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General Discussion / Hmmmm....
« on: February 05, 2016, 02:26:22 AM »
Dredd... Or Alex Brooks...

The Epicenter / Into the Light [2/2, SCC vs Wu]
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:14:19 PM »
A coliseum, or at least a studio set designed to look like one. Lying on the dirt floor is Chaos. He is naked except for bodypaint and a dirty beige loincloth. Surrounding the setting are seven doors.
Chaos blinks. He appears unaware of his surroundings. One door opens. Sitting behind the door is an old tube television with Chaos staring back at Chaos.

He blinks again.

TV(1): Hey yo Chaos , how you feeling today?

Chaos: I feel unified mate.

TV(1): Shit I’m feeling the same. This is paradise so enjoy the weather, a perfect time to get the boys together.

Chaos: Boys together?

TV(1): We need old school, new school pioneers, who can flip that shit like primal fear.
Suns up, man I’m calling the lads, one love, that’s twelve balls in a bag.

Chaos: Yo, am I on some bullshit and I ain’t talking about a poo that a bull did. I’m talking about that this. This sets the bar.

Suddenly five of the remaining six doors open and they are all occupied by the same model television with an image of Chaos staring out.

TV(1): He said ‘set’s the bar’ that’ll blow like Escobar, six dogs out the reservoir. Let’s play connect the stars. And paint a circus in the sky, yep He can start.

TV(2): Now we thought this crew should pull out. Something a little unusual. Sounds a bit like a musical. But doesn't matter we make any type of music cool.

TV(3): Yeah, uh, when I heard the word foot path, I just thought it meant it was a foot large.
But then I walked on a foot path, and I had a look and I swear it was a good yard.

TV(4): Rule of thumb, I never been the one to open up a can of worms. Never underestimate, cause some say you're the best today like Miranda Kerr. Hi Chaos.

TV (5): News flash alert. Something stirred underground where SHOOT Project lurks and in a cloud of weed smoke with a handful of Cheetos. I’m in beast mode – Wu, you better enter a cheat code.

ALL TV: Now check it out look who’s up in the mix, You can dream but you ain't seen nothing like this. This place is off charts like I’m waiting for a mate. So just give me match the  so I can take it away.

TV(1): You're like Outkast mixed with Southpark, And my suplex flow is like dominos, So when I bust out of the trap on the mat.  You're rude like Cube yelling ‘Fuck the police’, raise em up, It’s like all your Christmas’ came at once, Yes, you’re too much for these rookies, Chaos, let’s knock the dust off this pussy.

TV(2): Man I feel awesome, nah I mean awful. Yeah I’m pretty sure I put on weight since Autumn. Pass me the pork roll I don’t really walk anymore. Ever since I invented a gun that SHOOTs portals, Yeah my bodies gone bad. Trying to get myself a Hollywood tan, Chaos and Max go to Bali for a holiday man and put the weed in someone else’s body board bag

TV(3): You're the leader from the get go. Yes, I believed it even when they said no,Yeah it feels like half of your thoughts, Follow your heart, that’s par for the course, of course it ain’t easy, I can tell you that first hand but it’s all good. Look at us, studying the fundamentals. Back when we were young and now we’re up here on another level.

TV(4) This sounding like some Austin Powers shit, Someone gotta tell Maxy. This ain’t the 60’s, this ain’t the same mix, bag of lollies that ain't the same Frisbee. Interesting, yes I guess I can adjust, I guess it just means, That we gotta do it different, Good, and I’m glad cos the records are wrecking my discman.

TV(5): When I heard the lights on I said turn them off. Thought it was the main show from Circus Oz. I’m being serious, I don’t give a fuck. How I turning the ropes and switch up the jumps. Now I got the sick splash move. Walking round the city in my pink gum boots, If a hater wanna talk like ‘Wu, fuck you’,then tell your bodyguard Smash this cunt too.

TV(6): Last shot of the six shot revolver. Tree swinging in on a big fucking Cobra. Shit Wu it’s over with my honourable brethren. It’s destined, Mr. Orange done stepped in, the card shark the way I play in the car park. Doing doughies, spin a soldier out like a gut shot straight draw.

ALL TV: Ain’t nobody got time for that. So there goes the neighbourhood, get elevated with us. It's SHOOT Project, it’s a celebration bitches, good god. All the doors with televisions behind suddenly slam closed, leaving the intrepid Chaos scratching his head. The final seventh door opens and a light shines out of it.
Speaking to no one in particular Chaos opens his mouth.

Chaos: Am I dead?

All the TV rooms open again.

ALL TV: No you are not!

They close as quickly as they open.

