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What are we?
« on: October 14, 2014, 03:33:53 PM »
The scene is an office building overlooking the Las Vegas skyline.  The windows are large and display the entirety of the Vegas strip, including the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  One man sits facing that window and three more sit in front. 

“What are we?” says the man behind the chair.  He motions towards the man in the center, the smallest of them all, head adorned in a black mask with only a very slight amount of red ornamentation. 

I am the Mikado.  I’ve fought around the world.  I’ve held championships in a place that… that all of you have forgotten.  I have been victorious in nearly every task I’ve taken, and I don’t plan on stopping now.  I’ve pledged my will and my strength to the Imperium. 

I am tired of sitting on the sidelines, waiting for my opportunity. 

I come to take it.

Mikado nods, tilting his head towards the man on his left.  This man is huge, easily seven feet tall, though not with the typical build that you’d expect from a seven footer.  He is lanky, but clearly strong.  His hair is long and he’s the only man of the four whose mask doesn’t cover his entire head for this reason. 

I have toiled away, working and developing my physical abilities… my arsenal.  With the man on the right, I have conquered professional wrestling, working together to show strength and ability.  We are quality personified, and we have our eyes set on being the kings of the hill that rests below our feet. 

The SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships are in our crosshairs, and we will do what we have to do to obtain them. 

To accomplish that goal, I’ve pledged my will and my strength… to the Imperium.

The seven footer smiles through his mask as his hair falls down around his jaw.  The scene shifts to the final man on the wing.  He’s smaller than the Emperor, but his mask is styled most similarly to his, with the exception being that his covers his full head.

I am the Overlord, and with the help of the Emperor, I too have conquered professional wrestling in my own, unique way.  I don’t have the size of the Emperor or the technical mastery of the Mikado.  What I have?  What I have is ferocity and power.  I will beat you down and then… when I feel like you’ve been beaten down… I will beat you some more. 

I work a more Lucha Libre style.  I’m not afraid to tell anyone this, because I know my abilities and I know how to handle myself.

That’s why the Emperor and I have been successful together.  That’s why we work so, so well with one another.  Our weaknesses are covered by the strength of the others, and that… that is why I pledge my will and my strength to the Imperium.

A still silence permeates the room as the words linger in the air.  A small chuckle is heard from the head of the table as he turns to face them.  He too wears a black mask with open eyes and red ornamentation. 

We are home grown talent, of course. We are men who’ve been forgotten through time, and yet, we’re still able to sit here on top of the world and look down.  We look down at Las Vegas.  We look down at the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  

The other men are visible now, all wearing masks.  Each mask is styled similarly, though each has different ornamentation.  These men operate in tandem. 

You’ll know me when you see me.  I’ve come close to the precipice of World Heavyweight greatness, only to fall in the very last moment.  My real name, the name you know me by?  That’s of no importance.  For now… you will know me as the Monarch.

He smiles again. 

I won’t call myself the leader of this group, though they do look to me for guidance.  I’ve been to a place that none of them have.  I’ve laid waste to men in the SHOOT Project ring, and I’ve had waste laid to me.  I’ve been hunted and I’ve been a hunter.  I was once a good little soldier, fighting in a rebellious army against professional wrestling’s most vile terrorists, but no longer.

Understand this.  As far as we’re concerned, there are no good guys and no bad guys, simply targets.  We would just as soon target Maya Nakashima as we would Recoba Cross, Billy Winter, ANARCHY!, or Loco Martinez.  Our goals have nothing to do with admiration and adulation from a crowd.  I’ve brought these men into the SHOOT Project to help them… to guide them. To show them the path to the greatness that they’ve earned.

He smiles.

I have pledged my will and my strength to the Imperium.