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The History of the Circle / Re: What would have been
« on: April 22, 2015, 11:47:30 AM »
I actually had quite a sweeping story arc plotted out leading to the "end" of Jonny and a true rise of Loris Arclale (my one true love)...  also revisiting a plot line/idea that would have made Josh and B VERY PROUD...

Here are the notes:

MotM (My characters)

Jonny VS Fictional Japanese Former Brother in Law

The match would be given to Jonny as a result of Jonny's former brother in law twisting his during an open sequence.  "Frustrated", Jonny gets on the mic to apologize, but that he would not accept the victory.  His brother in Law is an honorable man and he would not want to blemish his record.  "I will not accept this victory.  You are honorable an..."

He would be cut off by the arrival of THE IMPERIUM

Their leader would challenge Jonny to a contest, which Jonny would hesitantly accept...  Jonny would be dispatched of with swift, and unbending justice.  The loss, as they tended to do with Jonny, would begin his decent into becoming a cruel and violent, holier-than-thou WHITE KNIGHT.

(Insert Name for them Here) Squad in a Tag Team Ladder Match

We had thrown a bunch of ideas around.  The titles were PROBABLY going on T-Rex and Arch Angel, with the Jacks replacing "Rogue N Riley" after Tom Quinn went missing.  The JACKS seemed insistent on taking Omar and Zex out of the equation (and life) as they railed away at them at all costs with a focused, brutal onslaught.  This eventually made the match Laz/LC vs ANARCHY, where the former champs would reclaim their belts.


Without the yin to his yang, Riley started on a sociopathic tear, and along with the soulless Wailer, the tandem would declare war on Isaac Entragian (regardless of his outcome with Corazon).  The idea was that Riley was here to clear the way for a Better Tomorrow and that the weak had to "die".  Entragian was the shining example of failed rebellion, and he had to be drowned to give hope that SHOOT could be conquered.  Entragian would, at some point, dismantle Wailer...   Unfortunately, as he got closer to Riley, the JACKS would mysteriously involve themselves.  (IMPORTANT TO NOTE: leading up this point, The JACKS would have possibly been a feud with Omar/Zex, who would, at some point, possibly have turned heel and accepted Jonny's offer for them to use the Beautiful People moniker...  mysteriously, The JACKS onslaught on Omar/Zex would stop immediately after)

From here, Entragian would shift into a feud with JACK.  Their numbers were, at times, overwhelming, but Isaac would get through them...  until one JACK in particular, would get the better of him.  This JACK was more brutal than the others.  She/He also seemed to be able to counter every attack Entragian threw his way.  The JACK would eventually be revealed as (????????) (name protected)

During this time, Jonny, under heavy advisement of his spiritual partner, PAUL JARVIS would be slipping into madness.  His Project HERO organization would become a prop for his self serving desires, and an excuse to commit questionable acts of terror.  They would begin recruiting...  with PROJECT HERO "militia" men and women guarding locker rooms, patrolling the cooridoors, etc etc.  Jonny would be in a short feud with Imperium,  eventually getting the upper hand after the squad was attacked by JACK (several).  This would lead to Imperium vs JACK (prior to Entragian vs JACK)

With Jarvis in his ear, Jonny would fixate on "irredeemable traits" of his "enemies" (who would weirdly be very decent human beings...) For example, instead of fighting the Scavengers, he LIVED by his words that they were not a REAL threat, that they were just obnoxious, spoiled children that only wanted attention... and instead focused on Christopher Davis, a man who had defeated Jarvis at MotM and would have had a segment with Jonny where they patched things up.  Instead, Jonny would, somewhat senselessly, shame Davis until the two had a match in mid fall.  Jonny, with a brutal assault, would defeat Davis, albeit with vulgar disregard for honor)

After this bout, Jonny would declare a new streak.  He would win 11 bouts, and on the 11th, and final victory, would announce his claim for the SHOOT Project World Title.


Jonny set his sites on Entragian.  He blamed Isaac for JACK and for the Scavengers gaining "power".  (Jeremy would have finished his feud with (????) by this point, though, depending on his MOTM outcome, may have been invovled in a world title feud around now so this part could have been different.  This is based on an outcome where Isaac WON at MOTM and was guarenteed a title shot...  HINT at Jonny's possible inside motives) Entragian NEEDED TO BANISHED FROM SHOOT if the company could ever "shine once more"

Riley and Wailer would be introducing new "fallen souls" (forgetten alt characters, weird gals/dudes from the past that never got much of a shot in SHOOT, etc etc) Riley would be making a very legitimate claim for the world title, claiming that a Better Tomorrow could only come with the firery destruction of Yesterday and Today.  The SHOOT Project's highest honor had to be abolished.  He HAD to have it so he could give it to the founder.  (this would be the first time Riley mentioned having superiors)

Jonny and Entragian would be close to having their first match, but it would never happen.  Jonny would come down to the ring, but Isaac would not.  The Scavengers would swarm the ring and destroy Jonny as he has never been destroyed... (Including Paul Jarvis who was a Scavenger the entire time, leading a prayer over Jonny's body)  Riley would stand over his body.  "He's hurt...  he's....  He's hurt real bad.  We need a doctor.  WE NEED A FUCKING DOCTOR"

At this time, Dr Loris Arclale, the mysterious man fired from SHOOT Project a year ago, would come out from the back...  The crowd reaction would be "weird" to say the best.  Arclale would explain the situation.  That he had worked tirelessly to give power back to Man.  That Man had become weak, that urge and instinct had been jailed in artificial, imaginary cages.  "Jonny was a jailer...  one of the worst, and his persuit is false.  HIS DEFEAT, strangely, is the hope he tried to deny others" Jonny would be given an ultimatum...  leave to the obscurity he had damned so many countless people, or lose the rest of what little world he had left"

Jonny would never be seen again.

Loris Arclale would announce his claim to "take SHOOT", but not for senseless power, but to use it, PRODUCTIVELY as no man had ever done before.  To turn it into a training ground for Soliders fighting under the banner of the Society for a Better Tomorrow...  An evolved humanity ready for the new perils of an ever more deadly world.

Loris wanted wrestlers/fighters because he believed they had the perfect base for what the world needed.  The mind could be shaped, but the body had to be perfect.  A soldier's body glistened.  It was lean and beautiful.  He knew his conquest would begin an awful war... but this was no story... this was no contained ideal.  This was bigger than professional wrestling.

BUT Loris is a pacifist.  He would not fight unless provoked.  He's a doctor...   Not a general.

At this point in the story, he would announce The Society's main Bennefactor/Investor, and the general...

Valentine Lionhart.

