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Author Topic: This Show in Promos! Revolution 66  (Read 113 times)


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This Show in Promos! Revolution 66
« on: October 23, 2010, 04:04:53 PM »
Jester Smiles' promo was freakin’ aaaaaaaaaaaamazing.  The duality of Jester’s current state, a villain trapped within the confines of a hero’s agenda(or is it the other way around?), is pretty ground-breaking stuff.  I don’t recall anyone ever doing something like this in all my years playing this game.  Quite frankly, the third act of the promo with Azrael Goeren’s guest spot -specifically, when Jester had Azrael Goeren throw the heroic patron standing up for the woman out of the bar-  MADE this promo for me.  IMO, this was “best in show” for Revolution 66.

I really enjoyed Crash Carver & The Purple Haze this week.  I get this old school vibe from them every time they put something up, and honestly now, the tag team division benefits immensely from having a team like this around.  I hope Dave and ??? realize that, too, because those reports I read on the “breaking news forum” were cause for concern.  They’re awesome and… admittedly, I love a masked dude wearing purple.  The Flying Avengers certainly didn’t back down from Crash ’n’ Haze either, despite being undermined as roadblocks all week.  All in all, these guys put out an awesome showing, thus showcasing the mushrooming tag team division in SHOOT quite nicely.

I thought the work put into the main event this week from Corazon and Stein was pretty damn good.  I never saw their work for their much-talked about Iron Fist title match that Stein won, which seemed to be the central theme for this match, but I could feel the lingering animosity from it between these two.  I liked how Corazon threw down that self-absorbed goal of his for Stein to follow.  For Stein to “impress him” for the week.  And in his second promo, I could literally hear that video collage of GSP saying “I am not impressed with his performance”, playing in the background.  LOL.  But yeah, this was a totally preposterous thing to say to someone who beat your face in and took your title the last time they faced you… and that’s probably why it worked so well.  Corazon is a believable dickhead, and with heels like this, irrationality is a good way to make you hate them so.  Stein on the other hand… man.  Talk about being on fire.  Stein’s methods of full disclosure in regards to his current weaknesses really made me want to rally behind the guy.  Despite his credentials in SHOOT and abroad, Greg has a knack for making his character look like the perpetual underdog.  I think how he does it so well, is the fact that it’s all predicated on never having won the “big one” in SHOOT… and I love that about Stein.  He takes the big “blemish” (as perceived by the top dogs in SHOOT like Corazon) of his career and turns it into a vital character trait.  Almost to the point where I don’t want to SEE him win the big one -- please don’t misconstrue that as something that it’s not either.  I totally mean that in the context of Tommy Dreamer and his constant chase with Raven in old school ECW.
Lastly, I want to mention something that I’m not really sure I have the right to comment on given the fact I am not a roster member nor do I know the individual handlers’ reasons, but... fuck it.  It's feedback, and I like giving it dammit!!  :P