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Storytime! (vs. Anarchy)
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::Voice Over::  Once upon a time in a small village thousands of miles east of here there lived a man named Omar.  He was a nice man who had made a great living traveling all around the world for years, slaying giants, but that was all in the distant past.  While those were great memories, Omar had reached an age when he thought he could spend all of his time at home with his Mama, helping her around the house and being there for her after never being home for the last ten or fifteen years.

The scene opens up on a little hovel that appears to be straight out of medieval times – the era, not the themed dinner theater – the house consists of just one giant room with a couple of beds for Omar and his Mama.  All the furniture is wooden and there are none of the modern furnishings many of us have gotten used to in this day and age.

::Mama::  Omar, it’s so great that you’ve been able to be home for the last few years.  It broke my heart when you left to travel the world and slay giants.

::O2::  I know, Mama, but if I didn’t do that, we wouldn’t have this roof over our heads and the food on our table to feed us every day.  The townspeople have paid us great amounts of coin to hear Freak tell tales of my exploits in faraway lands.

::Mama::  I would trade those things in an instant to have my baby here at home with me.

::O2::  I know Mama, but we’ve run low on coin and the townspeople are growing weary of hearing the same stories over and over again.  I fear I’ll have to come up with a new way to purchase food and supplies for us to get by.

::Mama::  You’ve taken care of me for so long.  It’s my turn to help you.

::O2::  I won’t hear if it, Mama.  I’ve already got an idea.

Mama Owens comes in close for one of her trademark hugs, pulling Omar tight and resting her head on his shoulder, letting out a contented sigh because her eldest son who was forced to grow up too fast is finally getting the home life that he always deserved.  After a few moments, she finally releases him and goes to grab a broom and walks out the front door, presumably to sweep the front stoop.  For his part, Omar walks over towards his bed, kneeling on the floor in front of it, and pulls out a big trunk from underneath it.  He opens it and peers inside, barely able to look at the contents directly because they gleam so brightly in the light.  He reaches in and pulls a few items out and it becomes clear what they are.  They’re medals he’s won in tournaments in villages in faraway lands over the years.  He looks at them wistfully before placing them in his pocket, closing the trunk, and sliding it back under his bed.

::O2:: As much as it pains me to sell away these tokens of my past, I think it would kill Mama to know I did it, so I can’t let her know.

He nods to himself and gets up, walking out the door with a purchase.  When he gets outside, he sees his Mama keeping the front of their humble home looking clean and presentable.  Omar smiles to himself, admiring his mother’s dedication to keeping up appearances even in a time of need.

::O2::  I’m off to the market, Mama!

::Mama::  How are you going to buy any food?  We haven’t got any money?

::O2::  I told you, Mama.  Don’t worry yourself about that.  I’ll take care of everything.

Mama goes to protest, but Omar has already turned and is walking down the dirt road towards the center of town.  Along his way, he is pestered by street urchins and merchants all looking to part the well-known hero with his coin that they are certain he must have.  Omar does his best to deny them while not being rude and also not revealing the truth; pride being a trait inherited from his mother.  He finally reaches the town square, where there are more reputable street merchants selling their wares.  Even above the din of the marketplace, one voice bellows out across the square for all to hear.

::FN1::  Hear ye, hear ye and gather round as I thrill you with the tale of our little hampton’s greatest champion – the amazing Omar Owens – defeated the giant known as Darkside and the trickster who went by the name of Bryce Michaels.

Omar catches sight of him and notices with consternation that no one has gathered around him, just as he had told his mother earlier.  This very story has been told countless times and happened so long ago, the townsfolk have moved on to other forms of entertainment.  Omar makes a beeline for Freak, who cuts his story off, due to having little to no interest.  Omar peers into the hat Freak has laid out to collect coin and sees that it is virtually empty.

::FN1::  Sorry, Omar.  The tale-telling game has dried up, I’m afraid.

::O2::  I know, my friend.  That is why I’ve come to the market to sell my most precious of medals just so that Mama and I can get by for a while.

::FN1::  You can’t sell those!  We worked hard for those!

::O2::  We?

::FN1::  You never would’ve gotten those opportunities if I hadn’t sought them out and convinced kings and rulers to let you slay their giants.

