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Author Topic: I Remember [II/II WHC vs. Loco]  (Read 381 times)

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I Remember [II/II WHC vs. Loco]
« on: November 13, 2014, 03:30:38 AM »
I remember this time, right, when I first came back to SHOOT Project. I didn't really know anyone, I had been away for what seemed like years, it was in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan. At the time I was still devastated because I couldn't find any of my loved ones, not a single soul. My parents, Shinya, I was alone and I was scared. Nothing felt right, and no one would really talk to me... everyone was different. So, Loco comes up to me and I'm really scared cause the last time I was with him... well, I don't wanna talk about that. But he's all smiles and real happy, you know? It was kind of infectious, I felt a little better and he invites me to this picnic or birthday party, maybe that one in Brazil, or one of his crazy get togethers. At first I thought I wouldn't go, just tell him I'd be there to make him go away.

But I kept remembering his smile, it was genuine and it was so blissfully innocent. I figured it'd at least be good for me to go out and try to socialize.

Of course, I ended up sitting off all by myself. I didn't really know anyone and they didn't really know me. I was miserable, I just wanted to go home. I think I was about to leave, too, when Loco saw me sitting there all by myself. He comes over with that smile and it's like I was one of the boys, one of his close friends. He starts talking to me and joking with me like nothing had ever happened between us.

He accepted me when no one else would, when every one else forgot about me... he reached out and picked me up off the ground. He was light when there was none.

Maya: Do you think it brings me any joy what-so-ever to do this? You keep talking like I want to do this to you, like I wanted to come to the conclusion that glares us all right in the face. Ever since I came back to SHOOT Project I've only had the fondest of memories when it came to you, Loc. But what the hell do you expect me to do, give you a free pass because we used to be besties? I point the finger at you because WHAT ELESE IS THERE?! Give me something, god dammit, give me ANYTHING that would make me think otherwise because I wanted SO badly for the longest time to give you the benefit of the doubt. I want you to give me ANY reason to doubt myself, to  wash myself of my accusations.

But so far, all I've heard is that “someone” sure did their homework. “Someone” went to the trouble of replicating your trophy case and wrapping it up before our match. “Someone” else orchestrated an ambush of my teammates that night and by happen stance gave you a 3-on-1 edge. “Someone” is dragging your name through the dirt. “Someone” is making you look bad. Who are you honestly trying to fool?

I am to sit here, after everything YOU have done to me, and be appeased by a phantom in the wind that knows everything you “would have” done in the past?

That doesn't CUT IT, that doesn't GIVE you a free pass, and it doesn't EARN you my sympathies. After my career was almost ended BY YOU, on multiple occasions I might add, I refuse to let you off the hook because you're having second th...

That's what it is, isn't it?

God, I'm such a fool... I never even saw it.

So, there's this one time where I'm in over my head pretty deep. I was in a dark place and I was trying to do anything to find Shinya. There's this guy, I don't remember his name, but he's a real Grade-A piece of shit, right? But he's a rich Grade-A piece of shit, and he's got more connections than probably the president. He comes up to me and says he can uses his wealth and his connections to find Shinya, cause there's nothing he can't buy. Catch is I have to be his glorified slave, is he asks it of me then I have to do it. Loco gets wind of this, cause he and this piece of shit used to be real close, and he comes to talk to me, tries to get me to stop doing what was asked of me. I'm still kinda scared cause I knew what he used to be like, him and this piece of shit that “employed” me.

But he's got that smile again, you know? Like, I knew I could trust him and I really started to.

The piece of shit catches wind that I was talking to Loco, tells me that if I make friendly with him he'll cut his funding and stop looking for Shinya, I'll never find out what happened to him.

So, I don't know what to do cause I took a real shine to Loco. I knew that if I just told him what that piece of shit said that he'd never listen, and he'd keep trying. Being the god damn genius I am, I decide... I gotta make him hate me. I treated Loc like a real piece of trash, I told him I hated him, and that we were never friends.

Thing is... that doesn't stop him from trying.

He keeps coming back every week with that smile on his face, even brought me this trophy case for some title I had won... and still I spit fire at him. Loco never stopped trying though, like he knew I needed him, like he knew what was happening to me... like he knew I needed his light.

I dunno, sometimes I think that smile is what made me tell that piece of shit to screw himself...

