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Author Topic: REVOLUTION 129 - PREDICTIONS/THOUGHTS/ETC  (Read 503 times)

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« on: September 06, 2014, 12:06:43 PM »
With Revolution DUE OUT ANY MOMENT THIS WEEKEND, let's chat about it!

What are you looking forward to the most on the card?  Any upsets in Round 2 of the Master of the Mat?  Any stories grabbing you?  Wanna take a shot at being an armchair booker/storyteller?



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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2014, 01:30:19 PM »
a COUPLE thooooughts on this card.

- I'm really interested to see how Loco/Maya continues to develop.  The build has been very subtle and disarming, in a way that says "Hey...  you don't HAVE to pay attention to this if you don't want to, buuuut..." and then i'm totally hooked.  The "shades of grey" alignments make these stories very compelling.  A HEEL Loco heading into MotM certainly could boost him into a memorable world title win, and Anarchy always feels like they could switch sides at any moment.

THAT SAID, for the sake "unique stories", I'd probably love it more if Loco stayed "face".  But who knows.  Scott and Drew are doing a GREAT fucking job.

- Corazon and Zex will be a really good match to watch.  Whereas last year the Valentine win seemed "right", I'm not so sure with The Artist against Corazon.  Josh has put out some great work, and I know it's occasionally taboo, but I wouldn't mind seeing AdriCOR back toward the top of the card with a REEEEEAAAAAL meaty angle to bite into.

- A lot of interesting reads up on the Epicenter board.  If you haven't checked the work out, it'll get you pumped for the next chapter in these stories!!

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« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2014, 08:00:08 PM »
Like I said earlier from a competition with rich characters stand point, this week's main event is by far the most compelling as It could technically go either way, and where yeah seeing Corazon advance makes sense to help him get re-established, I also don't want my loss with Worrens to Zex to be all for naught lol.... so yeah all I know is whoever walks away truly did deserve it and I think both can play off a loss just as well (And a loss may compel Corazon to really kick it into high gear and find himself a feud.)

I'm also excited to see how (or if) Recoba works himself into the show this cycle. He seems driven to be a focal point of the show, regardless of being booked or not, which makes me excited to see what he does, and his Creative development stuff this week was pretty killer.

Love Trey, loved his work this week, but yeah going to say it, disappointed that neither him nor Miles could find the drive to do anything until super late in the cycle... the drive IS Master of the Mat guys.  Still with Trey's new attitude this is an important match to him and nothing against Aiden, but when you openly admit that you're just going to put something up for the sake of putting something up, and Trey comes at ya with his continued build, its kind of a one-side affair (though if Dade Davis shows up and surprises us all by returning to the fold and costs Trey, that would be an awesome feud)

I also like the weird mirroring stories of how O2 believes he and Zex are destined to meet in the tournament, while most of the SHOOT Project seems focused on a possible Entragian/Corazon encounter which was a cool thing for Omar to bring up and makes for some potentially interesting things (what, though, I'm not sure of)

Last super excited for my babies Crusher and The Spot Monkey to finally make it into reality. I first invented them as an Idea for Ed Raymond back in the day to bring out when he needed to cheaply appease the fans (spot monkey would do all the flying shit and Crusher would punish a bad guy or take out a good guy if need be depending on what side of the coin Raymond was on at the time) but yeah never implemented them. Jeff said hey lets bring em back and he gave them real names and now they're here. Should be a fun outing for them.
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