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Author Topic: Revolution 129 - Feedback  (Read 2424 times)

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Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« Reply #25 on: September 12, 2014, 10:53:15 AM »
I'm not the fed-head. I don't decide who wins. I have an opinion. That is all. Everyone differs in opinions and feedback is where it can be stated so we can decide if A. we should revamp or B. if that's just one "fan's" perspective and we're cool.

Josh and B did not like my other character Trevor Worrens some years back when he went into a "shade of grey" alignment. They voiced it. Their feedback was important, but I was really trying to go for something different in my writing style. At the end of the day it made powerful feuds difficult to accomplish and that was my cross to bear. I had fun with the character though, and I chose aspects of feedback to help me find better footing for him, while other things I said "yeah that's that person's opinion. Its cool to be out there, but I'm into what I'm doing so I don't need to defend it"
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Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« Reply #26 on: September 12, 2014, 12:38:40 PM »
I have no response to this.  I'll move on.



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Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« Reply #27 on: September 12, 2014, 02:48:21 PM »
Really enjoying the recap formats.  Still trying to get a grip on how to write them, but I’m enjoying reading them, and liking how they’re playing out. 

I like the undercurrent of Tanev.  Be interesting to see what would happen if he had lost.  Or if maybe Amie would have kept him from being in that “bad place”. 

I’m a huge fan of large arcing interacting story lines.  I’ve always been someone who likes mixing it up segment wise so I’ve really enjoyed the progression of this Scavengers vs. VF thing and now Anarchy gets GOT? 

Stein/Storm seemed more written out than a recap/summary format.   

I enjoyed King/Winter/Blair.  Had an interesting mix of comedy, where i chuckled, and dickbaggery where I want to see Winter get his.  Enjoyed the Project: Hero mention too.  Just because I like it when other stories going on get mention/sold.  Makes SHOOT feel more organic and like we’re a collective, and not just having feuds/fights in bubbles. 

The slow build of Tanev as a “professional wrestler” also scratches me where I itch.  That slow progression.  He looks more the part.  Also I’m totally a “Mother Bucker”  hahaha excellent fan club name :D  This match stood out to me as a nice combination of recap/summary style with good use of the announcers.  *takes notes*

Parade of Dickbaggery.  Recoba goes douche-tastic and then Project: Hero!   For a few weeks we were feeling face heavy, but yeah… less and less that’s the case.  With Stein, Recoba, P:H, Scavengers, etc.  Jonny and Jarvis are cranky pants about the opening “match”, AND they’re both gonna debut at MotM (believe THAT when i see it). 

Good win for Trey.  Semi finals for MotM are sick.

Dug Maya/Isaac’s interaction.  Lots of show spanning story telling this show = big thumbs up.

Chaos speaking in… riddles?  Interesting to see where that goes. 

Good Ike/Omar match.  Liked the adding of the post match promo there.

Recoba is clearly Sicilian for “The Hammer”!   

Big ups to Josh did the prematch commentary for Corazon/Zex and talked about the Maya/Anarchy match.   Really helps transition things smoothly and makes a great flow.   Good match action.  Another good example of seasoning with the announcers.  Really competitive match and a nice win for Corazon. 

Enjoyed the show.  Summary style matches are coming along nicely.  I need to take a match on an upcoming show to start working on being able to write ‘em.  Really good flow and I think segment to segment stuff went very smoothly.  Awesome show. 


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Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« Reply #28 on: September 12, 2014, 07:40:13 PM »
I just wanted to drop in to say that by no means was I offended by Ed's commentary.  I think the feedback discussions are for these kind of topics.  No harm done, on my end anyhow. 

I only opted to "defend" what I was doing, more simply to provide my vantage point and put out to the community what I've been doing with Tanev.  It's been a long, slow burn, a gradual evolution building towards some kind of acknowledgement of what led him down this path.

I think I also did a lousy job explaining what I was trying to say when I wrote in this thread earlier.

Tanev is still an origin story.  There was a plan behind him.  What I've done to add a "story" to the background is that I've rolled MoTM ITSELF into his story arc.  Since arriving, Tanev's talked a lot about needing to save money.  So I mdae MoTM the centrepiece of that.  MoTM has become THE "wrestling" focal point for him, and it is basically his feud.  We're getting, albeit slowly, to WHY this is all so important to him, etc. 

I appreciate what you're saying about running a feud concurrent to MoTM, etc.  I don't disagree with you that it can be done.  But it wasn't the right fit for my situation with Tanev right now.  Given the complexity of what's going on with Tanev, and a need to get on with reaching some key plot points, I simply didn't have enough text to feed another story.  Already, admittedly, my posts are getting a little long. 

But I absolutely hear your feedback Ed, and I'll be getting KT into some things soon! 

Anyhow, I need to disembark from this ferry.  Just wanted to add some followup thoughts.  Good discussion, everyone.


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Re: Revolution 129 - Feedback
« Reply #29 on: September 14, 2014, 06:56:01 PM »
Good Show
-Hyped for MotM semis
-Zex/Corazon great
-Maya/Loco interaction was great
-Big Ike is great
-I should of thought about my segment placement a bit more.