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Author Topic: I ❤ SHOOT Project  (Read 367 times)

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I ❤ SHOOT Project
« on: October 09, 2014, 06:42:48 PM »
It sat there before him, a deep red surrounded by white porcelain; thick, cold and dripping wet. Either side of the plate sat a knife and a fork, but as he curiously eyed his meal; he couldn’t help but wonder if it would be more appealing to use his hands?

He considered this notion for a while, deliberating if he should actually eat it at all? But, given his carnal impulses, he knew deep down inside that he’d made that decision a long time ago. And so he reached out lifting the cold hard slab of meat with one hand and then gazed upon it; in a manner that would suggest he were about to utter the lines “Alas, poor Yorick I knew him.”

The irony of that fateful scene in the churchyard and it’s comparison to his current situation were not lost on him, even going as far as to crack a side smile and a glimmer in his bleak eyes.

He could feel the cold blood trickling through his fingers and down his wrist now. Tiny little droplets falling like thick flakes of crimson snow, splattering on the dinner plate with a tingle reminiscent of a faulty tap or cracked pipe work.

His smile widens, tooth-filled and hearty as blood begins to stain the cuff of his white shirt, soaking into the fabric and spreading inward as if it were the night chasing away the day. Many would wonder what is going through his mind; is he having an ethical debate? Will he back out of it? Surely he knows this is a stupid idea? But in truth, the only thing cascading over his thoughts is “I wonder how it tastes?”

A question he didn’t ponder for long, as he soon found the “Meaty-Fennel” wedged into his mouth, taking a large chunk out of it and ripping it away; the sound, of which echoed throughout the empty and oversized dining hall, was a violent mix between the peel of a Banana or Orange and a scalpel slashing through skin.

While the taste; was as cold and metallic as he had expected, though there was a strange satisfaction that came along with it, a sense of accomplishment or at the very least, finality. Which should come to no surprise as he swallows a somewhat gristly lump.

The second bite was far superior to the first, his anticipation level had dropped and he knew what to expect; the pleasant bloody taste of raw meat and all the spoils that went along with it, although by the time he had scoffed half of it, he needed to pause and pick a few veiny pieces from out between his gore stained teeth. Not wanting to waste even the tiniest portion he made sure to suck the ends of his toothpick for good measure, before continuing to gobble what was left in his hand.

After he swallowed his final and somewhat delayed bite, he licked his fingers clean like a dog with a bone and then lifted his plate to his lips, tilting it slightly and gulping back on the cherry red residue almost as if to lap it up or savour it’s taste.

Once he had finished, a melancholy tenderness hit heavy in his soul…And he wondered if this would be the first and last time he’d eat a human heart?