japan Pro Wrestling, and G-MAX Pro in Japan, as well as Catch Promotions in Germany.

Despite his anti-SHOOT Project on Revolution, it has further been confirmed that Dave Dymond has signed a contract with SHOOT Project, and as of last night at midnight, he became a contracted employee of the organization.

Where this story becomes strange, is when the details of Dymond's contract became available.  It has been confirmed that Dave Dymond is only being paid the token sum of $1 a year by SHOOT Project. Since Akuma Satsui's contract with SHOOT Project does not include any provisions or salary for Dave Dymond, this essentially means he is working without pay.  

Despite these bizarre financial arrangements, Dave Dymond was reported to have been booked into the Tokyo Hilton this week, arrived and departed Revolution in a limousine, and is reportedly flying to all future engagements with Akuma Satsui in a private charter jet, which neither Satsui or SHOOT Project appear to be paying for.

It is a known fact that Dave Dymond was close to personal bankruptcy after quitting the wrestling business, and that up until recently, he had been working as a computer salesman for a modest sum of money. However, he was somehow able to afford to fly to Japan, convince Akuma Satsui to agree to be managed by him, and has since been living a life of relative luxury.

The only conclusion that can be made is that somebody other than SHOOT Project or Akuma Satsui are currently paying Dave Dymond's salary at this time.  During his interview, before being attacked by Jonas Coleman, Dymond did make a clear reference to having a financial backer. Who that person or persons are, and what their motive might be is unknown at this time.

SHOOT Project's Backstage Pass will report any further information gathered on this intriguing story, as it becomes available.

Breaking News / Soldier NOT To Be Released
« on: January 16, 2011, 03:02:04 PM »
SHOOT Project have today announced that Mr. Heart shall NOT be released from his contract. The former Sin City Champion has been causing a stir recently as he entered talks to be released from the company.

Today SHOOT Officials announced that they have refused an offer put forth by Heart to buy himself out of his contract with the Las Vegas based company. A spokesman for the company stated 'We have refused an offer by the lawyers of Mr. Heart for his release. SHOOT Project believes that the contract given to Mr. Heart when he first entered the company is valid and shall remain in place.'

Whilst taking questions from the press the spokesperson was quick to downplay the marketability of Heart. 'We believe that no man or woman is bigger than the company. When you sign a contract with SHOOT Project you shall honour it. We cannot argue that certain Soldiers are more popular than others, however, in this case we do not believe this particular Soldier to be worth what they claim to be.'

No word was given as to the direction Mr. Heart will go in next. We are now certain that contract talks shall not resume between his lawyers and SHOOT Project until his contract expires in 2012.

In other Mr. Heart news: The Englishman found himself on the wrong end of the disciplinary committee when he failed to arrive at a recent 'house event' in Japan. The former Sin City Champion has been fined an undisclosed amount for 'breach of contract'. A spokesman for the Heart Family was 'too angry' to comment.

Breaking News / Superstar Inked!
« on: January 14, 2011, 09:38:31 PM »
In a shocking move that many companies are now dreading, Jason Johnson not only okay'd a new contract for Dan Stein, he heavily backed and PUSHED for it to happen. Many other wrestling federations were in talks with Stein shortly after his devastating shoulder injury, figuring with the influx of talent, the once Golden Boy would be shown the door. However, someone close to Jason Johnson says Jason still sees Stein as a valuable commodity and simply couldn't part ways with the superstar.

"Dan Stein's most successful runs in SHOOT Project came when the company showed support and concern for him. Jason sees this opportunity as a make or break period in our friend's career. Given the injury, some people question this move, but Stein's superior athletic nature calls for a full recovery, maybe even stronger shoulder."

Stein is still scheduled to be out for 3-5 months and the length of the contract hasn't been released to the public as of yet but it is said to be a 'pretty lucrative' deal.

"Stein was showing a lot of promise in the Cade Sydal blood feud, and really looked like he had turned a corner. There were whispers of a main event push if he kept his act up. Being as his mentality has never swayed from trying to get healthy there is reason to believe that Stein could be back and better than ever WELL before this contract even comes to be."

