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Author Topic: Toys for Tots -The Las Vegas Review Journal-  (Read 518 times)


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Toys for Tots -The Las Vegas Review Journal-
« on: December 30, 2013, 06:32:47 PM »
The front door of ANARCHY!'s front porch, a few days before Christmas. Early morning sun bathes the a newspaper which is laying on the Santa Claus Welcome Mat.  The door swings open.  Out steps T.Rex in a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt.  He smiles huge looking at the latest edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

T.Rex:  Yo, Chris!  It came. 

He walks into the apartment, quickly going through the sections.  He pulls out the Community Section and beams with pride.  On the cover of the section we see a Santa clad T.Rex next to a giant 7 foot elf, better known to the SHOOTiverse as Arch Angel.  T.Rex begins reading.

Las Vegas Review-Journal
December 12, 2013
by  Gary S. Radnor Jr.

At first glance the 7 foot 300 pound plus green clad elf is alarming.  He lords over the proceedings at Doolittle Community Center.  Christopher Fender, better known as the SHOOT Project's Arch Angel, one half of the tag team Champions ANARCHY! (I was told i had to spell it that way)  is Santa's Elf for today's Toy's for Tots drive.   

Chris Fender, "Its a charity we've always been involved with.  Neither one of us grew up with money.  I know for me, my grandparents sponsored most of my Christmases.  We both helped with drives back in Jersey.  So this Christmas time we decided to do that here."

The drive a way to raise money and toys for the holiday themed charity.  The man of the hour, for the two dozen Las Vegas youths attending the event to meet Santa and get a Toy is being played by Chris' tag team partner, life long friend, and quite possibly the most "Jersey" Santa this side of… well?  New Jersey.  Theodore Rexx is an intimidating Santa, some of the kids are nervous to approach the hulking man who's made a living cracking skulls be it as a bouncer or as a champion wrestler. 

Theodore Rexx,

T.Rex:  GODDAMMIT!  I fuggin' told them to call me Teddy!

I more fit the body type of Saint Nick.  Santa can't be a seven foot giant.  He's gotta be a little more, "cushy".  He's gotta be jolly.  I tend to be the jolly one of the boys of ANARCHY!" (again he didn't shout it, I was informed I had to spell it that way.)

Arch Angel:  You're the JOLLY one, teddy?

T.Rex:  Fugg yeah I am, dude.  You're Captain Serious Pants. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah you're a regular chuckle hut, THEODORE.

So how exactly did the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions get here?  To Las Vegas?  To SHOOT?  To the top of the Tag Team heap?

Fender, "So we ended up homeless and jobless.  Luckily we had some ties here in SHOOT.  So we uprooted and ended up here.  We didn't know what would happen.  Hell I'm sure if you told us we'd still be EMPLOYED by now, let alone CHAMPIONS?  We'd have probably bet against us."

Rexx, "It has been an amazing year.  Never would have thought we'd end up where we did.  To do what we've done.  You know?" 

In that moment the giant man melts into the recess of his own mind.  His head attempting to grasp what the last year has meant, and you see him attempt to pay forward just a percent of that joy to each kid that works up the nerve to approach and plant him, or herself on Santa's lap.  For two men who have come so far, you can see how important it is for each of them to be here today.  Doing this for the community.  A community they've only been a part of for a year, but one they feel a kinship to.

Fender, "I don't know if its the east coast roots Vegas has?  Or just the reputation Vegas has?  We felt at home here really quickly."

Rexx, "Doesn't hurt that the town has so many bars and events that need security. We had a natural Plan: B."

Arch Angel:  So you figured we'd just end up bouncing out here?

T.Rex:  We had experience.  We could have.   Plus I was deadpanning there.  So hard to get inflection in the written word!

So as the toy drive winds to a close, one of Vegas' most successful drives of recent memory thanks to ANARCHY's use of their moderate local celebrity, an older boy approached the duo, but wasn't interested in talking to "Santa".  For this early teen, who was here with two younger siblings, he was much more interested in talking to Santa and Helper's alter egos.  The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions.

Fender, "So all the young kids came and got to talk to Santa.  Got their presents and what not and things were winding down.  We saw an older kid hanging around.  He was eyeballing us."

Rexx, "I didn't know what this kid wanted.  He was too old to be there to sit on Santa's lap.  Maybe he wasn't happy with what his younger siblings got?  I dunno, but he was eyeballing us hard."

Fender, "It didn't really occur to me, or US that maybe he recognized us.  Turns out?"

Rexx,  "Kid knew who we were.  He wanted to meet us,  and was just working up the nerve."

The boy, a thirteen to fifteen year old wrestling fan, recognized Arch Angel first.  So it was pretty easy to realize who was playing the role of Santa.  He sat back and let the young kids go through and have their moment with the duo, and as time was winding down he paced nervously in the back until the boys of ANARCHY! took notice.  The duo shared a look and both called him over.  Nervously he approached.  A few moments,  a kind word or two, and autographs later, they had given a Christmas memory to one lucky fan… who near the end of their interaction gave the Champs some advice.

Rexx, " He said we need new music." 

Fender, "Its not modern enough.  In fact he had no idea who Skid Row was."

Rexx chuckles and deadpans.

"Kids these days."

T.Rex: See?  He put in the inflection THERE!

Fender, "He had a point, though.  I love that song, but its not exactly current.  I'm guessing plenty of our fans have no idea who or what it is.  Especially any younger fans.  Who knows.  Maybe we'll think about going more current."

T.Rex:  You said maybe we'd change our music?

Arch Angel:  Yeah. Why?!

T.Rex:  What if the kid sees that?  He might actually think we'll do it.

Arch Angel:  Dude, at this point?  After the year we've had?  Why not? 

The last year has seen ANARCHY! Climb from the wrestling scrap heap.  Wrestling up and down the east coast, and bouncing at their Seaside Heights dive bar.  To the heights of SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions An improbable journey.  A tale of hope.  An unlikely journey.  They hope to be back at the Doolittle Community Center next year, and maybe just maybe next year there will be as many ANARCHY fans as there are Santa fans.

T.Rex:  Don't think we're getting as popular as Santa.

Arch Angel:  Probably not.   Good article, though. 

T.Rex:  Yeah.   Guy did alright.  Just don't be getting any ideas on changing our music.

Arch Angel:  I think we need to discuss it.