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The Other Side #006
« on: October 14, 2010, 02:38:47 PM »
Oh noes, it’s the Other Side back again!  Oh, I hopes Other Guy has something else to talk about besides his feedback on Revolution!  I hope he has some awesome ideas for us to read even though so few of us like to give Other Guy any ideas!  Oh noes oh noes!

Ah, I’m just fuckin’ with you guys.  Welcome back to The Other Side with your host, SHOOT Backbone The Other Guy.  Last time we talked, it was all about Under Siege and the fallout therein.  We looked a little bit into the future to see the possibilities of Reckoning Day, and we talked a little bit about my thoughts and feelings on some of the Soldiers involved in both of those.

This time, I’m gonna again talk a little bit about Revolution.  I’m also gonna talk a little bit about a few Soldiers.  I’ll also open the floor for A GUEST WRITER!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I went and bothered the only guy I knew who’d do something for me in this situation: Eryk Masters.  We’ll hear from him a little bit later, but first let’s take a look at Revolution: Choices, shall we?

A side note, when I was in elementary school, the school board was wanting to shy away from suspension…at least calling it as such.  I guess that was because we all referred to After School Suspension as…ASS.  I KNOW!  SO CLEVER!  Anyway, to try and make ne’er-do-wells think about what they did, they changed the name of the program to Choices.  I was in Choices once, it felt strangely like In School and After School Suspension.  The point of this?  I kept flashing back to sixth grade every time I read bookings or I watched the show.

But, seriously, folks, did you pay attention to the insane amount of segments we had?  How many times did Abigail Chase had to run her tight little ass all over the locker room area for interviews?  And, God knows, how many cameramen had to be in just the right spot to get the right shot?  It was quite the event for our backstage crew, and one hell of a set of matches as well.

Our new talents debuted (while Julian York continued to…not debut) to mixed results.  First, Alexander Freamon is a beast, UK Dragon doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of.  Freamon was pretty talented in his debut match, and I have to say I was impressed with what I saw of him.  Follow that up with Jeremiah Sloan juuuust falling short against Alex Brooks, these matches really helped showcase what can basically be considered the new Sin City Division, right?  Any of these four could and should get title shots in the near future for that title, particularly Freamon.

Now, let’s end this right now.  Alex Brooks is NO SHOOT rookie.  He’s a former member of Made for TV, the tag team from that reality show.  He never made a big impact as a tag performer, and this is his go ‘round as a singles man.  More power to him.  And I don’t want to see Sloan get disheartened by the loss, as he can bounce back in a three way dance set up for the next Revolution: Bloodshed.  There, Freamon’s undefeated streak, Sloan’s losing streak, and Julian York’s nothing streak all come to a raging climax!  1-0! 0-1! 0-0!  It’s GOING DOOOOOOOOOWN!

Azrael Goeren made his “debut” as well on this show, going up against The Nittany Lion himself…MARK KENDRICK!  Now, granted, Mark came up short, but that’s to be expected, right?  Mark fell short, but only after showing Goeren that he might want to reconsider before he talks his game up if the Nittany Lion can take him on like he did.  Mark’s a fighter, folks.  He’s a dangerous man.  Seriously.  There’s a reason that Mark Kendrick is our time keeper.  He bends time to his will.  I’ve seen it.  For Goeren to beat him was no small feat, let me tell you.  Only time will tell (if Mark LETS time tell anything, that is) what Goeren will try next…but rest assured: Mark Kendrick’s accelerated mutant healing factor has already healed his wounds.  Goeren best not test…the Nittany Lion again.

Now, the next match has a tiny bit of controversy attached to it.  I was thinking about this and it’s starting to slowly bug me.  Do the SHOOT fans out there…not recognize what the whole CWC thing is?  Because I get the feeling that people are still confused.  Either way, the CWC is a union of wrestling promotions that SHOOT is going to be cross-promoting with.  SHOOT stars will appear on CWC exclusive programming, possibly other companies’ programming…and likewise, new stars will be coming and going in SHOOT’s programming as well.  CWC itself, similar to the NWA, has a set of title belts and Championships exclusive to the CWC which can be challenged for in other companies.  In a show of good faith, the CWC Tag Team Champions, The Wrasslin’ Rangers, agreed to come to Revolution and face who Eddie E. decided would be a cakewalk for anyone: ‘Big’ Buck Dresden and Charles Brandon Magnus.  Magnus put on a stellar showing at Under Siege, and Dresden was in a segment once…but their careers aren’t really title-level, you know?  It was supposed to be that the two guys would put in a valiant effort…and then they’d be defeated by the unified front of the Rangers.