From here, we would have worked within whatever current parameters had been set, but we wanted to create a story/world, other people could easily join/add to.  We didn't want to make it "World title based" in order to avoid stepping on other toes of people involved.  Valentine and Riley would have collided as Riley would be sort of forced back into a "Stooge" role he had grown to loathe.  JACK would be revealed as a group of "truly destroyed men" who found power in being the horrible atrocities committed against them in a "previous life".  They would be the "enemies" of The Society, (but the society believed in a balance of "Good and Evil" and that the chaos of Evil was necessary for GOOD to thrive...  so they essentially manufacture their own evil for the sake of balance.... JACK was an essential member of the Society)

That was the basic set up, and from here, I don't know what would have happened.  The plan was to have this happen sometime before Reckoning Day.

And yes...  The Society would try and train/create super humans.  BEAST AND PRIME FOR LIFE

How's everyone doing, btw?

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: 2 Important Things
« on: December 10, 2014, 08:46:12 PM »
In fairness,

I gave that segment BACK to Sam who was IN THEORY supposed to go over it with you.

He made some changes to it.

Blood's on his hands



AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / Re: AMA: DEFILER
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:11:45 PM »

Turning Point in Your Writing Career: You started breaking out in Sky High on the TTW Roster.  Your work with leading toward and winning the world title was phenomenal.  You STILL, however, need to do a better job of "leading" and "thinking outside the box".  You get lazy and your work suffers from it every now and then :)

Taken Me by Surprise:No one.  I never expect anyone is going to be bad.  I could list some disapointments, but that could get REAL and AMA's are all about being nice and swell.

Pizza Place: What?  No.

Ed: He's my best friend.  My parents had me and him about 16 months apart.  So they're plan worked out.  He's the stability to my wild dreaming brain.


Just like... the best heels and faces?  Or stables that I think make sense from a storytelling perspective.

I'm going to combine them.


FINAL Scar - Isaac, Vincent Mallows, Jonny Johnson, Kenji, Instant Heat (OutKast/Real Deal)

This group would END SHOOT Project.  Josh and Sean want out of their contracts and they want to cash in on their stock options.  They go to Jonny and Isaac for ideas.  Isaac tries to stay true to his realized self, but is swayed when Josh breaks it to him "the best thing you could ever do for these souls is to bury them".  Jonny is much easier to convince.  He's offered infinite World Title opportunities.  He brings Mallows on as a financial advisor.  Kenji returns as an unbound demon.


PALADIN - Donovan King, Adrian Corazon, Loco Martinez, Christopher Davis, Dan Stein

In a reality before FINAL Scar  was ever born, five Soldiers bind together under an alliance to protect SHOOT Project.  These men, known as PALADIN, usher in the first truly COMPETITIVE/GOOD era in the organization's history, creating building blocks of actual justice and ruling FAIRLY but with an iron fist.  The council becomes responsible for creating the first public booking committee and upholds all of SHOOT's rules and regulations.  Dan Stein is still an asshole, but he's the important piece of the puzzle, bringing good and evil together under one banner.


Jacks: ALL of my characters (Jacks, RnRnW, Jonny, etc) are actually currently "under development" versions of characters that appear in a collection of stories I'm writing called "American Fiction".  In the AF world, "Jack" is a league of serial killers created to pose the United States of America a unified opponent.  They kill for the goal of peace, understanding that evil has to exist for a utopia to ever be born, but that an evil AWARE of itself and its place in society is the only way to truly reach that next level of existence.   This is simply the "wrestling" version of that story as I develop actual characters.

Work with RnRnW: I'd really like to work with a storyteller.  One thing that can bum me out about eWrestling is the lack of actual joy for writing.  I love working with a lot of different people, but I find if I don't write with WRITERS, I end up doing most of the actual work.  We will certainly see where the future goes with these fellas.

AMA - Soldiers, Staff, & Fans / AMA: DEFILER
« on: November 07, 2014, 10:47:54 AM »
ask me anything.

srs.  anything.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« on: October 17, 2014, 02:58:52 PM »

Trey, YOU KILLED IT in your promos this week and I honestly think this is the best version of the character you've ever written!!!  Solid work man.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« on: October 17, 2014, 02:55:40 PM »
Yo squad,

First off, sorry for my delaying of this whole thing.  I've learned never to write promos/segments/matches at work without first sending them to my email.


As it turns out this show had some REALLY solid story moments and made for a wonderful read.

I was involved with a few more things than I would traditionally "want to be" on one show, buuut with MotM on the horizon, we had to kick some shit into gear and geeeeeet a little crazy.  Reaaaally love working with everyone I'm involved with and I hope people are enjoying the stories so far.

As for the things I'm not directly involved with...

- Cross and Miles!  GOOD START to things.  It's good to see Recoba finally kinda "eat it" (literally) for the first time in SHOOT and even better to see Aiden Miles getting involved.  I could have done without the "I REMEMBER YOU FROM OUR OLD TIMES" part (though I understand sometimes just saying it makes it easier to get to the good stuff) but otherwise, I'm glad to see new stories with new faces.  I've enjoyed both of your gent's work so keep it up!

- WORLD TITLE FEUD: Scott, Drew.  OUT-FUCKING-STANDING.  I love what you've both put into this thing, and it fits so wonderfully with the current atmosphere of SHOOT.  Your two TOP faces are slowly being torn apart by this lingering "paranoia" that seems to be taking over the entire organization.  I love the subtleties of the feud and how this thing has been building.  I'm almost starting to think that Loco isn't necessarily "behind" these coincidences, but his persecution will lead us into a "if the shoe fits" mentality.  LOCO EMBRACES THAT WHICH WE MAKE HIM~!

- The Tanev/Winter deal was really fun at the top of the card, and although he was defeated later by Corazon, his pending feud with Stein looks to be pretty hot heading into MotM.  Tanev is a VERY strong, outstanding character and I love that we're going to get to see him involved more "extrovertedly" with the rest of the roster.  Solid story build and I think this is a perfect "release" point for him to geeeet on out there!

- Jarvis and Stein are great together.  Ed/Greg have always had terrific chemistry and it's good to see them getting the band back together...  sort of...  all right.  no band.  JUST TRUMPETS.

- Gratz to Corazon and Entragian.  I know we, as wrestling fans, and story fans, for that matter, are occasionally turned off from the "predictable" outcome, but just because some people saw this coming, doesn't mean it wasn't 100% the perfect direction.  This match will be OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS and whoever wins is going to give Loco/Maya a legit run for their money, and a HUUUUGE boost to an already bolstered, exciting world title division.

I'm really stoked for the "Go Home" show.

IN GENERAL, guys, if you're booked on a show in any capacity, leave feedback.  It's not hard and it makes the world to a lot of people.  You don't have to comment on every single thing...  but if you liked something, say it.  IF something was weird, say it.  Have some ideas on where a story could head or where you'd WANT IT to head?  CHAT ABOUT IT.  There's no reason for all of us to stay in some weird imposed "kayfabe".  CHAT, CHAT, CHAT.

