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Author Topic: Persons of Interest  (Read 321 times)

Maya Nakashima

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Persons of Interest
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Shinya Nakamura - Maya's significant other, his love, and his former tag team partner in the once famous TRES BIEN. The two used to be a somewhat popular underground pop duo in Japan, but became enamoured with the world of Professional Wrestling. The closest of friends since childhood, their bond was the making of an elite tag team. Maya always considered Shinya to be his rock, the one that kept them both grounded in reality. Shinya was serious and stoic, while Maya was playful, innocent, and naive to a point, together they were the very ideal of balance. However, when the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011 ravaged their homeland of Japan... Shinya was never seen again. Maya spent every last dollar he had made searching for Shinya, but nothing was ever confirmed. Maya moved on past Shinya, through much heart ache and pain, leaving it to fate that he should ever learn what happened to his long lost love. He is also the man for whom Maya lovingly gave tribute to in naming his finishing move, Ode to Shinya.

Kenji Yamada - They first met through Project: SCAR's kidnapping of Maya, in hopes of stomping out the light he was trying to bring to SHOOT Project. While every other member was content to physically and mentally barrage Maya and try to break him down, Kenji was the only one to offer a comforting hand. As time went on, it was revealed that Kenji saw the ideals of his late son Akira in everything Maya did. Kenji saw in Maya what he had hoped his own child would grow up to be, what he knew his child would become. He protected Maya as much as he could from his savage brothers, eventually he would finally free Maya from his imprisonment. After that, Maya would from time to time visit Kenji and talk with him, because he saw that there was potential for good in the savage architect of SCAR. It would get to the point where they would have these talks fairly regularly, Kenji would even seek out Maya. But that all changed when Isaac took Flay Rios into custody, scared of what might happen to her Kenji refused to be seen with Maya. To this day, Maya has not heard from Kenji since.

Isaac Entragian - Once the most bitter of rivals, Maya saw in Isaac everything that was wrong with the world. Maya tried on numerous occasions to bring down Isaac in the ring, but each time Maya was left more broken than the last, it seemed impossible to break the Ivory Terror no matter how hard he fought. During Maya's captivity he thought no better of Isaac, being abused by him as much as any other. It was only at the behest of Kenji that Isaac made sure Maya was released to safety. When SCAR finally dissolved, Maya saw a much different Isaac. He saw a broken man, a mere husk, that was ready to die. Maya would have lied if he didn't think at the time the world would have been better off without him, but Maya extended an olive branch anyway. He spoke with Isaac, as an equal and not a monster, and tried to see the light in him. It wasn't until Maya watched from a distance as Isaac repaired the SHOOT Project Hall of Champions that he and SCAR once destroyed that Maya knew something had changed in Isaac. More and more Maya sought out Isaac, simply speaking with him in a humane manner and giving him a real honest chance at change. Finally, when Maya was being slaughtered in a 10-on-1 handicap match Isaac came to Maya's rescue. Maya believes that Isaac saved his career and his life. The two are now close friends, and Maya considers Isaac a loyal friend whom he can always trust.