Well, somebody forgot to tell Magnus and Dresden that.  They came in, united, and stormed the Rangers from bell to bell.  The match wasn’t some masterpiece, it was actually kind of shit, but the Rangers weren’t ready for the level of talent we have here in SHOOT.  The Rangers fell to the might of the two of them, and new CWC Tag Team Champions were crowned.  Magnus and Dresden, apparently calling themselves The Bad Ass Brotherhood, have taken titles while SHOOT’s own tag division is just taking off.  It’s only a matter of time, I suppose, that the Bad Ass Brotherhood stakes their claim in their own home company.  Until that time, however, The BAB can hopefully get better as a team since apparently they’re going to be involved in CWC’s next PPV event coming up on October 30…apparently against two of the top talents from one of the other companies.  Details are kinda sketchy for me right now, but when it all gets revealed completely (or I check the CWC site), best believe my loyal followers are gonna be the first I tell!

Last but not least, the match of the night came to us in one hell of a main event which reminded everyone why Donovan King is one of the best, even if we hate him…and why Jaime Alejandro deserves his moniker as a legend.  The main event blew away my expectations.  With everything that had happened to Sovereign on the show, I expected them to make an example of Alejandro.  I really and truly did.  Strangely enough, however, it was Donovan King who wanted to make an example of Alejandro and not in some grisly and gruesome fashion…he wanted to remind SHOOT Project what brought him to the dance.  His pedigree is flawless, and this match showcased that.  Alejandro’s talent was never in doubt, and coming off a sore loss at Under Siege, Alejandro brought his A game.  A truly excellent match with a SHOCKAWEGASP clean ending!  Donovan King countered the Crimson Revolver into a Dealbreaker to defeat Jaime Alejandro in a match that was nearly 40-45 minutes in length.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been witness to an epic like that, and I’m glad both sides put aside their differences for the sake of competition.  I love that.

Lennox Ferguson laid claim to the role of Hero of SHOOT Project in spectacular fashion.  It’s amazing how fast SHOOT fans got behind this guy.  He knows so many people don’t want to be called Hero anymore.  Jester Smiles believes, in his own way, that he is a hero for SHOOT and so obviously…a Jester versus Ox match has to happen sometime soon.  It will be interesting to see what Ox has in mind for himself heading into Reckoning Day, and it’s also going to be interesting to see if he targets any villains along the way.  Almost every member of Sovereign looks pretty booked up, right?  Maybe Ox has his sights on some other villain around these parts…or maybe Ox wants us to remember the spirit of competition and simply lay down a challenge for his Iron Fist Championship.  Time will tell, eh?

You know what I find funny?  How big and bad Sinnocence talks when alone…and then when cornered by Jester…nada.  Not to be an asshole, but I thought you said the next person to come at you from King’s goons was gonna catch a baseball bat to the kneecaps?  So, when Jester catches you…all you can do is threaten to stab somebody.  No kneecaps busted.  More threats.  I think that’s what I can’t stand about Sinnocence.  She is a fantastic talker…but then it’s all talk.  See, Azraith talks cryptically…and then he randomly breaks somebody’s arm.  Sinn talks in vivid detail…and slams doors when she walks through them.  See what I’m getting at here?  I get that it’s more than likely a defense mechanism and, as the lone woman worth a fuck on a roster of psychos, it pays to talk heavy shit.  But, you see, that’s where my problem resides.  She hasn’t backed up her shit.  Jester has you cornered…and you need to fucking go for one of his eyes the moment he lets you down, right?  It’s all so…fake sounding now.  It’d be amazing to see Sinnocence, just once, let the world into her fragile mind.  Let people see her for what she is: a strong woman who, despite being married, is still very much alone in a world built by and for men.  She breaks barriers, overcomes odds, raises a child, and tries to live her life…but very rarely are we privy to this.  I mean, we get it, Sinn, you hate Sovereign.  Get in line, everybody does.  The difference is…we see Az’s turmoil.  We see Jester’s desperation before he yielded to them.  We got to see Trey Willett’s anxiety over his friends and family being taunted and assaulted.  What have we gotten to see from Sinnocence?  Exactly.  It kills me because she is talented, both in the ring and out…and I fear that’s being lost on her trying to show SHOOT she has the biggest pair of balls.

