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Author Topic: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!  (Read 834 times)


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Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« on: October 11, 2014, 09:56:33 PM »
Check it out and let us know what you thought, guys!



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Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2014, 02:48:52 PM »
Cold Opening was solid with Jarvis, BOOM, and Jonny.  Sometimes I feel like I have a grasp on Project: Hero, other times I have no clue.  Its unsettling and i’m excited to see it play out. 

I liked the Winter/tanev/Blair segment.  Lots of stories/matches highlighted with this segment.  Good job selling stuff going on in the show and for stuff moving into the future. 

Why Recoba gotta take pot shots at poor Santonio Holmes?  Nice segment/brawl to get a potential feud or future match rolling. 

Good Match between Tanev and Corazon.  Tanev’s state of being is fascinating.  He had a real nice showing with Corazon, and the sprinkling in of Stein at the end helped progress things between those two. 

I think one way to let some of the old Isaac blend with a more fan friendly Isaac is with segments like this one.  Where his reaction to any one (or all) of Quinn, Riley, or Wailer would be met positively.  Where fans would actually be FOR a vicious violent beatdown. 

Miles/Chaos was good. Some small formatting issues. 

OF COURSE Stein now has Trumpets accompanying him. 

Enjoyed the match with ANARCHY! and Omar and Zex.   Well put together lots of room for selling what’s been going on there. 

Good match between our tag champs, but the real story there was post match.  Rave. IS. NOW!  Who are these men?  What’s going on?  And to put a profane bow on it?  Jason Riley.  I enjoyed Riley talking about the Main Event, leading into that match. 

Really good match between Ike and Trey.  The trash talk between the two in the match.  The Trey50, but Isaac getting his knees up?  Great stuff. 

I like how stories progressed and how MotM is really starting to take form.  A lot of tension and drama on the show.  Some BIG Questions and dark shadows are dangling over Master of the Mat, and I’m really looking forward to see how all this plays out.


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Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2014, 02:55:40 PM »
Yo squad,

First off, sorry for my delaying of this whole thing.  I've learned never to write promos/segments/matches at work without first sending them to my email.


As it turns out this show had some REALLY solid story moments and made for a wonderful read.

I was involved with a few more things than I would traditionally "want to be" on one show, buuut with MotM on the horizon, we had to kick some shit into gear and geeeeeet a little crazy.  Reaaaally love working with everyone I'm involved with and I hope people are enjoying the stories so far.

As for the things I'm not directly involved with...

- Cross and Miles!  GOOD START to things.  It's good to see Recoba finally kinda "eat it" (literally) for the first time in SHOOT and even better to see Aiden Miles getting involved.  I could have done without the "I REMEMBER YOU FROM OUR OLD TIMES" part (though I understand sometimes just saying it makes it easier to get to the good stuff) but otherwise, I'm glad to see new stories with new faces.  I've enjoyed both of your gent's work so keep it up!

- WORLD TITLE FEUD: Scott, Drew.  OUT-FUCKING-STANDING.  I love what you've both put into this thing, and it fits so wonderfully with the current atmosphere of SHOOT.  Your two TOP faces are slowly being torn apart by this lingering "paranoia" that seems to be taking over the entire organization.  I love the subtleties of the feud and how this thing has been building.  I'm almost starting to think that Loco isn't necessarily "behind" these coincidences, but his persecution will lead us into a "if the shoe fits" mentality.  LOCO EMBRACES THAT WHICH WE MAKE HIM~!

- The Tanev/Winter deal was really fun at the top of the card, and although he was defeated later by Corazon, his pending feud with Stein looks to be pretty hot heading into MotM.  Tanev is a VERY strong, outstanding character and I love that we're going to get to see him involved more "extrovertedly" with the rest of the roster.  Solid story build and I think this is a perfect "release" point for him to geeeet on out there!

- Jarvis and Stein are great together.  Ed/Greg have always had terrific chemistry and it's good to see them getting the band back together...  sort of...  all right.  no band.  JUST TRUMPETS.