::O2::  I guess it is true.  I owe you a great debt of gratitude, but there is no other option.  We’re so low on coin I don’t know where our next supper will come from.

::FN1::  What if I told you there was another option…

::VO::  A few hours later, back at the Owens Homestead.

::O2::  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to provide a better dinner tonight, Mama.

::Mama::  It’s okay, my sweet boy.  I know we’ll be fine as long as we have each other.

::O2::  I did come up with a solution to our problems.

::Mama::  I was sure you would.  You’re a smart and brave man.

::O2::  Actually, Freak came up with the solution…

::Mama::  Oh, dear.  That boy is nothing but trouble.

::O2::  Just hear me out on this one.

::Mama::  Okay, I’m listening.

::O2::  Freak told tale of this giant…

::Mama::  Omar Osirus Owens!  You are not going on another one of your journeys to risk life and limb to slay a giant just for some coin!

::O2::  His name is Isaac Entragian and he’s a white beast who claims ownership of a tournament in a faraway land called The Meadows.  If I can defeat him and win the tournament that all believe he will win, I can come home with as many riches as I’ve ever won before.  We will be set for a very long, long time.

::VO::  Mama Owens was less than pleased that her son had planned to leave once again, but Omar saw no other way, so he and Freak left the very next day for their long journey to the land called The Meadows to defeat the giant named Entragian and win the tournament.  And Omar, a virtual unknown in this land, did very well in the tournament…

The voice over is interrupted and we are jolted out of the story to the real world where we find a young child in a bed and Freak sitting next to him, revealed to be the voice over of the story.

::Kid::  So then did Omar the Warrior win the tournament?

::FN1::  What?  No.  Entragian defeated Omar.  It was his tournament to win and Omar had no business trying to win it.  Like Jack and the Beanstalk.  He just climbed that beanstalk and gold and the goose that laid golden eggs from the giant who had never done anything to him before.  I mean, what the heck?  And the giant’s wife was helping him?  Bitches be crazy.

::Kid::  Tell me another one!

::FN1::  All right, all right.  Calm down.  Here’s another story with the star of the last story…me!  And my supporting actor, Omar.  This one also happened to be long, long ago in a faraway village.  Actually, the same village the last one started in.  Omar is sitting with his best friend, the dashing and brilliant Freak Nasty 1, in the town square talking about the future.

We are transported to this setting.  The town square looks exactly the same as it did before, but it’s in the late afternoon.  The shopkeepers and street merchants are closing up for the day, the busy time having long since past.

::FN1::  How should we spend our last night at home before we embark on our latest journey to the top of the adventuring industry?

::O2::  I’m less worried about tonight than I am about all the nights that follow.  It’s going to be a long hard road to success and I’m not sure I know the best way.

::FN1::  That’s where I come in, old friend.  I can guide you through the journey.  There is one path and you mustn’t stray from it.  Keep your focus on your destination and do not get distracted, no matter what or who tries to keep you from realizing your goals.

The scene shifts from the town square to the beginning of a trail that leads through the woods.  With the day coming to a close, the evening sun is just barely peeking over the horizon, casting long and eerie shadows.  Omar looks as though he has a few trepidations, but he is determined to push forward.

::O2::  I can do this.  I just have to keep my head down and keep plugging along and eventually I will get to my destination without any delays or distractions.

Omar musters up as much courage as he can and marches forward, making his way down the trail.  At first, he moves at a great pace.  What little sun is left is lighting up the trail, showing him the way to go.  He’s got tunnel vision, not letting his attention be drawn to the deep woods on either side of him.  It’s not much longer, however, before the sun begins to disappear and the trail gets darker and darker.  The darker it gets, the more noises he hears from either side of the path.  At one point, he could swear he heard a whisper.  He stops dead in his tracks and looks all around, standing right in the middle of the path.

::O2::  What’s that?  Who’s there?  Show yourself!

No one responds to him, so after a few moments of relative silence, he begins walking some more.  Very soon, though, he begins to hear all the noises again, this time the whispering becomes a bit more distinct.  He stops again.

::O2::  I know someone’s out there!

The whispers persist, seeming to come from the left side of the trail.  Omar has become completely consumed by trying to identify the source of the unintelligible whispering.  He moves to the side of the trail and tries peering into the woods, but they’re so dark that he can’t see anything.

