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Author Topic: What is There to be Thankful For? {ii for WHC vs. Maya}  (Read 383 times)


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What is There to be Thankful For? {ii for WHC vs. Maya}
« on: November 28, 2014, 11:41:50 PM »
Tuesday, November, 26th, 2014.
McCarran International Airport
Las Vegas, Nevada

He sits, shoulders heavily.  The weight of the World invisibly pushing down.  Pushing his chest towards his knees.  In his right hand he aimlessly scrolls through twitter.  Part distraction.  Part self abuse.  He can’t go far without SOMEONE saying SOMETHING about his upcoming match.  About how full of shit he is.  How evil he’s become.  How everything that’s happened has been a ploy.  A Ruse.  A trick.  All about him becoming something he’s always dreamt of being. 

He sighs and shuts the phone down.  He leans back into the chair in McCarran’s waiting area.  He hasn’t shaved in… what appears to be weeks.  A green Philadelphia Eagles hat pulled low over his forehead to keep himself “low key” only half works as the occasional passer by gawks.  Some whispering about “WHO” he is, and perhaps “WHAT” he’s done.  A plain white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans completes his ensemble.  He mutters to himself.

Loco Martinez:  I really wish she listened to me…

He cranes his neck to see the arrival board.  To see when the 8am US Airways flight that departed from Philadelphia would make its arrival.   

He told Gabriella Martinez, that he wasn’t really UP for guests this week.  That considering EVERYTHING that’s going on.  That even though it WAS Thanksgiving week.  A week for family, friends, and for taking stock of everything in your life and slowing down, or stopping to celebrate those things.  To enjoy life. 

But Loco Martinez wasn’t in the mood for self reflection.  Wasn’t in mood to hang with friends, as if there were many, or any, left.  And seeing as he went out of his way to dissuade his mom from coming out to Vegas?  Isn’t much in the mood for family.   

A few moments pass and he shifts in  his seat.  His mind picking at him.  His thoughts bouncing and attacking and each twitch, nervous neck crack, aimless stroke of his facial stubble,  seemingly another barb from his current tormentor. 

So he sits there, a time of the year that SHOULD be happy.  A week in which he SHOULD be thrilled about the prospect of becoming the SHOOT Project World Champion.  Excitement, maybe a bit nervous,  should be the emotional anticipation for what SHOULD have been an epic contest between two friends…  what SHOULD have been a match for the ages.  A match that could have shown the world what it is that is beautiful and right and AMAZING about professional wrestling…  about SPORT. 


Gabriella Martinez:  HIJO!

The voice of Loco Martinez’s mom cuts through the terminal.  He turns and sees his mom and attempts to feign his big Cheshire Cat grin, but she sees him and his attempts to look happy and frowns.

Gabriella Martinez:  What’s the matter?

She throws her arms around him as he stands and turns toward her.  She gives him a big kiss on the cheek.

Loco Martinez:  Nothing, Ma.  I just have a lot on my mind right now. 

Her brow furrows.  He takes her bag and throws it over his shoulder.

Gabriella Martinez:  You don’t look so good. 

Loco Martinez:  Well I’ve been busy…

She knows her son and puts her arm around his arm, interlocking elbows, and rests her head on his shoulder.

Gabriella Martinez:  I’m happy to see you. 

Loco Martinez:  Yeah… Me too.

She frowns.  Gabriella Martinez hasn’t seen this side of her son.  It worries her.  She knows in the past that she could go for a long time between seeing and hearing from Loco.  Sometimes he fell so far into things that he wouldn’t look up.  Wouldn’t seek her out.  It was part of the reason that despite his pleas, she made sure to come out to Vegas.  To see him this week.  To hopefully remind him of what he is or, can be. 

The continue walking through the terminal.  Walking in silence.

Thursday, November, 28th, 2014.
Loco Martinez’s Apartment
Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanksgiving Day.  Loco Martinez’s apartment has the look and vague feel of a holiday celebration.  his mom works hard in the kitchen.  A long table set up that stretches from the eating area into the living room, where the two members of ANARCHY!  sitting, we wouldn’t call it “comfortably” as there is an uncomfortable almost nervous energy between the two of them.  They got the invite via text, a day ago.  They aren’t sure what to make of all this.  They just know there is a table WAAAAAAY too big for the four people currently inside this apartment.  Gabriella pops her head out.

