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Author Topic: Sad Man's Smile [i/ii, v Aiden Miles, SCC Match]  (Read 375 times)


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Sad Man's Smile [i/ii, v Aiden Miles, SCC Match]
« on: September 12, 2014, 06:19:10 PM »
The room is bare.

Fluorescent ceiling lights. White walls. No windows. White linoleum tiles.

Bare. Not empty.

In the middle of the room sits the SHOOT Project Sin City Champion, Chaos. He sits cross legged with his hands resting on his knees. He is naked except for a pair of beige briefs. Laid out in front of him is the Sin City Championship belt. Today, the trademark face paint of Chaos is solid red, no black outlines, just red and it stretches down his neck until his fades out in tendrils around his décolletage.

Chaos smiles a sad man’s smile.

“Were you neurotic as a child?”

He nods - a twitchy, jerky movement - possibly a nervous tic rather than a premeditated movement.

“Did they come around and watch your style?”

He nods.

“Did you have plans to be a star?”

He nods.

“Did you have plans to become more than you are?”

He nods.

“Maybe rock was in your dreams. Maybe being there was far too obscene.”

He nods.

“Swing it high and swing it low. Swing it anytime where you wanna go.”

He nods.

“You’re more than I am. I'm more than you are.”

He nods, but this time it a slow and deliberate movement – not like the previous twitchy nods.

“Yeah, alright.”

Chaos closes his eyes. He opens them. He closes them again and opens them back up. Not blinking, but slowly deliberate movements with discernible pauses between each. The rest of his body has remained perfectly still.

“Webster’s defines a standard as a level of quality, or achievement. That is considered acceptable or desirable.”

Chaos leans forward and strokes his championship belt in a loving manner.

“It must be good to be acceptable, Aiden. It must be good to be desirable. These are feelings that I am yet to experience. I try to be Dan Stein’s friend and he just treats me like a leper and blames me for all his pitfalls.  And Abigail Chase seems to think that I am some forward of… of… Truthfully I don’t know how she thinks of me, but she always seems repulsed by elegant musky aroma. Maybe I should shower before the next show and see might be more inviting.”

He grins.

“But, I am the Champion of Sin City. I have been chosen to represent the downtrodden, the underfed, the luckless and all those that come to Paradise. It is my domain to lift them from the rubble and ascend them to glory, as their champion. And nothing shall hold me back and no one will hold me down. Dan Stein neglected his role as champion of the people of Sin City and I will restore their faith in their champion for every moment I carry their beacon. I will feed them. I will prevent from living in sin. I will return their tithings. I will lift them to the sky and allow the zip back to earth to spread the message to those that cannot see. The people have their champion and their champion is me.”

Chaos nods. As if he agrees with everything he says.

He taps his right temple.

“Yeah, now, I don't mean to brag but I'm the Sin City king. Gone with the wind. SHOOT from the hip. And all across the strip no difference. Every den in the land, at home within. Man, it could be nothing like the hard life, shit still a sucker for the skyline. The open road's fine to sleep a couple of nights. But Sin City tells the story of a lifetime. Cut.”

Chaos looks up and to his right.

“Lights, Camera, Action. It's all that, everything you imagine. It's right there; you can reach out and grab it. Dreams turn reality with big smoke magic. Maybe I'm biased and maybe… Maybe it's just that I don't know no better. The city don't sleep, speakers at eleven and If they got a question this is what I tell them.”

“These city streets are endless. These bright lights catch the eye. I push it to the limit; I build it to the sky and anything can happen. It's on you to roll the dice, then hold tight and get ready to ride.”

Chaos centres his head and taps his left temple.

“Yeah, you could live the dream. You could have it fall in your lap. You could fall in love or fall through the cracks. Damn, tough call to avoid those traps. But in high-stakes business you gonna get that. Take it from the streets to the penthouse suites. All I need is a dream, a belief, a little luck and a whole lot of guts to achieve. Heart to the city and belly to the beast. Yeah, what you pay for, cheap thrills ain't cheap. You’ll pay a high price if you wanna taste this.”

Chaos rolls his palms over the title belt.

“All the good isn't always what it seems. But that's fine with me, this is where I wanna be. Amongst the bright lights and the beat of the city. In any direction my people are with me. We get busy, what a trip, what a blessing. You wanna question so let tell you.”

Chaos looks up and to the left.

“I'm home and I'm one for Sin City tonight. I'mma stay strong 'till the sun goes down, 'till the lights come out, 'till the lights go down and the sun comes up again. This is my City. This is my belt. These are my people and I am their Champion.”

Chaos looks down and at the belt. He looks up at the lights. He looks straight ahead.

“Aiden Miles. The Standard. You are facing me for the right to be champion of the people of Sin City. That is not a right you should take lightly. Should you defeat me and become their leader. You have obligation to lead them from the cesspools to the greenest of pastures. You must be there Moses. You must. If you are unwilling to accept that obligation, unwilling to undertake the oath of the Champion of Sin City then I must defeat you. I must ensure that the people that need me as their representative remain represented by me. I hope you understand that Aiden. It’s not about you or me. It’s about the people that need me. Sorry.”

Chaos smiles a sad man’s smile.