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Author Topic: Revolution 119 Feedback  (Read 833 times)


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Revolution 119 Feedback
« on: November 05, 2013, 02:29:24 AM »
Hot off the heels of ELITE, SHOOT Project rolls on with...

Leave it here!

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Re: Revolution 119 Feedback
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2013, 09:41:00 PM »
Feeeeeeeeedback time.

Light and fun, guys.

I've mostly kept up on things, but there was a few week period over the summer I got a little lost on things with my move and allllll.  So here are my thoughts on this show and then i'll try and get back into the swing.  let me know where i missed something if i incorrectly LOATHE something you did, dooorks.  ;)

- LOVE the Maya/Mephisto pairing following the PPV.  Feels EXTREMELY fresh and I very very very much enjoyed their interaction at the start.  I WISH Real Deal hadn't come out to stick his nose in the segment, though.  It felt sort of "not SHOOT-esque".  I think what could have worked even BETTER (and get the same idea across) is have Mephisto say something like...  "It would be too easy to threaten you with violence, Maya.  You've SURVIVED Violence.  But can you survive never knowing?  Are you MENTALLY strong enough to be champion?" blah blah blah...  and basically have Mephisto wage a self imposed, "non violent", WAR ON MAYA'S MIND~!  "I won't touch a hair on your body, Maya.   You'll do it yourself.  I will be the architect of hope's implosion!"  The authority thing didn't feel right.   THAT SAID, it happened, and I think there's a ton to do with it going forward, regardless, but FEEDBACK Is FOR NERDS TO FANTASY BOOK ANGLeS THEY LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH!

- I dig some commercials.  It's a nice break, and they actually serve a purpose.

- Completely missed something with Stein, Patriot, Weird Name Sick Kid.  This angle felt rushed and I had nothing invested in the two NPCs leading into this.  But it might not have been rushed either.  When did this start?  I MAY be behind in story stuff/RPs if it wasn't on a show.  3M/Mirage's character work seems REALLY close to something, but Harlan needs to settle on something that people can sink their teeth into for longer than two or three months.  I'd like a nice 6 month angle with him staying somewhat consistent to his gimmick OOOORRR keep changing so that IS his gimmick.  Either way.  Stability through order or chaos.  That's all I want!

- Really dug the Stein/Valentine bout.  Two of my favorite characters OF ALL CURRENT TIME.  Kinda shocked with the Stein win, but it made sense considering Lionheart's condition.  Not sure if this leads to face run for Valentine, but I could weirdly see myself getting behind him and the folks in ORION given the current nature of things around here.  Maybe a VERY VERY VERY anti-hero group in some weird way.  I liked Pierce's thing earlier in the show.  I STILL think Mason's character has a little too much Cronos "long winded, omg we get it, you don't need to keep explaining" in him, buuut, the character and Orion's situation make it easier to suspend disbelief and wade through the REALLY cool stuff.  (AKA - LOVED the mentioning of no stable guys being champs, sans Orion members.  And the "Shot or Nod" at SCAR comment after was cool too)  I'm slowly getting the more military side of the character, which is a good thing, but maybe just a TAD less chat and a little more to the point.

- In general the matches, as usual were pretty well written.  I'm hoping with SHOOT going back to just the ONE show a week (i love you guys, but you NEVER do two shows well for the long haul.) will give some importance to the actual matches.  I feel like, on the weekly cards, a lot of the bouts just sorta...   i don't know.  they all turn into kofi kingston matches.  In eWrestling, while the ACTION and MOVES are important...  there needs to be more story.  Book matches that can tell stories so they don't feel like WALLS separating the stuff I actually feel inclined to watch.  (random matches to get talent booked is cool, but I REALLY think there should be a weekly House Show for that...  just book matches to see what people work and do what and then post quick results for winners and losers and any notable moments.  This would keep the "competitive folks" at bay, while removing a TON of unecessary clutter from the weekly broadcast)

- I love Loco's current gimmick of "guy that says hi to other guys"

- Mephisto, Seton and Maya = MAGIC.  Realllllly cool twist, that I think WOULD HAVE BEEN COOLeR WITHOUT REAL DEAL IMPOSED AUTHORITY.  How great and treacherous to see this same segment had Mephisto declared "non violence" himself...  BUT OH WELL!  hahaha.  I really did enjoy this and am LOVING the random pairings.  Obviously, I don't see Seton being a "slave" of sorts...  And then with what happens with JAMIE later...  JEEEEEESUS.  Lots of good stuff.  Blending angles/stories/lives is always one of my favorite aspects of eWrestling!!!

