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Author Topic: Mysteries and Enigmas {i for ANARCHY!}  (Read 291 times)


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Mysteries and Enigmas {i for ANARCHY!}
« on: September 10, 2014, 03:56:11 PM »
A few days ago saw the boys of ANARCHY! involved in a “match” that involved a rave, baseball bats, and an incredible amount of pain and punishment.  Which is why both men are back inside the depths of the Epicenter once again being checked out by SHOOT Project medical staff members. 

A few days ago the boys of ANARCHY!  were involved in a  SECOND “match” where they were put into a handicapped match with the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  Which is why the two of them are sitting quietly as a doctor pokes and prods at Arch Angel’s ribs.  Angel winces and takes a sharp breath between his teeth.  T.Rex laying shirtless face down on the table next to Arch Angel.

Doctor:  Okay.  So no breaks.  But you did dislocate two ribs, and a mild intercostal strain.  We’re gonna pop them back into place. 

Arch Angel:  What’s the time table?

Doctor:  A week, or so of rest.  We’ll give you some exercises to help.  We’ll tape you up too.  Probably tape you up for the match at Revolution.   Lay down?

Arch Angel nods, and lays back on his table.  Next to him a blonde trainer has appeared and begins sticking stim pads to T.Rex’s upper back and shoulder.  She talks to Teddy.

Trainer:  So, we’ll do stim for the back spasms, and shoulder sprain.  Plus we’ll give you some stuff you can do to help stabilize and increase range of motion with the shoulder.  We’ll probably tape you up too for Revolution. 

Face down we hear T.Rex grumble and growl.  The trainer, no stranger to grumpy athletes just smiles and continues on her work.

Trainer:  I know its not ideal.   The tape can restrict motion, but can help prevent further damage from happening.

The Doctor violently leans into Arch Angel’s rib cage and we hear, a mild grunt from Angel followed by a soft pop, followed by a louder groan from the pain that just shot through his body.

Doctor:  Sorry. 

Arch Angel:  Not your fault, Doc.  Can’t help it if three baseball wielding meth head fucktards came out and decided to send some sort of statement. 

Doctor:  Yeah.  It sucks, and Teddy? She’s right.  The tape will probably be necessary, and considering all the ramped up talk of your tag title rematch, probably for the best that you try to avoid extra damage.

T.Rex:  I know, but him with taped ribs.  Me with the shoulder and back?  Just tape fuggin’ bullseyes to us.  And since we got our third match in two shows, and since this is all happening BEFORE we get a rematch?  So, forgive me for not being little Sally Sunshine

The Doctor has walked to the other side of Arch Angel.  Same thing.  Violent push, pop, and a groan.  He taps Arch Angel who sits up.  He reaches and grabs the tap to get to work at wrapping Arch Angel’s torso.   The table next to him the trainer has hooked up T.Rex and is beginning to work at plugging each wire into the machine.  Arch Angel looks at T.Rex getting hooked up, all the wires running from his body and chuckles.

T.Rex:  Our ass kicking ticklin’ y’er funny bone, Chris?

Arch Angel:  You just have all these wires coming out of your back… like we just pulled you out of the Matrix. 

T.Rex:  Fuggin’ lovely. 

Arch Angel:  Dude… what are we gonna do?  We gonna mope about the beating?  What’d we do when shit’d get hairy at the Bar?  We took our fair share of lumps. 

T.Rex:  Still…

Arch Angel:  Dude, I’m not saying don’t be pissed.  I’m not saying we're gonna let Quinn, Riley, Wailer, and Mystery-dude get away with that shit.   WHEN we get the chance we’re gonna go exterminate some rabid vermin. 

T.Rex: Fugg yeah we are.

Arch Angel:  Assuming Vermont’s Finest doesn’t get the job done first. 

T.Rex:  Yeah I trust Wipo with that task about as much as I’d trust him with a dozen of my Krispy Kreme’s. 

Arch Angel laughs a little too hard and then winces.

Arch Angel:  Well, right now that’s gonna have to wait.  For as much as I want to punch those scummy rats till my knuckles go numb?  We got other stuff going on. 