::O2::  Who’s out there?  I demand that you show your face!

The whispers cease from that side of the trail and then pick up on the other side, so Omar rushes to the other side of trail to try to find the source of the noise.

::O2::  Stop making noise if you’re too cowardly to show yourself!

All the noises stop at the sound of Omar yelling at the top of his longs.  Omar looks around, doing his best to make out anything in the woods, but he’s staring into a black abyss.  Suddenly, he’s knocked back by the loudest noise he’s ever heard in his life.

::Voice::  YOU SUCK!!!!!

Omar stumbles backwards in surprise and falls backwards onto his backside and a wolf jumps out of the woods and stands over him, looking ready to tear him to shreds.

::Wolf::  Who dares invade my woods in the dark of night?  Don’t you know it’s dangerous out here?

::O2::  I don’t care how dangerous it is.  I want to prove that I can be the greatest champion of the land!

The wolf lets out a hearty laugh that turns into a howl.

::Wolf::  You?  A champion?  You do not have what it takes.  You’ll never make it.  I and other wolves like me will devour you.  We’ll chew you up and we won’t even swallow.  We’ll just spit you out and you’ll never be heard from again.

::O2::  No!  If I stick to the path that is laid out before me, I know I will be a great success and people will tell tales of my conquering over pints of ale at the tavern.

::Wolf::  Hahaha…You are more strong-willed than others before you.  I will enjoy tearing you down…but I won’t do it yet.  No, I think I will wait until you have almost reached your destination and then, just when you think you’ve made it, that’s when I will show you that you have no chance of being a success.

Without any further word, the wolf jumps off of Omar and trots back into the woods, leaving Omar alone on the ground.  Omar is visibly shaken, but he’s not going to let this stop him.  He gets up and goes back on his way.

::O2::  I hope that’s the worst of what’s in store for me.  That wolf seemed as dangerous as any opponent or beast I have ever faced.

After traipsing along the trail the entire night, Omar has finally reached his destination.  Omar wasn’t sure what to find at the end of the trail, but it’s just a small little hut in a clearing in the woods.  He approaches the door and knocks on it.  From inside, he can hear a voice.

::Voice::  Come in, sonny!

Omar opens up the door and goes into the little hut.  Laying in the bed is what is clearly the wolf dressed up as an old lady.  He’s wearing a wig, glasses, a nightcap, and a nightgown with the covers drawn up to his chest.  Omar sees through the disguise immediately, but decides to play along.

::O2::  Grandma!  I came to see you so that you can give me success and make me champion of the land.

::Wolf::  Of course, sonny.  Come closer so you can tell grandma why you think you deserve to be champion.

Omar takes a few steps closer and inspects the wolf in disguise.

::O2::  Grandma, what big eyes you have.

::Wolf::  The better to see your flaws with.

::O2::  What a big mouth you have.

::Wolf::  The better to chew you up and spit you out

::O2::  What big claws you have.

::Wolf::  The better to hold you back with.

And just then, the wolf leaps out of bed, lunging at Omar.  Omar was ready for it, however and is able to counter the attack into a textbook suplex, throwing the wolf across the room.  The wolf quickly gets up and squares off with Omar, the two of them circling each other.

We now switch back to the real world with the kid in bed looking at Freak with a quizzical look on his face.

::Kid::  Wait, wait…so he had to see his grandmother to become champion?  That doesn’t make any sense.

::FN1::  Yeah, I kind of ran out of steam on the metaphor.  Sorry, kid.

::Kid::  So what happened then?  Did Omar defeat the wolf?

::FN1::  We don’t know.  They’re still struggling against each other.  I think Omar will win, but it’s going to be a tough fight. The wolf will never back down.

::Kid::  That ending kind of went nowhere.  You owe me another one.

::FN1::  Okay.  One more, but then you have to go to sleep…Once upon a time there were two warriors.  The one you know, Omar Owens, and another one with a far different set of weapons and a more brash personality, Omar’s longtime friend and partner, Zex.

The story is interrupted by the kid giggling a little bit.

::FN1:: What are you laughing at?

::Kid::  His name is Zex.  It rhymes with…you know.

