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Author Topic: ***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***  (Read 729 times)


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***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***
« on: January 14, 2014, 08:27:09 AM »
As usual, I've saved the votes in the event that shenanigans get called.  Since this is going to be posted instead of recorded, I'm going to type up a few of my thoughts on each of the awards and whatnot.  Please, if you have discussion, go buck wild.  Thanks everybody who sent me your votes!

Soldier of the Year
Donovan King

-This is an enormous honor for me.  I am eternally grateful for the chance to even be nominated, but I didn't believe I would win.  Truthfully, I almost didn't.  Maya and Mephisto were tied behind King and King only won by a single vote (which wasn't me, even I follow the no voting for yourself rules).  Thank you for believing in me and the ongoing saga of Donovan King.  In case anyone is curious, King and Crysta go off and live happily ever after and have bunches of coffee colored babies...at least in my alternate reality.  Thank you again, everyone!

Tag Team of the Year
ANARCHY (Arch Angel, T.Rex)

-Ending the BAB's three year domination of this category, there isn't a better team to have taken this than these guys.  I am enormously proud of Scott for his work with this team and they more than deserve to be the final World Tag Team Champions of this incarnation of SHOOT.  ANARCHY is a phenomenal team and there's so much heart behind them, it makes perfect sense for them to win this award.

Match of the Year
The PRIMUS II - World Heavyweight Championship - ELITE

-This was another good choice out of a category filled with spoils.  So many good matches, but Tim's work on the PRIMUS II definitely deserved the top honors here.  Tim stepped up when no one else was able to and took on so much work that Josh and I couldn't keep up with.  We said on more than one occasion that this place couldn't have survived without Tim, and it shows when his real life takes its toll on his free time.  The PRIMUS II was a very well crafted match and told several stories at once, which as the writer of our Rumbles and PRIMUS I, I know how truly difficult that can be.

Champion of the Year
Donovan King - World Heavyweight Champion

-Honestly, this is the only award I really wanted to win above any others.  It is my belief that a champion represents SHOOT and represents his ow her division with pride.  The champion defines the championship, not vice versa.  That said, I always worked as hard as I could to elevate my belt and SHOOT, regardless or what division I'm working in.  I got to face guys like Isaac Entragian, Johnny Napalm, Lunatikk Crippler, Maya Nakashima, and Dan Stein as champion; these names are main eventers to the lot of you now, sure, but when I faced them they had never tasted the spotlight here in SHOOT.  I'm proud to have been World Champion in SHOOT three different times with two different characters, but this run with King is probably my most fulfilling.

Newcomer of the Year
Valentine Lionheart

-There should be little doubt as to who was winning this award.  Granted, there have been some rather well done characters that have come into SHOOT over the last year, but none have made the biggest impact as Valentine Lionheart.  Sam was a major "get" for us as a company and it quickly showed when he gelled with everyone and started blowing competition out of the water left and right.  He made it to the Finals of the Master of the Mat tournament, which was unprecedented for a newcomer.  Sam deserves this award and all the credit in the world for Valentine's popularity.

Villain of the Year
Jacob Mephisto

-Tim took Jacob Mephisto to huge heights here in SHOOT this past year, and his work against Crippler, in the SCCS, with Maya among others cemented his taking this award.  Smooth to the point of slimy, Jacob Mephisto was a very easy to hate character.  He ascended to the main event at the very end of the year and would have proven to be quite the threat for the World Championship heading into 2014.  Had SHOOT continued without its hibernation, 2014 would have seen the YEAs becoming the Timmy Awards, at least in my opinion.  Definitely a worthy winner of this award.

Hero of the Year
Maya Nakashima

-The most optimistic, kind, beautiful character on the roster, Maya Nakashima ended the year and his last SHOOT run as the World Champion, a far cry from his days in a stereotypical J-Pop tag team.  Turning him into a tragic hero, Maya was hit with some horrible lows, but some glorious highs as well.  I pulled for him to make it to the top and when he finally did, I have to tell you I couldn't book it without a massive grin on my face.  Drew deserves this as Tim deserved the Villain award, and I'm proud to call Maya Nakashima the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Feud of the Year
Isaac Entragian versus Adrian Corazon

-Subtle.  Nuanced.  Mysterious.  All the while fronted by blood, riotous violence, and over the top gore.  Entragian/Corazon defined SHOOT for the year and set the benchmark upon which all other feuds were forced to compare.  A feud that was both black and white, good and evil, featured goodness from the villains and evil from the heroes, betrayals and near career ending injuries.  It makes sense that SHOOT ended without finishing this feud.  There was damn near nowhere else for Isaac and Corazon to go after this.  They'd have likely killed one another and ended their feud by throwing one another into a pit of fire.  I am proud to have been a part of this feud and gotten to watch all avenues and aspects of it evolve over the year.

Mark Out Moment of the Year
Maya Nakashima: World Heavyweight Champion

-The runaway favorite to win this award, Maya Nakashima winning the World Heavyweight Championship was everything it needed to be.  The slight, skinny underdog overcoming pure evil and pure talent on the way to becoming the key representative for SHOOT.  Everyone knew Maya's story and they all were so excited to see it culminate in this way.  It was worth every frustration, every smile, every applause...it was all worth it for this moment.  Take a bow, Drew, your winning of the World Championship was SHOOT's defining moment for 2013.

Now...I hope to hear your thoughts on these as well.  I MAY post up something else I've been working on: The SHOOT Project Lifetime Achievement Awards, awards and accolades and superlatives reflecting my personal opinion on who is on top throughout all of SHOOT Project's history.  Until then, here are the 2013 Year End Awards.  Enjoy!


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Re: ***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2014, 08:58:56 AM »
While I didn't vote for a couple of these, I don't see the results as unfair or even unexpected.  I think every one of the winners deserved their awards.

I'd love to see your lifetime achievement awards, too.

I would like to point out that while I've never won a single award in my lifetime, each and every person I feuded with the last two years DID.  ;)  And I'm not sure that should make me happy, but indirectly, it does...it makes me feel the feuds I was involved in weren't forgotten.


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Re: ***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2014, 09:13:25 AM »
I am, honestly. Really stoked to win an award here. SHOOT was by far the best fedding experience I've had. I came in, in January of last year and enjoyed every step of the way. It means a lot to know that others liked my work and character as much as I have enjoyed all of yours. I had some stiff competition with Jerry Mathews and Sky being nominated. Both of whom have put out some great work.

Again. Really chuffed to win this. Means a lot guys.

The rest of the awards, I feel those who won deserved the win. Each winner/winners put in the work and earned their spot. It's been a pleasure watching it all unfold.

Newcomer of the Year 2013.


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Re: ***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2014, 04:13:35 PM »
*looks at tag team of the year and shakes his head*

Wow, just... wow....

Kenji Yamada

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Re: ***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2014, 07:38:15 PM »
*looks at tag team of the year and shakes his head*

Wow, just... wow....

I sincerely hope I am misunderstanding that post or there is a level of sarcasm that is beyond my comprehension.

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Re: ***The 2013 SHOOT Project Year End Awards***
« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2014, 07:46:05 PM »
I just want to say that I am happy with the Tag Team of the Year, and every award for that matter, being who it is. Not just content, but happy. Congrats. :D

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