- Gratz to Corazon and Entragian.  I know we, as wrestling fans, and story fans, for that matter, are occasionally turned off from the "predictable" outcome, but just because some people saw this coming, doesn't mean it wasn't 100% the perfect direction.  This match will be OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS and whoever wins is going to give Loco/Maya a legit run for their money, and a HUUUUGE boost to an already bolstered, exciting world title division.

I'm really stoked for the "Go Home" show.

IN GENERAL, guys, if you're booked on a show in any capacity, leave feedback.  It's not hard and it makes the world to a lot of people.  You don't have to comment on every single thing...  but if you liked something, say it.  IF something was weird, say it.  Have some ideas on where a story could head or where you'd WANT IT to head?  CHAT ABOUT IT.  There's no reason for all of us to stay in some weird imposed "kayfabe".  CHAT, CHAT, CHAT.

I also don't care what color your name is.  Being an orange OR a RED (COME AT ME J.) doesn't mean you can't leave a few thoughts.  In fact, if you're on staff, that's what we SHOULD be doing.

ALSO, if you're lurking...  GET INVOLVED.  If you're an old player of the game, HANG OUT AND GET INVOLVED!


I'm gonna hit post now.


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Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2014, 02:58:52 PM »

Trey, YOU KILLED IT in your promos this week and I honestly think this is the best version of the character you've ever written!!!  Solid work man.

Cross Recoba

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Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2014, 10:21:47 AM »
I love the dynamic between the two heads. The stable interests me a lot in what their motives are and where the Project is going. Really like Jonny’s urgency to keep everything on track. Bradley Boom might be my favourite Project Hero character to date!

Love me some Billy Winter! Also love me some Tanev. This should be good. Good to see Tanev interacting more with the roster and the wait was definitely worth it. Any chance we can book Tanev/Winter as an ‘odd couple’ tag-team?

I was really hyped for this match going into it, both guys put forth stellar work. Good user of early color and also liking the aggression shown from Kale. Great brawling segment to get the crowd hyped for the night, good choice for the show’s opening match!  Thought the match told a good story of Tanev running on brute aggression and determination against Corazon’s more measured style. Unlucky for Kale to go out as I think against anyone else he’d have picked up the win but Corazon deserved to go through.  Stein doing the run-in sold not only the lengths he’d go for the grand-slam but also furthers the reason to care about the match at MotM with the classic heel schtick from Stein with the belt.

Whilst this feud has had a slow burn, occasionally plodding at times, I think they’ve hit the pacing on this just in time for MotM. It’s a difficult sell to do a well-worn trope of feuding friends but the slow-burn involved has helped differentiate it. I also like, as a fan, being torn between siding between Maya and Loco. Maya has every right to blow his top given last week’s actions but he has no solid proof; which makes you ask - is Maya crazy or is Loco hell-bent on burning the bridge to get the prize.

Interesting bit of character work from Entragian, Quinn and Wailer delivered what fans are all thinking - how can the beat of SHOOT be on the other side now? You could feel Entragian’s blood boil as the segment went on which is a testament to how cutting Wailer and Quinn were with their mocking manner.

Awesome, trumpets! Some great callbacks to SHOOT history between Jarvis/Stein. Adds a nice question mark over Tanev/Stein - will Jarvis intervene in any way?

Loved the intro to the whole tag-division, really set the match up nicely. Project come down and I smell a rat! Commentary from all really added to the divisional outlook - nice primer for new faces.

Some great big man work from Anarchy, also some foreign ground for me seeing Zex playing Ricky Morton. A fun match that could definitely be revisited. The tag ranks for me is an odd division,  could definitely need some TLC from us all - this was definitely a step in the right direction. The whole PH/Anarchy link or not link mystery is good - I’m expecting this to slow-burn away

Solid enough match but this was all about the story behind the match, which is no bad thing. Who is Jack? Well, we’ll find out. Hopefully this means after MotM the next big focus’ll be on the tag-division.

