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Author Topic: "Hi. I'm Edd..." [story]  (Read 361 times)


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"Hi. I'm Edd..." [story]
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:03:16 PM »
Eddie Taylor is an Australian wrestler currently making a name for himself on the biggest stage of them all as the absurd Chaos. He is the current Sin City Championship Title for SHOOT Project. And he is well on his way to falling off his bar stool.

“I’m tellin’ Jarrad Hayne will fucking kill the NFL.” He slurs his words while drinking a beer.

“Look, Eddie… You’re my girl’s little brother. But you're telling me, so some Rugby wannabe is going to kill it in our sport you’re fuckin’ kidding yourself.”

“Hang on. Hang on. You are telling me that he won’t make it? You soft cocks where pads and helmets and ya saying he can’t do it.”

“Didn’t say that. Said he wouldn’t kill it.”

“Whatever, Jack. Whatever.” Eddie waves him off and takes another mouthful of his frothy beverage.

Jack just laughs.

Mia Taylor, the older sister of Eddie Taylor, walks over and wraps her arms around Jack and kisses him on the cheek. Jack looks at her and smiles.

“You’re bro’s had too much to drink, babe.”

Eddie overhears this and instantly turns back to Jack. “What would you know?” he blurts out indignantly.

Mia giggles. “Don’t worry ‘bout, E. He’s never been able to handle the drink.” She laughs some more.

“Shush, Mia. Beer drinking I can do. Better than you I drink.” His words come out slurred and jumbled.
Mia and Jack and look at Eddie and laugh.

Mia speaks first – “E.”


“You aren’t on camera.”


“Well, ya sounding like that weird motherfucker Chaos again. Think you had too much to drink.”

Mia makes a signal to the bartender to cut her brother off. While Jack just shakes his head and Eddie tries to make words come out of his mouth and they just sound like the last sounds of dying coyote. Mia walks back to her friends across the room.

Eddie taps Jack on the shoulder.

“Yes, Eddie?” Jack asks in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Who’s Mia’s friend?” Eddie gestures to a blonde girl sitting in the booth next to Mia.

Jack looks over and looks at the group of girls chatting amongst themselves.

“That’s Anna, kid.”

“She’s hot.”

“Stay away, Eddie.”

“I’m going to introcude mylelfs”

Jack makes a half-hearted attempt to stop Eddie as he gets off his stool. Eddie Taylor walks over to the girl’s booth. As he arrives he is shot a death stare by his sister, which is duly ignores. He leans over me and extends his hand out to Anna.

“Hi. I’m Edd…”

He doesn’t get to finish his introductory sentence as vomit escapes from his mouth all over the front of Anna.