Chaos walks towards the doorway, towards the light. He does he starts talking to himself.

“I like to make the canas bleed when I meditate to a german suplex. Obsess over thought process until the wristlocks make there way to my palms, are sweaty, once I'm coming ready. I carve a deadly backflip and rip past the petty. This man'll make them big shots look bent on weight. I came ahead of my time while others premature ejaculate. An addict of whips and kicks, obsessed. I'm cursed unless I get a hit and do monkey flips til' theres nothing left. I spent my youth like bad credit, got nothing to show. If money was the show I'd be bawling all up in this bro. I got that rough shit, something straight up shit, with sick kicks. Some beat around the bush like perverts looking in windows. While others pile driving for the cash indoors, fashion awards. They lacking rewards, I’m catching wreck with Soldiers. Wu, say your hard? I'mma laugh and raise my glass. Fuck your ego your only as dope as the citizens say you are.”

Chaos passes through the doorway. As he does the door slams shut behind him.  He finds himself in a tunnel with a dirt floor, illuminated only by the light at the end of it. As he walks towards the light he starts talking to himself again.

“You can find me in the hills but you don't try me on this shit kid with moves that be filthy, and grimy like a dish pig. I rip kicks and flips if you think it's a joke. I'm like a mad digesting hash cookie. My t is dope! Let's go twelve rounds and see who's the better Soldier. The only way you'd win is if I was your shadow. Who trained your suplexes and who's taking you to Vegas? Man you look retarded, who tied your fucking shoe laces? Cook up Frankensteiners like Jamie Oliver. Structure, form man. Fuck the, norm man. Chaos, born and rough like porn And I do back flips and like other spit water melon seeds. Slaughter red soldiers. Cos I thought of enemies. Any reason, season, please man. Three sixty five, it's three sixty degrees. And I don't quit.”

Chaos walks closer to the light.

“I ain't scared of dying or being missed. But I'm afraid as fuck of being deceased with a copycat bitch stealing my schtick. And having him twist my speech in every ring and show he hears and see. Dig myself out of my grave and beat him with his own clothes stick. Don't give a shit if you can spin backwards on canvas. I don't give a fuck about your silly moves. Damn I'm sorry, Wu. I don't know how to say this – but you’re  bustin' out the rubbish like Oscar the Grouch. Wish the Crocodile Hunter stuck a sock in your mouth.”


Chaos covers his mouth with his hand like his has something wrong.

“I might be slightly unbalanced. I might be wrestling lesbians because I like the challenge.”

Chaos reaches the light. He swishes his hand through like he doesn’t know what it is. He stops and turns around so his back his touching the light.

“I'm hopeless can't focus my intelligence, see I play them pokies hoping for five elephants. Just provoke this team and I'll settle it, geez. Don't worry 'bout me Wu. I won't sell my soul that's degrading. I'm Chaos - I hold my own like I'm masturbating. Not masquerading like puppets for another. Got married to the game last summer. But I'll still give you fucking Stunner. Wu, I’m not like you. Better hope you still drop. In this profession I’m like medicine. You got everyone stressing I’m there anti-depression medicine. I'll put you in the nosebleed section while you’re in the back row.”

Chaos falls backwards into the light.

The Epicenter / Let's Go [SCC vs Max Wu 1/2]
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:27:28 AM »
Chaos stands in the middle of an empty locker room. He is bouncing on his toes. He is wearing boxing shorts and boxing boots. He has boxing gloves on his hands. A close look at his face paint revels that he has painted his face in his stand black and red fare but has copied Mike Tyson's infamous facial tattoo.  He walks to the door and open it. He stands in the open door.

“Round like a circle, In a spiral. Like a wheel within a wheel; never ending, nor beginning and never spinning free. Bounce now."

Chaos out of the doorway. He is walking down a hallway, shuffling his shoulders and throwing short jabs out in front of himself. Left, right, left, left, right.

“Tick, tock, another day gone. Suns up, comes down, but it all moves along. Somehow, some way, it all falls into place and we might stand still but we all fit in space. The motion repeats as the ocean retreats, the tide comes back when it flows to the beach and the world goes around, around it goes. You know what, life is but a cycle.”

Chaos walks out of the hallway, into an empty warehouse. In the middle of the warehouse is an empty ring. He makes his way to the ring.

“Yeh everyday I wake to the same old paper and another fist fight with the same pissed of neighbour.  In the hope I work a night that might be a saviour. At least just enough to get me outta here and to the safe house with about a thousand beers and the big red chair with the birds eye view. The world at work while I sip my brews."

Chaos gets to the ring and looks under the apron. He pulls a stuffed toy tiger out from underneath and slides it under the bottom rope.

