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Author Topic: ELITE: DAY 2 Feedback  (Read 709 times)


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ELITE: DAY 2 Feedback
« on: October 14, 2013, 09:45:10 PM »
There's nothing left to say. This is it. This is...

Leave it here!

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Re: ELITE: DAY 2 Feedback
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2013, 06:02:47 PM »
Feedback for the Cycle...

Roleplayer of the Cycle:
It’s a toss-up between Maya and Mephisto for me. Very solid RPs in an incredibly tough match, filled with outstanding RPs. But these two really stood out to me. Hats off to you all, every single one of you deserves a pat on the back and I do not envy having to judge that one. (The praise for you guys is going to get really old by the end of this feedback. So I apologies in advance)

Single best RP of the Cycle:
Nothing Else Matters by Mephisto.  For me, this set the tone for the Primus and as always Tim does a fantastic job of making the match matter and selling it like a used car salesmen with two ex-wives. 

Honourable mentions are everyone in the Primus, King and Angel Thorne. All good reads…Im not even going to mention Entragian because everyone knows I'm a fan...Too late.

Match of the Cycle (RPs):
Primus: Like a broken record I cannot express how well you guys all did with this one. I could tell that each and every one of you wanted to win this match, not one of you failed to impress and the turn out for this match was fantastic.

Match of the Cycle (Written):
Tim worked his arse off as always. And for me his work on The Primus needs to be credited, a match like that, with all the variables, eliminations, strats and spots takes a lot of time and effort and Tim smashed it.

Honourable mentions: I really enjoyed the Corazon Vs Entragian match. It had a very emotional and story driven feel and it was milked for everything it was worth and it really paid off, what a beat down that was.

Another solid match was King Vs Sammy. LOVED THE ENDING OF THAT ONE!

Match Writer of the Cycle:
Tim. But then you know, everyone who wrote matches and segments should be happy with this show. It truly was ELITE from start to finish.

Most Improved:
Drew.  He stepped up his game to a point and level that he walked out of ELITE as the World Heavyweight Champion. If that doesn’t deserve the most improved award, I don’t know what does?

Segment of the Cycle:
There weren’t a lot of segments. But then It’s a PPV. I rarely do a segment at PPV’s for Valentine, simply because he will be locked away and focusing on his match.
However, all the Primus segments over the two nights really helped build up and add to the match. The Seton seg in particular.

Surprise of the Cycle:
The double turn by Jester Smiles. First Sammy, then King.

Feud of the Cycle:
Entragian/Corazon/SCAR. This feud was kicking off when I first came into SHOOT, it was one of the first things I really picked up on when coming here and I have enjoyed it ever since and am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

On a side note. I hope everyone enjoyed the story Harlan and I have told. It started a month before Reckoning Day!!! And finally came to a close. 

Story of the Cycle:
Maya winning the championship;  easily the biggest story of the cycle and a great ending to the show.

Heel of the Cycle:

Face of the Cycle:

Spot of the Cycle:
Wow! There was Metric-Fuck-Ton of spots and big moments over this event.  So I will list a few:

Jerry Matthews tying Rellik up and then making quick work of Steele was a very entertaining squash.

Entragian’s relentless attack with the hammer on Corazon was brutal.

King getting Sammy in the Carolina Crossface when it looked like Sammy was about to end him.

Maya hitting Seton with a Shining Wizard and Hurricanrana when she was positioned to aid in the Piledriver on Loco. The reason this worked so well is because I could fully envision the move.

Trey Fifty into the Lunatikk Sweet.

Ode to Shinya ON THE TOP ROPE!!!! WTF!

Line of the Cycle:
Entragian’s final words to Corazon: “And yet…your body won’t let you. You have the desire…but not the ability. All you can do is lie there…lie there with your anger and your impotent hate…unable to rise…unable to fight….unable to do anything at all.”

Laugh of the Cycle:
Other Guy: “I love it! He’s preaching from The Pulpit!” While Jerry is standing on a tied up Rellik, foot firmly planted in his balls.

Random Props of the Cycle (IC):
Maya came out really well and really strong. The character deserved this win, it adds so much to any potential storylines.

The faces, finally coming together and showing some unity when they chased Mephisto out of the ring.

Angel Thorne. Really good character.

Random Props of the Cycle (OOC):
Tim for working his arse off.
The Primus members for delivering A* RP’s.

No shows, one of which affected a story I was looking forward too.
In addition to that, we did had some squash matches. Which I get, because of the No Shows. But Squash matches dampen the show a little. (Even if I did enjoy said squashes.)

Anything Else?:

We just had an incredible PPV with a great turn out. The summer low point is coming to a close and after this PPV I feel big things are on the horizon; I’m looking forward to seeing it all unfold, as well as starting the next chapter in Valentine’s career here in SHOOT. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to excel here in SHOOT, from taking a chance and throwing me in Master of the Mat to allowing me to contend for the Sin City Championship. It means a hell of a lot and shows that you guys have faith in me. Again, can’t thank you all enough.

Also, thank you Harlan for working with me; I have had a blast on this feud.  That match was our swansong, the final moments between two enemies; hopefully you enjoyed working on this story as much as I did.  It’s been a pleasure man; you worked your arse off to help build Valentine as a top Heel here and in my eyes it really paid off. I hope that I did the same and helped you reinvent 3M and wish you luck in your next feud.

To everyone else:
SHOOT honestly is the best fed I have ever been in and I’ve been doing this since 98 (Maybe 99.) And In all my time I have not known a community effort like we have here.  Not to mention the emphasis on STORYTELLING and CHARACTER. I for one am glad to be on-board and I regret not joining SHOOT sooner. (I almost did…Twice lol.)