Not sure really what to make of this, didn’t seem to add too much for me, although Im willing to admit I could be missing something.

Some great build up from both sides. Loved that even though I didn’t know their history two weeks ago I knew exactly what it meant for both sides to win by the time the bell rang.

Similarly Willett was a character I didn’t know what to make of when I joined as he wasn’t an immediately prominent figure. That has changed over the last two rounds of MotM especially with the build-up and actual match this cycle. Corazon/Entragian for MotM will be fierce, it’s pretty much the storytelling choice if this were actually booked.

Willett will be a formidable task for Winter this week and I don’t envy the judging committee with that one.

Overall a good show, was relieved the main-event could breathe by itself without any closing segments. With new blood joining us in Cash and Wu I can see some shake-ups happening.

If the last show put the singles titles back in the public eye this was a great show for furthering the tag-division.


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Re: Revolution 130: Feedback Thread!
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2014, 10:57:02 AM »
Roleplayer of the Cycle:
Corazon. He was up against stiff competition and put out great work and earned the tough win.

Single best RP of the Cycle:
I’m torn.
Entragian, Trey, Corazon and Tanev.
You could practically pick any ONE RP from those guys and put it here in all honesty.

CD of the Cycle:
All the “unknown” or “unnamed” CD’s have been good. We have a few different ones floating around and I’m digging them.

Match of the Cycle (RP "competitiveness"):
Tanev/Corazon and Trey/Isaac.

Match of the Cycle (Written):
I’d Have to say the Zex/Omar Vs Anarchy. Jeff managed to tell a really good story and wove it into the match. He wasn’t the only one to do this, this week. I think the storytelling side to match writing is really beginning to shape up and it makes the matches far more enjoyable to read.

Segment of the Cycle:
Loco/Maya backstage was great.
Ike and The Scavengers was also a really good segment.
So, I'll go with those two, even though we had a bevy of A* segments this week.

Feud of the Cycle:
Loco Vs Maya. Some really interesting turns and great segments have thrust this feud to the forefront.

Story of the Cycle:
The knowing that we’ll get Entragian Vs Corazon in the Master of the Mat Final, it’s a sleeper of a story that doesn’t need to be hammered home but now that we know this match is taking place I think we could do with a nice tipping point.

Heel(s) of the Cycle:
I have to say Loco, intentional or not I’m getting such a douche vibe from him these days.

Face(s) of the Cycle:
Maya Nakashima. This could actually be renamed the “Maya of the week award."
Ike would be a close second here.

Line of the Cycle:
“You believe what you want to believe, but I KNOW... I had nothing to do with last week. I KNOW, the mission I'm on, as tempting as that title might be? I know I haven't strayed from my path. I KNOW that I'm out to prove I can get that the right way. And at Master of the Mat? I’ll be doing exactly… THAT!” - Loco Martinez.

Laugh of the Cycle:
Another line…
“They get it, Brad. You’re like a giant walking, talking bomb. We don’t need the play on words EVERY time.” - Paul Jarvis.

Most Improved:
Chaos continues to make improvements every week; I think at first he may have been a little uneasy with the new character, but then given the gimmick he made that uneasiness work. Now that he has had time to really find the character he’s upping his game little by little.

Random Thoughts:
I’ve been overly lax in the match/segment department recently, I’ve been very busy and struggling for time, this seems to be coming to an end now and once this week is over I should be able to get back on track and really put some more work into SHOOT. Especially stories, feuds and overall activity.

But those who have been putting out storylines and segments have been making them work. Bailey has been an awesome addition to the roster and Recoba's segments and overall character really fit into SHOOT.

Jeff/Ed continue to produce worthwhile content. Be it segments, CDs, Godcast or whatever, they both seem to have a knack for making it work.

The Tag Team scene looks to be heating up, I think we have a good couple of teams here that really WANT to make a difference in that department and with a little more direction it could be a huge asset to SHOOT, given that Tag Team Wrestling both in general and in the eFed world isn't really given enough attention.

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