Ozzy’s become something special in and around Under Siege.  From his match with his wife to his recent selection to represent SHOOT Project to face Alexia for her CWC Showcase Championship.  However, the thing about him lately on the shows is something that I think might be bugging more than just me.  He’s apparently been palling around with Ron Barker.  Barker, as we all know, was FIRED from SHOOT a while back.  As soon as he was fired, he began palling around with Ozzy.  See, the problem I have is this: why didn’t you care enough about SHOOT when you were employed here, Barker?  I like Barker, don’t get me wrong, such a heavily talented dude, who loses his smile as much as Azraith loses his mind.  But, you see, I can tell you this as a complete and honest promise to you, Ron Barker.  I don’t know if you plan on coming back to SHOOT as a performer, if you plan on doing anything besides being Ozzy Kilminster’s backstage buddy, or if you plan on trying to sell bootleg Revolution DVDs out the back of your Monte Carlo.  But I do know this.  Ron Barker isn’t going to set foot in a SHOOT Project ring until he re-applies and speaks to a member of the SHOOT Project Board of Directors.  So, I don’t know if the plan is culminating to that for him or not…if he’s using Ozzy or what.  But, the bottom line, he’s not gonna be in that ring in any official capacity until he mans up and talks to management.  I also know that if he keeps up and tries to finagle a way into SHOOT without actually doing that…the fallout could crash down upon the head of Ozzy himself.  If I were Osbourne Kilminster, I’d be very, very careful about what steps I take with Ron Barker when it comes to SHOOT Project.


Now, I’m all for past history being showcased to a degree.  I like how Azrael and Azraith met up and I felt the insane amount of charisma the two of them have…and the chemistry obviously comes from years upon years of friendship and experience.  The question I have, though…how about filling some of us who aren’t Az-Double aficionados in on what you guys are talking about?  Okay, I know a little bit about The Row.  I know I’d say about half of OPW’s history.  I know…absolutely NOTHING about UCWL.  So when Azraith says what he plans on doing makes Azrael’s work look like low grade UCWL…I can’t help but have no freakin’ clue what he’s talking about.  I used to hate that sort of thing…now all I want is for whoever’s referencing this stuff…be ready for people such as myself who HAVE NO CLUE what you’re talking about…to wanna know WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.  Now, granted, I can make the connection with Azraith and his actions later with Kilgore…but still.  We’re not comic books, we don’t get editor’s notes on the bottom of pages giving us footnote-style history lessons.

Julian York…or rather his assistant/pal/whatever Ethan states York’s claim to the Sin City division.  Suddenly, York’s pompous attitude turns almost good guy-like…talking about his love, even if it’s a strange “I love this place because I’m from here” mentality.  So, okay, the Sin City Division is the hottest division in SHOOT.  It has been from day one and that continues here.  I wonder if he, or Alex Brooks, are involved in Heart’s newfound Apprentice Tournament.  I’m going to be interested overall to see who is involved in that…and while I’m happy to see the Sin City Championship still going strong, Heart himself has just found himself a way to keep himself in the eyes of the masses…and he won’t even have to have a match!  Brilliant!  Mr. Heart took the hottest division in SHOOT Project, and in one night, kept the strength of the division on his shoulders without having to hardly lift a finger!  Mr. Heart, YOU, my friend, are my MVP!!

I took a long and hard look at the segment involving Pestalance and Thomas Manchester Black earlier…and I have to say it took the wind out of my sails.  Okay, we get it.  We get the gist of it, anyway.  But, see…there was no decent pacing, you know?  I know Black wants King.  I know Pest is standing in his way basically because he can.  But, you see, that’s all I’m getting outta this.  Let’s see something more from these two.  C’mon, fellas.  Let’s get some drama going!

The one villain with no Sovereign ties is Cade Sydal, and it seems he’s back on track to face Dan Stein at Reckoning Day.  I want to care, I do, but it’s hard to tell where Stein’s head truly is.  Cade can help with that, I imagine, by kicking it four rows deep at least.  I hope Stein can focus…because he’s got one HELL of a challenge in Corazon this upcoming Revolution.

The last segment I’m going to comment on here is the obvious one.  Azraith demands his match at Donovan King to take place at Reckoning Day and Kilgore Stochansky takes the fall for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Azraith comes down to the ring, a bloody Kilgore in hand, and forces Sovereign’s hand…by breaking Kilgore’s.  Kilgore’s out of action (as if he had been in any matches anyway), Sovereign is down some major muscle, and the first serious dent in their armor is shown.  Eddie E. even showed up, and he seemed furious that Kilgore was dismantled like that.  I keep hearing rumors that once Sovereign went back to their locker room, Eddie ripped King a new asshole.  The pressure was on Donovan King to deliver against Azraith…and it was on him to deliver a message through Alejandro later in the evening.  The question is…Sovereign is trying to control SHOOT…but they seem to be having a rough time of it with Azraith providing the majority of the problems.

