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Author Topic: The Iron Fist Champion a victim of THE FAPPENING?!?  (Read 403 times)

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The Iron Fist Champion a victim of THE FAPPENING?!?
« on: September 03, 2014, 05:40:50 PM »
The media has been in an uproar this past week over the massive leak of supposed nude photos from extremely high profile celebrities like Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and many more!

We’ve received word that Billy Winter was one of the only males targeted by the nefarious hacking incident; several promiscuous photographs and even a video were pulled from his private cell phone.

Billy confirmed this late yesterday evening on his personal Twitter account.

“I feel so dirty, so used, so victimized. This is a flagrant invasion of my private collection of dick pics. The perpetrators will be brought to justice. Being attractive and famous is hard enough as it is…I’ll not be drooled after like some piece of meat! My heart goes out to my fellow victims.” – Billy Winter

The leaked video has been a source of extreme controversy, it supposedly depicts a fully nude Winter strutting around to the song “BOOM, CLAP” while assaulting a prostitute with her arms tied to a bed post.

Each time he punches the prostitute in the aforementioned video he yells out “BOOM” and then he claps his hands together afterwards.

Billy held a brief press conference to clear his name after the infamous video came to light. The following is a direct quote from the Iron Fist Champion’s press conference.

“That whore was a willing participant and she was paid HANDSOMELY. It was simply an innocent BDSM video for my private enjoyment. Last I heard she was living a happy whore life somewhere in Michigan…seriously!! If you don’t believe me then call her up, her number is probably still on Craigslist…”

More on this story as it unfolds!