I also don't care what color your name is.  Being an orange OR a RED (COME AT ME J.) doesn't mean you can't leave a few thoughts.  In fact, if you're on staff, that's what we SHOULD be doing.

ALSO, if you're lurking...  GET INVOLVED.  If you're an old player of the game, HANG OUT AND GET INVOLVED!


I'm gonna hit post now.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« on: September 12, 2014, 10:34:06 AM »
Which leaves us with the REAL question...


Im gonna say gwenyth paltrow's head.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« on: September 12, 2014, 10:16:06 AM »
I'm actually gonna side slighly more with O2 and Mr. Miles, here...  But for a slightly different reason.

While Ed makes some really good points (we should hold people to a certain standard of being involved and beign excited for their character etc etc), Master of the Mat IS a very tricky thing to walk into.  SHOOT hasn't really done a great job with the tournament...  pretty much ever, to be honest.  AT LEAST, in the early rounds.  The brackets are poorly updated and the structure is often vague/inaccessible to anyone NOT involved with the fed.

We invite all these people, and they all lose.  NOW, do I question the losses or think the winners aren't deserving, NO, but the bouts kind of get washed under the table without any real discussion of HOW match outcomes were determined and then it's usually "see ya later!  Thanks for stopping in".

There IS a competitive element, but story elements often derive from the matches, which would be okay, but to an outsider who might not know...  it bleeds too heavily into things... and like O2 (Justin) sort of touched on, it can sort of make things look angled.  It's confusing.

So if you're brand new...  you come into SHOOT and all you know is "RP vs RP.  Trash talk, etc etc" which is what MOST eWrestling is.  You do that (AFTER seeing you have a match on the ooc board, but no brackets or anything anywhere else and people IN the fed aren't even talking about it)...  read the card.  You've lost.  That's it.   And...  I can only imagine a little "WTF" settles in.

We've been lucky enough to have this group together for a looooong time so we have a very unique style/approach.  We're just REAAAAAAL shitty about explaining it or teaching it to people.  I also think we can be WAY better at hosting tournaments.   (IE, there ARENT PEOPLE KEPT FOR SURPRISES IN A COMPETITIVE TORUNAMENT hahaha sorry but that reasoning for the brackets not being released was dumb.  If you agree to be in the tournament, YOU'RE IN IT.  It's NOT real wrestling, so your MERE APPEARANCE doesn't pop a crowd and make the promoter money. )

There aren't ANY guidelines so it's overwhelming.

Under any circumstances, I'm going to agree with Ed's assessments and DO agree with him on the idea that WRITING should be the first love of our roster and that everyone involved here should try and get as involved as possible...  BUT, in this circumstance, IT IS a really weird thing to come into and that's on us as Veteran "Soldiers" to make this place more welcoming.  (Which I think we're DOING, but certainly wasn't being done at the onset of the tournament)

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« on: September 10, 2014, 12:59:54 PM »

This was a pretty fucking great show from top to bottom.  As a whole, I really think the summaries are challenging us to consider WHY these matches are happening, which drives our focus toward STORY elements...  That, in turn, seems to be bringing out some really creative, wonderful character development from all of our writers.


Here are the things that stood out to me!

- Matt's ability to develop Kale the way he has is really a testament to his ability as a writer.  The "early success" on a "W/L" level that the character has, hasn't necessarily contributed to his growth/build on a personal one.  And THAT is a good thing.   Too many times in eWRestling, a character wins/loses X number of times and writers tend to fall into boring tropes.  Matt has taken wins and losses and simply tailored his already WELL DEVELOPED character to react accordingly.  You get the sense that the character may still be where he's at today, regardless of any particular MATCH specifics.  I'd LOVE to see Tanev get more involved in a meaty story, but for now, the build has been excellent.  Also, GRATS on the MotM win over a VERY competitive Buck Dresden.

- Loved the dynamic of Anarchy and Vermont's Finest and what the segment lead into.  I'm concerned that Anachy's involvement with Maya is leading us to an inevitable Loco heel turn.  SAAAAAY IT AINT SOOO-WHOA-WHOA!  Anyway, looks like the TAG division AND World Title scene got a nice story bump here.

- Ed did a GREAT job with Stein and Storm.  The AMOUNT of dusty finishes Stein had to throw out at Eli before one of them ACTUALLY stuck was beyond dick-headish.   Great, great story told in the match with Eli essentially proving that he is the better WRESTLER, but Stein, perhaps proving that he might just be "better".  Good win for Stein with a GREAT angle now looming on the horizon with Tanev...  (who, NEEDS a meaty story...  OH GOD THIS IS A MATCH MADE IN HEEEEEEAVEN) I'm not sure what Dan's plans are with Storm, but his involvement has been unfortunately "shaky" in this version of SHOOT.  Not sure where he goes next.

- Maya is stepping up lately in this feud with Loco and seemingly "setting in" to his role as the company's GO TO PLAYER.  Being the World Champion of SHOOT Project brings with a lot of responsibility and it's good to see Drew getting more comfortable with controlling the top dawg.  The segment with Loco was PERFECT here and the build to this match at Master of the Mat continues to be shockingly brilliant.  (Not in the sense that the two guys involved aren't capable of, but that I didn't expect this level of slow burn drama)  I have no idea what is going to happen in this thing and it's gripping.  Well done.

- Not 100% sold on the Winter/King angle this week.  I get the idea of it, but I'm generally not a fan of characters "being somewhere" for the sole purpose of "being attacked".  We didn't hear from King earlier...  we don't see him later.  So, to me, while I know it continued the feud, it wasn't the best execution.  This one is spinning it's wheels juuuuust a little bit.

- While it didn't necessarily get me EMOTIONALLY invested in Recoba, the segment was very fun and very old school.  I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO SEE MORE DEVELOPMENT IN TRENT.  MAYBE A STORY PIECE EARLIER IN THE WEEK SO THE BUILD TO HIM GETTING PEGGED IN THE HEAD WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE DEVASTATING.  BAILEY, JESUS MAN!  hahahahaha.  This was fun.  Good segment.  Can't wait to see Cross get involved in something solid going forward!!!

- Gotta say...  it's been a long time since Ed and I worked on anything like this.  I'm VERY happy that people have been into the story we're telling.  It legit means a lot.

- I'm still not 100% sure about Entragian's alignment.  The combo of him and Loco's involvement with Maya makes me scared for our world Champ.  How fucked if they're TOGETHER!  Entragian corrupted Loco and this is all a horrible scheme to RAPE MAYA OF HOPE ENTIRELY.  The man he's rehabilitated AND the man he's trusted as a friend...  TOGETHER?  OH GOD.  That would be a depressing story.

