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Author Topic: Let's Go [SCC vs Max Wu 1/2]  (Read 384 times)


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Let's Go [SCC vs Max Wu 1/2]
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:27:28 AM »
Chaos stands in the middle of an empty locker room. He is bouncing on his toes. He is wearing boxing shorts and boxing boots. He has boxing gloves on his hands. A close look at his face paint revels that he has painted his face in his stand black and red fare but has copied Mike Tyson's infamous facial tattoo.  He walks to the door and open it. He stands in the open door.

“Round like a circle, In a spiral. Like a wheel within a wheel; never ending, nor beginning and never spinning free. Bounce now."

Chaos out of the doorway. He is walking down a hallway, shuffling his shoulders and throwing short jabs out in front of himself. Left, right, left, left, right.

“Tick, tock, another day gone. Suns up, comes down, but it all moves along. Somehow, some way, it all falls into place and we might stand still but we all fit in space. The motion repeats as the ocean retreats, the tide comes back when it flows to the beach and the world goes around, around it goes. You know what, life is but a cycle.”

Chaos walks out of the hallway, into an empty warehouse. In the middle of the warehouse is an empty ring. He makes his way to the ring.

“Yeh everyday I wake to the same old paper and another fist fight with the same pissed of neighbour.  In the hope I work a night that might be a saviour. At least just enough to get me outta here and to the safe house with about a thousand beers and the big red chair with the birds eye view. The world at work while I sip my brews."

Chaos gets to the ring and looks under the apron. He pulls a stuffed toy tiger out from underneath and slides it under the bottom rope.

“Tick, tock, another day gone as one logs off and another logs on. Another child’s born and another man dies and as one gives up, well another man tries. It all makes sense like thoughts in my head. That we’re not much more than cause and effect. The world goes around, around it goes around like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind."

Chaos rolls under the bottom rope. He stands, pauses and stares at the entry way – like he is waiting for someone to appear. After a few moments, he starts clapping his gloves together and pacing the ring.

“He got me so impatient. He got me waiting. He got me steaming. But I'm not going to boil over because I am the champion of the people of Sin City. I can take it. Just while those smiles – they are beaming.”

Chaos stops and crouches down next to the tiger, giving it a scratch behind the ear.

“Maximillian Wu.”

He jumps up.

“He got me so mad; I'll jump through the buckle I'll hurt him so bad, cut the bone through the knuckle I don't give a fuck If I can't see cut my eyelids wide open like the wings of a butterfly. I sing for my supper I'll dance round the ring, and run rings round these other guys. When it's crunch time I won't be undermined. But won't throw a punch, I'm talking about my fucking mind. I'll jab like very other time. With my mouth guard in but I still got my tongue in my cheek. My game so unrefined, I make my own mother cry. Ain't no alumni, and you can tell by the way I say alumni. Chaos'll crush ya, stutter step I duck down left then send you lullaby. I the machete to your butter knife, hell im ready cause those bloody eyes are the window to your soul and bro; I'm pulling down the shutters; I've...”

Chaos walks away from the tiger. He hits the ropes with his back and hold and leans back like he is waiting for an unsighted opponent.

“I've never been scared of life, wont watch it pass me by in my bed. And I've never felt so alive, and my eyes have never looked so dead. And some of you might step but that's by the by. Man I can watch whole worlds crumble. So, Mister Maximillian Wu...”

He cracks his neck to the right.

“Just loosen your neck from side to side.”

He cracks his neck to the left.

“Then rumble, young man, rumble.”

Chaos bounces off the ropes and starts throwing combinations. Left. Right. Left. Duck and weave. Uppercut.

“I'll sing out to the masses, each round of clashes. Every swing, downed and damaged brings out the savage. The bell sounds and I'm cling bound and bandaged. Which brings round only those things mouthed in madness. You might have me on the ropes, it's gone beyond a joke. You can corner the Lion, no law of confinement will stop me from your throat. Provoking this beast you'll see my blood boil. The notion of peace in such toils the face of hopeless defeat. Shrug of a glance, switch stance, throw one, advance and watch you succumb to the dance, romance, the blood on our hands. Wu you can try to throw a blow but something tells me you ain't for fighting toe to toe. And I'm sure it ain't for lack of trying, it's just that the dying wont let go. It takes a particular touch, the way to deliver a punch. If your game isn't vicious enough then I'll play till The Standard is giving it up. Let him come, let him fall down now, said it once, said it all round town. "

Chaos drops his hands and shows his palms down by his sides.

“I get it done.”

He brings his hands back up and takes a conventional stance.

“Mister Wu gonna get 'em hung, when I come, better run, better haul out south.”

Chaos stands bouncing on his toes.

“I'm bouncing on my toes like...” 

Chaos stops bouncing.

“Let's go. Let's Go. Let's Go!”