::FN1::  Heh…I never even noticed.  Anyway, back to the story.  Omar and Zex want to prove that they’re the best pair of warriors in all of the land, but since they’re pretty new to the land, they have to prove it. There are other warrior teams that have had much success over the years and there is one team that is currently viewed as the very best.  But before Omar and Zex can even challenge them, they must pass a series of trials, starting with a battle against a couple of warriors who call themselves Anarchy.

We dive into the fantasy world again and we find Zex and Omar making their way along a path that leads up to a house made of straw.  Inside are T. Rex and Arch Angel, the two members of Anarchy, but there’s nothing else of value inside the house.  It’s clear that even if Omar and Zex defeat Anarchy in the straw house, not a whole lot will be gained from it because the stakes are so low.

::Zex::  T. Rex and Arch Angel!  You two are the first challenge we must face on our quest to be the best warrior team in all the land.  Come out and face us or we will collapse your house ontop of you!

There is a stirring inside the straw house when suddenly a window opens up and Arch Angel peers out.

::Arch Angel::  Not by the hairs on our chinny-chin-chins!

::O2::  Then Zex and I will huff and we’ll puff and we’ll blow your house down!

Omar and Zex move up to the house, take in a large breath each and begin blowing the straw house down.  As it’s collapsing, Anarchy is able to escape without harm, running further up the trail.  With the straw house down, Omar and Zex  set upon their way, following Anarchy.

::O2::  Look, Zex.  They’ve run into that wooden house!

Indeed, Anarchy has run all the way up the trail to a wooden house and gone inside.  Through the window, Anarchy is clearly seen, along with Vermont’s Finest, and the Scavengers, and any other teams Omar and Zex must go through before getting a chance to challenge Lazarus and Crippler.  Omar and Zex approach the house and stop just outside.

::O2::  All you guys in that house, come out and face us or we’ll blow your house down!

Jason Riley sticks his hand out the window with his middle finger flying.

::Riley::  Not a chance, f----t!

Omar and Zex look at each other, taken aback by the blunt language.  They don’t waste much time, however, before they go right up to the house and start blowing.  It takes a bit more effort, but the wooden house begins to topple, falling down right ontop of all the people inside, incapacitating them.

::Zex::  Good work, partner!

::O2::  You, too.

Omar and Zex admire their work for a moment before their attention is drawn to some noise coming from a brick house further up the trail.  They make their way to that one, seeing that the noise they hear is the sound of Corey Lazarus and Lunatikk Crippler fighting each other inside the brick house.  Omar and Zex peer through the window to see the entire place trashed, but in the corner, glinting in the light, are a couple of giant gold medals, the ones awarded to the best warrior team in the land.

::Zex::  Laz and Crip!  Come on out, or we will blow your house down and take your medals!

There’s no response from the two inside, who seem incapable of pausing their own fight even for a moment.  Omar and Zex exchange a shrug and start blowing.  The blow and blow and blow, but the brick house isn’t budging.  Finally, Omar and Zex join hands and charge the house and knock it down with a couple of shoulder blocks.  The bricks fall down on Laz and Crip, knocking them out.  Zex and Omar each grab one of the gold medals and they hold them over their heads, celebrating the defeat of their enemies.

We are quickly brought out of the story by the kid interrupting yet again.

::Kid::  What?  Aren’t Omar and Zex bad guys in this?  They just went and destroyed all those houses and then stole those guys’ gold.  Why was that okay to do?

::FN1::  Oh…um…hmm…oh.  Those houses were built on Indian burial grounds and all those guys knew it when they built them and they didn’t care.  They were bad guys.  Now go to sleep.

The kid is clearly unhappy with the ending to all of these stories, but he’s had about enough of them, so he sneers at Freak and then rolls over in bed, trying to get to sleep.  Freak stands up and shuts the light off.  He exits the room and closes the door behind him.  In the hallway of this institutional-looking building stands a man with a shirt on that says “STAFF.”

::Man::  Freak, I can’t thank you and Omar enough for coming to the shelter and reading stories to the young kids.  I know you two like spending time with the older boys, playing sports and stuff, but the younger ones need the attention just as much, if not more.

::FN1::  It’s no problem.  Omar and I are happy to help.

The scene closes out with Freak walking down the hallway towards the exit.