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Author Topic: SHOOT Project: Revolution 122 Preview - Shut Up & Fight & Contendership!  (Read 418 times)


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Coming to you LIVE from The Epicenter in Las Vegas, Nevada
The SHOOT Project Presents:

Episode 122: The Resurrection Edition

The SHOOT Project has already shown a preview of a championship match for Revolution 122, but that's not all that's in store for the SHOOT Nation and the world on May 12, 2014!

It’ll be time to Shut Up & Fight when Jason Riley clashes with SHOOT Project’s resident LEGENDARY LUCHADOR, El Asso Wipo. This isn’t for gold or contendership. This isn’t a personal war. This is the opportunity for these two SHOOT Project Soldiers to showcase their skills in front of the entire SHOOT Nation. We all have seen El Asso Wipo’s legendary luchadorian talent, and we’ve also seen flashes of brilliance from Jason Riley over the years.

Jason Riley has had a troubled history. He’s a cousin to the former two-time World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, Jonny Johnson, but he’s had difficulties maintaining success in his career. While wrestling analysts have praised him for his dynamic aerial style, he’s often criticized for being sloppy in the ring. While Riley has had some success, he hasn’t been able to get much traction going in his career. Perhaps it’s because he’s been in and out of rehab nine different times. Or, perhaps it’s because he has bounced around from promotion to promotion. One thing is for sure. He has a chance to do something here in the SHOOT Project. His abrasive and crass personality and punk lifestyle contrast heavily with his opponent.

Speaking of his opponent, El Asso Wipo is the self-proclaimed LEGENDARY LUCHADOR of the SHOOT Project (a sentiment echoed by many fans). Most people look at the Sheriff of Vermont (the whole State!) and one half of Vermont’s Finest as a joke. They see the name and instantly think “comedy.” Yet, while he does bring the comedy, Wipo can certainly get it done in the ring. In 2013 many felt the wrath of TCHA as he administered his patented backbreaker to several SHOOT Soldiers, including the “Planet-Sized Monster” Sammy Rochester. He also participated in an absolute war with the current reigning World Tag Team Champions, ANARCHY! the same year.

All comedy and past debacles aside, this match should prove to be entertaining. Who will come out on top? Tune it to Revolution 122 on May 12, 2014 to find out!

Want a look at the SHOOT Project's  LEGENDARY LUCHADOR?

Click the "TCHA" for a look at El Asso Wipo's SHOOT Project Profile!

The Hype!

But that's not all! If your read the headline, we talked about Contendership!

We’ve got championship matches. We’ve got a huge main event. We’ve even got a couple of Shut Up & Fight competitions. But, this match carries championship implications and it’s a one-fall Triple Threat Encounter. The winner of this match moves a rung up the ladder towards the Sin City Championship!

“The Artist” Zex is an enigma in SHOOT Project. He garnered quite the buzz when he was signed to The Real Deal’s Mexico-based promotion, RCW and nearly became the first holder of the Crown of the Immortals. Since then, he’s been around the country competing. Now, he makes his official debut with the SHOOT Project in a bid to get in line for a shot at the Sin City Championship. As a man who is nearly a jack of all trades artistically, Zex fancies himself an innovator. And, who are we to argue? There’s no doubt that this man has amazing talent. Though, perhaps his two opponents might disagree.

We couldn’t dig up much information on the mysterious SHOOT Project Soldier known as Duck. But, we did get in touch with her manager, Dr. Powerful, Incorporated. He had this to say:

"Duck is Duck.  There is no duckier Duck that ever Ducked in all of professional wrestling.  Believe me, I've done the research, done the experiments... you wanna get quack?  Call Duck.  Yes, I know that's unhelpful.  What do you want from me?  Professionalism?  Credibility?  It's a random derelict homeless chick calling herself Duck managed by a man calling himself Doctor Powerful, Incorporated and standing here in a bespoke suit covered by a lab coat and topped with a cape.  Honestly, I don't know what you were expecting to get from us.”

Clearly, we are in for a surprise with this SHOOT Project Soldier on Revolution. But, there’s still a third competitor in this match. And, he’s no slouch at all. In fact, some (including him) would say he’s “Incredible.”

Eli Storm is a name that is synonymous with championship gold here in the SHOOT Project. He’s won the World Tag Team Championships, The Iron Fist Championship, The Rule of Surrender Championship and The World Heavyweight Championship. The only title he’s missing to complete the Grand Slam? The Sin City Championship. The veteran known as “The Incredible One” makes his return as a SHOOT Project Soldier going right for that goal. Could this be the first step on the path to becoming a Grand Slam champion?

Which of these three Soldiers will walk away having climbed a rung on the ladder to Sin City success? Which will have their shoulders pinned to the mat or be forced to submit? And, which will become a wild card of sorts by not having been involved in the decision? Tune in to find out!

Want a look at "The Incredible One" and "The Artist"?

The Incredible One                    The Artist
Click "The Incredible One" for a look at Eli Storm's SHOOT Project Profile and "The Artist" for Zex's SHOOT Project Profile!

The Hype!

For all the latest SHOOT Project news, hype, and action, be sure to visit www.SHOOTproject.com! And don't forget to mark May 12, 2014 on your calendars. It's going to be a night to remember as the SHOOT Project Soldiers continue to Never Say Die!