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Author Topic: Lunatikk Crippler: AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!(II/II vs. Marz)  (Read 646 times)


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So, I've been made aware that maybe, just maybe....I came off a bit bitter the last time we were here.

Crippler sits alone. Not in some empty room like before, but home. His home. The home of men like Adrian Corazon. Men like Donovan King. Men like Maya Nakashima.

Lunatikk Crippler sits ringside, in the announce booth at the SHOOT Project Epicenter. He's decked out tonight in a fairly nice suit and blue tie. A bottle of Mountain Dew sits in front of him, and a cigarette smolders in an ashtray.

Hey, uh....Don't tell the boss I've been smoking in here. The fines the local governments levy these days for smoking inside buildings is insane. Thing is, I haven't been behind an announce booth in a long time. Hell, I don't even remember if I've had the pleasure since I came to the SHOOT Project, so I thought today, in a bit of contrast from before, that I'd have a little bit

And why not? Everyone deserves a bit of fun sometimes. So I'm gonna sit here, behind this desk. With my beverage. With my smoke. With my charming, not so brooding self.

And I'm gonna call it as I see it.

Crippler clears his throat exaggeratedly.

BAH GAWD WELCOME TO REVOLUTION 122! IT'S THE RESURRECTION EDITION! We're back from the dead! And what a show we have for you all this evening! Holy fuck, look at this main event! Trey Willett is trying to keep himself relevant after LOSING the World Heavyweight Championship to my little buddy, Maya Nakashima, and is gonna team with his BESTIE, Adrian Corazon, while Maya himself teams with MY bestie, Loco Martinez! WAYWARD SON! WAYWARD SON! WAYWARD SON! It's been reported that Corazon is so happy with this contest, that he could just STAB SOMEONE repeatedly in the liver and kidneys with a screwdriver so many times that Vincent Mallows has pangs of jealousy in his stab wound! YES, I know who Vincent Mallows is! I watched JONNYlution!

AND GOOD LORD, THE VIOLENCE! Jerry Matthews, the Preacher! The Reverend! The EVANGELIST is set to defend his Iron Fist title against WHOEVER THE FUCK WE PLEASE! I'm willing to bet that it's probably Jun Kenshin, but also it's probably not. I just know that it's not me, so Matthews might have a chance at retaining. IE: I'd knock him the fuck out.

And Dan Stein doesn't know who he's facing, either, but I heard his opponent is the real deal. Or the Real Deal. Or Roland Caldwell. Or Jonny Johnson. Or Jake Dominion. Or Shaolin. Or Akuma Satsui. Or Jonas Coleman. Or Diego Reyes. Or Silas Mitchell. You get the idea. Man's tortured himself over the fact that he doesn't know what he's up against. And that? That's the best part about this whole thing.

We got a stellar lineup, top to bottom, guys. Revolution 122 isn't missing a damn thing.

Except me.

And well? I guess you know by now that I'm not too happy about that.

But it's alright. I'm not gonna rest my laurels and wait my turn. I'm gonna go the Epicenter, looking for a fight.

But you already know that. I've said that already. Like, twenty times.

Ya see, Revolution is important to me. It's important to a lot of people. Guys like Eryk Masters and Other Guy, this is it for them. What are they gonna do? Let their talents be wasted in some washed up promotion in New Mexico?

From the boys in the back to the guys selling hot dogs, programs, and eight dollar beers, we all need this. To the fans, the Faithful. They need this.

I need this. I need the SHOOT Project more than it needs me.

I don't consider myself such a hero. Not anymore.  Not like the regular crew. You know...Maya. Loco. Mark Kendrick. Those guys.

I don't need to be a hero. Yeah, it's nice. Rewarding. People love you.

But when I make my way out to that ring, you listen to that crowd.

You might still hear the love.

But you will damn sure hear the respect.

Think you're gonna hear that kind of reaction for someone like Duck?

DURRR! MY NAME IS DUCK! I like stale bread and AFLAC!

Not fuckin' likely. You won't hear it for Kale Tanev or Cameron Ash until they've earned it. You won't hear it for Jason Riley, well, probably ever.

But every time I go out there, for the last seventeen years, you've heard it.

I bust my ass in that ring. Night in, night out. I leave everything out there, for the world to soak in. For everyone to enjoy.

Don't matter who I find waiting for me in that ring on Monday. Don't matter one single bit.

Because whomever I find is gonna have a bit of respect earned by that crowd for standing toe to toe with me.

And they're gonna have a lot of respect beaten into them by me.

They keep coming back for more?

Then they'll have mine.

Former Sin City Champion (1x)