Maya: I always wondered how you could convince yourself that you had nothing to do with it, how you could put the blinders on so heavily that you still have the guts to pretend like you didn't do anything. It's because you're having second thoughts now, aren't you? You must have thought that the 10-on-1 would be the only blood you'd have on your hands, thought that would be enough to put me on the shelf, and hell you'd never even have to look me in the eyes to do it. But now, when a little time has passed, and the blood is coated everything that used to be good about you...

You want everything to go back to the way it was, don't you?

You never thought you'd have to go this FAR in order to put me down, and now you can't stand to even look in the mirror. You can't stand the MONSTER you've become, because by comparison... it's tame to what you used to be. In the past you'd just send some homophobic rhetoric my way and be done with it. But now, the amount of blood you're spilling and the way you're doing it? You've gone past what you used to be and become something far worse... and you can't stand it can you?

Well guess what, Loc, I want everything to go back to the way it used to be too. I want to go back to those days when me and you and everyone could just sit on a patch of grass on a sunny day and be content. I want to go back to those days when you'd have a party every weekend, and no one would ever be sad until it was time to go home. I want those days back more than you could EVER imagine, Loc.

But those days will never come again, because of what you tried to do to me.

And that's why I want to pretend like you hated me all this time. Cause if I knew it was all just an act then I could forget those days, I could let them slide off my back. I could forget that warm gentle smile you used to always have, the one that would comfort anyone who saw. I could forget all the times you picked me up off the ground. I could forget how you'd always try to help me. I could forget ALL of that and just chalk it up to this god damn plan you had.

But I can't, Loc.

Because back then you were a man I could trust, and every time I see you now... I mourn for my former friend. I mourn for him because I know...

Yeah, he was my best friend in the whole world after my parents died and I left Shinya to fate. I mean there was no real reason to think he'd ever do anything like he used to. I really thought he changed and, I mean, he did change. I don't think anyone can deny that Loco made an honest to God change for good when he came back to SHOOT Project. I think everyone, whether they admitted it or not, really wanted to see Loco succeed.

God knows, I did. I thought Loco deserved the whole world for all the good he had done.

But I never thought that he'd... that he would...

Maya: You were saying something about how I'll have lost you, Loc. It's funny you should say that, because you know what?

I've already lost you.

The Loco I used to know is dead. What stands before me is a man I don't know anything about, just some husk that uses the same name. And at Master of the Mat I'll make sure that you can't haunt people anymore. This thing in front of me, that used to be my best friend, Loco Martinez, I'll make sure you can't hurt the fans with memories of how you used to be, about how filled with light you were. I won't let them loon upon you and see an empty shell, a man corrupted by a gold plated belt and turned into a pit of complete black.

I just want to ask why, Loc?

Why'd you let it become... THIS!?

We could have had everything, EVERYTHING! This could have changed the face of the god damn company, changed the landscape of WRESTLING ITSELF! We're you really so scared of me that you had to sink this LOW!? WHY, LOCO, WHY!? Why couldn't you just be content with what you had why did you have to let this ideal of fame and glory cloud your mind and rot away at what USED TO BE my best friend!?

I would have shared the spotlight with you if that's what you wanted, Loc, if you just wanted some notoriety and some title shots... all you had to do was ask. I would have given you the WORLD, LOCO, THE GOD DAMN WORLD!

But you... you sunk to this, you sunk to a level that I could never, ever, forgive you for sinking to. Was it because you were afraid that Master of the Mat would end the way the Primus would, that you'd come up just short again and that would be your last shot?

Well it will be your last shot and it will end up the same as the Primus. I will make sure that your worst fear comes to fruition and I will make sure that your black cloud doesn't infect the SHOOT Project World Title. Because really, Loc, after everything you threw at me and after all the ambushes and bullshit handicap matches...?

I'm still here.

I'm still standing.

I'm still SHOOT Project World Champion.

So, tell me, what else could you possibly do to me that's gonna change that? None of your crap worked before, not for lack of effort, and now when it's just you... and me? ANARCHY isn't going to be there to bail you out this time. Nine other guys won't be there to help you this time. You won't be able to re-book this one into a handicap match. I don't have any partners for you to jump. It's just gonna be you and me, Loc.

And when it's all said and done, when you have no more excuses left, I will stand up, as I have after all of your attempts to cripple me...

...still SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.