- Chaos.  Bro.  You're weird as fuck.  U KEEP ON BEIN U THO

- O2 has the post segments down PAT.  His match with Isaac told a great, competitive story, and Omar's post speech at the end not only "erases the loss" so to speak, but makes the character look like a trillion bucks.  Glad to see Justin sticking around ALA Sam.  The character is building every week and I love the attention to detail.  As for Jer, congrats on the big BIG win and good luck with Trey this week bro.

- Atta boy, Bailey.  THAT'S THE FUCKING DINNER I WANTED, DAWG .  Great piece of development here.  Ties in the attacks on fans...  Calls out some names in the fed.  Brilliant, brilliant, brillllliant.  BUT BRO.  They'll ALWAYS be talking about Project: Hero.  THATS UR ONLY SLIP UP.

- OOOOH.  Yes.  Of course I'd like to eat more crow.  Sorry Drew for originally not thinking your massive beat down wasn't a well thought out jumping point into a new, brilliant story.   GRATZ ON THE BIG WIN ANARCHY.  You guys beat the world champion, which is saying a LOT.  HUGE WIN and you got your heat back after that LULZ beatdown you took!

- Josh and Sam...  hats of to you two for a fitting end to the show.  I think Corazon deserved the win, but Zex continues to look strong in the process.  The match was written competitively and the summary format kept things fresh, fash and fluid.  Kudos!  Great fuuuucking show

This one gets an A from me.  Outside of Winter/King feeling a little "flat", this show was spot on.

Great work everyone!!!!

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 130 RP Feedback
« on: September 10, 2014, 07:54:39 AM »

« on: September 06, 2014, 01:30:19 PM »
a COUPLE thooooughts on this card.

- I'm really interested to see how Loco/Maya continues to develop.  The build has been very subtle and disarming, in a way that says "Hey...  you don't HAVE to pay attention to this if you don't want to, buuuut..." and then i'm totally hooked.  The "shades of grey" alignments make these stories very compelling.  A HEEL Loco heading into MotM certainly could boost him into a memorable world title win, and Anarchy always feels like they could switch sides at any moment.

THAT SAID, for the sake "unique stories", I'd probably love it more if Loco stayed "face".  But who knows.  Scott and Drew are doing a GREAT fucking job.

- Corazon and Zex will be a really good match to watch.  Whereas last year the Valentine win seemed "right", I'm not so sure with The Artist against Corazon.  Josh has put out some great work, and I know it's occasionally taboo, but I wouldn't mind seeing AdriCOR back toward the top of the card with a REEEEEAAAAAL meaty angle to bite into.

- A lot of interesting reads up on the Epicenter board.  If you haven't checked the work out, it'll get you pumped for the next chapter in these stories!!

who do you like more, mom, dad or danny?

Jonny Johnson / Profile: Jonny Johnson
« on: August 30, 2014, 03:28:04 PM »
Name:Jonny Johnson
Handler:Jeff Hansen
Nicknames:The DEFILER, Jonny
Weight:217 lbs.
Hometown:Chicago, IL **NOW Residing in Henderson Nevada**
Music:"Ibi Dreams of Pavement" by Broken Social Scene ()
Alignment:Project: Hero
Biography:Born November 21st, 1975 to parents Carol Jennings and Daniel "Brick" Johnson.  Jonny spent most of his childhood under the care of his grandparents Elenore and Tristan Johnson.  He attended UCLA with a wrestling scholarship and graduated in the fall of 1998 with a bachelor's in business management.

He began wrestling professionally after being scouted by a few local So-Cal promotions who admired Jonny's natural charisma and intelligence.  He had a few matches, but didn't seem interested in pursuing it as a career, and instead attempted to get a couple production companies off the ground.  Those attempts ultimately failed and Jonny agreed to a pay-per appearance contract with the AODWF in early 1999.  He moved to Chicago right around that time and things took off.

In 2001, he was offered a contract to work with the internationally Touring company, SHOOT Project.  He accepted the offer, and moved to Nagoya, Japan.  It was here he would meet his eventual ex-wife, Li Aomori, with whom he still has ties to an independent record label she manages and he has stock in (11 Hour) 

Jonny's career has been widely considered a tumultuous ride.  He's a multiple time World Champion and an inarguably gifted performer, however, multiple instances of manipulative, backstage behavior, and an uneasy
Personality:Calculating.  Aggressive.
History:Accomplished performer.  Former member of The Beautiful People (W/ Chris Davis).  Former World and Tag Champion in multiple organizations.  Has "won" at every level of every game he's involved himself with. 

Founder of the nonprofit, Project: Hero. 
Awards:Multiple-time World and Tag Team Champion.
Wrestling Style:Technical
Finisher Name:The Demoralization Process
Description:Similar movement/rotation as a move like "The Roll of the Dice" or Cross Roads, but performed while his opponent is locked in a cross-face chicken wing.  (As opposed to the dragon sleeper).  He torques his opponents neck and shoulder around, spinning quickly and dropping them face first into the mat.
Moveset:At his current age of 38, Jonny utilizes a very strict, "situational moveset".  He has a few combo attacks that show up more frequently.  (Rolling knee drop, into standing moonsalt, into senton splash, as one example) but he generally approaches each contest with a unique strategy.  He aims to "win" and spends very little time with flashy or risky attacks if it doesn't significantly increase his chances of securing the victory.  That said, the early showboating days are not all together dead.  Under the right circumstances, at the right moment, Jonny will take to the skies and risk it all for the great, amazing SHOOT Project fans!  Jo.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: REVOLUTION 129 - **ROLE-PLAY FEEDBACK**
« on: August 29, 2014, 04:52:36 PM »
oh, i hope my feedback didn't come across as "negative".  i was only saying i don't know that "I" would make the same choices.  I ALSO react to what I read and have never had a problem saying "whoops.  i was way wrong."

I mostly just think it's a thin line with that stuff in writing "alignments"

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: REVOLUTION 129 - **ROLE-PLAY FEEDBACK**
« on: August 28, 2014, 05:14:02 PM »

Some comments!

Jeremy.  I think you absolutely have the talent/ability to pull off a face turn, but I would suggest not "worrying" about it.  (I notice some very MINOR trends in your promos toward doing TOO MUCH to appear "sympathetic")  The best heroes are guys that don't ask for you to cheer them, and whose actions remain consistent.  What made Isaac a popular HEEL is the same thing that can make him an AMAZING anti-hero face.  He feels remorse for his actions in the past.  He feels lost.  GREAT.  Build on that and don't rush "Make a Wish" stuff or make the references to the "faces" that you keep working in.

The stuff Isaac said in retaliation to the Scavengers/Trio/Bad Humans/RnRnW was AWESOME.  it was vicious, cruel, but addressed to dudes on the OTHER end of the "moral spectrum".  I'd say lean more toward that aspect of the character and not get wrapped up in perceptions.