Next year spells 10 years since I created Valentine (He’s my Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster.) and I wouldn’t want to spend that anniversary anywhere other than right here.

On a personal note; you guys have become my friends, family even.  From talks with Tim about wrestling, helping G become a PIMP!!!! The many conversations with Bryan to just chilling out and messing around in chat, you guys are all awesome in your own right and if the chance arose for me to hang out with any of you, I’d do so in a heartbeat. (Except for a few really creepy members, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! JK.)

I guess what I am trying to say is… “I’m a SHOOT Project guy.”


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Re: ELITE: DAY 2 Feedback
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2013, 08:13:09 PM »

I love you, too, Sam.

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Re: ELITE: DAY 2 Feedback
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2013, 05:27:53 PM »
Couple of quick notes here...

Fave match would probably have to be Valentine vs Mirage.

Fave RP- too tough to pick just one. Everyone stepped up.

Disappointment of the show- the no-shows. Wasn't impressed that a couple of guys had a chance to step up and show what they could do and they just flaked out.

Overall, well-written shows.

Good job,guys.

Might do something a little longer at another time.


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Re: ELITE: DAY 2 Feedback
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2013, 08:05:18 PM »

Opening Video/Opening Blurb

See my feedback for Day 1? It’s the same thing here.

Added note: Since, at the time, the ME of Day 1 wasn’t up yet, I did add in that part about a stream error. Even though it’s been added in, I didn’t think to take that out.

Cronos Diamante vs. Johnny Napalm – Iron Fist Championship

I was originally going to write this, but Will is awesome (don’t tell him I said that) and took it. It’s a shame that Mario couldn’t get an RP up, but stuff happens I suppose.

Will took what normally would be a squash and made it interesting. It was a very nice touch to have the match essentially already in progress in the back. I think that helps a little bit to explain in kayfabe why the match was so short.

Nothing much else to say. Napalm retains. Is this the end of Napalm/Cronos? Who knows? BUT, hopefully the IF Division gets a booster shot with Napalm vs. Matthews on the horizon.

Backstage With Maya Nakashima

Drew gave me permission to write this short segment for him. He gave me the details of what he wanted and I wrote up what I hope was a nice little segment highlighting Maya’a focus going into the match. Hope it worked well.

Tanya Black vs. Angel Thorne – Total Domination Match

Sam did a great job with this. It was brutal and hotly contested. Though, there was a bit of confusion as to the rules. I think the way it was worded may have been the issue. BUT, that was fixed very easily. All in all, this match was great. Tanya comes out looking like the fighter she is, while Angel Thorne comes out looking like a major force to be reckoned with. And, I’ll echo Jason’s sentiments in chat while he read this match: “ouch.”

The ending was BRUTAL. Well done match and definitely worthy of ELITE.

Backstage With Jester Smiles

Nice little seg here from Eric. It shows Jester’s jumpiness and makes you wonder what’s in the envelope?

Backstage With Crippler

Like I said in my Day 1 Feedback, I mixed up the placement for Loco and Crip’s segments, but I changed some of the wordage so it wasn’t noticeable, so my bad.

This was another strong segment leading up to the Primus. Another good hype piece for the faces. Good job from Will.

Donovan King vs. Sammy Rochester

I wrote this so I won’t say much about it. B and Eric gave me strats and a general idea of how this match was supposed to go. I hope I did well with it and gave you what you wanted. I also did the post-match so I hope that was what you guys were looking for.

Backstage With Trey Willett

Since Trey was busy as all hell, I took the liberty of doing a very short backstage. He signed off on it. Hope it was ok. Note that Trey DID offer to add dialogue to it before the show went up, but I though the silent style promo would work better. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve taken him up on his offer just to get a little longer of a segment and feature the champ a little better.

Bloodletting Match – Valentine Lionheart vs. 3M – Sin City Championship

This match was all kinds of awesome. It was bloody (as expected) and it was absolutely brutal. Sam and Harlan did an awesome job with their feud and it was really cool to see a feud where there really was only ONE match to settle it all.

I loved the ending. Valentine picks up the win as the new champ, but it leaves BOTH men bloody and unconscious in the end, signifying that though Valentine won this battle, he maybe didn’t win the war after all. Very nicely done.

Backstage With Dan Stein

This was really, really good. Greg did an awesome job not only hyping the match, but also furthering his own storyline. I love the mystery around Nic Ezra that comes out at the end. And Johnny Patriot is awesome. Although, I am the REAL Johnny Patriot and am much cooler. :P

The Primus – World Heavyweight Championship Match

So, as you all know by now, I wrote this beast of a match. I really hope you enjoyed it. I tried to get everyone’s stuff in and give each person some memorable moments for their personal highlight reels.

I have to say that each and every person in the Primus did a REALLY good job helping me write this match. I had conversations with each of you and you guys were awesome about bouncing ideas around. The RP work for the Primus was great as well. All in all, even though I wrote this match, I feel like the communication leading up to it was fantastic and it was a group effort.

I hope I wrote a match we can all be proud of and that it was highly enjoyable.

Congrats to Drew on being the new WHC. Even though fuck Drew because I had to use his strat in the end.


Final Comments

Again, Day 2 delivered. I feel like this PPV overall was a success. Could it have gone better? Absolutely. It didn’t go up on time, which is my fault in part, but overall, I think ELITE was well done and the final product of Day 1 and Day 2 combined was extremely good.

Former Sin City Champion (1x)