Gabriella Martinez:  You boys need anything?

T.Rex:  Nah, Missus Martinez, we’re good.

She walks back into continue her cooking.  Arch Angel looks towards his tag team partner, and mutters.

Arch Angel:  You sure about that?

T.Rex gives a shrug.  From the kitchen Gabriella calls out.

Gabriella Martinez:  Jay!  Come out of there.  We have company. 

An unintelligible grunt as an answer.  ANARCHY continues to watch the halftime show of the Lions/Bears game.  Finally Loco walks out in a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt.  His beard with two more days of growth.  He grabs a handful of pistachios off the table, and plops down on the couch, with almost no acknowledgement of his two friends.

Gabriella Martinez:  Aren’t you gonna say hi?

Loco rolls his eyes.  Looks at T.Rex and Arch Angel.

Loco Martinez:  Hey, fellas. 

Arch Angel:  Uh… Hey, Loc.  How’s it going?

He answers with a silent shrug.  Pretending to be enthralled with the halftime highlights.

Gabriella Martinez:  JAY?!

Loco Martinez:  I’m fine, Chris.  I’m fine. 

Uncomfortable silence. T.Rex shifts in his chair.

T.Rex:  SO, how was your flight Missus Martinez? 

Gabriella Martinez:  It was nice.  Good to get out here.  Its been a while. 

T.Rex:  Yeah.  Has… has it been since last Thanksgiving? 

A pause as she thinks about that. 

Gabriella Martinez:  No.  I was out here after that, but that was a nice trip.  Remember Jay?

Loco looks up.  He stares blankly not entirely sure what he’s being asked about.

Gabriella Martinez:  Last year. We were all here for Thanksgiving.  You three boys.  Remember? 

Loco gives a pained shrug… he knows… he REMEMBERS, but he isn’t really into taking this trip down memory lane, but this one is out of his hands, and it appears as if he’ll be dragged down the lane kicking in screaming…

T.Rex:  Yeah!  I remember.  We was here.  Grubbing.  And King and his lady… I think she was his lady… but yeah those two came, OOH, and May…*T.Rex tries to stop, but like a pothole you see at the last minute, and can’t swerve, so you just wince and wait for it to potentially destroy your wheel* …. a .

A look from Loco.  His eyes narrow with rage.  A name he had no interest in hearing.  The tension changes as Gabriella walks in flaunting the same smile we are so accustomed to seeing on Loco’s face.

Gabriella Martinez:  That’s right!  Maya and Señor King were hear last year!  Hijo.  Did you invite them this year?! 

Loco SHOOTs a dirty look Teddy’s way before answering.

Loco Martinez:  No, Mom.  Just wanted to keep it small this year.  Ya know.  Just these two.  Didn’t want you to over stress about cooking for… uh… more people.   

She sees through the bullshit.

Gabriella Martinez:  Oh yeah?  You were worried about ME… rrrrright.   Not because you’re about to fight him?

Loco winces at being called out.  Usually there was a better than good chance his mom wasn’t following his in ring exploits.  He bolts up shows more sign of life than we’ve seen from him in a while.

Loco Martinez:  Yeah, ma.  Cuz we’re about to fight… but it ain’t JUST like we’re fighting.  We’re fighting to be the SHOOT Project World Champion.  It ain’t just a match, and there is NO. WAY. Even if I did invite Maya?  That he would have accepted. 

Gabriella Martinez nods knowingly.

Gabriella Martinez:  Right because he thinks you’re behind all the bad stuff happening to him. 

Loco Martinez:  Yes.

Gabriella Martinez:  But you’re not right?

She asks this with a hint of HOPING her son is not behind it, not KNOWING her son is not behind this and hits Loco especially hard.  He recoils as he just took a straight right to the nose.

Loco Martinez:  Fucking… REALLY, mom?!

