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Author Topic: IF: On the Brink {i for Loco/ANARCHY!}  (Read 403 times)


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IF: On the Brink {i for Loco/ANARCHY!}
« on: October 15, 2014, 07:53:53 PM »
Dark room somewhere inside the Epicenter.   The light flicker of a projector.  On the screen we see Arch Angel locked in Omar’s “Last Grasp”.  The Picture goes slow.  We see T.Rex slide in with a chair.  Winds up.  Drives it down nailing Omar AND Arch Angel.  A familiar voice calls out.

Arch Angel:  Thanks a lot, Ted. 

T.Rex:  Said I was fuggin’ sorry, Chris.

Video stops.  Rewinds.  Plays again.  Another familiar voice, only really… REALLY… REALLY annoyed.

Loco Martinez:  Really, fellas?  This the time for the chuckles?  THIS is what you decide will be a QUOTE, plan of attack, UNQUOTE?  Un.  FUCKING.   BELIEVABLE.

Loco Martinez, the man behind the scheduled video session rewinds again.  The boys of ANARCHY sigh, and if we could SEE their eyes?  Safe to say we’d see them rolling. Loco doesn’t like the sighs.

Loco Martinez:  YOU don’t like it?


Loco Martinez:  Well… how do you think it makes ME feel? 

Uncomfortable silence.

Loco Martinez:  Do you know how this makes ME, look?! 

The lights come up and we see T.Rex and Arch Angel exchanging a look.  Loco notices this and weighs exactly how self important his last two exclamations come across.  He sighs and takes a deep breath while he TRIES to soften, but there’s still an edge to his voice.

Loco Martinez:  Its… With everything that happened on Revolution.  Maya and I going middle school scuffle, that was only gonna escalate if SHOOT-agement didn’t come in and break us up…  Then I’m implicated in attacking Maya later in the show.  You take ALL that… and then throw in Teddy’s little hissy fit here?  And it wasn’t exactly a GOOD week for us, fellas. 

Arch Angel:  And we GET that, Jay.  Really we do, but it is what it is.  Teddy ain’t EVER been one who THINKS before he acts. 

T.Rex:  I apologized… right after it happened, Jay.  I just… saw red.  Everything going on.  Us losing our tag titles and then working our asses off to get back into shape?  And all I hear and read is how they don’t have faith in us.  How maybe we don’t get a title rematch.   

Loco Martinez: WHO?!   Who’s saying this, Jonny?  Dude if you’re gonna take the commentary of The Defiler to heart?  Well I don’t know what to tell you. 

Arch Angel: If it was JUST Jonny?  You’d have a point, but it ain’t.  Look at the press release today.  Vermont’s Finest has a shot.  There hasn’t been a whisper about us, dude.  NOTHING. 

T.Rex:  We’re patient guys, Loc’-

T.Rex is cut off by disbelieving stares.

T.Rex: Fine.  Chris is patient, Loc.  And even HE’s starting to worry that we’re a match or two from being swept under the rug and forgotten about.  That at OUR ages, and with all this new blood in the Tag Division that we’re, what’d you call, highly expendable. 

Loco thinks about this for a while.

Loco Martinez:  You want me to talk to someone?

Both men shake their heads adamantly “no”.

Arch Angel:  We don’t want “dad” going and complaining to coach for more “playing time”.  Hopefully us being a slightly squeaky wheel here and then clobbering fools in the ring.  That if we can CONTROL ourselves-

He looks directly at T.Rex who drops his head like a scolded puppy.

Arch Angel:  And handle our bidness in the RING?  That we’ll be right there for whoever comes out of any tag match at Master of the Mat. 

Loco Martinez: Well, I like to hear that.  Because THAT-

Loco points at the screen.

Loco Martinez:  Is not the lasting image we want to leave people with THIS week.  You guys get another crack at Zex and Omar, AND…

Loco trails off.  His demeanor changes as the realization that he and Maya will be in the ring together finally dawns on him.  He smirks.

Loco Martinez:  No backstage brawls.  No weird attacks where somehow I end up the leading suspect.  No circumstantial evidence.  Nah,  Maya Nakashima and THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH are gonna end up in the ring together and I’m gonna show him exactly what it feels like WHEN.  I.   ATTACK!  If he thinks I’m capable of all these evil things?  If he THINKS I’m going to toss aside everything… 

He trails off, distracted, and chuckles to himself, and ends up talking, mostly to himself, thinking out loud.

Loco Martinez:  Its like I have a blank check.  Its like… I mean… If I do whatever I NEED to do to soften him up for Master of the Mat?  People will be like “Of course!  We knew it all along.”  As good a dude as I’ve been, and can be?  I KNOW deep down there is THAT guy.  YOU TWO know “THAT GUY”. 

Arch Angel and T.Rex nod knowingly while sharing an uncomfortable look.

Loco Martinez:  The guy who ONLY cared about success.  That deep down monster who’s there no matter WHAT I do.  What 12 step program I enroll in? Whatever amends I've made.  What steps I've taken to be a better person.  I've never hidden my dark twisted past.  I haven't been shy to talk about it, reference it, and acknowledge it.  Pretending I'm only capable of good would be delusional.  Which is why part of me totally UNDERSTANDS why you think the way you do, Maya.    That’s a daily struggle, and maybe getting THIS close to the SHOOT Project World Championship is after years of sobriety, stepping foot into a Bar.  That “One sip can’t hurt”, right?  I mean that has to be what YOU'RE thinking...  heh... well you wouldn't be alone.