T.Rex:  I dunno man, who’s saying those shit sippers don’t decide they ain’t done with US.  As much as I don’t LIKE Wipo?  IF Vermont’s Finest didn’t get out there?  THIS wouldn’t be the medical treatment we’d be receiving.  There wouldn’t be a match at One Thirty with Zex and Omar.  Hell, there damn sure wouldn’t have been a match with Maya later the same damn night-

Doctor:  Not to chime in, but you guys really shouldn’t have done that.

Arch Angel:  Yeah we gonna talk about THAT?

T.Rex shrugs on the table.

T.Rex:  What’s to talk about?  We were told to fight.  We fought.  Feel bad for Maya, but it is what it is. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah… but…  Its just… 

T.Rex:  Weird?

T.Rex:  Yeah.  But that’s our JOB.  We got word we had a match.  We went and had our match.  A match we WON, for what its worth with the World Champ. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah, two on one with a guy who is a quarter of our collective weight, and wasn’t coming in at a hundred percent. 

Doctor:  Just to clarify, I’m not passing judgement on you fighting Maya, just that you guys weren’t fully cleared.  With the injuries you had already sustained a match, even a handicapped like that?  A bad idea. 

T.Rex:  Ain’t the first time.  Probably not the last.  We don’t tend to be too bright, Doc… and We don’t turn down fights. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah and what about the text?

T.Rex:  Like I’ve told you a dozen and  a half times, Chris?  Got a text from a blocked number,  but it checked out. 

Arch Angel:  Do you think…

T.Rex:  That it was Jay? 

A long silence hangs over the room.

T.Rex:  I don’t know… BUT would it surprise you?  I mean, the reason we got back INTO this bidness was because he wanted, for lack of a better term, henchmen.  We trucked that trophy case around and cracked skulls.  That’s all we did. 

Arch Angel furrows his brow, contemplating.

Arch Angel:  Yeah…  I hope-

T.Rex:  Yeah man, me too, but?  Its not like this bidness is a place that foster’s hope.  He’s THAT close to everything he wanted.  He’s THAT close to winning that belt.  He’s THAT close to etching his name along side some of the absolute greats of this industry.  We KNOW the monster that he’s kept at bay since we all made the trip to Vegas.  The monster he can be.  All too well...

T.Rex trails off...  Arch Angel sighs heavily.

Arch Angel:  So you think Maya is right?

Another long pause.

T.Rex:  I think he COULD be. 

Arch Angel:  So when he slapped away your hand?

T.Rex:  Guy probably thinks we’re in on it.  Why wouldn’t he?  We hitched our wagon to that star a long time ago… a galaxy far away where, it just so happens, Loco Martinez made Maya’s life a living hell. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah… but man… Look at everything Jay’s done to try to right those wrongs.  To erase that old self.  To be the man and wrestler he wants to be. 

T.Rex:  Yeah, but success can do that to people.  Live by that old, “By Any Means Necessary”.  I mean hell, how can WE be so sure?  Have we seen Jay around?  Have we hung with him? 

Knowing silence as Arch Angel gives a resigned nod.

T.Rex:  Ex-fuggin’-zactly.  Ain’t that far fetched.  Ain’t out of the realm of possibility that once again he used US as his pawns.  Henchmen sent out there to soften up an opponent. 

Arch Angel:  But then why not just let us know?  Why not tell us he’s doing this?

T.Rex:  What’s that big phrase I’ve heard tossed around this week… When they talking about the NFL shit…

Arch Angel:  Plausible deniability?

T.Rex:  Bingo! 

Arch Angel:  Still… I dunno… I just feel like Jay wouldn’t do this. 

T.Rex:  I’m just saying if he DID?  Don’t feel like your heart got ripped out and stepped on.  Don’t come crying to THIS shoulder.

Arch Angel:  Dude if I came crying to THAT shoulder it’d fall off.

T.Rex:  Good point. 

They share a chuckle.  The stim begins.  T.Rex sighs.

T.Rex:  That feels so fuggin’ weird. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah, "weird" sums up our last four months, huh?  We lose our tag titles to a team who’s Master of the Mat “tune up” is fighting EACH OTHER.  We have to go on to lose weight, and get ourselves back into wrestling shape and then end up getting attacked by wrestling’s version of the Isle of Misfit Toys-

T.Rex:  Yeah if they were METHED OUT.

Arch Angel:  Isle of Methed Out Misfits Toys?  That works.  Put in a handicapped match against a close friend and NOW?  A proper tag team match-

T.Rex:  MAYBE.  Remember last week started off pretty normal.