“Tick, tock, another day gone as one logs off and another logs on. Another child’s born and another man dies and as one gives up, well another man tries. It all makes sense like thoughts in my head. That we’re not much more than cause and effect. The world goes around, around it goes around like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind."

Chaos rolls under the bottom rope. He stands, pauses and stares at the entry way – like he is waiting for someone to appear. After a few moments, he starts clapping his gloves together and pacing the ring.

“He got me so impatient. He got me waiting. He got me steaming. But I'm not going to boil over because I am the champion of the people of Sin City. I can take it. Just while those smiles – they are beaming.”

Chaos stops and crouches down next to the tiger, giving it a scratch behind the ear.

“Maximillian Wu.”

He jumps up.

“He got me so mad; I'll jump through the buckle I'll hurt him so bad, cut the bone through the knuckle I don't give a fuck If I can't see cut my eyelids wide open like the wings of a butterfly. I sing for my supper I'll dance round the ring, and run rings round these other guys. When it's crunch time I won't be undermined. But won't throw a punch, I'm talking about my fucking mind. I'll jab like very other time. With my mouth guard in but I still got my tongue in my cheek. My game so unrefined, I make my own mother cry. Ain't no alumni, and you can tell by the way I say alumni. Chaos'll crush ya, stutter step I duck down left then send you lullaby. I the machete to your butter knife, hell im ready cause those bloody eyes are the window to your soul and bro; I'm pulling down the shutters; I've...”

Chaos walks away from the tiger. He hits the ropes with his back and hold and leans back like he is waiting for an unsighted opponent.

“I've never been scared of life, wont watch it pass me by in my bed. And I've never felt so alive, and my eyes have never looked so dead. And some of you might step but that's by the by. Man I can watch whole worlds crumble. So, Mister Maximillian Wu...”

He cracks his neck to the right.

“Just loosen your neck from side to side.”

He cracks his neck to the left.

“Then rumble, young man, rumble.”

Chaos bounces off the ropes and starts throwing combinations. Left. Right. Left. Duck and weave. Uppercut.

“I'll sing out to the masses, each round of clashes. Every swing, downed and damaged brings out the savage. The bell sounds and I'm cling bound and bandaged. Which brings round only those things mouthed in madness. You might have me on the ropes, it's gone beyond a joke. You can corner the Lion, no law of confinement will stop me from your throat. Provoking this beast you'll see my blood boil. The notion of peace in such toils the face of hopeless defeat. Shrug of a glance, switch stance, throw one, advance and watch you succumb to the dance, romance, the blood on our hands. Wu you can try to throw a blow but something tells me you ain't for fighting toe to toe. And I'm sure it ain't for lack of trying, it's just that the dying wont let go. It takes a particular touch, the way to deliver a punch. If your game isn't vicious enough then I'll play till The Standard is giving it up. Let him come, let him fall down now, said it once, said it all round town. "

Chaos drops his hands and shows his palms down by his sides.

“I get it done.”

He brings his hands back up and takes a conventional stance.

“Mister Wu gonna get 'em hung, when I come, better run, better haul out south.”

Chaos stands bouncing on his toes.

“I'm bouncing on my toes like...” 

Chaos stops bouncing.

“Let's go. Let's Go. Let's Go!”

The Epicenter / "Hi. I'm Edd..." [story]
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:03:16 PM »
Eddie Taylor is an Australian wrestler currently making a name for himself on the biggest stage of them all as the absurd Chaos. He is the current Sin City Championship Title for SHOOT Project. And he is well on his way to falling off his bar stool.

“I’m tellin’ Jarrad Hayne will fucking kill the NFL.” He slurs his words while drinking a beer.

“Look, Eddie… You’re my girl’s little brother. But you're telling me, so some Rugby wannabe is going to kill it in our sport you’re fuckin’ kidding yourself.”

“Hang on. Hang on. You are telling me that he won’t make it? You soft cocks where pads and helmets and ya saying he can’t do it.”

“Didn’t say that. Said he wouldn’t kill it.”

“Whatever, Jack. Whatever.” Eddie waves him off and takes another mouthful of his frothy beverage.

Jack just laughs.

Mia Taylor, the older sister of Eddie Taylor, walks over and wraps her arms around Jack and kisses him on the cheek. Jack looks at her and smiles.

“You’re bro’s had too much to drink, babe.”

Eddie overhears this and instantly turns back to Jack. “What would you know?” he blurts out indignantly.

Mia giggles. “Don’t worry ‘bout, E. He’s never been able to handle the drink.” She laughs some more.

