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I had to force her eyes open to see her eyes, to let her know that I was still here and that I'd never abandon her. She had to know that I'd never let him get her here. There were nights where they would try to kick me out, visiting hours were over they said, but I'd always sneak back in. At first they got angry about it, but I guess they figured it wasn't a big deal since I just sat with her... watching her, protecting her.

They let me stay.

Some nights I could tell she was restless, all the machines she was hooked up to would light up and buzz like an arcade. I wouldn't sleep those nights, I sat my chair right in front of the door for her and I'd look back and say.

"Don't worry, I won't let him past me".

The machines would settle eventually, but I'd stay awake anyway... watching and waiting for him.

Then one night came that changed everything, changed what I had to do to protect her. It was one of those nights where her machines were glowing and churning, I could feel her unconscious nerves on the tips of my fingers. Sleep was trying to conquer me, I decided to walk the halls for something - it didn't have to be coffee - to fight back the urge for respite.

A few of the nurses were staring up at a wall mounted television, the volume muted and black bordered white subtitles running below the screen. At first my eyes didn't register what was on the screen, I just hazily looked at the nurses who knew to hand me a mug of black tar that would jump start a truck. It made me gag at first, the nurses didn't seem to notice. I turned my head towards the television again, it looked like wrestling, and that's... that's when I saw...


Standing tall.


Smiling like a baptized child.


With people glad to be near, cheering with smiles and praising the name.


He will never forget my name.