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NEWS and NOTES: Revolution 128 and More
« on: August 14, 2014, 08:20:31 AM »
A lot of behind the scenes action in SHOOT...

Set to air on the night of Friday, August 15th, Revolution 128 bookings were leaked out into the internet earlier today.  While the cards are always subject to change, this is what is being advertised:

***REVOLUTION 128***
Adrian Corazon/Isaac Entragian VS Zex/Omar Owens

Elgin Blair VS Donovan King
Shut Up and FIGHT

Cross Recoba IN ACTION!
Recoba's Debut

Jason Riley, Tom Quinn, and Jordan Wailer VS Vermont's Finest
No Rules.  Pin/Submit Only. 
If Vermont's Finest Lose, they leave Professional Wrestling

Dan Stein (C) VS Chaos

- A few sites reported that MAYA NAKASHIMA was injured pretty badly in his bizarre 10 on 1 bout at Revolution 126, but those rumors appear to be false.   Many backstage are expecting big things from the World Champion in his first major defense since SHOOT reopened its doors, against Loco Martinez

- Speaking of last year's Master of the Mat, fans have already begun speculating "the turn" from Mr. Martinez.  While SHOOT Project certainly acknowledges the tropes of professional wrestling exist, it rarely subscribes publicly.  It is doubtful anything will slip through creative at this juncture, if ever.

- Osbourne Kilminster's website has several Las Vegas appearences lined up over the next 4 months.  Kilminster, who has been out of professional wrestling for well over a year, was backstage at Revolution 127 as a "Friend of the show."

- Vermont's Finest current contract is set to expire August 22nd.  No word on whether this has anything to do with their Revolution 128 bout's stipulation, and could just very well have been made public simply for an extra layer of "hype".

- Jonny Johnson is expected to make an announcement regarding Project Hero, as well as introduce a new "Co-Director".   While Jonny has alluded to a "Beautiful People" reunion with pal Chris Davis, it's also entirely possible he's "working/trolling" the internet.  THAT SAID, Davis has been in several meetings with the organization since June, which would coincides with the development of Project Hero's "SHOOT Project Chapter."

There is no word on how Jonny's nonprofit will work in or with the company, but a few people close to the sourse say that "Jonny's never been happier or more at peace.  He's doing something he loves."

- On a related note, The NOW Wrestling officially announced its purchased by 11 Hour, the record label and production management once owned by Jonny, now owned by his ex-wife Li Aomori.  It had indeed been relabeled "THE NOW' and will release monthly "eZines" featuring content from all over the entertainment world.  They'll continue covering professional wrestling on a smaller scale

- There seem to be big plans for both "The Artist" Zex and Isaac Entragian.  Zex is a rumored favorite to win this year's Master of the Mat, while a "major program" is said to be in the wings for Entragian.  Both men are set to be major focal points moving forward.

- SHOOT Project officials are very excited with what they've seen from both Elgin Blair and Billy Winter and feel that their current program with Donovan King is a win, win, win.   And speaking of King, it is very possible he will be back in the World Title hunt as early as REDEMPTION.