“Shush, Mia. Beer drinking I can do. Better than you I drink.” His words come out slurred and jumbled.
Mia and Jack and look at Eddie and laugh.

Mia speaks first – “E.”


“You aren’t on camera.”


“Well, ya sounding like that weird motherfucker Chaos again. Think you had too much to drink.”

Mia makes a signal to the bartender to cut her brother off. While Jack just shakes his head and Eddie tries to make words come out of his mouth and they just sound like the last sounds of dying coyote. Mia walks back to her friends across the room.

Eddie taps Jack on the shoulder.

“Yes, Eddie?” Jack asks in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Who’s Mia’s friend?” Eddie gestures to a blonde girl sitting in the booth next to Mia.

Jack looks over and looks at the group of girls chatting amongst themselves.

“That’s Anna, kid.”

“She’s hot.”

“Stay away, Eddie.”

“I’m going to introcude mylelfs”

Jack makes a half-hearted attempt to stop Eddie as he gets off his stool. Eddie Taylor walks over to the girl’s booth. As he arrives he is shot a death stare by his sister, which is duly ignores. He leans over me and extends his hand out to Anna.

“Hi. I’m Edd…”

He doesn’t get to finish his introductory sentence as vomit escapes from his mouth all over the front of Anna.

General Discussion / Re: Hello all...
« on: October 12, 2014, 01:18:10 AM »
Oh and Hi dude... Names Greg.. G2 to be precise and I am not as odd as the character I handle.

General Discussion / Re: Hello all...
« on: October 12, 2014, 01:03:42 AM »
Old dirty bailey??? How young was she dude?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMAAAAAAAAAAAATE!
« on: September 19, 2014, 04:44:02 PM »
Exum is good. Very good. But his body isn't ready for the rigours of the NBA season, and will lack consistency all year as you would expect from a 19yr old against men. If you sure any of the Boomers games at the World Cup you will see he is best in the open court. He struggles in the quarter setting against the more condition minds and bodies of nba/international conditioned players.

His biggest problem is whether he is a 1-Man or 2-Man. He's got the length to be a 2 but not the shot, he's got the smarts and passing to be a 1. But I think his handle is a little suspect under pressure to be a 1-Man at this stage of his career.

Let's see where the Jazz push him.

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMAAAAAAAAAAAATE!
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:49:25 PM »
Statisically - Andrew Gaze. But as for performance it's Andrew Bogut.

Look out for Ben Simmons. Dante Exum is a few years off.

Look out for a kid called Isaac Humphries in the future.

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMAAAAAAAAAAAATE!
« on: September 18, 2014, 11:42:06 PM »

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMAAAAAAAAAAAATE!
« on: September 18, 2014, 10:17:48 PM »
Close enough that I was pissed off about the Angola and thought it was a karmic result with the Turkey game.

I watched every game I could get down here.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« on: September 14, 2014, 06:56:01 PM »
Good Show
-Hyped for MotM semis
-Zex/Corazon great
-Maya/Loco interaction was great
-Big Ike is great
-I should of thought about my segment placement a bit more.

Mixed Media / Re: Last Movie you saw
« on: September 12, 2014, 08:25:11 PM »
Frozen... again.

Sports and Fighting / Re: Wrestling Things That Make You Happy
« on: September 12, 2014, 08:22:46 PM »
Quinn, my 4yr old, likes NXT better than WWE.

And the fact he calls Seth Rollins - the Money in the Bank.

And to him - I am Brock Lesnar.

The Epicenter / Sad Man's Smile [i/ii, v Aiden Miles, SCC Match]
« on: September 12, 2014, 06:19:10 PM »
The room is bare.

Fluorescent ceiling lights. White walls. No windows. White linoleum tiles.

Bare. Not empty.

In the middle of the room sits the SHOOT Project Sin City Champion, Chaos. He sits cross legged with his hands resting on his knees. He is naked except for a pair of beige briefs. Laid out in front of him is the Sin City Championship belt. Today, the trademark face paint of Chaos is solid red, no black outlines, just red and it stretches down his neck until his fades out in tendrils around his décolletage.

Chaos smiles a sad man’s smile.

“Were you neurotic as a child?”

He nods - a twitchy, jerky movement - possibly a nervous tic rather than a premeditated movement.

“Did they come around and watch your style?”

He nods.

“Did you have plans to be a star?”

He nods.

“Did you have plans to become more than you are?”

He nods.

“Maybe rock was in your dreams. Maybe being there was far too obscene.”

He nods.

“Swing it high and swing it low. Swing it anytime where you wanna go.”

He nods.

“You’re more than I am. I'm more than you are.”