Stein's current contract is valid until June. Stein hasn't spoken to the media since his injury, which isn't unlike him, and only recently was in a promotional video for his cousin, Johnny Patriot, so as to prove they are not one in the same (though that rumor is still out there), but the SHOOT Project front office has kept in touch since day one.

"Even in the hospital, Stein made sure to keep in touch with us, calling once, sometimes twice a day to let us know he was still committed to SHOOT Project if we were to him, and giving us updates on his health and rehab. That kind of dedication is hard to find, and honestly, hard to reciprocate without doing what we did in giving him such a contract."

As noted before Stein has yet to speak with the media, politely refusing to make himself available. However, Dan Stein will be having a press conference to discuss many things, including his contract, mental health and future in SHOOT Project. Stein has been on the road with SHOOT Project during their World Tour while the contract talks took place, getting rehab from the very best physicians available, and his press conference is set to take place is Saitama, Japan, home of SHOOT Project's first ever "Dominion". Some rumors being passed around the IWC call for Stein to announce the production of his own weekly segment on Dominion until his return to the ring. Again, this is just a rumor.

So while some contract talks run stagnate, others return successful (sorry, Mr. Heart!).

Breaking News / Contract Talks Come To A Standstill?
« on: January 11, 2011, 05:17:57 AM »
Reports have been circulating the internet this past week in regards to the status of Mr. Heart and his current SHOOT Project contract.

Many sites are reporting that talks between Mr. Heart's lawyers and SHOOT management have ground to a standstill - with neither side wanting to back down on talks. Rumours have it that Jason Johnson is not willing to accept a buyout of contract from the Englishman. Other sites state that Mr. Heart is refusing to appear on anymore SHOOT Project shows until this issue is resolved - which may lead to punishments for his dissent and breach of contract.

Mr. Heart has not been seen in public for a few days and is rumoured to be on vacation in the Maldives whilst his lawyers continue their warfare on SHOOT Project.

According to an inside source Heart is disgusted by the way he has been treated backstage. 'The man wants more recognition for his work. He truly believes that he will be SHOOT Project's money spinner this year and for years to come. With that he is demanding better terms and conditions.'

Our source goes on to explain that the Englishman feels as if he is being pushed aside by re-debuting Soldiers. 'With all the old faces coming back Heart feels as if his face doesn't fit in with SHOOT bosses. He thinks that the brass want to push the guys who have just come back from stays in LEGACY and other places. As these guys take up spaces on the roster it is inevitable that someone is going to be pushed out.'

Last week Heart was given a shot at the returning Laws Of Survival Championship but opted to veto the match in accordance with a stipulation within his contract. He stated that the match could put him at risk of serious harm. SHOOT officials decided to pull Heart from the Main Event match at Revolution as a result.

The controversy surrounding this situation has left many fans wondering if this is the reason why Heart did not pick up any Year End Awards.

Dan_the_man wrote on the SP Backstage Pass forum: 'I had Heart down to pick up the Best Newcomer and Best Heel - then the idiot goes and becomes an ass!'

FlipNFlop wrote: 'This man needs to get a grip! This is America. Who does he think he is?! Comin' over 'ere and takin' our jobs! Get back to England you limey!'


Breaking News / SHOOT Soldier In 'Termination Of Contract' Talks
« on: January 04, 2011, 07:00:59 PM »
Earlier this week we broke the news of an alteration to the Revolution 71 Main Event. The match was scheduled to include former Sin City Champion, Mr. Heart. However, after contractual disagreements Heart was pulled from the Main Event and rumour has been rife as to the status of the Englishman in SHOOT Project.

The Heart Family lawyers were said to have been in negotiations with SHOOT officials to bring the situation to a close for both parties. As talks went on Mr. Heart was said to be livid at receiving no praise from SHOOT Management for his “tenacious attitude and ever-giving nature.” The news broke straight after the 2010 Year End Awards were announced that Mr. Heart is now looking to buy himself out of his SHOOT Project contract.