- Angel Thorn is an interesting character and I dig her so far.  Is this an OD character?  I have no idea who is currently playing who.  But I like the backstory and am intrigued to see where she fits on the roster.

- HEEL Jester finaalllllllly getting back into the GODDAmN RING.  Really really reaaaallly excited for this angle with King... though I hope it doesn't fester TOO LONG with romance/girl stealing.  These two guys have far far faaaaaar too interesting a history to keep themselves locked in LOVE PROBS.

- I love a good cryptic word puzzle, but they often times result in busts.

- Main event felt underwhelming considering the AMAZING talent taking place in the ring...  but I think it's the product of "RNG" booking.  Everything builds to the culminating MAIN EVENT ANGLE well, but, again, let's make these matches more than "random fights".  The outcome of this fight is IMMEDIATELY lost the second it becomes clear this isn't ending the show.  Loco wins, but it's an after thought.  The match was well written, buuuut, again, just no real reason to invest any serious interest, which is a SHAME because match writing is by the far the most TEDIOUS and LEAST APPRECIATED of the aspects of our hobby.

- OKAY.  Back to being nice.  MAIN EVENT ANGLE WAS GOLD.  I've loved the twists and turns of Corazon/Entragian and how evenly back and forth it actually has been.  The easy story telling device is to have EVIL dominate good for sooooooo long before Good throws the final blow.  But this feels REAL.  This is gritty.  You can't keep either dude down.  People change over time.  Entragian's grasp on his followers is weakening...  Obsidian turns...  Kenji seems like he might be next...  How does Isaac regroup?  We don't see much weakness...  can he spin this?  Does he start to spin downward toward his own demise?  This has been, for the most part, EXCELLENTLY crafted.  Everyone involved has done a great job creating an angle and atmosphere that has clearly carried the organization for quite some time.  Never a dull moment.  TRULY inspired, amazing work!!!

I think that'll do for this week.  That's the shit I wanted to chat about!  If you want thoughts on anything that maybe I forgot to touch on, or you'd like to hear anything more IN DEPTH, hit me up on PM, chat, or just ask here and i'll post thoughts!!!




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Re: Revolution 119 Feedback
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2013, 05:15:21 PM »
I am really sorry to all the contributors, segment writers, match writers and staff at SP for my lack of feedback as of late...things got hectic, as they tend to do, and I barely had time to do much other than RP and help out with some segments...

Things are calming down again, as you can probably tell by my sudden reappearance in the chatroom...so I promise I'll be lending some of my unimportant opinions around here again. :)


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Re: Revolution 119 Feedback
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2013, 10:34:42 PM »
The Bad Guy Speaks

I know I gave you folks some of my ideas on the radio, but here they are in written form.

Can't believe we forgot the cold open, G!  We gotta do better next time.  But we see Lionheart hyping up HOTv and the match he's in.  Making a bold declaration that the time for talking it over, and certainly it may be...

Now, the next segment had the always enigmatic Jonny Johnson.  He's basically out there to tell the world that he's back...  Basically, he's promising to "be a hero."  I'm gonna be honest, with as many times as Jonny has said he'll be a good boy, I'll believe it when I see it.

The next segment is Maya coming out, post ELITE to show the world.  Which one observation, and this is from all the years of watching.  Maya is leaving the nameplate blank, kind of a way to declare the World strap as the people's championship.  (Side note: Keep this in mind over the next few weeks.  In the words of the late Curt Hennig, "Once you declare yourself a people's champion, watch the people turn on you.")  As he makes his victory speech, Mephisto comes out and basically promises that no harm will come from him to Maya during this cycle.  Of course, Mephisto has to hope that Real Deal isn't listening...  Which he was, by the way.  And the older double J makes it stick.  Mephisto cannot touch Maya, or he loses his career.  Which I don't know if that's the best way to do it, but Tim is capable of making it work.

