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Author Topic: SHOOT Project Power Rankings - Revolution 130 Edition  (Read 469 times)

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SHOOT Project Power Rankings - Revolution 130 Edition
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:55:07 AM »
Well, we know it's been awhile, but fresh from the staff offices, we've got some official power rankings for you!  These are as of Revolution 130, naturally, and we'll update them again either after 131 or Master of the Mat.  Til then!


Maya Nakashima (Previous Rank: 1)
The perennial number one, Maya enjoys his spot atop the power ranking mountain.  He’s started to encounter some difficulties with Loco Martinez, but their Master of the Mat contest will tell the story.  Maya has been the man for a long, long time, and the contenders are starting to line up.  Whether or not Martinez can topple him is yet to be seen, but he’s also got either Isaac Entraigan or Adrian Corazon on the books after that. 

Loco Martinez (Previous Rank: 6)
The number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship stakes his claim as the #2 guy as far as our power rankings are concerned. Martinez even went so far as to find his hands a little bit dirty following Revolution 130.  Whether or not he’s behind all of the stuff that’s been happening to Maya is yet to be discovered, though dirtsheet money is on yes.

Isaac Entragian (Previous Rank: NR)
Isaac makes his power rankings debut, which tells you how long it’s been since we’ve done one of these.  Entragian has been enjoying quite the redemption story and his attachment to the World Heavyweight Champion isn’t to be ignored either.  What’s really driving Isaac, though, is his drive to win the Master of the Mat tournament, where he takes on Adrian Corazon in the finals. 

Adrian Corazon (Previous Rank: 7)
Corazon’s sole purpose since the SHOOT Project has returned has been to win the Master of the Mat tournament, an accolade that he has yet to add to his resumé.  He has had what many consider to be the toughest road to the finals, going through King, Zex, and finally Kale Tanev.  His road to the number one contendership runs through his former brother, Isaac Entragian.

Project: HERO (Previous Rank: NR)
What can’t you say about these guys? They’re all over the place, they’re wildly entertaining, and you never really know what to expect from them week in, week out.  The seemingly endless tandem never gets old, and they find themselves in the #5 spot as a result.  This writer can’t wait to see what else they do.

Kale Tanev (Previous Rank: 4)
While Kale did take a loss to Corazon, he looked absolutely phenomenal in that loss.  On top of that, he’s really hit his stride as the Rule of Surrender Champion.  He has a PPV match coming up with Dan Stein and that’s where we’ll really find out what Kale Tanev is about. 

Hollywood Hardcore (Previous Rank: 3)
The Tag Team Champions have seen happier times.  Their tenacity has been called into question due to a significant lack of title defenses since the team won the belts.  Some might say that’s managements fault, some are saying that it’s because you can’t pin Corey Lazarus down.  Whatever the case may be, these two still put on a hell of a match at Revolution 130 and eyes are on them to see what happens as the SHOOT Project’s tag champions.

Billy Winter (Previous Rank: NR)
Billy Winter finds himself on this list as the reigning and defending Iron Fist Champion.  Winter, while an incredible talent and exceptionally entertaining, has found himself as somewhat of a fish out of water.  He had the beginnings of something tremendous happening with Donovan King, but life has forced King away from the SHOOT Project, leaving Winter an island unto himself.  Still, the man has incredible upside and his presence on this list is not a mistake.

Chaos (Previous Rank: NR)
Chaos makes his way onto this list for the very first time as the reigning Sin City Champion.  Chaos is such an interesting character with such an interesting style that it’s hard to ignore him.  With a platform like the Sin City Championship, he’s gaining fame at quite a pace.  People just love the weirdness. 

Cross Recoba (Previous Rank: NR)
You might be wondering how it is that someone who hasn’t even made a true debut in the ring can find their way onto this list, well, we’ll tell you.  It’s because Cross Recoba is captivating and interesting.  Plus, with his in-ring debut happening at 131, we know it’s just a matter of time before “The Hammer” starts finding his nails.  Ooooh.

Honorable Mentions:
-Trey Willett
-Zex/Omar Owens