March 22, 2018, 11:04:31 PM

Author Topic: Mallows, Davis, Kilminster resurface; To be at Revolution 127?  (Read 477 times)

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Revolution 127 could be the breeding grounds of some major moving and shaking as an email, apparently sent out from SHOOT HQ, was leaked to the public very briefly before vanishing (most likely forced to be removed.) We were unable to get our hands on the full email but reader ray_doobs30 has been blowing up online wrestling forums with this interesting snippet:

email from SHOOT that was pulled from all sites earlier today was an apparent feeler to Christopher Davis, Vincent Mallows, and Osbourne Kilminster. All three names were being discussed for the upcoming Revolution which is finding a new home on Friday Nights.

Talk about a star-studded way to kick off your weekend. While there doesn't seem to be any rumor that any of these 3 men will be stepping into in ring competition anytime soon, with the announcement of Jonny Johnson's vague non-profit organization and the mention of a co-director, its is very possible that one of these SHOOT Project veterans, all of whom have close ties to the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, will be working alongside Jonny. It is our educated guess that two of the names are just to throw off the rest of the roster and staff as SHOOT Project has been known to keep many of their surprises as close to the chest as possible.

This leaked email seems to be no mistake, but its quick vanishing suggests the hype machine is most definitely at work.