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Author Topic: Omar Coming... Zex too! {ii for ANARCHY!}  (Read 434 times)


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Omar Coming... Zex too! {ii for ANARCHY!}
« on: September 21, 2014, 02:16:34 PM »
Fuggin’ FUGG!!!

Its a Sunday inside the humble abode of ANARCHY!  So of course there are two TVs, each playing an NFL game.  Two laptops, each following the day’s fantasy outputs of various players.  There’s even an old beat up notebook sitting to the left of an agitated T.Rex.  Arch Angel rolls his eyes and looks at his friend, roommate, and tag team partner.

Arch Angel:  What is it now? 

T.Rex:  Fuggin’ Sproles fumbled.  I didn’t start him LAST week, now THIS! 

Arch Angel:  Shoulda picked up Matthews.  Foles targeting him a lot.  More than Cooper, for sure. 

There is a pause.  T.Rex takes a sip of water, he looks with disdain at the spread of health conscious food laying in front of them.

T.Rex:  I don’t think wings woulda been THAT bad. 

Arch Angel: C’mon dude, we got this far.  We agreed.   Starting this week NO “cheat days” until AFTER Master of the Mat.

T.Rex:  I wasn’t thinking clearly when I agreed to that.  You’s two ganged up on me and peer pressured that.  I forgot its football season.  Veggie platters, or fruit ain’t NFL Sunday food.  We should have a couple pies.  4 dozen wings.  And beer. 

Arch Angel:  Shut up, and eat some celery. 

T.Rex begrudgingly takes a stick of celery and bites.  Each man becomes distracted by the televisions in front of them.  Arch Angel looks at T.Rex after a play unfolds.  T.Rex almost frowns as he swallows his mouthful of celery. 

Arch Angel:  So this week? 

T.Rex:  Yeah?

Arch Angel:  Zex and Omar.  Feels like this fight could be on the up and up.

T.Rex:  Good!  After last week we could use a little “up and up” when it comes to our matches. 

Arch Angel:  I know… right?  Its weird to have been the receiving and giving end of some injustice last week. 

T.Rex:  Dude, what were we gonna do?  We tried to fight off those raving meth-heads.  We got put in a fight with Maya.  It sucked, but it was bidness.  Its not like we’re Zex, who can apparently deny his bookings, and has some sort of veto clause.  We ain’t carrying that kind of clout.  Not two guys in the fiddy’s… Journey men tag team types.  I assure you that… WHOEVER… put us in that match ain’t worried about our delicate sensibilities.  Whoever put us in that match?? Damn sure has enough stroke to fire our asses to for refusing. 

Arch Angel:  But would we have really refused, even if we thought it was a possibility?

T.Rex ponders this.  Shakes his head “no”.

T.Rex:  Not likely.  We’re paid to fight.  Don’t matter if its tag team matches or used in handicapped matches, or shit if they wanna stack the odds against US.  This ain’t a bidness where you can get too preachy-

Arch Angel: Unless you’re last name is Jarvis. 

T.Rex:  Of course. 

A play unfolds on the screen, Teddy winces, sighs. The Colts celebrating in the end zone as they continue to roll up the points.

Arch Angel:  You bet on that game? 

T.Rex: Yeah I took Jacksonville and the points. 

Arch Angel tries to stifle a laugh, but fails.

T.Rex:  Fugg off, Chris. 

Arch Angel:  Sorry dude, I’m glad you’re better in a ring than you are picking winners. 

T.Rex:  Yeah its like some dude has a fuggin’ voodoo doll out there and he’s just messing with every bet I make this season!  I took LSU, last night.  I took fuggin’ TAMPA BAY on Thursday. 

Arch Angel is now doubled over laughing at T.Rex’s betting ineptitude.  After a few moments he composes himself.  T.Rex glaring at him.

Arch Angel:  Sorry, man.  Not nice to make fun of how badly you suck at sports betting.  Almost feels unfair that so much of your SHOOT paychecks end up being lost.   That hurts… as much as Omar and Zex will be hurting LIVE at REVOLUTION ONE THIRTY!!!

