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Author Topic: SHOOT Project Releases OFFICIAL Rankings! 6/12/2014  (Read 399 times)

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SHOOT Project Releases OFFICIAL Rankings! 6/12/2014
« on: June 12, 2014, 07:08:02 PM »
Las Vegas -

That's right! SHOOT Project staffers have finally made their official rankings public. We're not sure entirely why they waited a day after the rumored release date, but we'll chalk it up to Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption for now.

Anyways, there's some surprises. Let us know what you think on the SHOOTProject.com forum!

1. MAYA NAKASHIMA: (Previous Ranking: 1 )
- Holding down the number one position ranking is no easy task, but the World Heavyweight Champion has done so since the return of SHOOT Project. Maya’s resolve has never been in doubt, even with Jacob Mephisto managing to pester him from the shadows since the moment Maya captured his World Heavyweight Championship at ELITE, so it’s no surprise that Maya would be the man coming to the side of a broken Isaac Entragian looking for redemption, even after being one of Isaac’s victims in the past. As phenomenal as Maya is inside the ring (Hello, Double Rotation Moonsault?), it’s his heart that drives the fans to cheer for him.

2. DAN STEIN: (Previous Ranking: 3 )
- Say what you like about this former SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion’s questionable personality traits. He gets the job done where it counts (That’s the ring…Not the bedroom!) “The Golden Boy” has been on a roll as of late by successfully defending the highly coveted Sin City Championship back to back for three shows straight; taking on all comers including two former World Heavyweight Champions…Could Stein now go on to become the most dominant Sin City Champion to date?

3. HOLLYWOOD HARDCORE [Crippler/Lazarus]: (Previous Ranking: 4/5 )
- Catapulting up the rankings are the tag team of Lunatikk Crippler and Corey Lazarus. Defeating the champions is no easy task, but when the champs have held the belts for over a year, it becomes even harder. Teaming up as a random pairing after both men lost their singles titles the week before, Crippler and Lazarus showed the ability to put singles desires aside to capture gold in the tag division. Their all around production since SHOOT Project’s return have earned them this spot.

4. KALE TANEV: (Previous Ranking: T-6 )
- Tanev has had a meteoric rise since his debut in the SHOOT Project, winning the Rule of Surrender Championship very, very early.  Like Kincaid, he took the former champion by storm and had a convincing victory that is sure to be talked about for weeks to come. Stepping out from the shadows of his past, Tanev is proving himself to be a very formidable force, and may be looking down at four in the near future.

5. KINCAID: (Previous Ranking: T-6 )
- Returning from a knee injury that shortened his first stint in SHOOT Project, Kincaid promised to finally win the belt he had earned a shot at in mid-2013. By beating Corey Lazarus, Kincaid made good on that promise and now reigns over the Iron Fist division. After being tied with Tanev at the six spot, a move one spot up the list might not be enough to keep the SHOOT Project Soldier satiated, and the Iron Fist division is the perfect place to work out any of the chips he might have on his shoulder.

6. LOCO MARTINEZ: (Previous Ranking: 2 )
- Loco’s ranking has taken a hit, as the official number one contender to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship has seemingly taken a slight back seat to some of the up and comers and returning stars, odds are that Martinez will start to climb again now that he’s been announced for the main event of Master of the Mat.  Will the Freakshow be able to unseat Maya in that top ranking?  That’s yet to be seen, but we can be sure that the weeks leading up to that encounter will be very entertaining.

7. ADRIAN CORAZON: (Previous Ranking: 8 )
If there’s nothing to say about Adrian Corazon, you could say that he’s consistent.  With Master of the Mat on the horizon, the Baddest Man Alive will look to climb these ranks as he gets through the tournament.  He’s had his hands in a few things so far, most notably though, will be his match at Revolution 125 against Donovan King.  Love him or hate him, you can’t fault his dedication to the SHOOT Project.

8. ZEX: (Previous Ranking: 9 )
- The man with Zex Appeal has had the SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion at the brink of defeat twice since debuting at Revolution 122: Resurrection. Coming in with an already sizeable following, Zex’s athletic abilities and heart have captured a large portion of the SHOOT Project Nation. At Revolution 124, Zex put on a second wrestling clinic with Maya Nakashima that was ruined by the underhanded tactics of Jacob Mephisto’s charges, but obviously his efforts weren't lost on the SHOOT Project brass with this number eight ranking.

9. TREY WILLETT: (Previous Ranking: NR )
- Spurned by the fans that voted him into the match in which he captured the World Heavyweight Championship (the first of his career), Trey Willett is struggling to keep the inner-peace on even kilter, but don’t tell him that as Willett looked at the top of his game against the always intimidating Isaac Entragian with the Dawn of a New Era. How fitting considering the struggle that Trey might just be losing himself within.

10. DONOVAN KING: (Previous Ranking: NR )
- The former World Heavyweight Champion came back at Revolution 124 to a ruckus crowd, and a reaction that nobody expected, but was well deserved. Donovan King immediately becomes a force to be reckoned with in SHOOT Project thanks to his devastating Carolina Crossface that he has been known to slap on without a moment’s notice.

Just Missed:
- Isaac Entragian
- Chaos
- Jonny Johnson

Biggest Jump:
- Kale Tanev (2)
- Trey Willett (2)

Fell Out:
- Ryan Shane