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Author Topic: The SHOOT Project Year End Awards Announcement  (Read 200 times)


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The SHOOT Project Year End Awards Announcement
« on: December 18, 2007, 08:14:53 PM »
[center:88bad]The SHOOT Project Year End Awards Announcement[/center:88bad][/color]

The SHOOT Project's latest incarnation has not been going for a solid year, but hey...who am I to argue with the masses?  Here for you, the fans, now...is the 2007 Year End Awards.  Like the last time I did this, I'm going to leave this ALL in the hands of you fans!  For one week, I'll have this up to allow everyone to look over the awards...and then you'll need to PM me (that's King, silly), with no less than three and no more than five nominees for each of these awards.  After that, I'll announce the nominees and give you guys ample time to make your final votes and tally it all up to determine the winners!

Also, if you have ANY special award you want to go to a specific person or event or thing, don't hesitate to add that to your PM!

And here are your awards!

Wrestler of the Year
-The kit and kaboodle.  The Big Deal.  This is like Best Actor and shit.  This is an award given to those very special few who have shaped SHOOT in some way in their time for the year or so they've been here.  World Champions to curtain jerkers, you're all up for this.  Consistency, dedication, and a gimmick and character that makes people mark out for you...this is the award that shows you, whoever you are, is the ABSOLUTE best of the best around SHOOT for the year of 2007.

Match of the Year
-We've ran, I think, sixteen shows.  That's about an average of 5 matches on these shows.  Two pay per views.  So, like, that's like...four hundred matches to choose from or something.  Anyway, this is another biggie, such as the Best Movie.  Here, all matches that contain the drama, the epics, the wars, the matches that leave the workers and the fans forever changed...this is where they will be applauded, but only ONE will be the tops.

Champion of the Year
-The nominees here are quite simple.  Trevor Worrens and Jun Kenshin for the World Heavyweight Champions, Corazon for the Iron Fist Champions, Jester Smiles, Cade Sydal, and Donovan King for the Revolution Champions, Benjamin Biggs and Kilgore Stochansky for the Laws of Survival Champions.  These men have held the belts here and helped bring their own twists and their own brand of prestige to their individual titles.

Rookie of the Year
-This award goes to a character who has never had a televised SHOOT Project match.  What that means is a guy like Jester Smiles can easily be nominated, but a guy like Corazon (who was in the previous SHOOT incarnation with the Vanguard as Envy) can not.  If they are not currently or have not previously been on the roster, they are not eligible.  Sorry, Rowland Collins.  This is the list of guys who are eligible for this one: Trevor Worrens, Donovan King, Jester Smiles, Killian Reilly, Mario Giovanni, Jacob Delacroy, Sepulcher, Michael Collins, Kilgore Stochansky, Art de Luca, FLASH! Dynamite, NC-17, and Sammy Rochester.

Heel of the Year
-The baddest of the bad.  The meanest of the mean.  Those bad guys you love to hate, those guys (and girl) that make your skin crawl and you shudder with anger when they get to your favorite competitors.  This is an award dedicated to the most vile individual in the company who has gotten your goat enough to warrant being awarded for it.  Sick and twisted, I know.

Face of the Year
-For every villain, there needs to be a hero.  These heroes have made you leap and cheer.  They've made you laugh, smile, and cheer for them to take the baddies down.  You've watched them from the bottom to the top, and this is where you can award that special individual who you want to be given this special award as the best hero this company has seen for the year 2007.

Feud of the Year
-When heroes and villains get together, they generally tend to fight.  When this happens frequently enough, you're given one hell of a saga.  Good and evil duke it out over and over again, going personal and going bitter.  These rivalries have shaped SHOOT Project more than almost anything else.  What feud have you found to be the one you've been the most enthralled by?

Mark Out Moment of the Year
-They are the moments that have driven you to crying, to shouting, to bringing out the inner child in you.  They can be anything from somebody winning that elusive victory, a bad guy getting what's coming to them, a good guy being shown up, whatever has given you excitement here in SHOOT, this is the award for that moment.

Biggest Disappointment of the Year
-With every excitement comes a letdown...and we come to our final 'award'.  Did you have high hopes for a match and it was terrible?  Was a performer going to get you psyched and you just saw them fucking suck it up and be absolute shit in the ring and on the microphone?  This 'award' will go to what you've found to be an absolute channel changing part of the SHOOT Project.