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Author Topic: When It All Started [I/II WHC Title Match]  (Read 399 times)

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When It All Started [I/II WHC Title Match]
« on: November 12, 2014, 05:15:59 PM »
There was a time when love was blind.
And the World was a song.
And the song was exciting.
There was a time...
Then it all went... wrong...

Maya found himself going through packs and packs of cigarettes as the weeks passed by, what started out has a one time thing to calm himself had turned into a full blown relapse into addiction. He needed to feel the calm fire soothing his insides, like the warm caress of a lover. He needed to feel the cleansing fire eat away at the tension flooding his system with each passing moment.

He was leaning out his apartment window, it was an overcast day but... it was one of those days where everything was a murky gray. No rain, no sunshine, it was like Mother Nature couldn't decide what she felt and just puked out this ugly swamp color on the World.

It seemed to fit how Maya felt though, he didn't know what he was supposed to feel. Going into Master of the Mat, the most important match of his life, he knew everything he needed to know... but his insides were a torrent of malcontent. There was always a part of Maya that wanted, desperately, to believe that Loco was telling the truth, that he had nothing to do with anything that happened to him.

But after Revolution 131...

Maya watched the tip of his cigarette turn to cinders as he inhaled hard, letting the fire burn the filth away from his insides. Maya never wanted any of this to happen, he wanted his match with Loco Martinez to be a white light in SHOOT Project, he wanted to show the world that you didn't need a blood feud to highlight their sport.

And then Loco...

Maya let the smoke creep out from his nostrils.

Maya: I was always curious when this whole thing started with you, Loc. I think it would be easier for me to honestly believe that you always hated me, that this was all just some master plan you hatched long ago. I want to believe that everything you and I had been through was just a charade on your part to get me on your good side, just a silly little plot to eventually take everything I held dear and spike it to the ground and kill it. It would be so much easier for me to cope with all of this if you were just a fraud this whole time, sitting in the shadows and planning my destruction, never having really felt a god damn thing for me.

Maya's eyes gazed over at the SHOOT Project World Title sitting on the table beside him, the wind from the open window blowing smoke across the face plate, distorting Maya's name. He closed his eyes, he knew Loco hadn't been planning this long...

Maya: But what I really think is that this whole thing with you started recently. I believe that in the past we were genuine friends and you would have done anything to protect me, a real true blue friend. See, I think you always kind of saw me as your little brother and it was up to you to always be there for me. You'd always be there for your little brother, to help him and guide him when times were toughest. You would be the symbol of strength for your poor lost little brother, poor lost little Maya. And through it all, of course, Big Brother is the strongest and he has to be, how else with Little Brother look up to him and trust him?

Maya flicks the cigarette with the tips of his fingers, ash falling from the tip and slowly sailing to the ground. Bits of orange lit ash the only color in a swamp field of gray as it falls to the streets below.

Maya: So, ELITE comes around and the two of us are in the Primus. We both fight tooth and nail to be the last men standing in that ring, we both kill ourselves to be the last two men fighting for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title; Big Brother and Little Brother, right? In your mind, you got this. You've been the beacon of strength for Little Brother ever since he came the SHOOT Project, there's no way he could possibly beat you. You know it's your time to finally shine, to be the one true light for SHOOT Project and show your kid brother who the man is. Only problem is...

And Maya has to smile, slightly, about this.

Maya: … that didn't happen did it? Your kid brother, the one you spent all this time protecting, at some point got stronger than you. This big stronger brother persona you had in your mind was surpassed by the frail little kid you saw in me, the one that always needed protecting. Suddenly, I'm not so weak and I'm not so defenseless. Suddenly, you're not the beacon of light you wished you were... I was. And that must have eaten away at you, and sure you put on a happy face and pretended to me happy for me, but you must have been brewing something awful about that for a long, long, long time. But see, you know in the back of your head that you still got your Master of the Mat opportunity, you know that wasn't the last time you'd fight me for the SHOOT Project World Title, so your mind starts to tick and tick and tick.

Maya pats the face plate of the SHOOT Project World Title, the sound of metal and gold clanking and clanging against the table brings a sort of peace to his ears. It's still his and it's not going anywhere.

Maya: So, you're playing it out in your head and you're thinking... you can't beat your Little Brother anymore, not in a straight up fight anyway. You tried that before and you ended up being the bridesmaid, you needed the edge this time and you needed to make sure you cemented your legacy in SHOOT Project. So, your mind starts ticking again and you start pulling in favors because of how long you've been here and how loyal you've been to the SHOOT Project brand. You put me in a 10-on-1 match where you hope my career is ended or at very least I have to vacate the SHOOT Project World Title, you'd come out with crocodile tears weeping for your poor kid brother but you'd gladly take the title with no effort. You'd look like a courageous hero and no one would be any the wiser about how you sold your soul. But, that didn't happen either did it? You weren't counting on it not being enough and you weren't counting on Isaac saving my life. So, you gotta go back to the drawing board, right?