After everything was all over, I turned to Eryk and we started to talk a little bit with the fans.  We actually had a fan of some other company in the front row chatting with us, and he started to ask questions about who we might pick if we had ideas on rankings for the hottest talents in SHOOT right now.  Now, for me, that generally leaves me thinking to myself and wondering.  Eryk?  Came right out like he’d planned on someone asking him that very question.  The best part of all of it, though, is that I managed to coerce him into a special guest spot on this here Other Side and, while he wants the name of the column changed since he’s involved in it, I’m still the Other Guy and this is still the Other Side so Eryk?  Take it away!

…yay.  Thanks, OG.

Eryk Masters' SHOOT Project Power Rankings
From Under Siege until Revolution 66

5.  Thomas Manchester Black

TMB comes off of a tough loss to Pestalance, and immediately looks to regain some ground.  Calling out Pestalance on Revolution 66, and then having a match with him on Revolution 67 makes for some points in my book.

4.  Jaime Alejandro

Even though he lost the Sin City Championship, the Saint showed up in good form for this show, taking on the one and only Donovan King.  Saint comes up a little short on Revolution 66, but still looks great for a #4 slot on my top 5 rankings.

3.  Lennox Ferguson

This guy is like a train, ladies and gentlemen.  The Ox keeps trucking right along, and after cutting Cade Sydal down, he makes his presence felt on Revolution 66.  Mad props to our Iron Fist Champion.

2.  Mr. Heart

This guy is magic, folks.  An Apprentice angle?  BRILLIANT idea.  I can't wait to see how this plays out, and who gets involved.  Mr. Heart has exploded onto the SHOOT Project scene, and has delivered a brilliant idea that should end up absolutely amazingly.  

1.  Azraith DeMitri/Donovan King

Are these two lighting the world on fire, or what?  Hot off of a BIG main event win at Under Siege, Donovan King not ONLY sets up the main event for Reckoning Day, but manages to defeat the former Sin City Champion Jaime Alejandro, as well.  Meanwhile, Azraith is nastier than I've seen him in a looooong time.  He's on a mission to destroy the Sovereign, and there isn't anything that can get in his way.  

Now, since I have everyone’s attention, the thought also entered my mind that if I was going to take over this column for a spell, I needed to really make an impact.  So…I started thinking to myself just who I’d want to see take on our World Champion.  So, who enjoys more lists?  I know I do!

Eryk Masters' Three People He'd Like to See Fight for the World Championship

3.  Cade Sydal

Seeing Cade and Azraith lock horns would be epic.  Cade is hitting a major stride as a heel in his current run.  Even though he lost the Iron Fist Championship, I bet he'd LOVE to take a crack at the World Champ.

2.  Willenium

I think it's about time the Willenium gets a World Title match.  The guy has been busting his ass for years and years, and he's never had one!  He's been coming into his own lately, and quite frankly, when Adrian Corazon is concerned about you rising to fame, I think that means you've truly arrived.  Let's see Willenium Vs. Azraith.

1.  Corazon

Corazon Vs. Azraith.  The Brutal and Inhuman against the Avatar.  The very IDEA of this match makes my flesh crawl, and my heart bladder full.  These two guys would have a match that would make Corazon's legendary Hardcore House of Pain victory over Del Carver pale in comparison, and that was a thrashing.  Sometime before Donovan King and Azraith hash their shit out, I want to see Corazon fight Azraith.

That’s all for now.  I reckon I’ll turn this over to OG again.  If he wants this to be a regular thing, he definitely needs to give serious thoughts to whether or not we’re gonna REALLY give SHOOT Multimedia an upgrade…

…and maybe we need to bring back a certain radio show.


Oh, you bastard.

Well, I guess OG’s left me to finish this one out.  Stay tuned for Revolution 66: Bloodshed, as well as CWC’s Pay-Per-View event on October 30th, where Osbourne Kilminster and the Bad Ass Brotherhood are in action…and I’m also getting word Trey Willett might be making an appearance as well!

So, like always, this is Eryk Masters for The Other Guy…saying we’ll see you next time!

OGE Productions.