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Author Topic: SHOOT Project releases Pre-Season Top Ten Rankings, with Surprise Rookie Ranked  (Read 501 times)

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As Pre-Season rankings, this list is based on current champions and their potential and current contenders, and is designed to fluctuate as time progresses. Note that this list will change with each show cycle based on the happenings in SHOOT Project in and out of the ring.

1. “Lunatic High” Maya Nakashima (Last Ranking: N/A)
At the top of the list is the reigning SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and eternal fan favorite, Maya Nakashima. For years Maya and Shinya ruled the sky as the well known tag team TRES BIEN!, but after Shinya disappeared, presumed dead after a catastrophe in Japan, Maya worked hard to make a name for himself in the violent halls of the Epicenter, and eventually capped off all of his hard work with a World Heavyweight Championship title victory in the Primus event at ELITE. Maya’s charm, athleticism and dedication to the company has elevated him to the top of the SHOOT Project Power Rankings, and it’s these reasons why we believe he’ll be at the very top of them for weeks to come.

2. “The Freakshow” Loco Martinez (Last Ranking: N/A)
As the current official number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, Loco Martinez is the only logical choice for the number two spot. The SHOOT Project’s resident “Freakshow” had a stellar (no pun intended) 2013. He won the Master of the Mat tournament in grand fashion. And, he went on to be a part of the Primus II at ELITE, being eliminated last by the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. Only time will tell if Loco Martinez can win the biggest prize in professional wrestling. Until then, he stands as a solid number two on the top ten rankings.

3. “The Golden Boy” Dan Stein (Last Ranking: N/A)
A man whose name is quickly becoming synonymous will “champion,” Dan Stein claims the number three slot in the SHOOT Project Power Rankings. He’s a former two-time Iron Fist Champion. And, after seemingly going through a period in which he suffered an “identity crisis” of sorts, Dan Stein reemerged as a force to be reckoned with. Refusing to be pigeon holed into a specific role, “The Golden Boy” went on to not only close out 2012 by winning the Redemption Rumble, but he began 2013 by capturing the World Tag Team Championships as one half of Sex & Violence. He seemingly capped off his run by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at Master of the Mat 2013. But, Stein wasn’t done there. After losing the championship, he would not be deterred, as he went on to capture the Sin City Championship for the second time in his career. This is a man just one Rule of Surrender Championship from being a Grand Slam champion. It is for these reasons that the reigning Sin City Champion claims this spot.

4. “The Evangelist” Jerry Matthews (Last Ranking: N/A)
Jerry Matthews holds the fourth spot on our list, coming back from the break as the Iron Fist Champion. The Good Reverend has captured audiences around the world in every promotion he’s been a part of, and it was no surprise when he went on to capture the Iron Fist Championship at Revolution 119. As “The Evangelist” thrives in SHOOT Project, so too does the platform to preach the good word… if only it weren’t in the one town dubbed “Sin City”. With a firm grasp on the Iron Fist Championship, Jerry Matthews has positioned himself into one of the most sought after men on the SHOOT Project roster, and he seems to have an answer for every challenge. Look for Jerry to be a part of the top five for weeks to come.

5. “Die Hard” Dave Marz (Last Ranking: N/A)
Dave Marz stepped up to the plate against Thomas Manchester Black at ELITE 2013, and walked out with the Rule of Surrender Championship. This submission-only championship is designed for the in-ring tacticians that can dissect an opponent, and Dave Marz lives and dies in the ring on his technical abilities, and there’s a reason he’s called “Die Hard”. Since his return to SHOOT Project, the man from Ozone Park has been putting on clinics for the fans who watched him in the early days of SHOOT when he was tagging with Del Carver as “The Mason/Dixon Express”. With the Rule of Surrender Championship around his waist as a symbol for his ability inside the ring, Marz rounds out the top five in striking fashion.

6. “The Wayward Son” Trey Willett (Last Ranking: N/A)
Twelve years. That’s how long it took for Trey Willett to realize his dream of becoming the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. At Revolution 114, Trey ended The Golden Boy’s reign in the first title defense and held on to the championship for most of the summer until ELITE, where he fought seven other men in one of the most grueling concept matches in SHOOT Project. For twelve years Trey Willett has been a mainstay on the SHOOT Project roster, though it wasn’t until a heated feud with Adrian Corazon did The Wayward Son win over the fans. Surviving Project: SCAR is one thing, but going on to win the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship afterwards is entirely another. With a potential rematch in his back pocket, Trey Willett is solidly in the top ten.