Arch Angel: How?  The announced match got switched by Captain Politic and the Religious Right slime their way out of a match, and put in two guys.  We didn’t get to the ring.  The ONLY way One Twenty Nine classifies as “normal” was simply on the poster.  This week Zex and Omar , assuming we make it to the ring?  Are two quality competitors.    Both men coming off rough losses to two of SHOOT’s baddest and best in the Master of the Mat quarters.  And its not like these two are strangers. 

T.Rex:  True.  They’re former tag champs  Though lets be real… after Crippler and Laz?  Even the guys who ain’t buddy buddy can get it done any given night. 

Arch Angel smirks.

Arch Angel:  So needless to say these two are gonna be hungry to put us down.  Each of them THAT close to moving on in Master of the Mat?  Each one just coming up short.  You know we’re in for a helluva contest. 

Arch Angel’s tape job is being finished up.  He looks down a second before pulling a t-shirt over his head, gingerly.

Arch Angel:  You think they’re the types to focus on our respective “bullseyes”? 

T.Rex:  I don’t think they’ll target them in a dirty way, necessarily?  But they won’t shy away from them either.  Ya know?  If an opponent came with ribs taped up?  Know I’m slamming and driving shoulders into their midsection at every given chance.  In the NFL, if you’re fuggin’ safeties are hurt?  Get ready for a heaping dose of the deep ball.  Know what I’m saying?

Arch Angel:  Yeah man, if there’s one thing I understand is a good sports metaphor. 

T.Rex:  Except when its soccer.

Arch Angel:  Yeah or Loco talking about swimming. 

T.Rex squirms in a little discomfort.

T.Rex:  Dude, can you wrap this up.  This is kinda…

Arch Angel nods, as if Teddy can see him.

Arch Angel:  Yeah man.  No worries.   You know after the week we had, we want nothing more than a straight ahead match, fellas.  You’s two seem like the types that’ll give us that.  UN. FOR.TU.NATELY?  There seems to be some forces at hand where I don’t know if that’ll happen.  Ultimately that’s an US problem-

T.Rex: Unless they wanna help out a little more than Fuggin’ Spot Monkey and the Crusher did-

Arch Angel:  I thought you were done.

T.Rex: I was, but dammit if the fuggin’ lights go out and that god awful music hits, which was almost as much as an assault as the fuggin’ BATS?  I’m not above asking Zex and Owens to maybe help a couple Jersey Bros out.

Arch Angel laughs, which causes him to wince.

Arch Angel: Fuck, dude stop making me laugh.

T.Rex:  After thirty something years, dude?  You KNOW I can’t turn this off.

Arch Angel smirks knowingly.

Arch Angel:  Still.  We don’t really KNOW you two.  Seem like pretty stand up dudes.  We KNOW you’re talented as hell in the ring and if things fell just a smidge differently?  We might be facing Corazon and Entragian this week?  But we’re not.  So at Revolution we can give you a warm ANARCHY! styled welcome to SHOOT.  A quality match… a quality TAG TEAM Match with four men who know a thing or six about tag team wrestling with each other.   Even if we don’t know a ton about one another past our respective jobs, careers, and maybe a thing or two about some hobbies, or the company we keep.  If things go as they SHOULD, it can be an excellent tag team contest.  A great challenge for us to see exactly what kind of shape we’re in.  We’re going in there with two guys who are polished and have been battling Revolution after Revolution.  Working to make a name for themselves inside SHOOT.  We might be your elders, but we’re still hungry-

T.Rex:  Cuz of that damn diet!

Arch Angel:  Teddy, YOU WERE DONE!

T.Rex:  sorry.

Arch Angel:  We had THE prize for Tag Teams inside SHOOT Project.  We had those babies for a damn long time and we’re working ourselves to get back to them.  Maybe you have the same goal?  Maybe this is just a little detour down “Tag Team Alley” for you’s two?  But this is what we do.  This is everything ANARCHY has been, and probably ever will be.   Two dudes who come to rings to clobber.  We may not give you two a five star wrestling match?  But we’re gonna damn sure give you a fight.

As good a line as any to go out on.  A smile from Arch Angel.    T.Rex turns his good arm and gives a thumbs up.