As that pertains to your promo this week, I thought the beginning was solid and the disbelief that a make a wish kid wanted to see you was good as well.  (I don't know that you NEEDED to have the kid involved, but sometimes life is random so I didn't mind the request).  I think I would have had Isaac deny the request, though.  (That's just MY thought).  Maybe he does something else in said.  A donation to a charity to find a cure?  A card.  Anything.  An ACTION verses a "chat".  Maybe the kid is persistent, though.  You build a story...   After months, the kid makes on last request...  Isaac comes in and sees how much this means.  It can add.

The KEY.  IS.  SLOW. for something of this nature.  Otherwise you ram it down your audiences's face and it feels "meh".  You lose impact and you're "just another wrestling good guy".


SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: REVOLUTION 129 - **ROLE-PLAY FEEDBACK**
« on: August 27, 2014, 02:49:20 PM »
Pretty cool story stuff going on this week, even with the competitive master of the mat environment.  People are doing a great job of making these bouts feel exciting.

Stand-Outs so far to me include:

- Both of Scott's pieces with Anarchy.  I think he's doing a great job of telling his version of what Project Hero seems like to Rex and Angel, while also affirming the "rehabilitation" of the duo.  THEY ARE BACK IN SHAPE, they're MEAN and they're ready to GET F'N DIIIIIRTY.  Great work.  I enjoyed everything about it.

- Josh's first with Corazon was stellar.  You can kind of tell when he's in a match with a dude he has IRL respect for.  There's far less of what I consider the "boring dissection" of his opponent's promo and far more story.  Corazon is at his best as a character when he speaks fewer words, but makes each one count.  His handling of the Entragian sitch was great and also added some HEAT to his round 2 bout with Zex.

- Speaking of Zex, Sam's slowly getting into the grove similar to how he hit it with Valentine a year ago.  Newer characters are always more difficult to get over in a "storied" environment like SHOOT that has so much rich history and tons of things going on.  Similar to Josh, I feel sometimes Sam gets wrapped up into the "semantics" games too frequently in certain matches, but Corazon brought out the best in him and I enjoyed the entire piece fully.  I FEEL like we might see a repeat of last year, with Zex catching Corazon off guard, but I have to be honest, with the scope of the tournament this year, I wouldn't mind seeing the Corazon/Entragian final I predicted might happen a year ago.

- Buck Dresden.  Fuck him.  Hahaha.  I'm actually constantly amazed by Brandon's ability to rope you into a character no matter how goofy he might seem on paper, and how badly you want to dislike something (or at least feel like you SHOULD dislike it) I'm into the story of the character and think, with the right work, he could be an upper tier guy and PERHAPS be the next Maya (At some juncture)  It's weird, but it has legs and stability.  That said, I think he's fodder for the winner of Corazon/Zex, but stranger things have happened.  ;)

- Greg's story of Dan Stein becoming a "Grand Slam Champion" is pretty great and such a wicked way of fending off his loss to Chaos.  I'm hoping Eli shows up to make this interesting, but from a story perspective, Stein chasing the RoS title for "greed" while the champ, Tanev has to defend it because it's literally the ONLY thing he has to his name is STORY gold.  Actually... man.  Fuck.   That's an AWESOME potential story.  Great work and amazing set up, Greggums.

- I know he's my brother IRL, but Ed's stuff with Jarvis and introducing Crusher and The Spot Monkey was fucking fantastic.  I'm excited to see what we can do with these new characters and hope to add a lot to the tag division with them!

- SIDE NOTES ON STORY PIECES: Chaos and WHOEVER THE FUCK VAGRANT SOUL IS...  your stuff has been succinct and purposeful.  I'm interested to see the continued development of Chaos's character.  It's weird, but the fact that we're slowly having the curtains pulled back  on his life.

AS for Mr. Soul.  Very surreal stuff.  I have my thoughts on who this could be...  or might be working everyone and KNOW EXACTLY WHO IT IS hahaha...  But yeah, if it's who I think it is, some reaaaaallllly interesting things are on the horizon.

It's been nice this cycle to see the increased activity early.  These matches and this card is stacked so I hope to read a little more.  The promos so far brilliant supplements for the show.  And I wouldn't mind if we started picking a few to highlight during the actual shows (We used to do that waaaaay back in AODWF) just to continue adding importance to the work we do in all facets of this lovely game

Cheers pals!  KEEP IT UP!

The Epicenter / Project: Hero, A Nonprofit Organization (1)
« on: August 22, 2014, 07:15:03 PM »
The sounds of finger tips rattling over a computer keyboard.

"Where do they even get this shit?"

A familiar voice asks out loud in a sincerely stunned whisper.

Jonny Johnson, FOUNDER of PROJECT HERO and former SHOOT Project World Champion, stares dumbfoundedly at a macbook screen inside his spacious penthouse "home" at the Bellagio.  It's gorgeous: elegant shades of brown, multiple rooms, new furniture.  He leans forward from his seat on a luxurious leather "L" couch, or rather, appears to be being pulled into his laptop and toward the glass table it's sitting on.

The DEFILER: Trolling?  What? I'm...   (Distracted. Typing, shaking his head, genuinely confused)  Who the fuck am I trolling?

Rays of afternoon sunshine sneak in through the cracks of the drawn blinds.  Jonny's in a baggier, long sleeved, grey pajama shirt and red and blue flannel pajama pants.  He presses a few more keys, sits back and runs his hands through his "bedhead" blonde hair (which is actually a product of bedhead today).  Sighing loudly, he shakes his head and adjusts the Bluetooth piece in his ear.

The DEFILER: (To himself, still staring at the monitor) These stupid fucking int...  (Stopping, perking up) Hello?  Jo..

He rolls his eyes and takes a quick, calming, deep breath.

The DEFILER: Right.  Yeah.  That's fine.  (Looking down, keeping his cool, listening through his ear piece) No.  I get it.  (Nodding) Mmmhmm. Yeah.  It's cool. (A trying hard to not be mad, smile) Sure as shit not going anywhere, Steph. (Laughing) Seriously, it's fine.  I'll hold.  Just uhhh (Caught off guard by something he sees on his computer) ...uhhh Just put me through when his meeting's done.  (Eyes drifting back to his laptop screen, his interest in the phone chat gone) Yep.  Thanks, Stephanie.

He leans in closer to the computer.

The DEFILER: Who the fuck...?

His voice trails off, his right finger slides down the middle scroll button on his mouse and he makes a single left click.


Not a laugh of joy, or that he finds anything particularly funny.

Not an uneasy laugh, either.

He looks at the monitor, intrigued.

The DEFILER: There's no way...

His eyebrows are raised and his eyes, themselves, dart from word to word, or image to image or whatever it is that happens to have hooked his attention this drastically.  His lips quiver in between a scowl and dimming grin

The DEFILER: (Sighing loudly) Awesome...  This is...  heh.  Wow.