After the commercials, you see Orion in the ring declaring they have a nice list.  Which I hope we'll get to see some semblance on what's on that list, honestly.  I mean, it might come back to haunt us...

Now the SCC match is about what I expected.  Lionheart with the power and Stein with the speed.  Now, while I'm shocked at the quick change...  I'm not surprised at Dan Stein winning it.  However, the SCC will become the hot title for a while.  This was a David/Goliath that turned out quite well.  So, kudos to Sam.  It did take repeated #Twitterbations to do it, but that sells Lionheart as a beast and Stein as relentless.

Although, I joked on the air about Cronos and hugging being all the rage.  In all seriousness, I want Mario to stick with this entire story.  Will we see Cronos go through the therapy?  Will he just leave without trying?  I actually want to know, and hope there is a follow through.

Now, we get to Malice/Mephisto.  And this is your slobberknocker match.  Two big bulls pounding it out in the ring.  And this one was a nice back and forth, also by Sam.  But we see the man known as Jacob Mephisto pull out that vicious Yakuza Kick he calls "Godless."  And that's two straight losses for Orion.  Might be time to rebuild...

Next we see Loco and Maya.  As I said on the show, Loco is nice for now, but he's still got a title shot waiting.  So, let's wait and see, eh?

Of course, this is part one of my feedback, I'll add more when I'm not having to work at 8 AM tomorrow.  :)


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Re: Revolution 119 Feedback
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2013, 02:02:07 AM »
Jonny Johnson opener - Thought it was a pretty good way to build anticipation for Johnson's return by bringing him in before the card started. It allowed the former World Champ to get the spotlight, and I thought the segment did a great job of giving off a tone of arrogance and confidence in his ability to take down Project: SCAR.

Maya/Mephisto - Personally, I couldn't agree more on the nature of this presumed pairing for the World title following the PRIMUS. And I liked that Real Deal got involved and prohibited any physical confrontations between the two. I feel it could add a whole other dimension to this feud, and it helped to add another layer to the budding Mephisto/Laura Seton partnership.

Orion/Mason Pierce - Always have to love when the heels get to gloat on their recent success, especially after a big show. Curious as to see how the group reacts after the misfortune that occurred with Lionheart losing the Sin City strap to Greg and Malice coming up short against Mephisto.

Sin City title contest - This was one of the better contests of the show. Loved how Stein and Lionheart went after each other's weaknesses in the shoulder and the injured leg. Either way, both looked as good as they should, and another round for these guys would be a hell of a contest to read.

Cronos segment - I like the idea of Cronos being subjected to therapy if he hopes to keep his spot on the roster. Thought Mario did a great job of painting Cronos into a corner here, and am curious to see where he'll take it moving forward.

Malice/Mephisto - Another good contest that I enjoyed for showing off the scheming, calculating nature of Mephisto and him developing a strategy on the spot to take down the monster. A good win for him heading forward in his chase of Maya.

Maya/Loco - Good exchange between the two finalists in the Primus. Mutual show of respect is good, and it's one that might lead Loco to join up with Maya in the case of a later development on the show.

Patriot/Stein/3M - Lots to talk about here, what with Harlan taking 3M in another direction. Thought Patriot's exchange with 3M to let up on the attack was well-done, and suggests that 3M might not necessarily be what Patriot was looking for when he asked for a 'hero.' I also couldn't help but feel sympathy for Stein during the attack. Curious as to how this one is gonna progress as we get closer to Redemption.

Matthews/Napalm - Personally, I loved the job Rich did with this match. I'm happy that Jerry could be getting some action in some hardcore-type matches, and I really dig the Iron Fist stipulation. All in all, thanks for writing the match, Rich, and to the rest of the SHOOT guys for giving me the opportunity at a title shot.

