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Dinner [Story]
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[SPOILER ALERT: This story contains in character feedback for portions of Revolution: The Resurrection Edition. Be aware of that before reading.]

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is considered one of the most sought out restaurants in all of Las Vegas for a variety of reasons. The incredibly expensive, wholly delicious French cuisine is one of those reasons. The impressive selection of imported wine is another. Nevada socialites of all shapes and sizes flock to this particular dining establishment, from the graying politicians with their showgirl trophy wives to the big-time casino executives in their corporate suits and slicked back hairstyles.

Billy Winter and his female companion occupy a VIP section in the back of the restaurant, a breathtaking chandelier hanging over a spacious table that glows with natural candlelight. It’s a table that earns envious glances even from fellow members of the upper class…and the sight of the buxom blonde sitting across from Billy in her elegant silver gown is enough to inspire even some of the most geriatric politicians in the restaurant to try and awkwardly conceal secretive boners beneath their respective tables.

The woman’s expression is one of vapid boredom, as though she’s used to being the center of every man’s universe whenever she steps out into a public setting. She daintily pushes her salad around on her plate, occasionally taking a little bite of this or that…munching down incredibly tiny portions of lettuce like a sexy bunny rabbit.

A large plasma screen is framed into the wall next to the table, and it’s currently broadcasting “SHOOT Project: The Resurrection Edition.”

Winter is very attentive to the broadcast, his hands clasped in front of him on the table as he watches the action unfold, occasionally reaching over to take a sip of Twist’s finest red, the lingering tinge of crimson left across his bottom lip after each time it connects with the glass.

Billy watches as Maya Nakashima opens the show, his deep blue eyes rolling towards the ceiling during Maya’s speech.

Billy: Take note of the tug-job this kid is giving my heart right now. Follow your dreams! Eat your veggies! Go bug chasing and suck the AIDS right out of a veiny, throbbing MEAT CANNON! A role model for the ages, this one…

Billy pumps one fist up into the air much like an “AIDS infested meat cannon” for emphasis…and this earns him a few disapproving glances from fellow patrons in the restaurant.

The blonde plants a hand beneath her chin, cocking it to the side as she lets her bright green eyes flit across the screen.

Billy: What do you think of him, Perky Tits?

“Perky Tits” flushes deeply, a red blush rising in her cheeks. She lowers her voice while leaning across the table towards Billy Winter.

Perky Tits: Billy, would you mind not calling me that when we’re in public? It’s embarrassing. It’s sexy when we’re…ya know…being intimate, but there’s a time and place for it. And this guy seems pretty nice to me.

Winter nods, gazing across the table at the stunning young woman.

Billy: I’m sorry. I apologize for being…crude like that. He is nice, isn’t he?

A sheepish smile appears on Billy’s face, and he bites his bottom lip just a little in an undeniably charming gesture.

Billy: Can I ask you a quick question? Just a quickie?

Perky Tits nods, returning his smile.

Billy: Do you like when I take you shopping?

Perky Tits: Of course, Billy…

Billy: Do you like riding around in my expensive cars, eating my expensive food with me, and fucking me with your brand new implants complete with diamond-encrusted nipple piercings that I bought for you?

The smile on Perky Tit’s face immediately vanishes.

Perky Tits: Billy…please…

Billy’s handsome face remains calm like the surface of a serene lake. His eyes sparkle though. There’s a special kind of cruelty in eyes like his.

Billy: Kay. If you enjoy ALL of that…then you’ll grit your pretty white teeth and BEAR it when I call you Perky Tits, and you’ll count your blessings that I don’t rip that gown from your body and make you crawl naked through this restaurant on your hands and knees for my amusement.

Billy leans back, looking perfectly placid while turning his gaze back to the plasma.

Billy: So let’s please try to have a good time, alright?

Perky Tits, totally deflated and demoralized by this line of questioning just nods her assent while pretending to become suddenly interested in her salad again.

Billy watches The Resurrection Edition unfold, arms crossed as Real Deal and Jason Johnson keep the hype train rolling. He seems to light up a little during Dan Stein’s match with Cade Sydal, a genuine smile breaking across his mouth as Stein bops around to “The Touch.”

Billy: I’m telling you…dude’s got style. I NEED to meet him.

The show goes on, Winter munching on a bit of croissant as Riley’s crew start to systematically pick Wipo apart.

Billy: It’s like watching a pack of meth heads beating the life right out of a Mexican drug mule in hopes of digging that last little bit of crystal out of his sphincter. High quality entertainment, if you ask me…

A few croissant crumbs fall down Billy’s chin and land on his black silk shirt as he says this, and he absently wipes them away with one hand.

Perky Tits: Ew.

Billy fast forwards past a few things before stopping at the match between Kincaid and Tanev. He appears to get genuinely engrossed in how competitive the match is…and just then the waiter brings a dish over to the table and sets it down in front of Billy.

Billy takes a moment to inhale deeply of the braised lobster and filet mignon, his eyes widening with hunger. He’s just about to sink his steak knife down into the filet when he notices a little sprig of greenery on the plate.

Billy’s gaze floats up to the waiter.

Billy: Is that parsley?

Waiter: Yes, monsieur…adds a nice bit of flavor to the dish.

Billy: I specifically asked for no parsley.