Jonny's vexed eyes lose themselves in silence.  He shakes his head, and grins through his disenchantment.

The DEFILER: Unreal... 

He clicks the mouse button, leans forward and pulls down his laptop


He blurts loudly, forcefully.

The DEFILER: I PAY PEOPLE for this shit...

Jonny cracks his knuckle and breathes.


...and out.

He tilts his head to the side, stretching his neck.

He stands up, eyes aimed at the tan carpet, and begins pacing, arms crossed, mind distant.

Another deep breath.

The DEFILER: (Huffing out a breath, talking to himself) Okay.  It's okay.  We'll make it go away.  (Shrugging) It's just the internet...  It's...

"Fuck.  Hello?"

Jonny puts his finger up to his ear piece.

The DEFILER: Josh?  (Adjusting the piece for better reception) Josh?  Can you hear me?

He stops and laughs.

The DEFILER: Yeah.  I'm...  What? (Listening) Ha!  Of COURSE you heard that.  I wait on this fucking phone for almost twenty minutes, and you pick up the five seconds I get mad at some dork on a forum...  (Listening, shrugging) I don't know.  I just DO.  It's my one weakness, man.  (Laughing.  Listening.)  Yeah.  ONE.  Hahaha.  (Shrugging again) Nothing.  Just uhh..  It was...  I don't know. Just the same shit that pisses me off that shouldn't...  (Rolling his eyes, still laughing) Oh fuck off.  No.  It was just some dumb bullshit rumor.

Near the window, Jonny slips a few fingers through the blinds and pulls two of them to the side.  More light rushes inside and he squints into the Las Vegas skyline.

The DEFILER: (Nodding) Right.  No, I get it, man.  You're a busy dude.  Largest fucking independent business in the states... so we're good there, but listen...  uhhh...  This show...

He pauses and pulls his fingers back, looking back toward the center of the room.

The DEFILER: (Interrupting) Josh.  Stop.  I KNOW you don't book it. I get the process.  Sean or Jason have their top secret committee or whatever...  (Pausing) Dude, whatever.  No one takes responsibility so until you release the names of the "TEAM", it's a fucking secret.  I understand the business model.  We just need to fix this uhhh... match thing.  That's all.

His emotions have gotten back in check fairly efficiently.

The DEFILER: (Nodding) Right.  I said I get that, Josh.  I'm not mad about it, and I'm not going to argue about WHY or HOW it ever got booked to begin with.  Things happen in SHOOT.  Weird, dark, silly, questionable, scary, terrifying, terrific things HAPPEN, and we both know that not all of them can be explained.

He speaks very plainly, simply.

The DEFILER: So we're not losing sleep over it, and we're not doing a point, counter point debate over logistics...

"We're just gonna problem solve.  Me and you.  Like we do best."

Jonny's put on pause by whatever is being said by "Josh" on the other end of the line.  In the meantime, he walks over into the kitchen area and opens the freezer door on the refrigerator.  He nods and responds with a couple "mmmhmm's" and "Sures".  He pulls out a bottle of Maker's Mark and steps to the counter and opens a cabinet over head to grab a glass.

He sets the glass on the table and pours himself to half-full.

The DEFILER: Josh, the PROBLEM is that Project Hero isn't a stable or team.  It's a NONPROFIT that happens to have an affiliation with the organization...  (Pausing briefly) No...  No.  Josh.  (Trying to redirect the conversation) Josh lis... No.  Josh.  Just listen to me.  I get WHY this mistake was made and I understand the "branding" of it on your end.  But TWO things.

He takes a sip of scotch and begins to walk back toward the living room.

The DEFILER: ONE, you leave me and MY organization vulnerable to all the normal shit talk that goes on in what we do, and that part's fine.  I'm not offended by it.  Paul's not offended.  We get why Rex and Angel said what they said.  They're trying to get some hype.  Some heat.  They're mad, I guess.  I don't understand the SITUATION between me and them or, I guess, Paul, me, and them, but it is what it is.  WE could live with that, but other people involved with what we're doing aren't as thick skinned.  They were kinda hurt, and ya know, I mean we smoothed things over...  but look, we have some great people doing AMAZING things, and I don't want their work trivialized.

He takes another short sip from his glass and sets it down on the table next to his laptop.

The DEFILER: Okay?  So that's the first part.  Not a huge deal...  just want us on the same page...  (A single nod) Perfect.  Cool.  Like I said, no biggie.  I get it.  (Pause) Right.  Exactly.  I appreciate it.


The DEFILER: We're good on that.  So let's uhh... chat about the second thing...

His seemingly genuine empathy from moments ago is washed away.  His tone becomes far less considerate, open, and more demanding.

He speaks succinctly.

The DEFILER: I have a very specific clause in my contract that allows me the freedom of deciding if, when, and who I fight for you guys.  It's been in there for fucking years, Josh, and I've done my best to NEVER exercise it.  I've gotten in the ring with almost EVERYONE you've ever asked me to.  Some fights that made no sense.  Against stacked odds where I risked career embarrassment.  Against kids you wanted to give a chance to...  against old dudes you wanted to resurrect.  I've been one HELL of a fucking team player, man and NOT ONE TIME have I ever pulled the "Career Control" card out of my pocket and said "Nope.  Not today."

"And I don't want to have to do that..."

He seems to interrupt whatever is being said to him.

The DEFILER: Josh....  (Closing his eyes briefly, keeping calm) JOSH.  I'm not done.  I need you to listen to me.  Like I said before, I don't know who Rex or Angel went to or how this got through whatever "TEAM" you have in place, and I'm not going to argue any of that.  It happened and now we're simply fixing it.  So I need you to just...  listen."

He nods one time.

The DEFILER: Good.  Okay...

Jonny takes a deep, irritated breath and proceeds.

The DEFILER: I know it's not popular, but I DO have a pretty intense wrist injury.  I fucking hate it, Josh, and I get it.  It's lame, but JESUS CHRIST, if I was going to feign an injury for GOD KNOWS what reason, why the FUCK would I make it my LEFT wrist?  I'm right handed, and it's a WRIST.  People fight on broken necks and fucked up spines, dude.  Why wouldn't I give myself a BROKEN LEG or say that I'm worried about some sort of post concussion syndrome or career threatening BACK problems?


"Everyone keeps pegging me as the (Making quotes with his fingers) "most sinister, evil, plotting fucking human to ever live" and yet they think I'd settle on "Hurt Left Wrist" as the BIG POWER PLAY?  I've gotten second, third, forth...  EIGHTH OPINIONS on this thing and every doctor tells me there's a VERY real chance that I'll lose the use of my left hand all together.  I might lose the ENTIRE LEFT SIDE OF MY BODY.  It's a fucked up condition and I'm trying to keep it under wraps because I don't want to deal with sympathy from strangers or having to answer a billion fucking questions about it every week...

