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Author Topic: BREAKING NEWS: Downward Spiral Continues For "Ivory Terror"  (Read 426 times)

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SP Backstage Pass has received some slightly disturbing news about Isaac Entragian following his match this past Revolution. It’s being reported that after the match, Isaac trashed his locker room and vacated the Epicenter without a word spoken to anyone.

The locker doors were caved in, the mirrors were shattered, and there was blood on the concrete walls in the vague shape of human knuckles, giving us the idea that Isaac slammed his fists against the walls until they literally bled.

The cleaning crew also discovered several liquor bottles in the locker room, most of them drained and empty.

A road agent who wishes to remain anonymous witnessed Isaac leaving the building, and he was willing to comment on Isaac’s condition. He provided the following quotes.

“Dude just looked…tortured.”

“It’s weird even hearing those words coming outta my own mouth…because I mean, we’re talking about Isaac Entragian here. The big, bad monster, ya know? Everybody has this image of him as this…larger than life myth. He didn’t look like that when he left…”

“He looked like he was contemplating something really heavy. Something I don’t really want to get into right now…”

“Can’t even believe I’m saying this either…but that man needs help. Before it’s too late…dude needs some help.”

“There was something in his eyes.”

When pressed on the topic, the road agent gave us this quote.