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Author Topic: Dave Marz: Marz RP for Revolution  (Read 484 times)


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Dave Marz: Marz RP for Revolution
« on: May 21, 2014, 06:43:45 PM »
"I really don't know what to say. The general idea behind these is to set the stage for the match. Get into your opponents head, get the fans fired up, or just impart what the upcoming battle does or doesn't mean to you."

"However, since the powers that be have chosen to keep this match a surprise to the fans, they won't be seeing this until after it's over. I don't even know who my opponent is, so I can't even really lay out the reasons I think I'm better and either look brilliant or completely foolish afterwards."

"There is only one thing that I do know. It's for the Rule of Surrender championship. So that's make the preparation just a little easier. I may not be able to work on a specific strategy, but I can work on my endurance and tolerance for pain. Bring myself and my body to its absolute peak, so there is no one that could make me, well, surrender."

"But, with a few exceptions, nobody's really interested in the exact preparations that will occur. The proof is in the pudding, so they say. And at some point, I need to get online and look up just where in the hell that saying came from."

"So due to the nature of all this, I can't get in the head of my opponent, which also means there's no point in me listing any relevant accomplishments on my own end, so what the hell do I talk about?"

"I have to admit, I sat around for a long time trying to work on that one. Then I finally had to ask myself, who's going to actually sit and watch this after the match was over with, who are going to be ones that actually care enough to listen to my bullshit even after knowing the result?"

"That answer is you. The hardcore fan. The ones that actually are interested in getting to know us just a little bit better each time we appear before them. To bare our soul with either words or in combat."

"So with that in mind, I have only one thing to say to you..."

"GET A LIFE!!!!"

"William Shatner. Saturday Night Live. Ask your parents."

"Seriously though, I don't know what to tell you. Thank you just seems so inadequate. Most of us don't have something to do other than this. I'm pretty sure a good portion of the wrestlers would be in jail if they didn't have this outlet. Quite frankly, some of them probably should be anyway, but I digress."

"Knowing that our talents and our dedication are valued and rewarded means every damn thing to us. It's an honor to be able to do that, and most of us won't forget that. There are quite a few that don't care, and you know who they are, and I highly recommend you don't ask them for autographs. Just a little safety tip from me to you."

"That's right. Just the safety tip."

"All kidding aside, though. I am the Rule of Surrender Champion. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that surrender is something that I just don't do. I can get beaten. You can knock me for enough of a loop where you keep me down for a few seconds. But to acknowledge that I've had enough? That I just don't have the fight left in me?"

"No. There is nobody in this company, nobody on this planet that can make me say that. I am the Rule of Surrender Champion, and I still will be when you see this."

"I may not be able to get in my opponent's head now. But after the fight, you can damn sure bet I'll be in their head then."

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