He shakes his head.

The DEFILER: Josh.  Seriously.  I'm not done.  This is called ME opening to one of my three bosses.  Me opening up to a FRIEND. 

"So PLEASE. Don't say anything."

He's let his emotions get the better of him and he takes a moment to silently get his thoughts back in order.

The DEFILER: You booked me without asking about an injury, and whether that's your staff saying "Fuck you, liar" or just a simple screw-up...  It pissed me off.  Add in the fact that I SPECIFICALLY DECLINED the match at Revolution One Twenty-Eight, and now it's even MORE irritating.

"Paul and I AREN'T a tag team.  We just aren't, but we're both former tag team champions and we BOTH have too much respect for the ART of tag team wrestling to send out a message to the wrestling world that "Yeah, GO AHEAD just throw any two guys together and fight!".  I'm NOT doing that.  Too many peopled trained TOO MANY HOURS to master this shit and I will not be apart of anything that sullies the craft."

"And neither will Paul.  He just doesn't have the luxury of being able to do anything about in in this instance."

He pauses again.

The DEFILER: But I do.

There seems to be an awareness from Jonny, himself, that maybe he's pushing the aggression out a little too hastily.  He sniffs loudly, clearing his sinuses, and takes a seat on the couch.  He grabs his scotch glass and sips back the brown liquor.

The DEFILER: We'll find replacements and sponsor the match, okay?  I still get a bunch of kids that come out to train at the ranch back home and I know two in particular that'll be great.  They're like young twenties and super hungry.  They grind the indies..  they're tag champs in a couple different Midwest leagues and they even have a small little following.

"They can give Anarchy a run for their money.  I think it's a perfect fit.  You got a hungry team against a team that was being accused of not being hungry enough.  SPARKS, Josh.  Okay?"

He shakes his head, furiously  Apparently "Josh" is offering an opinion that Jonny isn't fond of.

The DEFILER: No.  Dude, you don't have to check shit out with ANYONE.  You sure as fuck didn't ask me if it was okay to book this thing...  So who CARES what Anarchy wants.  They're two mad, misguided dudes.  It happens.  You lose a match and you blame it on the last person you talked to, or whatever.  You make up dumb shit in your head.  What they NEED is their rematch for the tag team titles, which I can ONLY ASSUME will be signed for Master of the Mat.  It's right around the corner and they NEED to tune up against an ACTUAL TEAM.

"So just change the match.  Project Hero SPONSORS, Anarchy versus "Crusher and the Spot Monkey" and we...

He gets caught off.

The DEFILER: Crusher and the Spot Monkey.  (Confused, listening) Yeah.  That's their team name.  The one guy goes by Crusher and then...  (Pausing) WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE THINK I'M TROLLING???  Fucking CHRIST.  JOSH.  It's a team name.  Okay?  You once employed Ringo Starr.  So fuck off.  They're good, talented kids.  You put them in a match with Anarchy.  We sponsor it and Project Hero donates Three Thousand Dollars to the charity of the winner's choice.  Done  It's competitive.  It's for a cause...'

"It's a compromise..."

He lets the last part trail off and listens intently for the response.

The DEFILER: Good.  Then we're settled.  I may have a doctor's appointment that evening, but I'll do my best to get there and award the check to the winners and everything.  It'll be great PR.

Nodding, but getting annoyed again.

The DEFILER: Crusher and The Spot Monkey.  YES.  Why is that the most crucial part of this to you?

He shakes his head.

The DEFILER: Yeah.  I'll be at the show.  Thanks for uhh...  for... working this out.  I like that I can go to you still, man.  Jason and Sean don't always make things easy on me. So uhh...  it means a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to get back in the ring for you guys soon.  (Nodding along to the response) You too man...  (Pause) Yeah.  Thanks.  Maybe see you at the show...

The conversation seems to be over...

"Oh, and don't forget to change the promotional materials for the...  Josh?   You still there?"

He isn't.

Jonny sits back in the couch.  His mind wanders for a second before his eyes find themselves back on the laptop.  He stares at it for a couple of moments and reaches into the pockets of his pajama pants, pulling out his Galaxy S5.

He presses a button and sits up.




The DEFILER: Yo.  It's me.  You got a second?


The DEFILER: I need you to help me fix something on Twitter.


SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 128 - Feedback Thread
« on: August 20, 2014, 03:40:15 PM »
Let's get some more thoughts, guys.  REMEMBER, this place is the best when we're active in the community.  What did you think of the summaries?  What angles/stories are standing out at current?  Anything not hitting or you're confused as "fans/readers"?


SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 128 - Feedback Thread
« on: August 19, 2014, 06:29:55 PM »
To start off, I'd like to say that I am VERY happy with the direction the shows are taking, and think the match summaries will (as has been said before) SAVE a lot of talented writers.  Match writing burn out is VERY real and that burn out is what leads to us having to take frustrating breaks.

I think, for this show, there was definitely room for improvement, but you expect that with a brand new format.  We need to stick to present tense, first and foremost, and I think the formatting/execution can use some work.  We could probably do with a LITTLE more detail, but, honestly, that's where strats will come in.

I think the announcers SHOULD be used to lead us into the next "story arch" of the match.  So when someone takes control, or an interesting development occurs, we do an announcer break and they emphasize important parts.

The matches didn't feel like a burden as a reader.  I got to get the story painted for me, and didn't have to suffer through tedious move descriptions.  Spots got "over" and stories were presented cleanly/accessibly.

I think we have a winner on our hands, and now it's just the fun part of making it awesome.


- Isaac and Maya have made everyone forget the weirdness that was that 10 on 1 match.  I have no problem eating crow.  I'm now intrigued why that whole thing happened to Maya, and while I STILL think it could have been executed a little more clearly, it's definitely won me over in the long haul.  The part at the end in regards to the World Title was an AWESOME nod to the current climate with Loco.  Great work on this one.

- Gratz the very strange, silent KILLAH, Chaos on his win.  STEIN DOES THE JOB and puts over the very deserving new champ.  Greg's work with the Dan Stein needed to be give all the props in the world.  He's doing a fantastic job and Stein's evolution is facsinating.  The later promo with Eli Storm was surprisingly well done.  (I only say surprisingly because I don't know that I expected it.)  Hope Dan (Eli) is around for a while and they make this thing work cause I agree with Jer.  Could be $$$

As for Chaos, I'd like to see him get into something a little on the deeper end to really explore whoever this weird character is.  There's a lot there (or so it feels) and I'm interested to learn as much as I can.

- Just in general, I REALLY appreciate the kind words on the Quinn/Riley/Wailer stuff as well as what I've been working on with Jonny.  I'm not going to give any spoilers outside of these are two of my favorite stories I've ever been able to tell so it's cool to share this stuff with you all.

