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Author Topic: PROJECT: HERO WANTS YOU!!  (Read 390 times)


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In a special promotion in accordance with the SHOOT Project IN-RING return of Jonny Johnson and the SHOOT Project RE-DEBUT of Paul Jarvis at Master of the Mat, Project: Hero is offering performers all over the globe the opportunity of a life time!


That's right!  Jonny and Paul have issued open challenges to the BEST COMPETITORS IN THE WORLD to gear up and play the counter in their highly anticipated Master of the Mat appearances.  To enter, all you need to do is send a copy of what you consider your most COMPETITIVE bout as well as a brief promo explaining why YOU would be the perfect opposition!*

Selected participants will receive FEATURE interviews with TheNOW online publications as well as commemorative, Project: Hero Medals of Valor (TM)


Should the chosen opponent emerge victorious** or take either Paul or Jonny to a TIME LIMIT DRAW, he or she will receive a Project: Hero, "TRUE HERO" rewards package consisting of...

- Hotel Accommodations at the Epicenter's LUXURIOUS Visitor Suites! (5 Nights!)

- 4 PASSES to any Las Vegas LIVE show

- Limited Edition "I Beat Paul Jarvis and All I got Was this Lousy T-shirt" or "I Beat Jonny Johnson and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt" shirts!  (Any size.  Available in all colors!)

- Induction into the Project: Hero HALL OF HEROES (TM)

- $10,000 donated in his/her name to the charity of his/her choice.

Videos can be submitted to ProjectHeroWantsME@projecthero.org or via the SHOOT Project Website, uploaded to the EPICENTER viewing board with the Subject "Project: Hero WANTS ME".

Opponents will be declared NO LATER than 24 hours following the AIR DATE of SHOOT Project's Revolution 131!    However, Jonny Johnson and Paul Jarvis reserve the right to select their opponent at any time through ANY medium so get your submissions in early!!!

* Opponent's MAY be selected outside of contest participants
**victory must be obtained via pin-fall or submission to qualify for TRUE HERO: Reward Package