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Author Topic: SHOOT Project Presents: Revolution 123 Preview - Tag Team Vengeance!  (Read 356 times)

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Revolution 123: Generations

The SHOOT Project continues to roll on as we bring you the next edition of Revolution! On May 26, 2014, the SHOOT Nation will witness as worlds collide. The fans have locked on to the definite feel of “the old guard” versus “the new blood” and thus we bring you “The Generations Edition!” Kicking off the night is a fine example of that concept as a two-time former World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer teams up with a legendary luchador who, despite all the jokes, can be a serious threat in the ring to face off against a pair of brash young men hell bent on tearing SHOOT apart.

At Revolution 122, the match between Jason Riley and El Asso Wipo took a turn for the worse when Riley’s compadres, Tom Quinn and Wailer got involved. What followed was a brutal assault by the trio until none other than SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and two-time former World Heavyweight Champion, Jonny Johnson made the surprising save! Jonny vowed that he is going to be the man that has everyone’s back in the SHOOT Project and that he would “... always make sure [they’re] safe.”

At Revolution 123, The DEFILER himself, Jonny Johnson will team up with SHOOT Project’s LEGENDARY LUCHADOR, El Asso Wipo, as they square off against the upstart rebels Jason Riley and Tom Quinn. We can only assume that Wailer will be ringside as well.

The two SHOOT Project veterans will be looking to dole out some punishment and teach their opponents a lesson. But, will Riley and Quinn be the pupils in this match? Or, will the brash duo take the two “old dogs” to school and show them some new tricks? Will backs be broken (like so, TCHA!, with Wipo’s knee)? Will someone be DEFILED? Or, will someone just get beat to hell again?

Another thought to consider: We already assume Wailer will be ringside for Riley & Quinn. But, will the Sheriff of Vermont have backup? Will Silas Mitchell return from his vacation to back his tag team partner?

There’s only one way to find out the answers to all your questions, folks! Tune in on May 26, 2014 for Revolution 123!

Want to see all the hype and build up to the show? Head over to www.SHOOTproject.com! You'll get all the hype, plus breaking news! And remember, keep your eyes peeled right here for more previews of Revolution 123: "Generations"!