She starts to look to admonish him for his language, but the look on his face stops her.  His own MOTHER isn’t sure of what to believe.  He looks at his feet.

Loco Martinez: Crazy what a year can do, huh?  A year ago this holiday.  THIS home.  It was Thanksgiving and us and Maya and King had shit to be thankful for.  We could sit here and enjoy each other and enjoy food and drink and jokes and laughs while preparing for a match.  Sure maybe some of the cast is same.  The food will be delicious.  There’s football on the television…

He looks up icily.

Loco Martinez:  THIS year… is NOT last year.  Last year, Maya, you were a guest in my home.  My mom cooked for you.  You walked into this house… you came in and that woman right there threw her arms around you and took you for… FUCKING… FAMILY.   You know why she did that Maya?  You know WHY THAT WOMAN RIGHT THERE WAS THAT OPEN AND WARM AND LOVING TOWARDS YOU?!?!

He stops.  An uncomfortable silence fills the room as Loco continues to talk to the camera.

Loco Martinez:  I’ll wait…   … … …  Mom, you wanna help Maya out?  Why would you be so warm and friendly and take Maya in like that? 

Gabriella Martinez looks nervously at her son.  At a side she hasn’t seen before and she clearly doesn’t like it.

Gabriella Martinez:  Its… well… Jay… it was… because YOU-

He puts up his hand cutting her off.

Loco Martinez:  Exactly.  Because.  Of.  ME.  You were here, and my mom took you in, because.  OF.  ME!  Because when I’d talk to her I’d talk about my friend.  I told her your story.  I told her about your ability to forgive.  To Fight.  To Strive.  To succeed.  Despite EVERYTHING you’ve been through.  Everything that happened from Legacy to Shinya to Project SCAR.  That you were coming here and I was proud of that fact.  That SHOOT’s World Champion would be coming over for a little Martinez styled Thanksgiving, but more importantly that MY FRIEND was coming over.  But here we are a year later.  You won’t be setting foot in this house any time soon, but you know what WILL? 

His lips part into a vile bastardized version of his CHESHIRE CAT grin.  The look on his face sends shivers down his mother’s spine.

Loco Martinez:  Your precious World Championship.  Because going into this match I no longer have to worry about a friend standing across from me.  No longer have to bother myself with YOUR feelings.  You made yourself abundantly clear.  You look at me and see darkness, but you need to get your vision checked.  I’m not what you think I am.  No one… not even my own… fucking… MOTHER seems to believe me, but I KNOW.  I KNOW what I am and what I have, or in this case… HAVEN’T done.  But that horse is already dead, no need to continue beating it.  The only thing I need to worry myself about beating?   Maya Nakashima.  SHOOT Project’s World Heavyweight Champion.   Last year at this time, I might have felt a twinge of guilt standing over you, holding that Gold Beauty above my head.  At Master of the Mat?  There won’t be any guilt.  I’ll be standing over you, a dream realized. 

A Champion. 


… … …

We fade to static, but before going to black a frozen picture comes up.  The scene looks similar to the one we were just in, only Loco is standing, dressed nicely, and with no unkept hair, or scraggly facial scruff.  Its last Thanksgiving.  Loco is standing over  a seated T.Rex.  The picture springs to life. 

There's a knock at the door.  Loco pats Teddy on the shoulder,  heads to the door, opens it and standing there is Maya Nakashima.

Loco Martinez:  Hey there Champ!  Happy Thanksgiving.

He and Maya exchange a handshake.  Maya walks in.

Maya: Thanks for inviting me, Loco.

Mama Martinez's head pops out of the kitchen.

Gabriella Martinez:  who's here?

Her eyes light up with recognition, that while even though they have never met face to face she has heard her son talk about his friend many many times and she makes a b-line for Maya and before he can realize what's happening she has thrown her arms around him and given him a big kiss on the cheek.

Gabriella Martinez:  MAYA!  So great to meet you.  Happy Thanksgiving!

We freeze on that image.  Gabriella Martinez’s arms wrapped around Maya Nakashima as if he were her own son… As if he were Loco’s brother.