We spoke to the Heart Family spokesman who gave us this statement: “It is true that Mr. Heart and his attorneys are negotiating heavily with SHOOT Project officials to bring this awful mess to a close. Mr. Heart feels his time within the company has not been praised enough and wishes to seek the admire he deserves.”

We approached SHOOT Project headquarters but have received no word back at time of writing.

One insider, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that Mr. Heart had been “a nuisance backstage” adding, “He struts around the corridors like he is some God. He demands respect. I can see SHOOT Project officials coming to some sort of arrangement with Heart to free him from his contract within weeks.”

The insider went onto to mention Heart’s contract clause we confirmed earlier this week. “His contract is so water tight that I’m surprised he has even stepped foot into a SHOOT Project ring. In my opinion, Heart has SHOOT management over a barrel. If he offers to buy himself from his contract then we can all live peacefully.”

We hope to bring official word from the office of Jason Johnson later in the week.

Breaking News / Mr. Heart withdrawn from Main Event at Revolution
« on: December 31, 2010, 04:20:07 AM »
Last night SHOOT Project announced the card for Revolution 71. The Main Event for the show is set to be a showcase for the newly reinstated Laws of Survival Championship. The match was due to feature Mr. Heart, Isaac Entragian, Cronos Diamante, Lennox Ferguson, Mike Dexter and Azrael Goeren.

However, this morning the site has been updated with Mr. Heart missing from the line up.

We contacted the Heart Office for comment and received this reply from the Heart family spokesperson:

'As I am sure you are aware Mr. Heart has been withdrawn from the Main Event at Revolution on January 17th. Mr. Heart has stated that he does not wish to partcipate in such a vile, barbaric and down grading match. The very thought of such a stipulation turns the stomach of Mr. Heart. He finds the Laws of Survival division disrespectful to his class, integrity and status. Mr. Heart would also like to state that his lawyers contacted the office of Jason Johnson to have him removed from the match due to contractual agreements. His lawyers shall be in constant contact with Mr. Johnson to come to an alternative agreement.'

On further investigation we can confirm that Heart has the following stipulation within his SHOOT Project contract:

'The above named employee shall have power to veto a proposed match stipulation should they feel that their health could be put at risk. The employee has the right to withdraw from any match which they feel could result in injury.'

It is unknown at this point if the former Sin City Champion will play any role in Revolution or Dominion. We will bring you more news on this matter as it happens.

Breaking News / Japanese Legend Meets with SHOOT Project Officials
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:41:59 AM »
Japanese wrestling legend Toni Noki and his son Akira met with Jason Johnson recently while he was he in Japan preparing for the first show in the SHOOT Project World tour. Toni Noki has owned and operated Rising Sun Pro Wrestling for over 30 years while Akira is the promotions current star as well as head teacher at the Rising Sun Dojo. The duo were not looking to make a deal for themselves, but to secure a contract for one of the top stars to come out of their dojo, an American by the name of Jacob Fisher.

When asked why they would give up a such a promising young talent they said that Jascob Fisher was originally discovered and trained by a SHOOT Project alumni who wished to remain anonymous for the time being. He thought it was time for Jacob to take what he referred to as the graduate classes of his training. Jason Johnson has agreed to give Jacob Fisher a short term contract, where he will be evaluated and possibly be offered a longer contract. It is believed that he will debut as part of a tag team with mentor and friend Stan Erichson. Erichson was a huge name during the territory days, but disappeared right before the big boom of the 80's before turning up again a few years ago. It is believed that the SHOOT Project alumni that originally taught Jacob Fisher asked Stan to watch over him during his early days in SHOOT because he knew the type of people on the roster and wouldn't be able to be there to do it personally at the current time.

When asked about the identity of  the former alumni that trained Jacob Fisher, Jason Johnson declined comment on who, but said it was someone he hadn't seen or spoken to in a long time. Akira Noki said he would be attending Revolution 70: Championship Edition as a fan. He has also offered to lend 6 of the best Rising Sun Pro wrestlers to SHOOT for a six man tag dark match to warm up the home town crowd, it is unknown at this time if Jason Johnson plans to take him up on that offer.

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