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« on: November 13, 2014, 01:01:15 AM »

The video picks up with shots of past Rule of Surrender Champions.

“Every breath you take…
Every move you make....
Every bond you break,
Every step you take,
I’ll be watching you…”

The slow paced music allows the sepia sights of Alex Brooks locking in the Million Dollar Dream on a former World Heavyweight Champion to play for the viewers. The fans, though muted by the music, are obviously blowing the roof off of the arena as Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell.

The video fades to a black and white montage of Cronos Diamante holding Alex Brooks’ sister hostage, cups flying past the head of the future champion. Anna Brooks bleeds from a wound caused by Cronos, causing Brooks to have to tap out. Cronos’ smile as he holds the Rule of Surrender Championship is the last we see of the montage.

“Every single day…
Every word you say…
Every game you play,
Every you night you stay,
I’ll be watching you…”

The shot fades to Cronos Diamante gritting his teeth as Mason Pierce wrenches in the Manchester Necktie. As the lyrics turn, as the slow motion video plays, Mason squeezes down harder… The words seep from Cronos’ lips, “I Submit.” The remaining shot is of Mason Pierce standing in the middle of the ring with the Rule of Surrender title held high above his head.

Mason Pierce has Maya Nakashima locked in a Manchester Necktie, the very move that won him the title, and simply lets go. The video speeds through Leona sliding the Rule of Surrender Championship to Pierce, and slows back down as Maya nails a dropkick into Pierce’s face, nailing him with the belt. The video again speeds up as Maya drills For Japan, and slaps on an armbar, again slowing down as Dennis Heflin calls for the bell. The video cuts to Maya jumping the barricade to stand with the fans.

“Oh, can’t you see,
You belong to me,
How my poor heart aches
With every step you take...”

Isaac Entragian’s bloody mouth being removed from Maya’s fleshy calf is the first thing we see as the video fades. As Isaac locks in Brittle Be Thy Bones, the video seems to stall. The terrifying look in Isaac’s eyes as he squeezes down on the World Champion’s leg, blood gushing out of the wound is what the camera focuses on, everything else faded. As Heflin calls for the bell, the video cuts to Isaac walking back up the ramp as both the Iron Fist and Rule of Surrender champion.

The calendar turns from 2011 to 2013, flipping through the months to land on June. The faces of the members of the gauntlet flash across the screen; Connor Caden, Maya Nakashima, Takuma Sato, Johnny Napalm, Datura, Jerry Matthews, Randall Kash, Solomon Richards and Tanya Black all grace the screen before the footage turns to Solomon Richards lifting Tanya Black up for a sitout Cobra Clutch bomb, quickly turning it into a hold. The fans in the arena explode as Black is forced to tap out. The video fades to Solomon Richards now leaning on the ropes, staring at the faceplate.

“Every move you make…
Every vow you break…
Every smile you fake,
Every claim you stake,
I’ll be watching you…”

Almost immediately there after the video shifts to Solomon Richards lifting up Mr. Ocelot for a vertical suplex. Luther Crumb looks on in amazement as Ocelot drops to the mat behind Richards, speedily looking in a single-armed rear naked choke, allowing his free hand to dance across Richard’s body, raining down fists and elbows in the Paralysis Leech. Richards’ hand reaches out for the ropes...but the video slows as he begins to tap the mat.

Ocelot walks out to the ring with the belt around his waist. The video speeds with the music, allowing Ocelot to step on the ring apron. As the bass hits, Thomas Manchester Black drills Ocelot off of the ring apron and down on top of Luther Crumb. The footage cuts to Ocelot ducking a clothesline, but bouncing off the ropes directly into a blackhole slam. Black quickly latches on an Anaconda Vice. Black stands stoically in the middle of the ring with the belt.

“Every breath you take…
Every move you make…
Every bond you break
Every step you take,
I’ll be watching you…”

The footage now of Thomas Manchester Black fighting the Bone of Contention by Dave Marz, struggling, trying to break the hold. Marz rolls Black over, the camera focuses in on Marz’s face now, teeth grinding, veins popping as he squeezes the chickenwing. The fans in the arena giving their everything to keep the hold locked in, and finally the shot of Black reaching for the ropes...but having to tap.

As Marz and Lunatikk Crippler stand back to back, the fans in the arena have no idea what’s going to happen next. Marz drops to his knees as Crippler shifts his weight, allowing Crippler to lift a leg up, and shift his weight down to latch on a Bitchified. Marz reaches out to the ropes, Crippler WRENCHES back on the hold...and Marz is forced to tap.

“Every bond you break…
Every step you take,
I’ll be watching you…”

And finally, the camera catches Lunatikk Crippler demanding five more minutes added to the title match that went the distance. As Crippler charges for a spear, Tanev catches him, sliding his own hand under Crippler’s body and slaps on a beautiful Descender. Both men hit the ground, and with no rope breaks left to use, Crippler reaches for support….

The picture cuts to black.

And then Crippler’s hand drops to the mat to tap. The video fades with the music to a dark purple SHOOT Project Helm on a black background.

A few moments pass, the music lingers in the air. Then, white words slam into the backdrop, outlined with gold. First each individual man’s name and moniker. Then the match plate itself.

“Rule of Surrender Champion”
Kale Tanev


“The Golden Boy”
Dan Stein

Master of the Mat 2014
Rule of Surrender Championship Match
December 8, 2014

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