He nods, but this time it a slow and deliberate movement – not like the previous twitchy nods.

“Yeah, alright.”

Chaos closes his eyes. He opens them. He closes them again and opens them back up. Not blinking, but slowly deliberate movements with discernible pauses between each. The rest of his body has remained perfectly still.

“Webster’s defines a standard as a level of quality, or achievement. That is considered acceptable or desirable.”

Chaos leans forward and strokes his championship belt in a loving manner.

“It must be good to be acceptable, Aiden. It must be good to be desirable. These are feelings that I am yet to experience. I try to be Dan Stein’s friend and he just treats me like a leper and blames me for all his pitfalls.  And Abigail Chase seems to think that I am some forward of… of… Truthfully I don’t know how she thinks of me, but she always seems repulsed by elegant musky aroma. Maybe I should shower before the next show and see might be more inviting.”

He grins.

“But, I am the Champion of Sin City. I have been chosen to represent the downtrodden, the underfed, the luckless and all those that come to Paradise. It is my domain to lift them from the rubble and ascend them to glory, as their champion. And nothing shall hold me back and no one will hold me down. Dan Stein neglected his role as champion of the people of Sin City and I will restore their faith in their champion for every moment I carry their beacon. I will feed them. I will prevent from living in sin. I will return their tithings. I will lift them to the sky and allow the zip back to earth to spread the message to those that cannot see. The people have their champion and their champion is me.”

Chaos nods. As if he agrees with everything he says.

He taps his right temple.

“Yeah, now, I don't mean to brag but I'm the Sin City king. Gone with the wind. SHOOT from the hip. And all across the strip no difference. Every den in the land, at home within. Man, it could be nothing like the hard life, shit still a sucker for the skyline. The open road's fine to sleep a couple of nights. But Sin City tells the story of a lifetime. Cut.”

Chaos looks up and to his right.

“Lights, Camera, Action. It's all that, everything you imagine. It's right there; you can reach out and grab it. Dreams turn reality with big smoke magic. Maybe I'm biased and maybe… Maybe it's just that I don't know no better. The city don't sleep, speakers at eleven and If they got a question this is what I tell them.”

“These city streets are endless. These bright lights catch the eye. I push it to the limit; I build it to the sky and anything can happen. It's on you to roll the dice, then hold tight and get ready to ride.”

Chaos centres his head and taps his left temple.

“Yeah, you could live the dream. You could have it fall in your lap. You could fall in love or fall through the cracks. Damn, tough call to avoid those traps. But in high-stakes business you gonna get that. Take it from the streets to the penthouse suites. All I need is a dream, a belief, a little luck and a whole lot of guts to achieve. Heart to the city and belly to the beast. Yeah, what you pay for, cheap thrills ain't cheap. You’ll pay a high price if you wanna taste this.”

Chaos rolls his palms over the title belt.

“All the good isn't always what it seems. But that's fine with me, this is where I wanna be. Amongst the bright lights and the beat of the city. In any direction my people are with me. We get busy, what a trip, what a blessing. You wanna question so let tell you.”

Chaos looks up and to the left.

“I'm home and I'm one for Sin City tonight. I'mma stay strong 'till the sun goes down, 'till the lights come out, 'till the lights go down and the sun comes up again. This is my City. This is my belt. These are my people and I am their Champion.”

Chaos looks down and at the belt. He looks up at the lights. He looks straight ahead.

“Aiden Miles. The Standard. You are facing me for the right to be champion of the people of Sin City. That is not a right you should take lightly. Should you defeat me and become their leader. You have obligation to lead them from the cesspools to the greenest of pastures. You must be there Moses. You must. If you are unwilling to accept that obligation, unwilling to undertake the oath of the Champion of Sin City then I must defeat you. I must ensure that the people that need me as their representative remain represented by me. I hope you understand that Aiden. It’s not about you or me. It’s about the people that need me. Sorry.”

Chaos smiles a sad man’s smile.

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMA: Drew
« on: September 07, 2014, 05:41:12 AM »
Will we ever see Kenji again?

Did you deliberately answer each question seperately to boost your post count?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMA: ED-ition (see what I did there?)
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:24:46 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMA - Matt version
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:24:12 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: A3MA - Ask 3M (almost) anything!
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:23:44 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: J-AMA
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:23:11 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMA: The Sheriff
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:23:00 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMA- Albino Edition
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:22:29 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AJA - Ask Justin Anything
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:22:17 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: S-AMA
« on: September 02, 2014, 06:22:06 PM »
Favourite Current Diva?
Favourite All-Time Diva?

Favourite main stream wrestler that no one else seemed to get?

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