Loco’s grin melts.  His eyes glimmer.

Loco Martinez:  Because that championship is something I’ve strived for for YEARS.   THAT belt has meant the world to our industry.   You wear that championship on your shoulder?  You’re THE Man.  So is this match at Revolution, my “one drink”?  For the last few weeks its been pushed under my nose, and for MONTHS and MONTHS since I won Master of Mat its been an inevitable destination.  Now the drink is going to be tantalizingly close.  Right there, and ripe for the plucking.  IF I slip… IF I fall?   IF   I give in to everything everyone is already THINKING… BELIEVING that I am? 

He shrugs nonchalantly, as if giving in to his baser thoughts and desires is really not that big of deal. Then he looks coldly into the camera.

Loco Martinez:   And while you assume I HAVE given in?  I assure you with everything... This is an adventure in hypotheticals.   Because....  IF ...  I decide to put our friendship out to pasture, Maya?  IF... I decide that the PRIZE of PRIZES trumps that?  Know that the only reason I got to that point is because of the things you’ve said and done.  That every time you keep pointing those fingers at me, that… THAT GUY, deep down creeps a little closer to the surface.  That every disparaging thing I hear on the way to the ring.  That every accusatory glare I get on the street… ALL of that makes me wonder what’s the point?   IF...  I’m going to get ALL the damnation without any of the fun sinning?  ... ... ...

A long uncomfortable pause.  His mind working feverishly at something, but the only struggle gets to him.  He shakes his head, mutters “god…fucking…dammit”, and  turns on his heels and slams his hands into the door.  It swings open violently,  leaving ANARCHY! in the lurch, and looking incredibly uncomfortable.  The door swings closes.

T.Rex: Dude…  the pressure is REALLY getting to him. 

Arch Angel:  Yeah, a lot of THAT going around right now.

T.Rex:  How many more times I gotta fuggin’ apologize? 

Arch Angel: At least six. 

T.Rex rolls his eyes.

Arch Angel:  You should at least apologize to Omar and Zex.

T.Rex:  WHY?! 

Arch Angel:  C’mon dude.  You hissy fitted.  We talked about fighting a good fight and putting Tag Team Wrestling at the forefront.  Your chair shot shat all over that. 

T.Rex:  Yeah but-

Arch Angel:  Dude. 

T.Rex growls and drops his head.  His speech is less than convincing.

T.Rex:  Fine.  Guys, sorry I lost it at Revolution.  You had my tag team partner beat… badly-

Arch Angel:  Yo!

T.Rex: What?  you said apologize.  I’m just laying the groundwork. 

Arch Angel: I wasn’t beat BADLY.  I mean… I coulda got out of that.

He points at the screen.

T.Rex:   Yyyyyeah.  About that.   You were turning a disgusting shade of purple.  And you were snoring when I tried to revive you post match.  I mean, yes… I acted a’ fool, but lets not fuggin’ pretend we were winning that shit.  So, yeah… Zex, and Omar…. I apologize for interfering and not letting you make my partner either tap, or pass out.  But, on the plus side?  You still got a win over former SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions.  AND, you can once again work to make my tag team partner tap, or pass out!

Arch Angel:  Yeah… this is not what i had in mind when I suggested an apology, Ted. 

T.Rex:  What?!

Arch Angel:  I’m just saying you coulda just said, “hey sorry… That’s not us.  Not who we want to be, but in the heat of the moment, I let things go to my head, it won’t happen again.”

T.Rex takes a breath through gritted teeth.  Arch Angel looks annoyed.

Arch Angel:  WHAT?!

T.Rex:  I would leave out that part about it not happening again.

Arch Angel:  Dude…

T.Rex:  No.  I’m not saying I PLAN on it, but I damn sure didn’t “Plan” on it at Revolution.  It, just… kinda happened. 

Arch Angel:  Stop.

T.Rex:  I’m just saying… if I T.Rex-Rage… accidentally… of course… it’ll look REALLY hypocritical. 

Arch Angel:  I thought that unlike Loco, we cared much less about how other people view us?  So that whatever people like Project Hero, or even Maya happen to think or say when it comes to us, it doesn’t matter?  We’re going to go to the ring, and crack skulls-

T.Rex:  Or get choked out.

Arch Angel:  Last check you got distracted by a guy on a PHONE, and got launched out of the ring.  And I have it on good damn authority that your landing triggered on the richter scale!

A middle finger from Teddy. The two share a chuckle.  Arch Angel reaches over and grabs the remote.  One more shot of the screen.  T.Rex driving the chair down.  He hits power and the screen goes black.

Arch Angel:  Lets try to make sure the only weapons we bring into the ring are our fists, and lets show SHOOT that the former Tag Champs are STILL a force to be reckoned with.

T.Rex smiles and nods confidently before hamming it up by kissing each of his fists, which causes Arch Angel to belly laugh.