7. ANARCHY! (Last Ranking: N/A)
They’ve gone to war for something as simple as a bear claw. As comedic as that statement is, there can be no doubt that the reigning World Tag Team Champions deserve to be on this list as a unit. While fans and Soldiers alike can look back on their brawls with Vermont’s Finest, they can also remember, with awe in their eyes, the absolute war T.Rex and Arch Angel waged against Project: SCAR. After defeating the tandem of Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios to win the number one contenders tournament, ANARCHY! went on to defeat Sex & Violence for the titles. Since then, the duo, with much encouragement from their friend and mentor, Loco Martinez, have defended their titles with pride and brutality. Kenji & Flay were their primary opponents during this time, but the former members of Project: SCAR were always dangerous. Most recently, ANARCHY faced their toughest challenge, as the Desert Nomad stepped in for Flay and they defended their titles against the former Scourge of SCAR and Kenji Yamada. It was a brutal affair, but the reigning champions prevailed. Although the tag team division in SHOOT Project isn’t the strongest, the fact remains that ANARCHY! are dominant champions who will face all comers placed in their path and are deserving of a top ten position on the SHOOT Project Power Rankings. In the words of T.Rex, “Fuggin’ right, they are!”

8. “The Baddest Man Alive” Adrian Corazon (Last Ranking: N/A)
There’s countless amounts of people that claim to be something they’re not in the wrestling industry, but Adrian Corazon is far from that. The Baddest Man Alive has captured the World Heavyweight Championship (twice), and has the record for the longest Iron Fist Championship reign in SHOOT Project history. It wasn’t until Corazon found Project: SCAR that we found out just how “bad” the man could be, and it wasn’t until Corazon turned his back on the group that we found out how “Inhuman” he truly was. After being gruesomely maimed at the end of Reckoning Day 2013: Day One, Corazon proved that he was, indeed, nearly inhuman when he returned to exact vengeance on Project: SCAR, becoming the catalyst for it’s apparent dissolution. Corazon has proven himself in and out of the ring in SHOOT Project and is respected by the legions of fans that comprise the SHOOT Nation. No one has suffered for the “helmet” like “The Baddest Man Alive,” and for that, he remains in the top ten, and likely will for weeks to come.

9. Kincaid (Last Ranking: N/A)
In just a short amount of time in SHOOT Project, Kincaid has quickly made a name for himself, partly because of uttering what was arguably the line of the year in 2013. Staring the then newly crowned Iron Fist Champion, Thomas Manchester Black right in the eye, Kincaid uttered a statement that sent shivers down the collective spines of the SHOOT Nation: “You know what’s funny? They’re going to say it’s an upset.” With those words, Kincaid made it clear that he is not intimidated by anyone in the SHOOT Project. Unfortunately, an ill-timed knee injury prevented the world from seeing that match. Shortly after, Kincaid left the SHOOT Project due to personal reasons. In the time that has passed, the enigmatic Soldier has been around the world honing his craft and his views have changed a bit. With the SHOOT Project returning from vacation, so returns Kincaid. He has publicly stated his desire to take the shot he earned. He has come back with an insatiable hunger and it is his motivation and drive, publicly demonstrated, that has earned him this spot.

10. Kale Tanev (Last Ranking: N/A)
Call it a hunch, but ranking Kale Tanev in the top ten of the Pre-Season rankings when he has yet to step foot in the ring isn’t just for show. He has openly stated that he’s knew to this sport, but he is determined to make his mark. So, why rank him in the top ten? The answer is a simple one. Kale Tanev is here to fight. A man with truly nothing to lose (at least it appears that way), he has told the SHOOT Nation, and his first opponent, that he is going to bring everything his has to Revolution 122. That, in and of itself, deserves recognition. The question is, can he maintain a spot in the top ten? Only time will tell. With Revolution 122 less than a week away, we will find out if everything he has is enough.