T.Rex smirks.

T.Rex: Well done. 

Arch Angel:  I try. 

T.Rex:  Ya know its good to be facing a TEAM.  I mean it may have been a while since they teamed, but they have a history.  Maybe this is them getting into the tag ranks.  MAYBE this is another unit coming in to SHOOT’s tag team ranks, and I think a fight with two guys who know each other like they do?  Two young bucks-

Arch Angel:  Dude, they are both in their thirties. 

T.Rex:  Yeah,  that’s why I said “young bucks”. 

Arch Angel:  Man, they’re not exactly what I’d call “young bucks”. 

T.Rex:  Compared to US?

Arch Angel weighs this and nods.

Arch Angel:  Fair enough.  But like you said, they haven’t been a team in SHOOT.  Hell Zex was saying how he had an issue being pigeon holed as the dreaded “Tag Team Specialist”. 

T.Rex:  Shit… we ONLY tag team specialists

They share a laugh.

Arch Angel:  Yeah.  I guess if you never adventure into wanting some sort of singles stardom?   People can’t be all “No one is here to help you” type shit…

T.Rex:   Yeah and its more of a fuggin’ miracle if you DON’T see the two of us together.  That fugger over there?  That’s my brother.  Known each other for DECADES.  Been TAGGING for… shit…. damn near 20 years? 

Arch Angel:  Something like that. 

T.Rex: And  like fine wine, or cheese, or art… We just keep getting better and more valuable… and of course SEXIER with age! 

Arch Angel chuckles and rolls his eyes.

T.Rex:  And dude is thinking we’re gonna make some sort of joke about him and Omar being “partners”? 

A collective scoff.

T.Rex: Shit, we LIVE together.  In lesser minded times… maybe we woulda.  But-

Arch Angel: Wait. Are you implying you’re HIGHER minded now?

T.Rex: Well… yeah.

Arch Angel:  So you’re saying you’re a renaissance man, of sort?

T.Rex:  I dunno if I’d go THAT far, but I’m more open minded.  More LEARN…ED.   

Arch Angel:  You’re… more… LEARN… ED?! 

T.Rex:  Yeah man.  Back in the day?  New Jersey in the 80s we’d say and do some shit that was pretty uncouth.   I think we… especially ME have grown up. 

Arch Angel:  Only took you forty three years... wait did you just use the word "uncouth"? 

T.Rex:  Yeah.  What of it? 

Arch Angel:  Dude, define uncouth.  No.  Fuck THAT!   SPELL...  UNCOUTH. 

T.Rex:   U...N... dude... that's not the damn point!   I’m just sayin’… Even though the guy might be pissed at us, or not talking to us right now?  I’m proud to say Maya Nakashima is a good friend.  I think the thirty year old me wouldn’ta been like dat. 

Arch Angel: I KNOW thirty year old you wouldn’ta been like that.  Back in the day dudes would make those comments and jokes that Zex referenced and you’da blown your top.  You’d get all freaked out and try over compensating, or some shit. 

T.Rex:  Yeah.  I probably didn’t handle that shit so good. 

Arch Angel:  About as well as you handled the English language that sentence. 

T.Rex: What’s that supposed to  mean?

Arch Angel rolls his eyes, and shakes his head.

Arch Angel: Never mind, Teddy.  Just keep focused on Zex and Omar. 

T.Rex’s eyes light up something just crossing his mind.  He begins to whistle “The Farmer in the Dell”.   Arch Angel shakes his head.

Arch Angel:  Yes, Teddy…  At Revolution, “Omar’s coming”.   

T.Rex:  Fugg yeah and if he’s fixing to come at the kings?   

Arch Angel nods knowingly.

Arch Angel:  They best not miss. 

The two smile confidently as we slowly fade to black.  Audio still on.

T.Rex:  I guess technically we ain’t the kings right now. 

Arch Angel:  Nah, not currently.  We got some Game of Thrones "Usurper" type shit going on.

T.Rex:  We’re gonna have to do something ‘bout that.