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Author Topic: SHOOT Project: Revolution 122 Preview: Double Debut and Show Stealers!  (Read 374 times)


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Coming to you LIVE from The Epicenter in Las Vegas, Nevada
The SHOOT Project Presents:

Episode 122: The Resurrection Edition

We've talked about a championship match, contendership, and the concept of Shut Up & Fight during our preview of The SHOOT Project's return event, Revolution 122: The Resurrection Edition, but we've still got more in store! As May 12 inches ever so closer, check out some other things happening on Revolution!

The SHOOT Project entertains a double debut that should prove to be very exciting when these two brand new SHOOT Project Soldiers step into the ring at Revolution 122!

“Right Now” Ryan Shane comes to the SHOOT Project out of Allen Park, Michigan. This is a man who could conceivably rival the egos of men like Dan Stein and Corey Lazarus. A former tag team and “premiere” champion elsewhere, Shane truly believes he should be the biggest name in professional wrestling. Here in the SHOOT Project, he’s going to have to earn that spot, but don’t tell him that. Our sources say that throughout his career, he has been full of conspiracy theories as he believes that wrestling has conspired to hold him down. Will the SHOOT Project newcomer overcome the conspiracy? He’s got a long road to haul, so to speak, but his athletic ability simply cannot be denied. His opponent on May 12th will put it to the test.

“The Firestarter” Cameron Ash is a six-year veteran of our sport, though he has achieved little success. He spent most of his time touring the independent scene in the U.S. and has worked in Mexico. Most recently, Ash was a part of the SHOOT Project’s international initiative, plying his trade in CDW. He got the call and has made his way to the bright lights of Las Vegas. On May 12th, he gets the shot he’s been waiting for. Though his skill on the microphone leaves something to be desire, you won’t believe the things this man can do in the ring. But, will it be enough to topple his opponent?

Tune in on May 12, 2014 to see this exciting matchup and more!

Want a look at Ryan Shane?

Click the name for a look at Ryan Shane's SHOOT Project Profile!

The Hype!

Also on the card, we've got the match with two competitors that quite possibly could steal the show!

Ultra talented SHOOT Alumni, Alex Kincaid is looking for his own personal resurrection coming into Revolution 122, He’s hungry, motivated and looking to reinvigorate his career along with recapturing the fan base that once held him dear. With his skillset, mental attributes and overwhelming drive who are we to argue?

Squaring off against Kincaid is Kale Tanev; a relative unknown who brings along with him an aura of intrigue and mystery. Anyone who has tuned into to hear this newcomer’s thoughts will come to the realisation that somewhere along the line his life turned sour, causing wrestling media and fans to not only ponder on who he is? But also what happened to him and why wrestling seem to be the answer to his problems?

One things for sure, that these two talented young men have already turned heads both within SHOOT Project and the minds of the fans.

Want a look at the show stealers?

Kincaid                    Kale Tanev
Click the respective names to check out the SHOOT Project profiles of these two show stealers!

The Hype!

For all the latest SHOOT Project news, hype, and action, be sure to visit www.SHOOTproject.com. And don't forget to mark May 12, 2014 on your calendars. It's going to be a night to remember as the SHOOT Project Soldiers continue to Never Say Die!