Maya's fist tighten up, what little is left of the cigarette in his hand gets crumpled and he flicks it out the window.

Maya: Your boys in ANARCHY will do whatever you tell them to do, doesn't matter what that order is. So, they do your bidding and I get another handicap match where you hope to God that they do at least enough damage that I'll be put on the shelf... or worse. Who knows, maybe you were just looking to soften me up, but it's another convenient scenario where you've got the World Title to gain from me being pummeled. Problem is, like everything else so far... that didn't happen did it? No, I survived and I kept showing up week after week after week and you were starting to realize that NOTHING you could throw at me would stop me from making it to Master of the Mat and retaining MY SHOOT Project World Title. So now you're getting desperate, right? You don't know what to do, so you just go old school and jump me from behind and try to crush the back of my god damn skull on a concrete wall. You even had to stones to come back to the scene and scope out your handiwork, to see just how much damage you did and see if you finally did what all of your hired thugs couldn't. You'd swoop in and play hero, “I WAS JUST TRYING TO APOLOGIZE!”. Problem is...

… that didn't happen, did it? So, that brings us to Revolution 131, was a fairly quite one for me, thought maybe you'd just man up for a change and fight me fair and square in the tag match.

Maya reaches into his pocket and pulls out a red pack of cigarettes, already half empty and the day was still young. He slams the red pack against the palm of his hand, a single cigarette SHOOTing up out of the pack that Maya cradles between his lips.

Maya: How stupid of me, right?

He cups a hand around the tip of the cigarette while he lights it with a cheap little plastic green lighter, after taking a quick few puffs to get it going, he inhales deeply and relishes the taste of fire and smoke.

Maya: Somehow, my two tag partners found themselves on the wrong end of an ambush. How'd you pull that one off, Loc? Who did you bribe and how much did you have to give them to make that happen, huh? Seems like an awful big coincidence that on the night you gotta fight ME with no numbers in your advantage... somehow my partners get jumped and it becomes a 3-on-1 handicap match for me. God works in some crazy ways, right? But it doesn't even stop there, you left me a present at the top of the ramp, didn't you? You cried out that it wasn't you and you tried your best to be surprised, even tried to pin it on ANARCHY. So, I open this present, right, and it's your fucking trophy case with a juicy spot in there for MY SHOOT Project World Title. So, what else could I do besides run down there and shit on you so hard that your boys had to save you from the worst beating of your god damn life.

And wouldn't you know it... now we find ourselves in the present. Master of the Mat is right on the horizon, and the two of us are set to do battle for MY SHOOT Project World Title. And you gotta be sitting there with all the confidence in the world, right Loc? I mean look at everything you've done to me over the past few months, the champ is hurt bad, right? You got this in the bag, no problems for the Freakshow, right? Even if you didn't put me on the shelf, should be easy pickings to take me out if I'm still feeling the effects from that little 10-on-1 massacre you put me through, right?

I'm going to do something you don't know how to do anymore, I'm going to be honest. I am still hurt, everything on my body hurts like hell from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. But, see, what keeps me going is knowing what my responsibilities are, knowing who and what I'm fighting for. Cause, see, there's a whole lot of people that you've turned your back on and forgotten, Loc... the people you used to care about. They watched you EVERY week because they thought, like I thought, that you were worth it. They, like me, thought you were worth getting behind that you were different now.

But we were all wrong.

You let the SHOOT Project World Title pervert your soul, you turned on your friends, your brother, and all the fans that ever had any respect for you. And for that, Loc, for that I will NEVER forgive you. For that, you NEVER deserve to even TOUCH the SHOOT Project World Title. But, you will be getting something that you very much so deserve at Master of the Mat, Loc, something that's been coming to you for a LONG time... and I'm going to relish every god damn second of it. Because I swear to GOD, Loc, you're going to wish to high heaven that you were in ANY other match than one with me.

I'm going to make sure that your filthy hands NEVER touch the SHOOT Project World Title and that those people you turned your back on NEVER have to endure seeing someone as corrupt as you holding something so precious.

You thought if was fun spitting on the fans all this time? You thought it was fun spitting on me this whole time, trying to injure me and end my career? Master of the Mat, I'm going to show you exactly what ALL of that feels like. EVERY ounce of pain and suffering you've put me and the fans through?

It all comes back around, Loc.

It all comes back around.

I had a dream my life would be...
So different from this hell I'm living.
So different now from what it seemed.
Now... life has killed the dream I dreamed