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Old School
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"Why come back?"

"Why do this"

Why do this? Are you kidding me?

You obviously don't understand those of us that play this game. You obviously don't understand why we play this game.

And you OBVIOUSLY don't understand the meaning of LEGACY!

Oh wait...

This is too simple...

Too old school...

Fine, I'll tell you a story...

Starting with the end...

"Jonny sacrificed you at the alter of Christopher Davis Paul, unfortunately by the time you realize it it'll be too late.

But that's ok, because ultimately Jonny gets what he wanted in the first place."

Now for the story...

It's shortly after the show ended, it's a few minutes after the dust has settled. Another incredible SHOOT project show is now is the books.  The fans have gone home happy, excited about Master of the Mat.

She's pacing back and forth, her job for the evening done but there's a look of concern combined with irritation on her face. She's shaking her head deep in thought.


Samantha Coil grabs her friend's shoulder startling Abigail Chase back into reality.

Samantha Coil: Abigail, did you not hear me calling you?

She pauses, looking her friend up and down. A sly smirk comes across her face.[/b]

Samantha Coil: Oh, wait I know what's going on with you. She Chuckles

Did you know?

Abigail shakes her head, staring at her friend with a look of confusion.[/b]

Abigail Chase: Know what?

Samantha now flat out laughs.[/b]

Samantha Coil: Stop it Abigail! We've known each other for years, you've interviewed dozens of these guys before. You've been threatened, physically man handled, and harassed.

But there's only one thing, or should I say ONE PERSON who causes you to act like that.

Stop trying to act like Christopher Davis didn't just waltz back into SHOOT tonight. Stop trying to act like you and Davis didn't have a thing, a hot and heavy thing, a few years back.

As a matter of fact, as I remember it...

Before she can go any further Abigail stops Samantha mid sentence.

Abigail Chase: Ok, ok, enough, enough. Please don't go there, there's no need to rehash the past.

Samantha Coil: Did you know he was going to be here tonight?

Abigail shakes her head no.[/b]

Samantha Coil: (shaking her head) You mean to tell me you didn't know he was going to come here tonight?  I don't believe you, I think...

Before she can finish a phone rings. Both women look around, Abigail reaches for her phone to answer. She brings the device to her ear.

Abigail Chase: Hello? Oh, hello Jason...Ok...Yes I did...Are you sure that...Yes, that's  true but...But...How...

She sighs clearly frustrated.

Ok, Jason, I'll get it done.

I'll get it done by tomorrow. Have the crew ready.

Abigail shakes her head after ending her phone call.  She drops the phone into her locker and closes her eyes followed by a deep sigh.

Abigail Chase: Why me?

Samantha Coil: What's going on?

Abigail just rolls her eyes.


I came into this game trying to make a name, trying to bring something special to the name Christopher Davis.

I had natural ability and size. At six foot, seven inches, two hundred sixty-five pounds I came in formidable. I had drive and wanted nothing more than to step into the ring with whoever I had to and go through them. I wanted to rise to the very top of this game, I wanted to be the best.

I wanted people to never forget the name Christopher Davis...

Then it happened...

I worked...

I fought...

I bled...

I cried...

I lost my wife to this game, she understood the drive, the passion, the flat out hunger. She let me play never telling me she was sick, never trying to take me away. She knew the importance of making the name Christopher Davis mean something.

With her last breath, she supported my quest.

I nearly lost my son to this game. Our relationship was rocky at best. How can you have a relationship with someone you barely know?

I fought hard, very hard. I came into this green as all get out. I just wanted to fight. I got beat down bad for years. But from every defeat I learned something...

...I didn't like losing!

Lose, get better. Lose, get better. Lose, get better. Win, win, win.

I walked into SHOOT still striving for the top. I had made a name but hadn't quite gotten there. Hadn't quite grabbed that brass ring, excuse the cliche'.

Then it happened, I had finally gotten there. Finally was able to wear the world title that eluded me for years...years!

The blood, sweat and tears had finally paid off.

The name Christopher Davis would now always be immortalized!

Why would I work that hard to have someone piss all over that?


A little known fact, Christopher Davis owns a gym in Las Vegas. A small, handful of people have this information basically because he doesn't want a large number of people knowing his business. The gym isn't some type of super modern shrine to excess.

