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Author Topic: Revolution 131: Feedback!  (Read 685 times)


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Revolution 131: Feedback!
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:34:53 PM »
Hey guys, Revolution 131 is here! 

Leave us some feedback! 


Max Wu

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Re: Revolution 131: Feedback!
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2014, 05:46:46 PM »
Great build-up to the MotM pay-per-view all-round on Revolution 131. There were parts of the show that really stood out:

The further deterioration of Kael Tanev's mental state and the underlying inner-dilemma he faces that could lead to a brilliant redemption story on MotM.

The segment involving Riley, Quinn and Waller crashing Vermont's Finest interview was also highly-readable, albeit disturbing. I think it's safe to say there's nothing they can do that won't generate more heat.

Billy Winter's shadowboxing match in a word: Brilliant.

The ending of the main event couldn't have gone down any better - it's a tense, solid lead-in to MotM.


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Re: Revolution 131: Feedback!
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2014, 07:47:47 PM »
Roleplayer of the Cycle:
Bailey did well with his RP this cycle, as did Winter. I really enjoyed what they both put out.

Single best RP of the Cycle:
Winter’s RP was solid.

CD of the Cycle:
Given CD could mean anything and we had a LOT of storyline and CD’s go up…I’m leaning towards Godcast because this was the best Godcast to date and I was entertained by it. Though saying that we had some great CD's all round.

Match of the Cycle (Written):
Recoba Vs Miles.  As it was Recoba’s first match after weeks of shenanigans it was good to see the guy in the ring and showing what he can do.

Segment of the Cycle:
Vermont’s Finest and the Scavengers. That was one hell of a segment guys, hats off to you.

The Entragian and Loco/Anarchy segment was gold too.

Feud of the Cycle:
Loco Vs Maya. These guys milked their heat and the build to their match has been superb; throw in the tense ending to the show and the focus lying on the championship and you have a solid feud right there.

Story of the Cycle:
The Project Hero story takes this one. Seconded by the sudden explosion in the Tag Team ranks.

Heel(s) of the Cycle:
The Scavengers and The Jacks.

Face(s) of the Cycle:
and Maya.

Line of the Cycle:
“I said we're fucking taking everything.  And we are.  We're gonna take the fucking tag belts, first... at Master of the Mat.  Don't give a shit who from or how.  Or why.  We'll take them.  Then I'm gonna cum all over them.  I'm gonna hate fuck some bitch in her mouth and make her spit my load on the belts.  (Staring directly at Mary Kelly) Am I painting the fucking picture you dumb slut?” – Jason Riley.

Laugh of the Cycle:
See the above.

Random Thoughts:
I like where Recoba and Winter went with their segment and look forward to seeing what these two do from here out.

Max Wu put up two RP’s despite his opponent no showing. That shows me he wants to be here and find his place in SHOOT. Well done man.

I HOPE! To high heaven that everything I was involved in from the match to the segment came out well. I know Justin was both ill and busy and so I worked with Jeff on the segment, I think we did O2 and DN1 justice. I also had to write that clusterfuck of a Main Event, that had so many angles and ideas thrown into it, it was insane. Again I hope everyone looked good, that the Tag Story garnered some much needed heat and that the Loco Vs Maya was featured and not over shadowed by any of chaos. If anyone had an issue at all, then that’s on me.

I enjoyed working with Drew, Scott, Justin and Jeff this week on RP's matches and segments. Was a lot of fun.

Newcomer of the Year 2013.


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Re: Revolution 131: Feedback!
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2014, 09:58:35 PM »
Good stuff this week. 

Matches were decent, but this was more about getting all story ducks in a row, for sure. 

Loved the MotM hype from Ike and Corazon. 

The Jacks thing has me wonderfully intrigued.  Especially how that tied into Stein and Tanev.  You have this rabid pack of “Jacks” and the Scavengers just wreaking havoc throughout. 

Loved this bit of the monologue from Quinn:   

SHOOT Project is going to become a vessel for something much bigger.  There's an evolved society.  A BETTER world waiting to be birthed, Mary, and we can't have things like this...  (Motioning around the area with hand) We can't have these...  relics.  Or...  Well how do I want to say it so it doesn't sound weird and dramatic…

There can't be any leftovers.  It has to be a clean wipe.  These guys...  and not JUST these guys, but this organization, this sport...  the people who have given their lives to it...  it's over.  Pro Wrestling sucks, man.  It's something that carnival people did to trick idiots out of their money.  It's fucking awful and dying.  BUUUUUT...  But what pro wrestling CREATED...  the incredible groundwork for a new evolution of HUMANITY ITSELF... that's what we like, man.

Good balance to the unbridled screaming profanity of Riley. 

Interesting how things seem tied, but are they tied?  Following with Jarvis and Stein.  Then right into Jonny.  I love Jonny’s continuation of “I’m doing something nice for YOU” and it blowing up in his face.  And Jack is Back, not good for Omar and Zex. 

Jonny busy as he hits the ring, and then…  Oh.. MY.. GOD!  C-Diesel all up in this humpy BUMPY!!!!  Great tease of the match between the Beautiful People.  Digging Jarvis vs. Davis “Rubber Match of the Century!”

hahah Winter saying: 

Winter: Trey Willett obviously has other things on his mind these days…wherever he is…and he’s not going to be stepping into the ring to face the most dominant and sexually attractive champion to ever grace the Iron Fist division here tonight.

Made me picture  a  Winter/Stein feud over who is TRULY SHOOT’S MOST BONEABLE Iron Fist dude man!  Book it SHOOT-agement!  jesus… shout out for HOTPANTS!!! 

Good stuff form Winter and Blair there.  Dug how the ME played out.  especially with the over arcing story in the show with the chaos and how Drew’s first RP even managed to wonder how Loco could have gotten Omar and Zex taken out.

(spoiler alert:  it wasn’t easy)   

Ends the way this show SHOULD end.  Pure chaos… pier six fucking chaos!

Good show.  Loved the segments throughout.  Really stoked for MotM and seeing what the hell happens.