Billy drops the steak knife back to the tabletop. He unconsciously takes one of Perky Tit’s salad forks into his hand, his fingers tightening across the metal.

Billy: I don’t like the flavor of parsley. The very stench of it…offends me. THAT is why I asked that this dish be served sans parsley. And yet, my good man…here I sit with my date…and you are making an ASSHOLE out of me, no?

The waiter appears suddenly very uncomfortable, his eyes flitting from side to side.

Waiter: I’m very sorry about this, monsieur…it was an honest mistake. I will gladly take the dish away and tell the chef to prepare a new dish sans parsley, if you will permit me…

The waiter reaches towards the dish, but Billy immediately catches the man by the wrist. He holds his wrist there, suspended over the plate while making perfect, disquieting eye contact with him.

Billy: I don’t want another dish. It took you nearly TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES to bring me this one. What I want…is for you to look me in the eyes like you’re doing now…and tell me that you’re an incompetent fool. A forgetful, thoughtless IDIOT.

Perky Tits is sitting incredibly still, her eyes large…and yet somehow knowing.

The waiter looks flabbergasted, and the scene developing here has caught the attention of several other tables nearby.

Waiter: Monsieur, again I apologize for this…I can just…

Billy immediately cuts him off.

Billy: Say it.

Billy slowly rises up out of his chair while still holding the man’s wrist.

Billy: I want you to say it.

The waiter begins to struggle, attempting to draw his wrist back. And that’s when Billy very covertly seizes the salad fork and presses it up against the crotch of the man’s pants. He does it in such a sly way, his hand hidden beneath the table cloth so that none of the other diners in the restaurant even notice what’s happening here. Most of them have lost interest anyways…especially considering how Billy has lowered his voice down to a conspirators tone.

It looks like just a waiter and a patron having a polite conversation with each other from almost all visible angles in the VIP section.

Billy’s voice comes out low and silky, the purr of a playful tomcat.

Billy: I’m going to skewer your testicles with this salad fork if you don’t say it. I’m going to castrate you right here in this restaurant. I will not stop stabbing…until I’ve made you a eunuch.

The waiter’s hands are trembling, his eyes widening. He’s like a deer standing hopeless and helpless in front of approaching headlights.

Billy: Say it.

The man attempts to speak, his lips opening, his tongue trying to produce words.

A fat little bead of sweat drips down his temple and catches on the corner of his pencil-thin moustache.

Waiter: I’m a fool…

Billy nods, that warm, charming smile reappearing across his chiseled features.

Billy: That you are. A very stupid, thoughtless man. Say it.

Waiter: I’m stupid. I’m thoughtless…

Billy twists the fork ever so slightly against the man’s crotch, just enough to let him know that the prongs are incredibly tight against the cloth.

Billy: I’m glad we agree. Here’s what happens next…

Winter reaches down, and he very calmly unbuckles his belt with his back turned to the other diners in the restaurant.

Billy: I’m going to take off my slacks. I’m going to bend over that plate…and I am going to produce a fat, thick turd. I am going to let it slide out of my asshole until it hits that plate. You are going to place that sprig of parsley onto my bowel movement…and then you are going to eat my shit. You will scrape it up…and eat every single morsel of my SHIT like it is your last meal on this earth.

Perky Tits has dropped her eyes, clearly traumatized by how Billy is acting…but also FAMILIAR with how he’s acting.

The waiter is mortified.

Billy: I’ve spent all week eating caviar and Japanese fugu…so I think it’s safe to say my shit is worth more than your entire existence. It’s worth more than your wife. Your life savings. Your children, too. So you’ll eat my shit seasoned with this UNWANTED parsley…and as you chew it and choke it down…maybe you’ll learn to listen very intently the FIRST TIME when a diner tells you their order.

Billy leans forward, even closer…and suddenly rich, hearty laughter exits his mouth. He places the salad fork back on the table, looking at the waiter while cocking his head slight to the side.

Billy: Just joking.

Billy looks over at Perky Tits for a moment, his eyes sparkling with mirth.

Billy: Dude was literally about to chow down on my SHIT. Like THISSSSS close (Billy pinches his fingers together, looking back at the waiter while grinning)

The waiter seems almost frozen in place, his mouth still agape.

Winter casually reaches into his pocket and produces a money clip. He removes several hundreds…and then for good measure he rolls them together with the sprig of parsley, proceeding to tuck the roll into the waiter’s front pocket.

Billy: Forget we had this conversation, yeah? I’m going to enjoy my dinner now. Don’t want it to get cold…

Billy sits back down, taking a moment to stare at an ornate mirror on a nearby wall so that he can smooth his hair back across his head and compose himself.

He begins carefully cutting into his filet mignon as the waiter finally breaks free of his paralysis and stumbles away. He looks like a man who just narrowly escaped a head on collision and is barely even cognizant of that fact that he survived.

Winter on the other hand looks just as tranquil as ever, as though threatening to castrate a man with a fork and force him to eat shit is just business as usual in his world. Not even a lock of his silky brown hair is out of place.

Billy: The lobster is actually pretty good. We’ll have to come here more often.

Perky Tits look up from the safety of her salad, her eyes briefly catching Billy’s own for a moment.

Perky Tits: Anything you want, Billy.

Her smile is nervous, but well practiced.

Billy smiles back while bringing another forkful of lobster up into his mouth.