For all intents and purposes it's a dump to be honest. It's dark, dank and smells. Looks like something out of the late 70's early 80's. The equipment is good but definitely not found in your local Planet Fitness.

As you walk in you notice there are large windows, three of them, the light does shine but it shines through the dust being tossed about by the people honing their skills.  To your left are two speed bags hanging in front of a wall length mirror. Make no mistake the mirror isn't used to let the pretty boys look at their muscles. No this mirror is used for people that have real hunger, real desire to improve their skills so when that opportunity arises they'll be ready.

Success requires preparation...

To your right there's a ring. You immediately realize that this thing is well worn. It's not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, you're pretty sure from the looks of it that is a feather lands on the mat it's going collapse.

That's when you hear the sound, it jars you back into reality. It sounds a bit like thunder but it's followed by the grunt of pain. The sound one makes when they're hurt. You look and see a body being flipped through the air. The only thing you know for sure is the body is large and it has long black hair.

Abigail takes in the scene for a moment, knowing the history she knows the long haired person being flipped is none of than Angel Hernandez, a large Hispanic man that is rarely seen without a larger ball headed black man known as Christian. At one time these two men formed a dominate tag team known as The Terror Squad.

They also watched the back of their best friend, the man who stands in the ring having done the flipping of Angel...

Christoper Davis!

He's sweating heavily, shirtless with black shorts and black boots. The angels wing tattoo on his back, a tribute to his deceased wife, appears soaking wet. He appears to still be in great condition, very little body fat, still well muscled.

Abigail Chase: Why me?

Christian, standing in the corner watching the action in the ring, suddenly looks towards the door and notices Abigail and crew. He motions to Davis in the ring, who turns around. The cold, grey eyes looking intense for a moment and then softening.

Christopher Davis: (to Angel) Hold up man, let's take a break for a minute. (turning his attention to Abigail) Well look what the cat dragged in.
How you've been Abigail?

Abigail Chase: Why?

He smiles, he looks at Christian and motions for a towel. The large man throws a white towel to his friend. Davis wipes his face and chest.  He then hops through the ropes and off the ring apron. He walks towards Abigail.

Christopher Davis: Did you or did you not send me text messages telling everything that was going on with Jonny?

Abigail Chase: I didn't expect you to show up and challenge him to a match.

Davis smiles and shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: Yes you did. You knew that it was only a matter of time before I walked into that arena. You knew...and so did Jonny.

Abigail Chase: You two...

Christopher Davis: Tell me about it.  But here we are, he wanted me here so here I am.

Abigail Chase: Facing Paul Jarvis, it's not even Jonny.

Davis wipes sweat off of his head with the towel.

Christopher Davis: Yeah, I know. I knew he wouldn't agree to the match. That would have been too easy.

Abigail Chase: (rolls her eyes) So what do you plan on doing? Are you going to stick around?

Davis raises his eyebrows, not answering the question.


Paul, give me a camera, a light and a chair and magic will be made. I've never cared much for the flash and dash. Just give me the simple things and I'll make something special.

Let's talk about tag team wrestling for a minute, specficially the Beautiful People. This was a team that no one saw coming. More than likely not too many people saw it as something special.

Jonny Johnson and Christopher Davis ended up together as a team and somehow made history. We took the tag team titles and made them arguably more sought after than the world title at the time. We pissed off and motivated people all over the world.

We had STELLAR superstars INSTANTLY joining forces to combat our INSANE HEAT!

the Beautiful People were a global phenomenon AND we were dangerously good at what we did inside the ring, no one could touch us...no one! Not just SHOOT, every federation that the Beautiful People showed up in we dominated.

WE dominated!!

WE redefined tag team wrestling!!!

Jonny's filled your head Paul. He's told you things that you refuse to question. You're blindly following him into The Abyss...heh...see how I did that.

Quite honestly Paul I'm going to hurt you. I'm a bit irritated and I'm going to take it out on you. I don't really care what you bring to the table, it's irrelevant to me.

Two things and then I'm done...

One, you reminded me that you've beaten me before. Why would you do that? There's a small, small list of people that have beaten me more than once. Usually what happens is someone beats me and somewhere down the line I destroy them.

Guess what side of that equation you're on?

Two, did you ever stop to think that Jonny might be sacrificing you as a way of saying I'm sorry Chris?

Are you sure you know exactly what Jonny wants right now?

I'll see you soon Kiddo!