Mephisto/Maya/Seton - In hindsight, it seems all too predictable now that Laura would attack Maya after the first segment. Yet, I can't help but love it anyways. This pairing is a pretty interesting dynamic, and it's one that should provide a more than adequate test of Maya's mettle now that he's the new top dog.

Crippler/Seton - Like the finish, shows how far Laura is willing to go to better Crippler at every turn, and yet it still keeps the possibility for later confrontations open with the lack of a squeaky clean finish. The post-match, however, with the reveal of Alejandro's return might've been the moment of the show for me. His reaction to Laura was one that I wasn't expecting after such a long layoff, a good way to start a new chapter between the two as their history continues.

Thorne segment - Good segment from Angel Thorne following her defeat of Tanya at ELITE. I like the character, has some potential.

Marz/TMB - Good defense from Marz, who now can look forward to his next challenger. As for TMB, it looks like he'll have his hands full with Corey Lazarus. The ending of the post-match, where TMB smiles after getting attacked has me wondering who's really pulling the strings here.

Jester/King - Nice to see Eric bringing Jester back for a return to the ring. I've always wanted to see what he can really do with the character, as my only experience with him handling Jester was back during the T-ACT this past summer. Like that King came out with a purpose and took it right to Jester for the chairshot at the PPV.

Loco/Kenji and End - Nice main event. Big win for Loco after falling just short of Maya, but obviously the post-match is what has probably drawn the most discussion. Clearly, Isaac has a lot on his plate, having to continue to deal with Corazon and now Obsidian in addition to the dissension in the ranks of SCAR. I don't think his luck has run out quite yet, though. I'm sure the Pale Rider has a few more trump cards up his sleeve.

All in all, good show folks. Looking forward to the stacked card for 120.


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Re: Revolution 119 Feedback
« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2013, 06:21:55 AM »
Roleplayer of the Cycle:
Gotta go with Greg. It was a pleasure RPing against him and I had a lot of fun.

Single best RP of the Cycle:
I enjoyed The second Stein RP a lot and Loco’s first.

Match of the Cycle (RPs):
Kenji Vs Loco.
Malice Vs Mephisto.
Both matches maxed out and there was some really good work here.

Match of the Cycle (Written):
I really dug Matthews Vs Napalm, it was a lot of fun to read and that’s how matches should feel when you read them, fun and exciting.

Match Writer of the Cycle:
I’m gonna go with everyone who wrote a match, results went up on time and we all busted out asses out to make sure that happened.

Most Improved:
Matthews, I think he is really beginning to find his stride. I was impressed with him in the T-Act and he is starting to blossom here in SHOOT…

Segment of the Cycle:
I’ve got to say I dug the ending to the show.

Surprise of the Cycle:
Obsidian turning on Isaac.

Feud of the Cycle:
Maya Vs Mephisto. The interactions between these two really has me intrigued and knowing what both Drew and Tim can do, tells me that we are in for a hell of a ride.

Story of the Cycle:
The SCAR fallout and the new champions being crowned.

Heel of the Cycle:
Mephisto. the heelness of the character really came through this week. We got to see that cunning mind in action both in and out of the ring.

Face of the Cycle:
Maya. The ying to Mephisto's yang.

Spot of the Cycle:
Alley Oop, face first into the turnbuckle. There has to be some missing teeth after that.

Line of the Cycle:
“Cowards who run… they are not predators. YOU... are a predator... no longer.” –Corazon.

Laugh of the Cycle:
Halloween themed RPs. Got to love em.

Random Props of the Cycle (IC):
Napalm. He was up against a very focused opponent this week and I feel he held his own. Hopefully he doesn't get too discouraged here on out.

Random Props of the Cycle (OOC):
Greg came to me after our match, he was pretty humble about the win and gave me a bit of a pep-talk.
Muchas Gracias Amigo.
Tim, for the same reason. I like the way people give a shit about each other here.

For a very stacked card, there could have been a shit load of issues. The only issues I can think of is the start of the show was rammed with segments. Tim said he had trouble knowing how to piece them all together but in the end I think he did good job.

Anything Else?:
For those wondering about Orion, I pretty much covered it in my RP One for this show.

Newcomer of the Year 2013.