- To Will, I love where you've gone with VF during this feud and am glad I've been able to work with you on something.

- Recoba WILL be a giant player here.  He's the next Sam if he stays consistent.  Love his work so far and dig the character.  A LOT of depth and places to go.  He's gonna fit in the SHOOT Project world really well.

- Loco's current character development is awesome.  I can't decide if the "Heel" tones are just me or if there's something going on.  I love the idea of the world title being a corrupting force.  Perfect work from Scotty the Boddy Hayestura.

- Glad Jarvis got to actually debut.  ;)  Check out his sweet podcast on the boards.

- BIG upset for Zex and Owens.  Very fun story at play that give ROUND 2 SOME CRAAAAAZY anticipation.  Corazon/Isaac build COULD have potentially been stronger, but I also understand the idea of needing to tie up loose ends quicker rather than more slowly, especially with MotM being everyone's main focus.

I feel like we have some sweet stories ready to burst under the surface.  These shows have felt somewhat ominous and I love it.  We're all super happy, good-guy driven...  but ITS FUCKING SHOOT...  something bad is going to happen soon.


Great effort guys and I hope this inspires people to start doing more.  Go read promos.  Immerse yourself in this world we've created.



SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 127 - Feedback
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:13:10 AM »
Yo pals,

Gonna quickly echo Omar's sentiments regarding the card this week.  I know we were maybe "shorter" on segments, BUUUT, I enjoyed the flow this go around.  The stuff we had was impactful and I think we saw some genuine story progression.

Here's what stood out to me this week.

- REALLY digging the dynamic with the tag team champs.  Normally the "odd couple" thing feels dated, but in this case it actually creates a rather great juxtaposition to the rest of the division.  There are a bevvy of "well oiled" traditional teams starting to vie for a shot at the titles, but your champs are comprised of two men who couldn't have any different ideologies in regards to pro wrestling.  Good good goooooood stuff.

- CHAOS VS DAN STEIN.  Yep.  I'm the most into that.

- Really liked Owen's following up with a segment after a loss.  I imagine he wrote two different segments to use, which I think there should be more of.  It creates a good "flow" for shows and makes things feel "real".  Very simply hype piece for MotM, but that stuff is so important.  Great job.

- I'm glad people are enjoying the sorta peeks and valleys storytelling for The Evil Terrible Kids and Jonny.

- I'm starting to get a horrible feeling that Loco is a super villain.  I won't go into it too much, but Maya had some lines tonight that made me go... "OOOOH NO!"  WE'LL SEE.  Great follow-up from last week and I HAVE ALREADY FORGOTTEN THE RUSHED STORY TELLING OF DOOM~!  Niiiiiiice stuff.

- Interesting end of the Loco match with Laz going clean.  I think a loss for Martinez actually makes the road to MotM more interesting, since you now ditch the "FULL STEAM HEADING INTO THE BIGGEST MATCH OF HIS LIFE" dynamic...  and this jarbles things up a bit.  Also, Laz beat a similar opponent that Crip lost to.  Fodder for fights~!  Good decisions.

- Stein segment was perfect and maybe one of the most gripping pieces he's put together as a heel.  The hurt is super real and you can see that, but Stein is soooo fucked up that he ignores it...  It becomes fodder for him to be worse/do worse.  The loss to Dresdan works really well too for this story.  I just hope it doesn't lead to a losing streak/error of your ways face turn.  NOT THAT IT WOULD BE BAD, but I think Stein's terrible coping mechanisms has a TON of life and we need strong heels.  Beautiful job, Greg!

- ELGIN BLAIR IS A GOOD CHARACTER CONCEPT AND I ENJOY HIS WORK WITH NEW COMER BILLY WINTER AND OLD VETERAN DONOVAN KING!  But yes.  I do.  Josh creates another winner!  Good to learn more about the guy and Im excited to see where we go next.

- Main event was uneventful, but solid.  Would have been cool to see how it would be different if Crip/Will didn't  run into so much shit this cycle.  Either way, good cap to a night that did an AMAZING job of getting to the point.


This next show shouuuuuld be wild!


SHOOT Project Discussion / Revolution 127 - RP Feedback
« on: July 13, 2014, 10:29:36 AM »


The Isaac piece up at current is probably one of the better "good guy" promos you'll read.  The flashbacks to previous interactions were perfectly executed.  Nothing felt forced in terms of the development and you had all the grit and edge you want from Entragian, BUT NOW IN A CHEER-ABLE BOX!

Very very very great work.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 126 - Feedback
« on: July 10, 2014, 05:28:05 PM »
this is a wider scope version of when Riley and Rogue potentially killed a cat.

that turned into gold.

im team MAISAAC

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 126 - Feedback
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:21:05 PM »
That makes sense, and like I said, I don't think it was a matter of "being disappointed in you or Drew as writers" so much as it was "wow this story is awesome" and selfishly wanting more out of it.

HOWEVER, in context this makes sense...  I didn't think of it as being a final blow-off so much as a rush to a new plot point.  Emergency bails definitely happen and that sucks.


I love when feedback gets more introspective and informative.  REVOLUTION 126 HAS BROUGHT US NEW FRIENDSHIP


SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 126 - Feedback
« on: July 10, 2014, 10:33:05 AM »

Great character development, Matt!  Looooove the work.

SHOOT Project Discussion / Re: Revolution 126 - Feedback
« on: July 10, 2014, 08:40:18 AM »
I agree with Sam with regards to Maya/Isaac.  I don't think it takes away from the potential of the story, but it's kind of like watching Bray Wyatt take an AA through a fake electrical box, or maybe even the same feeling from Cena/Bray feud overall where it was like "OOOOH MAN THIS IS GOING TO BE INSANE... to okay... to... wait... i don't...  what... to OKAY COOL SCARY KID IM BACK IN TH... what?  wait?  seriously?  ugh."

There's also no time frame in eWrestling so I'm always a proponent of PLEASE don't rush.  Maya had JUST started something with Loco tonight...  if Isaac stuff took an extra week or two...  The Zex segment with Isaac would have been a solid piece... get more people interacting with weird/docile Entragian etc etc.

OH, and Sam, I think maybe the best way I could describe what you were explaining about Zex...  Okay, so, obviously, as a fan, I'm not always going to pick up on a new character's idiosyncrasies that you mentioned...    That's gonna happen.

Soooo, maybe, something like

Omar: Big match ton...

Zex: Shh... Not now.

Freak: (mockingly) You know better than to fuck with his Zen, man  (or however you'd word it. )

You're showing a trait without having to tell your audience that "it's a trait" and you still accomplish selling the world around you.  NOW, in the future, you don't even have to do that because I go "oh, yeah Zex has to compartmentalize everything" which is an AWESOME characteristic that should be put out there in the public.

That's how I felt about it from a technical stand point of "eWrestling" writing, anyway.

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