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Author Topic: SHOOT Project Soldier Miffed At Being Left Off Resurrection Card?  (Read 389 times)

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What we've heard lately, while some Soldiers are unhappy with not being featured on the return card, Revolution 122: Resurrection Edition, one Soldier may be more upset than the rest.

Recently, Lunatikk Crippler did a short interview with Dutch Harris for the SHOOT Project's website, an interview that has yet to be posted, and voiced his displeasure at being left out. Here are a couple of blurbs from the interview.

Dutch Harris: How does it feel to be back, Crip? It's been a while, but it looks like SHOOT is back and back to stay.

Lunatikk Crippler: I couldn't be happier that SHOOT has reopened their doors, Dutch, but I have to say, I'm not too thrilled with being left out of this first show back. I mean, when El Asso Wipo is getting booked ahead of you, you gotta think to yourself "Did I do something wrong?" No offense to Wipo, but I deserve a spot on this card, and one way or the other, I'm going to take one.

Dutch Harris: Does this mean you won't be appearing in either of the title matches on the card, for the Iron Fist and Sin City Championships?

Lunatikk Crippler: Normally, I would be all "I wouldn't tell you if I was." But no, I'm not challenging for either of those titles. Stein and Matthews can sleep a little more soundly, but they still need to figure out exactly who is gonna be gunning for them.

We hope to have the full interview posted on the website sometime this week. We will keep you apprised of any new details regarding this story.